Cherry Hill 7: Love Will Find You (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,143
9 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMMM, light spanking, HEA]

York has her new life in Cherry Hill. She is focused on happiness and not dealing with the past or the abusive, negative childhood she had. It's all going well, until her mother calls, and her father is back to his old games. She only has Harper and Isla to confide in, and to top the chaos off, she is attempting to avoid an attraction to two deputies in town who aren't making it easy on her at all. Their make-out sessions have powerful, lasting effects. When their other two brothers, retired Marines, get a hold of her, it's near combustion and there is no way she can resist them. She had avoided them for so long out of guilt for the crimes she committed and got away with. When she finally confides in them, they are understanding and supportive. The past is the past, or so they thought. When she is forced to commit a crime again to save her friend Isla and her men, she never expects the double-crossing going on, or her father's ulterior motive. It costs her everything.


Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Cherry Hill 7: Love Will Find You (LoveXtreme)
9 Ratings (4.2)

Cherry Hill 7: Love Will Find You (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,143
9 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley

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York Fayer met Isla Everest at the library in town. Isla was studying for the CPA exam so she could get her certification as an accountant. Currently, she was waitressing at Harper’s, doing some bookkeeping, and trying to get her life back together. York smiled at her. She looked happy, and York couldn’t help but to be envious. It seemed to York that she pondered over her past so much, that it was getting in the way of her life. Especially her social life. With that though came thoughts of four specific men she needed to ignore no matter how strongly she was drawn to them.

“So, another couple of weeks and then the big testing day. How do you feel?” York asked Isla as they walked down the main street in Cherry Hill. York had parked her car outside of the café so they could grab lunch afterward.

“I feel pretty good. You and Harper have been such motivators. Before the abduction, I wasn’t sure I would want to live in America. I loved the university in New York, and I felt safe then.”

“You’ve gone through a lot. Have lost a lot, too, but know you aren’t alone here in Cherry Hill. We’ve shared some things, Isla. I get the fears, but you have a home here in Cherry Hill now, a new start, a new life to do with it as you please. We would love for you to stick around here and maybe open up your own accounting firm.”

“It’s a definite possibility. I need to pass the CPA exam first,” she said, and widened her eyes, then exhaled as if very nervous.

York gave her a nudge. “You’ll pass it.” Just then, York’s attention went to the sound of a whistle and then right to Deputy Finn McCuen, who was standing outside of the café talking to two men and a woman York didn’t recognize. He was pointing to the café and then down the block. The men smiled and then thanked him, and York looked away.

“There’s your friend Finn,” Isla teased York. York gave her the evil eye. Isla laughed. “You’ve got it so bad for him and his brother Lotus. I don’t know why you don’t accept their invites of dates.”

“I don’t want to be in a relationship. We went over this.”

“Yeah, and I know enough to know that you’re scared for some reason. You get all embarrassed and you can’t look them in the eyes when they talk to you.”

“I look them in the eyes. I don’t have a problem with that,” York said, and crossed her arms in front of her chest in a defensive position.

Isla laughed and teased her some more. “I’ve seen you, and when the conversation gets deeper, and they press closer, you look down or away.”

“They’re older than me, Isla. By a lot of years.”

“I get the intimidation with that, and all their muscles, and sort of mean attitudes.”

York looked at Isla. “Mean attitudes?” York asked.

“Yeah, that seems to be the common disposition with men around Cherry Hill,” Isla said, and raised both her eyebrows up.

“You got that straight. Most men around the town and even in Central Valley are hardcore military or law enforcement. Their experiences in life were different than the average civilian, and the men can come across as superior, and experienced,” York said

 “Oh God,” Isla said, and grabbed York’s arm to turn away. “Look at those beautiful flowers blossoming on that tree over there. Want to go look closer?” Isla pointed that way and really held onto her arm tight as she started forcing York to walk.

York wondered why the sudden change of subject, but then saw the deputy police cruiser pull up along the sidewalk and Deputy Montana O’Rourke get out. He looked directly toward them, and York turned away as she saw Finn give a wave. “Ahh, so I’m not the only one avoiding a man,” York teased, and they started to walk toward the path that led to the blossoming trees. They were beautiful, but she couldn’t really focus as she felt a tingling sensation travel along her spine and knew that Deputy Finn McCuen spotted her and Isla.

