Cherry Hill 8: Rewards of Bravery (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,247
9 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMMM, light spanking, HEA]

Isla has overcome many dangers in her life. She's starting a new job, achieved her CPA, and is opening up her heart to two very intimidating men. Has her luck changed, or does danger have a way of finding her? When she was hired by the real estate firm she hadn't expected to discover that the last accountant was ripping the owners off. She reports her findings, an investigation is started, and she thinks her part is over. She is moving on with her personal life, letting down her guard, her heart and body to the four charismatic, commanding O'Rourke men. Her thoroughness as an accountant puts the one piece of evidence in her possession that could destroy everyone involved in the illegal operations but she doesn't even know she has it. There's a larger operation of criminal activity going on, and Isla winds up smack in the middle, just for doing the right thing. Rewards of bravery could be her final demise.


Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Cherry Hill 8: Rewards of Bravery (LoveXtreme)
9 Ratings (4.6)

Cherry Hill 8: Rewards of Bravery (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,247
9 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley

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“Well, open it.”

Isla took a deep breath as she held the envelope in her hand. This was it. All her hard work, her pushing through the crazy obstacles in her life and it came down to this moment. Did she pass her CPA exam, or would she have to study more and retake it? Would she have to keep being a bookkeeper? She glanced at York, who sat on the lounge chair by the pool. Her arm was bandaged and in a sling still, but physical therapy had already begun. What they had gone through, what York had gone through was horrific, and another obstacle in their lives. The difference was, York had her men—Finn, Lotus, Marco, and Cab—who were right nearby at the outdoor cabana and bar. They were giving York and Isla their space to talk.

She tore it open and then pulled out the letter. Tears filled her eyes at the congratulatory introduction and then the words she had been waiting to read.

“I passed. I’m CPA certified,” she whispered as tears fell.

“Yes! Ouch,” York said as she jumped up, fist pumped, and then grabbed her shoulder. They both laughed, and then York hugged Isla.

“What’s going on? Are you okay?” Marco asked, coming over with the others and placing his hands on York’s shoulders. York leaned back against him.

“Everything is great. She did it. Isla passed the CPA exam.”

Marco immediately smiled wide and then hugged her and congratulated her.


“This is awesome news. Calls for a celebration,” Finn said and walked back to the bar.

As they congratulated her, she thought about all the things she needed to do now. Her resume was in place, and she could add the new credentials to her name. She was so excited she felt almost sick.

She covered her belly.

“Are you okay?” Lotus asked her and gave her shoulder a squeeze.

“Yes, I just can’t believe it’s real. That after everything it happened.”

“You made it happen, Isla,” Lotus told her and pointed. “You’re tough and confident, and you never give up,” he said.

“She’s brave in every aspect of the word,” York added, and then they heard the pop, and Lotus walked cover with the bottle of champagne as Cab carried the glasses.

“A toast to Isla,” Finn said, and they handed out the glasses and then made a toast and cheered. She drank down the contents and then smiled.

“Now, to find a job,” she said to them.

“I’m sure that won’t be a problem. You could even start doing some work for Harry at the local accounting firm in Central Valley. He did offer you a position there even before your certification,” Lotus said to her.

She made a face and shook her head. “I need something different.”

“Hey, did he call you again to ask you out?” York asked.

“What?” Marco asked, looking shocked.

“York,” Isla pleaded.

York exhaled.

“Harry likes her, and like the Hanes brothers, the Nelson brothers and even the Warren twins, she’s denied all of them the opportunity to explore any type of relationship. She definitely doesn’t want to work for a guy who likes her when she doesn’t share the same feelings,” York said.

Finn placed a hand on his hip as he held the champagne glass. “All those men have been asking you out? What about Montana and Ortley?” he asked.

She lowered her eyes and set the empty champagne glass onto the small tables. “What about them?”

“Uhm, you like them, they like you.”

“That isn’t the problem, Marco.

“Then what is?” Cab asked.

“It’s me, not them.” She took a deep breath and then exhaled. She locked gazes with York.

