The Liberty Springs, Wyoming Collection, Volume 1 (MFMM, MFM, MF)

Liberty Springs, Wyoming

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 313,683
2 Ratings (4.0)

In No Bag Limit, the big, hard bodies and winning smiles of Ty, Zach, and Colby Whelan lead the independent, prickly, and almost-virgin Emma Duncan down temptation's path. But a madman threatens to end it all before the feisty romance writer can enjoy the sinfully decadent "no bag limit" of Liberty Springs.

In Hook, Line and Sinker, Jory may be Bailey’s safe haven, but this time Bailey is determined to make the renowned Dom notice that she’s all grown up. Facing her fears, Bailey wages a torrid war of erotic battles to have Jory return the unwavering trust she has in both him, and the dark, driven demons that ride him.

In Tag and Release, Casey is bold, brazen, and full of fire. When Brody and Luke’s perfect world is upended by their new neighbor, they find they’re playing for keeps instead of tag and release. A carnal indulgence turns into so much more for Casey, ensnaring her and endangering the heart she keeps aloof.

In Open Season, Dale McCabe's quiet world is transformed into a journey of sensual wonder by bad boys Jack and Danny, but big brother Jory puts the wild ride on ice, extracting a promise from her men to wait. But Dale intends to triumph before she turns twenty-five and Jory declares it's open season…


A Siren Erotic Romance
Kaliana Cole is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Liberty Springs, Wyoming Collection, Volume 1 (MFMM, MFM, MF)
2 Ratings (4.0)

The Liberty Springs, Wyoming Collection, Volume 1 (MFMM, MFM, MF)

Liberty Springs, Wyoming

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 313,683
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Frustration got the better of her and the last three buttons went flying as Emma jerked the cotton open. She didn’t have a chance to enjoy her victory because two sets of hands turned her in Ty’s embrace. She found herself flat on her back with the best pillow she could think of beneath her head—the velvet heat of Ty’s corrugated stomach.

But that was momentarily forgotten as Zach and Colby knelt on either side of her. Their hands reached for her simultaneously. Colby went for the fly of her jeans and Zach peeled her shirt slowly up her ribcage.

He gave her a chance to stop him, but the intensity of his stormy eyes was captivating, enthralling. Daring her to lie there and see what he could offer her. They were lost for a second as the clingy material cleared her head, but the heat in his gaze doubled as he stared at the lush mounds peeping out the top of her lavender satin bra.

The hip roll that helped Colby off with her jeans was purely coincidental. An involuntary writhe as the bare skin of her shoulders contacted Ty’s molten stomach. He had propped himself on the pillows so that her head lay on his chest and he had a clear line of sight down her body.


* * * *


 “So fucking beautiful,” Ty growled in her ear.

He ached to run his hands all over the contours. Hell, not his hands, he wanted that body under his tongue. His mouth watered with the need to taste her, to feel those plump breasts in his mouth, to lap her nectar from the pussy that darkened her silk panties with its arousal.

But this time he would watch. Watch and gauge her reaction, talk her through and encourage her to let go of her inhibitions. Hold her secure in his arms as his brothers heaped their attentions upon her and taught her more about her body than she had ever known. It was a fucking crime that a woman with so much potential had reached thirty ignorant of the pleasures to be found with a lover.

“Look at Zach, darlin’,” he whispered darkly in her ear. “He is just dying to get those hard little nipples of yours in his mouth. I saw you teasing him earlier. I saw those nipples get hard for him. Do you want his mouth on your breasts, Em?”


* * * *


 “Oh, God, yes, anything.” She was overwhelmed by the fleshly pleasures they promised. Anything to sate the hunger they had incited.

Beneath hooded lids she watched Zach reach for her bra. His lips brushed the tops of the swollen mounds as his hands slid beneath her to undo the clasp, his breath warm against her. She could feel Colby’s hand resting like a dream on her thigh, caressing without moving, soaking up the feel of her fevered skin.

Zach skimmed the straps down over her shoulders. The weight of three pairs of eyes followed the leisurely progress of the material over her breasts. Ty’s muscles clenched beneath her when the edge of the cups caught on the erect peaks. She heard the rough intake of breath from three male throats when Zach pulled the material free.

Ty’s rough hands rasped over her skin, sliding up her sides to cup her exposed breasts. His thumbs raked over the puckered nipples, rolling the aching buds beneath the callused digits. He plumped the flesh, kneading the resilience. She gave a whimper of want as she arched into his touch. “My God, Em. I have never been jealous of those two, but I am about to be right now.”