“York, Isla!” They heard their names and both of them paused. “Crap,” York whispered.

“Oh God, he’s so intimidating. What do we do?”

“We have to turn around. We can do this together,” York said, and then they turned around and both Finn and Montana were there.

“Hi.” York smiled softly, giving a wave, and then she and Isla walked back toward the deputies. The closer York got, the tighter her chest felt. It was a combination of Finn’s good looks, the attraction she felt for him, and the intimidation of his capabilities in uniform. She didn’t know why that when she saw him in uniform it made her feel like a criminal. What she did years ago was forced upon her and she never got caught. No one needed to know, and she had to get those thoughts out of her head and just act normal, not guilty.

She took a deep breath and released it. Both men eyed them over. Finn looked at her with hunger and appreciation. She felt it all over her body, remembering their make-out session only a few weeks ago. It had been torture not to give in, and then to push, to deny it even happened. Montana looked down at Isla who gulped. Isla was a stunning young woman with long blonde hair and baby blue eyes. She got a lot of attention at Harper’s, and that German accent grabbed the men’s attention immediately.

“Didn’t you see us?” Montana asked, resting his hand on the butt of his gun and the other on his hip. He was just as tall as Finn, just as commanding and bossy, but Finn had light blonde hair and Montana’s was dark brown, and short.

“Oh, no, we didn’t. Our attention went to the beautiful trees blossoming by the entrance to the park,” York said, and then turned around to look.

“How was the library, Isla? Getting ready for that exam in a couple of weeks?” Montana asked her, and as York looked that way and Montana stepped closer to Isla and started talking to her quietly, York felt Finn’s hand on her hip, then he pulled her closer. She gasped and grabbed onto his forearm.

“You’re working tonight, right?” he asked her, and caressed her hip.

“Of course. You know I work every night.” The warmth of his hand, the heaviness of it, affected her deeply. She felt her breath hitch, her heart race, and her pussy clench. For crying out loud she needed to get a grip here.

“Except for Sunday nights and Mondays,” he said, and caressed along her back pulling her closer. She used her other hand to press against his chest and stop him from doing something so intimate.


He licked his lips, held her gaze with that firm expression of his. He stroked her lower back nearly to her ass with the tips of his fingers. It was intimate, possessive, and she should push him away and pretend she didn’t like it. She didn’t move. Couldn’t move, she enjoyed it too much.

A military man, now deputy, he was damn intimidating. She knew his body was steel hard, with all those muscles, and capabilities. Things had gotten pretty damn wild in her cottage that night, and she let her guard down and now was totally on his radar. As much as she wanted, lusted for more of him, she knew nothing would come of such a relationship. Once he found out about her past, about her family, he would look at her differently and so would his brothers.




“She did what? A juvenile record?” Finn asked.

“Hotwiring cars?” Lotus asked.

Marco chuckled. “Jesus, the woman is fucking filled with surprises, and that mouth of hers, that body, she’s both an angel and a devil, it’s fucking wild.”

“I don’t believe what I’m hearing. This is why she held back and resisted?” Finn asked.

“And the fact she’s a virgin. Never gave head until you, Lotus, and never had sex until now with the four of us. We waited for you. You brought the lube, right?” Marco asked Lotus.

“Fuck yeah,” he said, and pulled it out. The sun was already up, and it was nearly 8:00 a.m. “We got like an hour sleep.”

Marco started to walk back to the bedroom, but Lotus stopped him. “What about the guy, the father?”

“She said she doesn’t talk to them, has been on her own since. She talks to the mom, but they aren’t super close.”

“I don’t like it.”

“Well, you can do your police thing later. Right now, we’re claiming York as our woman. Then we make it official,” Marco told him.

Lotus shook his head and smirked. “My head is spinning.”

“Wait until you see her body and feel the connection. She’s it, man.”

Lotus nodded and smiled as the three of them headed into the bedroom. Lotus was caught off guard at the sight. Cab held a very sexy, curvy, naked York against him, and her perfectly round ass was fully exposed. She looked like some model, with her golden blonde hair cascading over the pillow. Then she stirred and moved, exposing some of her very large breast. His eyes also locked onto the scratches.

