Cold Steel and Hot Lead (MMF)

How the West Was Done 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 54,853
7 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Western Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements, light BDSM, sex toys, paranormal elements, HEA]

Stuck on a snowbound train in Laramie, Wyoming, is Senator Derrick Spiro, traveling to introduce a measure giving women the right to vote. While watching a magician making a girl vanish, Derrick meets Rudy Dunraven, escape artist. When the girl fails to materialize again, the men flee from the unruly lynch mob.

They are assisted in their quest to find the real kidnapper by Alameda Hudson, bolting from a disastrous engagement to a serial cheater. A helpful and mischievous spirit instructs Alameda to join the play the circus is putting on in town. All three, tortured by past failed loves, are reluctant to love again. But they have no one to trust but each other, and they can’t clear their names until Alameda puts herself in danger during the final act of the play.

Alameda hopes she lives long enough to be the first woman voter in America.

Note: Each book in the How the West Was Done series stands alone and can be read out of sequence in any order.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Karen Mercury is a Siren-exclusive author.

Cold Steel and Hot Lead (MMF)
7 Ratings (4.4)

Cold Steel and Hot Lead (MMF)

How the West Was Done 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 54,853
7 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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The story is riveting and the humor is pervasive - I love this book!
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4.5 STARS: "A massive snowstorm has waylaid Senator Derrick Spiro in Laramie while heading west on the train. While stranded, he encounters the highly enigmatic and delicious Rudy Dunraven, a multitalented vaudeville performer living in town. When the pair witnesses the disappearance of a woman during a circus vanishing act gone awry, Rudy and Derrick begin the search for her. Almost immediately, local beauty Alameda Hudson sets her sights on the two gorgeous men. While Derrick has rebuffed the sexual advances of Rudy, he is certainly not going to dismiss Alameda. Reluctantly, Rudy is also attracted to the spitfire, despite his devotion to avoiding the fairer sex and his determination to bed the senator. In the midst of foul weather and even fouler circus freaks, the three are determined to find out what happened to the missing woman with the assistance of spirit guides, illusionists and even a horny ghost. Ms. Mercury has outdone herself with Cold Steel and Hot Lead, the third installment in the How the West Was Doneseries! I absolutely adored the vivid descriptions of circus performers and illusionists from the heyday of the big top experience. From colorful characters to devious kinks, Ms. Mercury had my imagination in overdrive. How fun it was to read about Alameda constantly having to expose her breasts due to too tight corsets! The sex is truly something to behold as well. When Rudy uses Derrick to assist him with his bondage escape trick, it was one of the most arousing scenes I’ve read in a long time. Rudy was such a fun character, priding himself on his sexual magnetism to seduce the “normal” Derrick. My one disappointment was that Rudy and Alameda were not highly involved with each other sexually, instead both urging Derrick on for one another’s pleasure. And while there’s certainly danger and paranormal elements in Cold Steel and Hot Lead, both were more lighthearted rather than devious. As the third book in the series, it can certainly be read as a standalone novel, but I highly recommend picking up the first two books in this excellent series that doesn’t take itself too seriously yet features some seriously erotic touches. You won’t be disappointed!" -- Silla Beaumont, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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Ivy swirled into Alameda’s bedroom, fully dressed as though for church, and pulled Alameda from the window. “How did they even know Rudy was here?” she asked. “Josefina let him in last night wearing some kind of oriental tracklayer’s disguise.”

“That was a Chinese pharmacist’s disguise,” Alameda told her sister. “And apparently it didn’t work very well.”

Now Montreal Jed entered, clutching someone’s dressing gown about his thin frame, his bulging eyes even rounder than usual. “What in the name of Sam Hill is going on? I thought I was the alleged murderer, not Remington Rudy.”

Alameda said, “I think you still might be—a sort of helpmate for the nefarious Remington Rudy—so stay out of sight. And Ivy, I don’t want you showing your face out front, not in your condition. You don’t need the additional distress on little Coraline.” Coraline was the name chosen for the daughter Ivy would birth, the daughter prophesied by another spirit who had helped Ivy a while back. Alameda continued buttoning up her bodice.

“We have to somehow send for Father,” Ivy insisted. “He’s the only one who can convince these irate brawlers that Rudy isn’t guilty of anything.”

