Night Secrets (MFM)

Night 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,430
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, MFM, HEA]

Serena Wyndham can see present and future events and hear the thoughts of people around her. Her visions haunt her at times. Visions of murders, of thefts. Visions of the darker sides of life that leave her feeling helpless to do anything.

When word about Serena’s abilities gets to her husbands’ boss, Mitchell Krantz, aka Mr. Jones, Mitchell is desperate for Serena’s help. His daughter has been taken, a victim of human trafficking, and he needs Serena’s help to get Annabelle back. Serena doesn’t trust the agent, but her visions have shown the details of the human trafficking ring and the men who took his daughter. She agrees to help him, even though she’s aware Mitchell has plans to use her to climb the ranks.

Her husbands don’t want her to get entangled with Mitchell if he’s using her, but Serena won’t be deterred. She needs to help the young women in her visions. When her husbands see her resolve, they have no choice but to agree to help her. They’ll just watch her like hawks.

Leah Brooke is a Siren-exclusive author.

Night Secrets (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Night Secrets (MFM)

Night 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,430
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Alastair watched his wife as she experienced one of her visions, biting back a curse when she jolted, when she gasped, again when she whimpered, and once more when she opened her eyes and he saw the tears brimming in the beautiful violet depths.

Instinctively sliding off the sofa to kneel in front of her, Alastair started to wrap his arms around her, but she shook her head, holding out her hands and jumped up. “I’ll be in the guest house. My cousin’s dead, Jonathan. Dumped in the landfill. Like trash. When you find her body, I want to arrange her funeral. She deserves that.”

Jonathan jumped to his feet. “Mrs. Wyndham! Serena!”

Ian rose and ran a hand down his wife’s back as she walked away, holding out an arm to prevent Jonathan from going after her. “No. You’ve given her enough hurt.”

Ian watched as Alastair left the room with Serena and waited until he heard the puppies yipping excitedly as they followed Serena and Alastair out the back door.

Once he heard the door close, he turned to Jonathan. “If that’s all…”

Jonathan sat again and leaned forward to pick up his glass. “No. That’s not all. I wanted to talk to Serena about the rest. It concerns her.”

“No. Tell me. Whatever concerns my wife concerns me.”

Jonathan took a sip of his tea and sighed. “Now Carello is suspected of murder. He was picked up and questioned by homicide, but they don’t have enough to hold him. I don’t know where he killed her—if he killed her—but if he did, there’s no sign of it. Hell, no one even knew where to look and your wife didn’t tell me anything specific. I assume it’s the landfill closest to Carello’s house, but it’s a large area.”

Ian inclined his head. “I’ll find out from her and call you. Is that it?”

“No.” After taking another sip, Jonathan set his tea down again. “The FBI got wind of the murder investigation, and since they’ve been trying to pin a whole slew of shit on Carello for years, they started showing up at his house to question him. They’re watching him and making sure he knows that he’s on their radar. They started questioning him about some of his businesses. But no one saw anyone leave the house with a body. Hell, they didn’t even know she’d been killed and weren’t looking for someone smuggling a body out of the house.”

Jonathan smiled faintly. “And since they’re also watching them, and are allowing him to see that they’re watching him, he’s had to curtail certain activities. It’s costing him money. The feds arrested several of his employees for an assortment of things, concealed carry without a license, prostitution, some of them underage, drugs, even shutting down a few of his bars for serving to minors. They haven’t found anyone who’ll testify to the extortion yet, so they can’t even use this for leverage. Carello’s getting desperate. He’s trying to make a deal.”

Jonathan drew a breath and blew it out in a rush. “He mentioned Serena.”

Ian saw red, his fury so intense it turned to ice. “Why the hell is he talking about my wife? What did he say?”

Jonathan rose and began to pace. “He told the FBI that she was psychic. That she knew things and she’s using that to help you increase your fortune in illegal ways.”

Ian raised a brow at that, his blood boiling. “Such as?”

“Such as the stock market, gambling, and theft.”

“Oh? What are we supposed to have stolen?”

Jonathan paused behind the sofa facing Ian and sighed again, his features tight. “Jewelry, paintings, and that bit with someone breaking into the FBI office and stealing counterfeit money… Well, that’s something that’s still talked about.”

Other than raising a brow, Ian let nothing of his thoughts show. “So my wife is a criminal?”

Jonathan took his seat again. “That’s Carello’s claim. You and your wife are using her psychic abilities to steal. To cheat. Whatever. Most of the agents see it for what it is, and even more think this psychic crap is bullshit.”

With a shrug, Jonathan leaned back, his fingertips on the arm of the chair. “Word got to my boss. He called me in to ask me what the hell I knew about it. I told him that you were rich as hell long before Serena came along and had no trouble making investments long before she got here. I knew of Carello, but I looked up his file to see what they had. They have a lot more than I thought. But Carello must have been pretty damn convincing because he’s drawing a lot of attention to Serena. They’re curious about her now.”

“I see.” Ian rose, too restless to sit, the thought of Serena being in the government’s crosshairs churning his stomach. “Well, their curiosity is going to have to go unsatisfied.”

Shaking his head, Jonathan sat forward. “I wish it was that easy.”

“It’s going to have to be.”