“All that has happened the past year, and it’s amazing that I’m even standing here, and that I passed that exam. I’ve had everything taken away from me before this. My parents, my brother, Watson, and I’m not fully recovered from that time held prisoner, then add in the abduction, and then worrying about York, and in that area I took several steps back in therapy. I’m not whole. I don’t feel strong inside, emotionally. I can’t accept a relationship with any man, never mind men, until I’m whole again, confident again, and well, feel normal. It’s just hard to explain,” she said to them and pushed her hair behind her ear and sat down, her frustration obvious.

“No, I get it. I completely get it. My dad and what he did added to this.”

“No, York, it wasn’t your fault. Your dad is a criminal, just as Skoen and Hyzein were. Those types of men do whatever they want, whatever is necessary to achieve what they’re after. Men, relationships can be the same, but until I am confident in myself and my abilities and can handle life on my own, then everything else needs to wait. I need a job, to feel professional, and to feel safe in my own place.”

“Why can’t you do that with the support of Montana and Ortley by your side?” Finn asked her.

“Because then I’ll feel like I need that crutch, like I can’t handle being alone or on my own, or like I can do it because it’s my drive, my confidence, my hard work, and commitment to achieving whatever it is I’m meant to achieve in life.”

“That’s silly when you have men who truly care about you, Isla. Montana and Ortley were at their wits’ ends worrying about you when you were missing. They were sick with concern about your concussion and the pain you were in, and they stayed by your side the entire time of your recovery,” Lotus told her.

“And I care about them, a lot. I appreciate the friendship.”

“Friendship? Really, Isla?” Lotus asked.

“It’s all I can give right now. I need to do this. Alone,” she said.

The men looked annoyed, but they were good friends, and their woman was her best friend, so they encouraged her.

“Well then, I guess we need to start looking for a job, helping you to achieve that confidence you’re aiming to achieve so our poor friends can become your guardians, and you can accept them as such,” Finn said.

She gasped, and York chuckled. “I’ve turned them into a bunch of romantics,” York teased and winked at Isla.

Isla laughed aloud as Cab gave York the evil eye. “Watch it, woman,” he said, and they chuckled.

“Actually, you can hold off on all of that for a while. Harper knows someone in Banter who is looking for a new accountant for their business. A real estate firm or something.”

“Oh, maybe Canterberry Associates? They’re huge. They have a small place in Banter but then multiple ones across Texas,” Lotus said.

“Yes, I think that was the name of it,” Isla told them.

“Well then, get your resume out there to them, woman, so you can gain that independence, and remember, you’re brave and went through so much, but you survived, have great friends and family right here with you, and the rewards will start coming in,” York told her.

“Hmm, I sure do hope so,” she said.

They talked a little more about Banter and other potential jobs as Isla thought about Montana and Ortley. She liked them, a lot, and found comfort in their embraces, and knew they wanted her as their woman, but she just didn’t want to feel like she accepted because she was scared. Or that she gave in because they were so dominant and good-looking and fierce. She still had fears, and Ortley wasn’t exactly soft-spoken. He commanded and gave orders. A drill sergeant and her? Was she nuts? Plus they had two brothers she had yet to meet, and she heard they were very wealthy, commanding businessmen, who were world travelers, very intelligent, and men like that were only interested in professional women, or maybe weak ones they could control. She wasn’t sure.




When she felt the second set of hands on her, she was shocked, and she knew it was Curren. He suckled against her neck, and she felt his palm maneuver under her skirt and right to her pussy. “Open for us. Show us you feel the same attraction we feel,” he said to her, and she did it.

That firm, hard tone of his voice did her in instantly. She stepped her feet apart, and Curren slid her panties down. They worked together and surprised her at how quickly they worked together. Curren pressed thick fingers into her cunt.

“Oh God,” she said and tilted back against his chest.

Presley undid the buttons on her top. “Holy fuck, Isla. Goddamn, you were made for us,” he said and lowered his mouth to her breast and the cleavage. He shifted the straps to her bra down to gain better access.