In a way, Ivy was right. Simon Hudson was the biggest merchant in town, one of the railroad big bugs, and Bob Freund’s father was an associate of his. There was only one major thing lacking with this idea. “Father has never even met Rudy,” Alameda mentioned. “Damn it to hell, he hasn’t even met Derrick. I’m in love with them—him—and the first time he meets them is when a lynch mob is waiting for them? That’s not going to make Father more liable to approve of them—him—when he’s been pushing all those idiotic Freund boys on me all these months to no avail.”

Montreal Jed pointed out, “And it’s not more liable to make the Freund boys more fond of Rudy and Derrick, if you’ve been turning them down for months now.”

For lack of anything more constructive to do, Alameda retrieved her derringer from her white fur muff. To further complicate matters, two muscular naked men now entered Alameda’s bedroom but skidded to a stop when they saw Ivy and Montreal Jed.

“Oh, Jesus,” said Derrick, finally bothering to wrap the bedsheet he held around his waist.

Rudy didn’t have a bedsheet, so he snatched up something that turned out to be Alameda’s dressing gown and held it to his privates.

Ivy giggled and turned toward the wall as Montreal Jed pointed out, “And the Freund boys will become even more irate if they see two nude men at the window.”

Rudy stepped forward boldly. “Listen, Alameda. If we don’t arrest Castillo, I’m going to have to leave town, hopefully more than two steps ahead of that lynch mob. I’m more at home with strong-arm men and bear wrestlers than the blue bloods of this town anyway.”

“But you didn’t do it!” Alameda protested, waving her derringer about. “Rudy, I will shoot that dough-headed jackass Bob Freund myself before I will let you slink out of town!”

“Dressed like a Chinese pharmacist,” Jeremiah added.

“You be careful!” Alameda shrieked at the balloon-headed punch man. “You seem to forget everyone in town thinks you’re the one who kidnapped poor Kittie in the first place!”

“Not to mention,” Derrick pointed out, “how far can Rudy slink when the roads are all impassable and the train won’t run?” He sidled up to Alameda and forced her to lower the hand that held the derringer.

Ivy huffed angrily, “There’s only one person in this room who can safely leave this house and go get Father. Me!”

“Or the cook,” Montreal Jed said.

“No!” Alameda protested. “I will not let you set foot outside that door, Ivy! You never know when one of those pickled rummies will mistake you for an Indian and just plug you!”

“Or mistake you for Rudy and plug you,” Jeremiah added helpfully.

Peeking out the curtains, Alameda saw that a few Freund boys and their buddies were tearing up rosebushes that lined the walkway of Albuquerque House, bellowing things such as “Get out here, you cowardly snake!” and “Come out and act like a man, you yellow bastard!”

Twirling about, Alameda gripped Rudy’s bare shoulder. “Listen. Can you call upon Percy? Ask for his help?”

Rudy shrugged. “I suppose I can. He only seems to come when I’m performing animal magnetism, so I can try. What were you thinking?”

“I’m not exactly sure, but Percy is resourceful. Ask him to scare them away or something! I’m going down there to talk some sense into Bob.” She whisked her way around Ivy and Rudy so that Derrick could not grab her.

He shouted, “I’m coming with you, Alameda! I’m not hiding in here like a lowdown culprit. I can deal with irate crowds—I’m a senator!”

Alameda was halfway down the stairs. “Derrick, you’re a naked senator!”

When her hand touched the front doorknob, she heard a shot. Upstairs, everyone fell silent, and Alameda peered through the curtains of a side window.

Her father Simon had arrived on horseback through the melting snow, still holding his smoking rifle aloft. “Any more of you boys want to tear up my daughter’s landscaping?”




“I was so jealous, Alameda.” He smoothed his wet lips over her neck and down her breastbone, and she shivered with delight. “I let Rudy frig you till you came when I really wanted to do it myself.”

“Do it now,” she begged, gripping his shoulders in her claws.

She felt the smile on his lips as he buried his face between her breasts. “I’ll do him one better.”

He dropped so suddenly to his knees Alameda was taken by surprise and had to steady herself against his powerful shoulders. Derrick nuzzled his handsome, stubbled face between her thighs, sending shivers up her spine, and she lunged her pussy toward his mouth.

The one beau she had had—to Mr. Ellis’s one hundred—had done this to her. He had performed “mouth congress” on her twice before Ralph had discovered what was going on and pitched a righteous fit, sending her fleeing to Laramie City. Hands down, it was the most delicious act Alameda had ever experienced, and to think it was about to be performed by the man she loved most in the world stimulated her so, she thought she might go out of her mind.