Like a synchronized dream, the two younger brothers reached for her, their hands finding her fevered flesh but a frantic heartbeat before their esurient mouths. Emma’s neck arched as the hot wetness encircled the peaks of her breasts. Lapping, laving, before greedily drawing upon them.


* * * *


Ty held her secure, taking in every nuance of her reaction. Her features slack with pleasure, mouth falling open as her eyes drifted shut. He wanted her to watch, to see the men who were lavishing attention upon her, to know that it was them, and they alone who gave her pleasure.

He grasped a fistful of her thick hair, lifting her head as he brought his lips to brush her ear. “Watch them, Em, watch them suckle at you. See how much you affect us. I’m so hard right now, darlin’. So hard knowing that you will let us love you, let us give you pleasure. Are you wet, Em? Are you soaking those panties right now?” He tightened his grip against her scalp, demanding an answer.

“Yes, Ty. I’m so wet.” She writhed, pressing her thighs together. He watched as she tried to bring some relief as his torrid words mated with the sweet suction engulfing her breasts, sending her higher in the flames.

"I bet they are just dying to taste you. Have you ever had someone go down on you, darlin’? Has anyone licked all that cream from your hot little pussy?”

“No, no one.” Her voice was all but inaudible, but Zach and Colby stopped as if poleaxed.

 Her nipple slipped out of Colby’s mouth with an audible pop as he looked at Zach in disbelief. His blue eyes darkened at the thought of being the first to give her oral pleasure. His growling of “mine” was lost in his haste to be the first one there.





Jory had thought his control was unshakable—the old, immovable object—but Bailey Verne was the irresistible force that shot it to hell.

The scent drifted up to him. It was so faint at first it was all but lost amid her floral shampoo and the ghostly, lingering traces of her perfume. The musky allure of feminine arousal. Jory closed his eyes and wondered what ghastly crimes he had perpetrated in a former life to deserve suffering like this.

Whatever Bailey was dreaming now was no nightmare. She began to move against him, slow, sultry movements, barely more than the tightening of supple muscles. Her large nipples furled and poked at the hard, flat plain of his chest. The perfume of her arousal filled the air, danced along his palate, and went to his head quicker than bad moonshine. The folds of her sex became slick and slid so easily against his hair-roughened thigh.

The hitch in her breathing was his only indication that she awoke. Her writhing never ceased, but nor did it escalate. “Jory?”

A grunt was all he could force past his clenched jaw.

She tipped her head back. Her lips skated up his neck and along the stubble on his jaw. “Make me feel good. Make me forget.”

He capitulated with a heartfelt groan. His lips seized hers roughly, slanting across them. He captured her moan of hunger and released one of his own. The clash of teeth on teeth pulled him up. Bailey had had enough rough for ten lifetimes.

He backed off, keeping his kiss deep but gentle, dipping and sliding. Her taste rocked his senses. Her body was all over him. Silken skin. Soft and feminine curves. Hungry hands. Her thigh hooked over his hip. The soft, wispy regrowth on her mound caressed his hip as she rocked against him.

“I need you to take me. I don’t want to be in charge, Jory. Please.” Her plea spurred his lust, his resident demons exulting in her need to be dominated.

Jory rolled her to her back and braced his wide, lean body above her. He collected one hand, running his own down the length of her arm to trap it in his grip. He pinned it above her head before capturing the other and bringing it to meet its mate above the spill of golden curls.

He gathered her wrists in one big hand and looked into the dark pools of her eyes, dilated with need. “You sure this is what you want, baby? If you want sweet and gentle, you need to be in control. I can’t do that.”

“I don’t want sweet and gentle. I just want you.” Bailey arched beneath him, scraping his chest with the fiery tips of her breasts. “Please, Jory.”

The plea on her lips was more than he could take. This soft and submissive Bailey was a far cry from the ill-mannered hellion who teased and taunted and wouldn’t know “please” if it bit her on her saucy little ass.

The growl that rumbled from his chest was utterly feral, animalistic and wild. Fire lanced through his bloodstream, sending sparks of passion and glowing embers of carnal need to burn his mind as he blanketed her body. Hot, silken flesh branded his senses as her thighs parted naturally to cradle his hips.

