[Siren Menage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Cowboy Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/M/M, HEA]
Oliver and Shark have more to worry about than their new business, Feeling Clucky. Sexy Slade Winters is determined to seduce his way into their affections, but they're afraid he might be too much like their sociopathic ex-lover, Crash.
A series of sick pranks alerts them to the fact that Crash has escaped prison and is apparently gunning for them. Added to that, Flashpoint are still up to their old tricks, and two old enemies, Ghost and Morag, return to Sage to get revenge again.
Can Slade convince the wolverine shifters that he's in for the long haul and wants to claim Oliver and Shark as his mates? Can he make them see he's no psychopath, but a lion shifter with a heart of gold?
The three suitors have to negotiate deadly foes, tragic pasts, and fight for the right to a happy future together. Will the learning curve be too high to climb?
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance


Learning Curve (MMM)
8 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“What the fuck is this?” Shark asked, horrified as he stared at the huge hamper sitting outside his and Oliver’s apartment.

Oliver giggled, peering over Shark’s shoulder. “I think Slade’s courting us,” he replied, kissing Shark’s cheek lightly.

“Yeah, I know that, but what the fuck is this?” Shark repeated, staring up and down the hall for clues. He sniffed a little, scenting Slade’s unique odor, but not seeing him.

“Why don’t we open it and find out?” Oliver suggested helpfully, grinning when Shark shot him a dark look.

“Does he really think this is going to get him any nearer to our pants?”

“It certainly has us talking about him,” Oliver retorted, giggling again. “As an attention-getter, he’s pretty slick.”

“Don’t mention slick in the same sentence as that man,” Shark shot back sourly. “We don’t need him, do we? Aren’t we okay on our own? Why do we need a third? He’ll be all dominant and bossy, wanting us to fit in with what he wants all the time. He’s already joked about his kinks. That’s not going to be part of our sex life ever again. Lion shifters are all the same! So bossy and domineering,” he repeated. He made sure to up the volume as he said the last bit, wanting to give Slade something to think about. Shark was more than a little nervous about being pursued by the sexy shifter, but would never admit he was secretly enjoying the chase. He had the sense that Slade was nothing like Crash. That still didn’t mean he or Oliver were just going to roll over for Slade.

Oliver protested when his lover shut the door on the massive gift, festooned with balloons and bows, the hamper filled with all sorts of cool gadgets from his store. Slade owned a local electrical supplies store and sold everything from televisions to computers to kitchen appliances. He had the latest in computer wizardry and sound systems, plus all kinds of weird and wonderful gadgets for the home.

“If we accept, he’ll think he’s won,” Shark told Oliver, kissing the pout off his roomie’s lips.

“Don’t we want him to win?” Oliver whined wistfully, eyeing the door as Shark dragged him through into the living room.

Shark grinned. “Do we want to have the lickable hunk of prime meat in our bed? Of course we do,” he retorted wickedly. “But we want him to prove himself to us. We’re not that easy anymore.”

There was a knock on the door, and they both flinched, cringing as they stared at each other.

“That could be Crash, escaped from jail,” Oliver whispered, looking terrified.

“Dude, Crash wouldn’t knock,” Shark said dryly, with more than a hint of fear.

“Shark, Oliver, I know you’re there. I wanted to update you on what’s happened with your friends and give you your gifts. Can I come in?” Slade called through the door, sounding amused and sexy as hell.

“He’s not getting in our pants,” Shark said gruffly when Oliver’s eyes lit up.

“Sure he is,” Oliver hissed, rushing to open the door. Then he turned around, winking at his mate. “He’ll just have to work for it. Let him put on a show.”

He opened the front door. Shark shuddered as he watched Slade stalk inside, all big and muscly and delectable. His bald head gleamed under the fluorescent lights, and his big shoulders seemed to stretch forever. He wore a sleeveless T-shirt that showed off his tats to perfection. His chest wore an impressive array, too. Shark licked his lips, thinking about how he’d like to lick at the gorgeous display. Maybe Slade would let him slather him with chocolate and whipped cream, to add to the flavor. Slade winked at him seductively, his arms filled with the hamper.

“I hope you’ll accept this little token,” he drawled, his eyes glittering with all kinds of naughtiness. “I got you the latest X-Box system, just arrived in store, plus a bunch of games. No pressure. I just thought, since you’d had such a hard time of it lately, with all the hassle over your restaurant opening and the vandalism, that you might like something fun to play with.”

Shark shot him a look, searching for the double entendre, and received a far too innocent glance back. “You’re still not getting into our pants,” he repeated like a broken record.

Slade laughed huskily. “Maybe this is a peace offering. Maybe I’m concerned that you’re too eager to get into my pants,” he quipped mockingly. “It’s been a while since I had anyone approach me quite so boldly, with those extra touches added to my chicken burger. You just say the word, though, stud, and I’m all yours.”

Shark sputtered as Oliver giggled at the outrageous statement. “I mean it,” he said starkly, glaring, even as he repressed a smile. “We’re not pushovers.”

“I know,” Slade whispered, placing the large hamper beside the couch, and then making himself at home by wandering into the kitchen area, setting up the coffee maker. “Neither am I. If you want this bodacious bod, you’ll have to work for it.”

He winked and then turned his back, getting cups out of a cupboard, plus empty plates.