He breathed heatedly against her inner thighs and with the tip of his tongue found the slit in her stocking. His fingers pulled the edges of the slit apart, and he dove right in, applying tiny little licks to just the tip of her clitoris. One of her legs, with a mind of its own, instantly wrapped around his stalwart neck, and she cried, “Damn it all to hell, Derrick! Please! This is not the time to toy around!”

She felt him groan with pleasure against her labia and apply more enthusiastic lapping to her clitoris. She imagined she could feel it lengthen as it filled with blood, and she made tiny little humping motions against his face. By now her fingernails were probably digging trenches into his poor shoulders, and she leaned back against the kitchen counter as leverage for her hip thrusts. Just the thought that his sculpted, handsome face was between her thighs drove her to unimaginable heights, and her panting was making her lightheaded.

On the fringes of her awareness, a swath of lamplight bathed the kitchen floor as the door to the dining room opened. The silhouette of someone wearing a long, straight robe entered. At the moment, Alameda didn’t care much whether or not Ivy decided to join in the fun. She wanted her orgasm, and she wanted it now! Ivy could damned well get her tea and leave—or leave without her tea!

The figure kneeled on the floor behind Derrick and uttered a satisfied, masculine groan. Just as Alameda’s climax was building to a crescendo, the figure began humping Derrick’s luscious, rounded ass, distracting him from his task at hand.


* * * *


Derrick could tell by the woodsy scent of cedar it was Rudy who had kneeled behind him. Rudy who massaged his stiff prick against Derrick’s tailbone.

Derrick detected from the copious flow of sweet pussy juice that Alameda was on the verge of another of her by-now-famous monumental orgasms. He eagerly awaited feeling what it was like to have this sultry minx explode all over his face. Already her sweet nectar dripped from his chin, the bulging clitoris quivering against his tongue. So he backed off, risking her ire, to see what Rudy planned to do. Rudy was not taking this prize away from him, by God. Alameda’s orgasm would be his triumph.

But he was also becoming increasingly aroused by the plump, juicy prick wedged in the crack of his ass. He had frigged that tasty cock till Rudy had squirted him with jism—had even licked it from his fingers, surprised to find the milky gobs tasted saltier than his own—and now his curiosity was fired up. What did Rudy have in mind?

He slowed his licking as Rudy unbuttoned his pants. He allowed Rudy to yank them down, even squiggling his hips to assist. Derrick’s cock sprang free, eager for release. Above him, Alameda whimpered and squeaked like a small rodent, begging for discharge, but now Derrick enjoyed tormenting her with little catlike laps.

Rudy gave a few twisting jerks to Derrick’s cock, but then he was gone. Derrick groaned in desperation, but Rudy was back in a flash kneeling behind him. Rudy pressed some rounded, cold, and hard object to his anus. It wasn’t Rudy’s cock, but he had greased the object up, and it slid easily up his rectum.

Derrick gasped at the sudden invasion. Swiftly he found that there was a thin line between pain and pleasure as Rudy inched this object inside him. If he relaxed, panting like a dog against Alameda’s distended clitoris, Rudy could screw the object inside him lewdly, and waves of pleasure began washing over him. Of course he’d never been sodomized by a foreign object, but he was starting to suspect it could be pleasurable, especially with Rudy’s lascivious talk, murmuring in his ear.

“Do you like this, Derrick? Do you like being fucked by this dildo?”

So that was what it was. How did Rudy have a dildo handy? Rudy was so lecherous it didn’t surprise Derrick, but he could hardly answer with his face smashed against Alameda’s steamy pussy. He just groaned, but this encouraged Rudy, who squiggled the dildo another inch inside him.

Rudy cradled Derrick’s back to his torso now, his free hand snaking around and gripping Derrick’s prick with a palm full of grease. “You like being buggered by another man, don’t you,” Rudy suggested. “You like having this long, hard thing up your ass. God, your cock is the biggest I’ve ever had in my fist. You’re well-hung like a stallion, did you know that? You’ve got the most beautiful, fattest circumcised tool I’ve ever frigged. Does it make you hot licking your fetching belle like that, coaxing an explosive orgasm from her?”

“Damn it to hell, Rudy!” Alameda shrieked so loudly the neighbors next door could probably hear her. She had the high-pitched, nearly hysterical tone of a woman who would tear someone’s head off if she wasn’t satisfied this instant. Derrick had heard that tone before from his wife, Cora, and more recently from Alameda herself, and she would not be ignored. “Shut up with your nasty talk and just give it to him!Gripping the back of Derrick’s head, she smashed his face to her pussy and humped his face frantically.


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