He gathered one of her thighs, hooked his elbow beneath her knee and left her helplessly exposed to his mercy. “Look at me, Bailey. You keep looking right at me.” He moved his hips, grimacing as his cockhead butted with uncanny precision against her lubricious entrance. The slick flesh convulsed, sucking at him like a tiny mouth. Begging to be filled. Pleading to be plundered.

Staring into midnight indigo, he pushed into her molten cunt. A long, slow guide that went on and on, until he found her end a full inch before their pelvic bones clashed. He pinned her with his gaze and relentlessly continued, seeing her mouth part, hearing a fevered cry escape.

“Fucking perfect.” He watched her revel in the sharp-edged pleasure as he rolled their pelvises together and made her take every last hairbreadth of his throbbing shaft.

The roll of her hips intensified. The hot, slick pearl of her clit sought satisfaction furiously. The overriding need to dominate, to possess and conquer, had him lifting her leg higher, denying her purchase but sinking him infinitesimally deeper.

“You don’t come until I say so, brat. If you want me, you play by my rules.” He withdrew slowly before thrusting back in, his voice deepened and rough. “That’s the way. Take all of me, baby.”

Her pelvis tilted and pushed against his hold, striving to swallow every last bit he had to give. “Like a fucking glove,” he rasped, retreating, only to sink right back in.

Like a slow but devastating dance, she moved with him. Her breasts heaved as each thrust found her cervix and wrung a gasp from her throat. Her midnight gaze burned him with sheer sexual need, holding his even when his eyes dropped to watch the dance of her hard-pointed breasts. He looked into a need that matched his own and took them higher.

He felt the sweet clench of her flesh around his marauding cock and heard her cries of rising ecstasy. Lust clamored at his brain, screaming for satisfaction, for more fodder to feed his demons. His cock demanded more, always more, to sink inside her tight haven until they were both too sore to move and too exhausted to care. His self-control ceded some hard-won ground to the twin demons of lust and engorged flesh.

Deep and hard, he pistoned into her, hearing her cries lift and reach. “Don’t you dare, baby. You wait for me,” he warned.

“Can’t.” Breathless and thready, she panted as she strived to hold off her orgasm.

“You will.” His voice was steely. “You wait for me, Bailey.”

He lifted his hips, increasing the angle and making her cry out as the selfish stroke pressed him hard against her back wall. The hedonic caress stimulated the sensitive underside of his heavy cock, but it also mashed her clit with every downward thrust. “That’s it, baby. Take the pain with the pleasure. Sweet. Fucking. Agony.” Each word was punctuated with a deep, wet drive.





She was picking through the canned goods section when a familiar voice on the other side of the stand pricked her ears. “…you should see her, Brode. She’s even better up close. All those machines? They’re hers, man. She drives them. Could you imagine that tall, redheaded drink of water climbing down outta that truck? My dick’s getting hard just thinking about it. I put my foot right in it and pissed her off a bit, but before that she was looking at me like she wanted to try me on for size.”

Casey grinned a little over Luke’s admission of getting hard. Men would be men.

“Casey’s not your type, though. She’s even taller up close. She’s gotta be five-ten and she’s built strong. Not heavy, but she looks like she works out at more than aerobics.”

“What are her tits like?” The second voice didn’t have the lighthearted inflections of Luke’s. It was drier, darker. She guessed that was Brody.

“Real nice, but I didn’t get a chance to do much appreciating. It’s damn hard to cover up which way you’re lookin’ when a woman’s that tall.”

“What do you think? Is she worth throwing a loop over?”

“Hell, yeah.”

“It wouldn’t be bad to have options a bit closer to home. I’m sick of heading down to the Kat every time I feel like getting laid. She doesn’t sound anywhere near biddable enough for anything long-term, but from what I’ve seen of her over the fence, I wouldn’t mind saddling her up once or twice.”

Was that right? An easy ride next door? Casey’s ire went through the roof.

“Anyway, Luke, you charm her, and I’ll just come in for the grand finale before we cut her loose. I haven’t got the patience for all that shit. Just make sure you leave enough buck in her for me.”

Casey felt anger heat her face enough to match her hair. What arrogant, conceited assholes! And she had thought they might be likely candidates for a bit of fun? A rattlesnake had more chance of being welcomed into her bed than either of those two did now.

She violently jerked the cart around and headed for the checkout. She could live without whatever she hadn’t picked up yet. The girl at the checkout was cheerful and efficient. Casey felt like a dragon for only giving her abrupt, yes-no answers but she wasn’t capable of any polite small talk at the moment. She ground her teeth as she handed over some cash and the Marshalls pulled into the checkout behind her.