“What are you doing?” Oliver asked curiously, moving closer, only to be jerked back at a glare from Shark. He pouted, sulking.

“Dinner,” Slade replied, just as the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it,” he said, more seriously. “We don’t know who’s about at this time of night.”




Slade heard a whisper of sound, a door opening and a muffled giggle, and then the feel of someone crawling, naked, onto the couch beside his prone form.

“Hi, tiger,” he drawled, smiling as he heard another giggle, the feel of skin against bare skin sending his libido into overdrive.

“Hi,” Oliver said, snuggling closer.

Slade curled onto his side, kissing Oliver’s soft cheek as they spooned together, Oliver’s back against Slade’s chest.

“Dammit, you beat me,” Shark protested, laughing softly as he came to stand in front of the couch. “You said it was our turn to make a move. This is it,” he chuckled, his cock jutting proudly. “We decided to celebrate.”

Slade reached for him, tugging on his hand until Shark tumbled, then sprawled, as naked as Oliver, along Slade’s big body. He felt Shark’s soft kiss on his shoulder and closed his eyes as the gentle touch darted through him, energizing him instantly.

“We’d be more comfortable in bed,” Oliver said, turning in Slade’s arms. He lifted his face up for a kiss, and Slade obliged eagerly, fusing his lips to Oliver’s, drinking the younger man’s nectar. He heard Shark moan above him and turned his head, taking turns with the two shifters, kissing them passionately, groaning as they responded fervently to his touch. They shared a sexy three-way smooch, getting hot and bothered as their passion ignited.

“Lift up, baby,” Slade said hoarsely. “Give me your cock, Oliver. I need your taste in my mouth.”

Oliver whined, shuddering, and moved as Slade rolled onto his back. Straddling Slade’s chest, he positioned himself close to Slade’s avid mouth, his cock thick and needy. Slade groaned as he felt Shark’s fingers on his cock, jacking him off skillfully. Then moist lips surrounded his dick, and he jerked impulsively, as though tasered.

“God, yes,” he growled. “Suck my dick, baby.”

Shark did as requested, humming with pleasure as he bobbed up and down, sucking greedily. Oliver slid his cock between Slade’s lips, balancing on the arm of the couch and then fucking Slade’s mouth with short, shallow strokes, panting breathlessly.

“That’s it, sweetheart,” Slade murmured approvingly, his voice muffled. “Let me taste you.”

Oliver groaned when Slade took control, gripping Oliver’s slender hips, rocking him back and forth as he slurped and sucked. Slade brushed against Oliver’s tiny hole with his thumb, probing gently as Oliver whimpered with delight.

“So fucking tight,” Slade grunted, sinking one thick finger an inch deep into Oliver’s chute, feeling the subtle clench of the man’s anus as it adjusted to the intrusion. Then he yelped as cool gel was applied to his cock, and heard a deep groan, as searing heat began to envelop his dick a moment later. Shark was seating himself on Slade’s cock, plunging down slowly until Slade was fully sheathed inside his hungry ass.

“Oh God,” Shark choked out. “It’s been so long since I bottomed. This is incredible.” Slade arched his back, eyes closing with bliss as Shark began to move up and down, fucking himself slowly, increasing the pace gradually.

“I’m gonna come,” Oliver cried, and spurted, lashing Slade’s throat with warm seed, jerking helplessly as he came.

“There you go, darlin’,” Slade muttered, licking his lips as Oliver eased out of Slade’s mouth and then slumped forward, kissing Slade hungrily. Slade slid his finger deeper, fucking in and out of Oliver’s ass slowly, and then added a second digit, preparing Oliver gently.

“Am I hurting you?” he asked, gasping when Shark moved faster, bouncing now, using Slade’s dick as his own personal fuck toy.

“No, that feels fantastic,” Oliver whimpered, shoving his hips against Slade’s fingers, driving them deeper.

Slade cupped the back of his head, dragging him closer, kissing him tenderly, knowing he was in love with both shifters. They’d spent weeks playing tag, and they’d proven to be brave, loving, and cute as anything. Slade couldn’t have wished for better partners. He was glad he hadn’t pushed them. They would never have trusted him as they did now.

He felt Oliver moan and heard a slurping sound, figuring Shark was taking advantage of Oliver’s upended-ass position, even as he pleasured himself. It sounded as though Shark was eating Oliver out. Driving upward, he shoved up into Shark, nearly unseating him, and heard a surprised giggle.

“Ride ’em cowboy,” he chuckled against Oliver’s sweet lips. Shark giggle again, doing just that as Slade jerked his hips, like a bucking bronco, as Shark clung to him.

“You’re crazy,” Shark protested, clutching at Slade’s thick thighs for support.

“Crazy about you,” Slade replied, just before his balls clenched tightly, then erupted, jetting thick ropes of cum deep inside Shark’s hungry ass. Shark let out a wail and painted Oliver and Slade with his own ejaculation, coming hard. Oliver, jerking erratically came again, his seed splashing Slade’s chest, undone by his lovers’ pleasure, as Slade’s finger fucked his ass.

The wolverines collapsed against Slade, snuggling close. Shark moved up Slade’s big body, unlatching himself from Slade’s sated cock, and kissed him fervently. “Hmmm, that was fun—can we go at it again soon?” he teased.

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