“Bring her to the couch in the cabana so we can all enjoy dessert,” Ortley commanded.

Curren gently removed his fingers out of her cunt, and Presley kissed her and lifted her up into his arms. He carried her past the pool and to the cabana. When he placed her feet on the floor in front of the large couch, she held onto him but looked at Ortley.

“Let them explore you like you let us. Get used to their touches, their desire for you,” he said to her as Presley and Curren divested her of her clothing.

“You’re incredible, Isla,” Curren said and placed her onto the couch. He and Presley spread her thighs. Their hands felt incredible. Their touch made her shiver and had her body reacting in anticipation.

Presley stroked along her groin and then to her pussy as he held one ankle. “You’re wet already. Look at how pretty her pussy is,” he said and eased a finger into her.

She raised her hands up only for Curren to grip them by her wrists and press them above her head. She lifted her torso. “Curren.”

“Relinquish all control to us. Let us pleasure you like you’ve done to our brothers. Like we had to listen to when you weren’t ours and we couldn’t join in,” he said, and it sounded like that had upset him. He lowered his mouth to her breast. She moaned and felt the chills roam over her body at the feel of his hot mouth against her sensitive bosom.

“Oh God.” She thrust upward, and Presley puffed.

“Isn’t she hot?” Montana asked, and he moved onto the couch. He cupped her other breast and the sight seemed to arouse Presley, as his eyes darkened and his expression appeared serious.

Presley fingered her cunt and replaced fingers with tongue. He ate at her, growled like he was enjoying and absorbing the feel and taste of her. Isla felt the atmosphere shift to an even higher level of desire and connection between them all. She could see the brothers exchanging glances, touching, stroking her in sync to one another, and it was all too much. She felt every sensation, thought of the desire, the unity with them all here together.

They’re mine. They can be mine if I can let go and trust them fully.

“She’s ours. All fucking ours,” Ortley stated, mimicking her thoughts. They feel it, too. Oh God they feel what I feel.

“I need a taste, too,” Curren said.

Presley suckled her clit, hard, then slid his tongue out and kissed up her belly to her breast. He nipped her nipple and tugged.


“Isla,” he said, and they chuckled.


* * * *


Curren took Presley’s place. He glided his palms up and down her thighs spreading her. “Look at this tight asshole. You guys fuck this ass yet?” he asked and pushed a finger into her hole. She bucked on the couch.

“Not yet, just like we haven’t made love to her yet, only explored,” Montana said and then gently, tenderly kissed her lips.

She ran her fingers through Montana’s hair until Presley raised one arm up, restraining her to get better access to feast on her breast. Curren was shocked that his brothers hadn’t made love to Isla yet. She stayed the night though. How could they not have taken form this sexy body? He pressed his fingers to her cunt and thrust them into her. He watched the cream drip from her cunt.

Presley smiled. “She loves this, is turned on by the four of us feasting on her.”

“I think she needs cock in her. You want more, Isla?” Curren asked and then thrust his fingers faster into both holes.

“Oh God, please. Please,” she said and came again.

“Holy shit.”

“Not yet. Not until she says she wants all of us. Not until everyone is on board and committing to her,” Montana said, and he moved out of the way and let Ortley move into position.

“Ready?” Curren asked, easing fingers from her body. He locked gazes with her, and she looked at each of them.

Montana ran his palm along her breast, then to her cheek, and then back down. “Our sweet, sexy Isla is a virgin,” he said.

“What?” Curren asked in shock. His jaw dropped. He looked her over and so much changed in that instant. He felt aroused, excited, then as if he were too old and they weren’t good enough for her. It was a whirlwind of thoughts. She held his gaze, and Presley brought her hand to his lips.

“That’s true?” he asked. She nodded.

“So you see, it’s important we’re all on the same page here. That we all want Isla as our woman completely,” Montana said and then lowered his mouth and suckled her breast.

Curren looked at Presley. “She’ll be ours, only ours,” he said to him.

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