“Hi, again, Casey. This is my brother, Brody.”

She turned to see a dark-haired man standing beside Luke. He was slightly heavier in build—downright bulky through the shoulders, and an inch shorter, probably around six-one, and just as handsome with a dimple on his chin and near black eyes. Why did assholes have to come in such eye-catching packaging?

“Hi, Brody.” She kept her voice level and even. They were her neighbors after all.

“It’s a real pleasure to meet you, Casey.” He put a barely noticeable emphasis on pleasure, and his eyes swept from her head to her booted toe and returned. Not in his favor, but better than starting from the bottom up. Any man that did that was instantly doomed to failure.

“Luke tells me you might have some work for us coming up. You should come over for dinner one night, Casey. We would love to go over some plans with you. When would suit you?” His eyes heated and left no doubt that he had more in mind than dinner and work.

Casey fought the urge to sit him on his conceited ass. She took her change and docket from the checkout girl who was openly drooling over the Marshalls before turning back to the idiot standing there with such self-assured confidence. She stepped in close, running a fingertip provocatively over the rise of his well-developed chest, watching it swell further and giving him a sultry look. “How about never, Brody? Is never good for you?” She flicked his chin with her finger. “It’s such a shame. I was looking forward to a little fun, but I would line up for a voluntary root canal before I’ll be a convenient fuck next door for the likes of you.”

She gave them an overly saccharine smile and carried her bags out of the door, leaving them blinking in stunned amazement.




Luke’s eyes followed every movement of his hands over Casey’s ripe breasts. Luke had absolutely no shame when it came to loving. Brody had been a little self-conscious when they’d first started sharing women, but he’d quickly realized that Luke loved to play the voyeur, and although they were up close and personal, his brother’s attention was solely on their woman. Luke would even go down on a woman while Brody was fucking her when Brody wouldn’t even contemplate having his head anywhere another man’s groin. But because it didn’t faze Luke in the slightest, he didn’t let it faze him. Luke always made sure there was plenty of clearance between his mouth and Brody’s bits and Luke’s eyes were something he had gotten used to.

The skin of her neck was salty beneath his tongue, tangy with sweat. He bit down on the delicate muscle cording the side and chuckled when she pushed back against him, looking for something to fill the hungry void he had created. “Ask me to fuck it, and you can have it all, Casey. Tell me you want my cock in your ass.”

“Anything, just let me have it now!”

“Uh-uh, not happening. Ask me nice.” Brody reached for a condom and donned it without moving away from her back. If he stopped touching her she’d be able to think again. “Come on, baby. Do you want it?”

“Oh, God, yes!”

He was ready to dive right in until he realized her impassioned plea was in response to Luke. He looked down her arched body and saw the fingers that held her clit and were milking it gently. “Fuck, Luke! How the hell is she supposed to answer with you doing that?”

“It’s the only way I could think of to get her to say what you want to hear.” Luke’s color was high and his voice rough but relaxed. He had an uncanny ability to hold off his own orgasm.

Brody shook his head. He rolled her nipples, making her writhe against him, her lithe body strong and lean beneath her silken skin. “I want to be inside you so bad, Casey, but I have to know that you want it, too. Tell me you want it.”

Her head dropped back on his shoulder, her frantic panting sweet against his neck. The warm touch of her lips sent coils of pleasure down his spine as they ghosted up his jaw.

 And then she bit him. Hard. Right on the earlobe.

“Fuck me like you mean it.”

His cock was halfway up her tight little ass before he registered moving. Sweet mercy! She drove him crazy. Her wail of tortured pleasure rang throughout the room accompanied by Luke’s deep groan and his own hiss of breath. His cock felt like it was on fire. Hot, tight pressure blasted it from every direction. Luke’s cock was a shifting, solid presence fighting for room on the other side of her fragile and slender tissues, her tailbone was an unyielding barrier against which he butted and her muscles twitched and danced along his shaft as she writhed.

“Fuck, honey! Hold still.” She squeezed down upon him, tightening further. “Don’t do that. Breathe, relax and let me in.” he pushed her down into Luke’s waiting arms and ran his hands along her back to try and relax her. He had worked his way in last time, but he’d prepared her well and she’d been captivated by the novel experience instead of demanding her pleasure. This time he was fighting all the way.