Shaking his head again, he sat back and met Ian’s gaze, the worry in it tightening Ian’s stomach even more. “My boss wants to meet her. He’s got her under surveillance now. If she can do what you think she can do, she should know it by now. Has she said anything to you?”

Ian wondered if his wife knew and was keeping it from them, or if she truly hadn’t picked up on it. He forced a smile. “None of your business.”

He didn’t know, but he would for damn sure find out.




Ian tilted her head to smile at her, his tender smile in sharp contrast to the stark hunger glittering in his eyes. His hands on her waist firmed as he moved her on his cock with increasing speed while Alastair moved in behind her.  “Come here, baby.”

Recognizing his gravelly tone, Serena smiled and continued to move, teasing both of her husbands. “More.”

Lifting again, she moved faster on him, throwing her head back with a cry.

With a deep groan, Ian sat up and covered her mouth with his, swallowing her cries and wrapping his arms around her again. “Damn right, more. It’s never enough. I always want more of you.”

He tightened his hold on her with a hand on her lower back and one at the back of her head while Alastair settled behind her.

Lust hit her hard, her husbands’ hard bodies and gentle hands going to her head like the brandy Alastair occasionally drank. Pleasure overrode everything else, making it impossible to think.

She could only feel.

Fire licked at her everywhere, her pussy, ass, clit, and nipples tingling with an awareness that their touch intensified and drove her wild.

Every slide of their hands and touch of their lips added more layers of sensations intensifying the hunger that only they could satisfy.

She moved faster, craving more.

Staring into her eyes, Ian leaned back again, taking her with him to settle on his chest, firming his hold to keep her there. “Be still, baby.”

Fisting her hands against his shoulders, Serena squeezed her eyes closed at the feel of Alastair pressing the head of his cock against her puckered opening.

Alastair ran a hand down her back. “Let me get inside you, love, and we’ll move all you want.”

Knowing what to expect didn’t exactly prepare her, and with a gasp, Serena pressed her face against Ian’s chest, warmed by the feel of his lips against her hair. Crying out at the burning of Alastair pressing his cock into her ass, Serena gripped Ian tighter.

“I’ve got you, baby.”

Ian’s voice sounded as if he’d swallowed glass, so rough and deeper than usual as it seemed to vibrate against her skin.

Alastair’s hands tightened on her hips as he pressed the head of his cock past the tight ring of muscle and into her ass. “Fuck!”

Ian helped her to brace herself above him, smiling up at her while his gaze narrowed and sharpened. “Easy, Alastair.”

Shaking her head, Serena pushed back, taking more of Alastair’s cock, the incredible fullness sending shivers up and down her spine and stealing her breath. “Don’t stop. It’s too much, but I want more.”

Her pussy and ass clenched on them, drawing a sharp gasp from her at the impossible fullness.

Ian cupped her breast and ran his thumb over her nipple. “We’re not going to stop, baby, but you’re really worked up.”

Her body trembled, and before they set up the rhythm she anticipated, one that kept one of them entering her while the other partially withdrew, a tidal wave of bliss washed over her.

With a cry, one of pleasure and shock, she fisted her hands on Ian’s chest, her entire body stiffening as the sharp pleasure held her in its grip.

Ian gathered her close. “I’ve got you, baby. I’ve got you. Hold on to me.”

Humbled by her response, Ian held her trembling body against his, looking over his shoulder at Alastair.

“It really hit her hard.”

Alastair nodded. “Jesus.”

Thankful that they could speak to each other telepathically, Ian continued to run his hands down her back.

Learning that they could also speak telepathically with Serena, something they’d discovered by accident, had stunned both of them, but they’d realized that she only heard them when they projected their thoughts to her.

Lifting slightly, she smiled and began to move. “You’re talking about me, aren’t you?”

Alastair smiled at the breathlessness in Serena’s voice and slid his cock slightly deeper, his cock jumping at her gasp. “Just about how incredible you are.”

Arching her back, Serena moaned. “More.”

With a groan, Alastair set up a rhythm with Ian, the two of them taking their wife together. Nothing ever felt as good, as right, as being with Serena, and making love to her only sharpened the sense of rightness.

Of destiny.

Serena gripped Ian tighter, rocking her hips in a way that didn’t disrupt their rhythm, being filled alternately in her pussy and her ass in a way that always left her reeling.

With her body still sizzling with the warm hum of her orgasm, Serena moved on her husbands, delighting in every one of their groans of pleasure.

The friction and fullness, in addition to the thrill of their love surrounding her, soon sent her soaring again.

Alastair cursed, his hands tightening on her hips as he thrust several more times in rapid succession, his thrusts slightly deeper than before. “Fuck!” He made a harsh sound deep in his throat and stilled, the ripples of his cock pulsing inside her ass setting off another surge of heat to wash over her.

Ian’s attention to her breasts, the friction of his palms against her throbbing and sensitized nipples adding to her pleasure and sending another orgasm slamming into her with a force that took her breath away.

Ian surged deep with a groan, his cock pulsing his release as he caught her against him. “Ah damn! Come here, baby. I’ve got you. Fuck.”

Serena smiled, as the last word came out in a deep groan of pure male satisfaction, and cuddled against him in one of her favorite places on earth.

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