He scrunched his eyes together. “Is that from the incident at Harper’s?” he asked, raising his voice. Her and Cab stirred and then she blinked her eyes open. They locked onto his and then Finn’s, who was getting undressed.

Lotus licked his lips. “Heard you were waiting on us, darling.”

She nodded.

“Go on and show them you’re ready for us. To be claimed by all, and de-virginized,” Marco teased, which was so unlike Marco. He and Cab were super serious all the time.

She lifted up. Her body was incredible. She had full breasts, a taut belly, gorgeous thighs, and a very bare, pink pussy that was already glistening with cream. She crawled down the bed toward Lotus and Finn as Cab reached out and palmed her back and her ass as he sat up. She stared up at Lotus as Finn took her hand and held it out so he could look at her. Lotus cupped her cheek and gazed over her body. “My God, you are perfect,” he said, and lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her tenderly.

“Her cream is the sweetest you’ll ever taste. Have at it while we get things ready for her,” Marco told them, and Lotus released her lips so that his brother Finn could kiss her hello next. Then they both lowered her to the bed, each caressing a thigh then spreading her.

“Arms above your head. Relinquish all control to us, York, and we promise nothing but pure pleasure,” Cab ordered as he assisted bringing her arms back. As she tilted her chin up to look at Cab and acknowledge his order, her breasts and pelvis lifted and then lowered just as Lotus licked along her pussy. One touch, one low moan from her, and that was it. He couldn’t wait to make her theirs.

As he licked along her pussy and plunged his tongue into her cunt, Finn played with her breasts and suckled one of her luscious tits between his lips. “Oh my God that feels so wild. The two of you together,” she said and exhaled.

“Just wait. There are four of us and we have hefty appetites. Especially for such a delicacy as you,” Marco told her. He dropped the tube of lube on the bed and stroked his cock.

“Our patience is slim, guys,” he said.

Lotus chuckled. “Now you know how we felt the last few weeks,” he said, and then winked at Finn who moved between her legs to take a taste for himself. Lotus pulled off his clothes and then lowered down to feast on her breast. Cab moved in on the other side and suckled her right breast. She was moaning and lifting her pelvis.

“You ready, darling?” Marco asked, standing back watching.

“Yes, oh God, yes please. I want you.”

“Good,” Cab said and nipped her tit.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, and lifted her arms only for Lotus and Marco to press them back up.

“Finn,” Marco commanded.

Finn lifted up, aligned his cock with her pussy, and held her gaze. “No turning back, York. No denying this,” he said to her.

She shook her head. “Never,” she said, and he slowly pushed into her cunt. Lotus watched as she squinted, and then cried out as Finn thrust all the way into her.

“Holy fuck. I felt it. She’s ours. Only ours,” Finn said, and they moved to the side and began to make love slowly. He eased in and out of her cunt and then moved faster. “You feel incredible, baby. Absolutely incredible. I’ve waited so long to make you mine. So fucking long,” he told her, and she panted and moaned, then counterthrusted. He stroked faster and faster, and then came inside of her.

He crushed her to the bed, and she stroked his arms and back. “We take you one after the next. Claim you ours fully.”

“I want that.”

“Good. My turn,” Lotus said, and his brother eased out from between her legs and Lotus took his place. He stared down into her gorgeous blue eyes. “I understand we have some things to discuss, that perhaps you might need a little discipline here and there since you have a naughty side,” he teased.

She shook her head. “No naughty side, except maybe with you guys in bed.”

“Oh yeah, she has no idea,” Cab said, and Marco chuckled. He reached down and stroked her cheek. She looked at him.

“We’ll teach her,” he said with promise, and Lotus eased into her pussy, and slid her arms above her head, thrusting into her fully. He stared at her, holding her gaze as he felt a deep connection unlike anything he felt with any woman before. He knew this was different. That they were all older and knew the difference between lust and love. He was in love with York already, and knew that. He watched her full breasts bob and sway with every deep thrust. He admired her beauty, her soft, full lips, her one little dimple in her cheek, and of course, those sexy blue eyes. She smelled incredible, too. Her body was feminine, sexy and more than they could ask for in a mate. “Mine. You’re mine now, York.”

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