He pulled back an inch and looked down. Brody reckoned the most powerful vision for any man was the sight of the woman he loved bending over to take his cock. Her ring wrapped him tightly, stretched thin and showing pink where he pulled back against her powerful grip. His cock looked obscenely large protruding from between her cheeks. He reached for more lube and poured it over their joined flesh, rocking back and forth just enough to work it in to her. He wasn’t game to pull out in case he couldn’t get back in.

He could hear Luke urging Casey to relax and let him in but it was her whispered response that had him digging deep. “Burns. Burns so good.” He watched as she shoved her hand down between her and Luke’s bodies. “Need more. Move, damn it!”

She began fucking herself on Luke’s deeply buried cock, and Brody couldn’t help but join her in the rhythm she set. She pushed back against him, taking more and more of his length. She was glorious in her passion, uninhibited and wild. Guttural cries filled the air and Brody found himself swept along, unable to resist the tight grip of her ass or her unrestrained desire.

“Fuck me, fuck me, oh, God, harder, deeper.” Demands rather than pleas fell from her lips, and Brody’s balls pulsed in warning. He wasn’t going to last.

“Come for me, Casey, right now.” He brought his hand down on the side of her ass and was rewarded by a moan of undiluted rapture. He cut loose, determined to bring her to orgasm before he disgraced himself and shot his load. Harder and faster he smacked at the sides of her ass while he fucked it. The ringing of flesh on flesh joined the cacophony of moans, grunts, and gasps ringing in the desire-filled air.





“If I followed that home, do you think she’d keep me?”

“If you followed that home, her brother would skin you alive.” Jack Taylor didn’t even look up from beneath the hood of the Buick he was working on.

“Might just be worth the risk.” The slow drawl was downright wistful.

Jack hated it when Danny was right. There was just something about Dale McCabe that called to a man. He knew without looking at the clock it was just past four. You could set your watch by the little schoolteacher’s trek to and from Liberty Springs Elementary. He stayed clear of the doorway around four when Danny was watching for her—the two of them together would be enough to make a shy little thing like her break and run—but he made sure he was about when she passed by in the morning.

His big friend had begun to have a proprietary look to his gaze whenever he looked at the petite brunette. That was so far out of left field it wasn’t funny. Danny Blake liked big, strong, athletic types of women with questionable morals. Ones he didn’t have to be careful of his size around, ones who expected nothing more than a smile and a wave when he rode away. Danny didn’t give much change from three hundred pounds and he was only a thick pair of socks shy of six foot six. He’d make two of Dale McCabe with plenty left over.

“I wonder why she doesn’t drive Grant’s old pickup.”

Jack turned to look at his partner. Danny was leaning against the frame of the open roller door, absently wiping his grease-stained hands on a rag as he watched the path to Dale’s house. She had been wearing a long-line blazer to ward off the autumnal chill this morning, and with the stiff breeze that hadn’t let up all day she’d still be wearing it now. Danny wasn’t ogling her ass. “No idea. Maybe she enjoys the exercise.” It was a mile from Grant Raines’s old place to the school.

“Nah, she’s not the type.”

Jack shrugged. “Maybe she doesn’t want to drive a dead man’s vehicle.”

“She’s living in his house, so I doubt that’s it. I might ask Jory.”

A humorless laugh escaped Jack. “Yeah, he’s just gonna love the likes of you showing an interest in his baby sister. Dale might be a new addition to his life, but Jory takes his responsibilities seriously. He’ll be chasing you with a pocketknife bent on castration quicker than you can blink.”

“I think marriage has mellowed him. Bailey’s keeping his hands full now.”

“If you’re prepared to take that risk, let me know. I’d love to sit on the fence and watch.” Jack started packing his tools away, making sure everything was in its place. His nine-sixteenth open-ended wrench was missing. He took a deep breath and whispered a prayer for strength. “Danny, where the hell is my wrench? It’s got red fucking tape all over the handle, and I know you’re not color-blind.”

“Settle down. It’s beside the hoist. I couldn’t find mine.”

“No fuckin’ wonder.” It still stirred him to no end, but he was resigned to Danny’s slovenly work habits. The man was a maestro with a motor, possessing a real instinct for problem diagnosis, but he couldn’t keep his work space tidy if his life depended on it. Jack retrieved the spanner, checking it over for damage. Danny had a habit of using anything as a hammer if one wasn’t in reach. He was lucky this time. “I’ve had enough for today. I’m getting cleaned up and heading home.” There was no reply.

Danny hadn’t moved. He was still looking thoughtfully after Dale, even though she would be long gone from sight. Jack thought about throwing something at him to wake him from his reverie, but he’d only have to go and retrieve it. The big man would realize he was on his own soon enough.

Jack threw his dirty overalls in the laundry bag for collection and cleaned up in the washroom behind the office. The cracked mirror was stained and pockmarked around the edges but it clearly showed the same scruffy head that had looked back at him for the last four years. His scraggly blond hair hadn’t seen a barber in all that time and he guessed it was about a week since he’d run a comb through it. That was about the last time he’d trimmed his beard, too.

He ran a hand over the dark bristles. No wonder a decent girl wouldn’t look at him. The bright blue eyes were still the same, though filled with a restlessness even he could notice, but that and the battle-hardened body were all that were left of the soldier he had been. Shy or not, Dale would have fallen over herself to get to know the pretty boy hiding behind the hair. Women had lined up in droves to get a piece of the Army Ranger with the slow mountain drawl, but Jack had left the ladies’ man at his discharge debrief along with his sniper’s rifle. Both had brought him nothing but grief.

Jack turned from the mirror and grabbed a clean towel. The next time a woman paid him any attention it would be for more than his looks.




“You gonna sit there and look all day, or come and get yourself some of this?” Danny fisted his cock and dragged his hand lightly along its latex-clad length.

“Oh, I’m so much getting myself some of that.”

She crawled up between his legs, her eyes fixed on his cock. He felt it swell larger and throb beneath her gaze. Let her ride all night? He really shouldn’t make promises he couldn’t keep. With Dale turned all sex-siren on him he’d be lucky to last five fuckin’ minutes.

She went to reach for his shaft, but he picked her up and lifted her to straddle him. He’d have enough trouble hanging on without the sweet touch of her hand. The silken caress of her thighs against his flanks was lost to the red-hot brand of her pussy slicking his cock. He sucked in a desperate breath through his gritted teeth. Even through the rubber he could feel her lubricous welcome. Her hot little hands dug greedily into the muscles of his chest as she rocked against him, sliding her clit along his length.

Danny groaned. “Who’s teasin’ now, darlin’?”

Dale didn’t reply. She watched his face and reached down between them. There was no holding back the moan that trickled between his clenched teeth when she slid down on his shaft. Inch by agonizing inch, she fucked herself onto his cock. Her tight, slick cunt wrapped around him like a fantasy, enveloping him with painful deliberation. He stroked her thighs, encouraging her on as his eyes ate up every nuance of expression to cross her fey little face. She stopped with half an inch to go, and Danny thought she might have been too tender from the day before to continue, but she bit down on her bottom lip and gave her ass a sexy little wiggle. A smile of triumph curled her lips as her ass settled against his balls.

He thought his heart was going to explode with all the emotion stirred up by the little fairy sitting so proudly on his cock. She was innocent and wild, shy and yet so bold and needed to give love more than she needed to be loved. His life had been so fuckin’ empty without her. He pulled her down to his kiss, crunching his body to scale the height difference. He poured as much love as he could into one all-too-brief kiss. Her silver eyes were smoky as she rose back up and she swept her hands over his body possessively.

Danny glimpsed a flicker of hesitation before she rose up on his length for the first time, the shadow of a thought not voiced. “What is it? Tell me what you want, darlin’.”

“I want Jack to touch me, too. I want to spend every minute we’ve got pressed between the two of you.”

“Hey, Jack?” His head rose immediately. “Dale needs an extra set of hands. Wanna help me out?”

Jack moved swiftly, his hand reaching for the box of rubbers before he positioned himself behind Dale. Danny slid his legs wider to give him room.

“Is this what you want, baby?” Jack was pressed tight against her, one hand splayed low on her belly, the other palming a strawberry-topped breast.

“God, yes!”

Bliss filled Dale’s face, her mouth opening slackly as she languidly rode his cock. Danny reveled in her abandonment as she chased the pleasure, becoming a willing slave to her every desire. The tight, wet clasp of her cunt and the fire brimming in her silver eyes became his whole world. His heart thudded like it meant to break free of his ribcage and his blood fairly sang through his veins. He’d tasted his share of battle highs, known the exhilaration of survival, had the euphoria of victory bubble hot and rich through his body, but nothing compared with the high of loving Dale McCabe.

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