Catching Her Mates (MFMM)

Whyr Desires 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 82,445
6 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Menage a Quatre Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/F/M/M, HEA]
Leslie Morgan caught one of her mates’ scent as he was leaving a club with another woman. She won’t mate with a tomcat and hatches a plan to curb his wandering ways. As she waits, her patience is stretched to the limit and she’s almost ready to hunt them down.
John, Archer, and Judge Dark have searched for their mate for years. After catching her scent in a bar, they hunt for her. One day, Archer finds her while she’s at work. They take her home and claim her. Leslie is a sexy, cunning Whyrcougar and they’re determined to capture her heart as well as her body.
But someone is stalking Whyr in Casworth again and this time, they’ve targeted John and his family. John, Archer, and Judge vow to protect her. They’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe. She’s theirs and no one will take her away from them.
Note: This book contains double penetration. 
A Siren Erotic Romance


Catching Her Mates (MFMM)
6 Ratings (4.2)

Catching Her Mates (MFMM)

Whyr Desires 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 82,445
6 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




She continued on, turning back to the front of the store. Better go check the cashiers. They might need a break or some help. Movement teased at the corner of her vision. What the… She twisted around.

The man from the furnishings section marched toward her. The male’s eyes fixed on her. She blinked. Did she know him? Normally, she’d remember meeting someone with that jaw and those broad shoulders. But maybe he wasn’t looking at her. She turned. No one behind her.

Maybe he needed some help. She faced him again. His eyes narrowed, brows drawn down over the hazel orbs. Not the sign of a happy man. Had the furnishings representative pissed him off? His long stride ate up the space between them, almost as if he was afraid she’d run. She took a deep breath and her muscles tensed. The urge was definitely there. She clenched her hands as her heartbeat kicked into a faster rhythm.

Fuck. His unbending stare bored into her. She locked her legs, fighting the warring urges. Run or swing at him. Either of those would lose her job. Not a good idea at this point.

“Can I help you, sir?” She forced her lips into a smile and resisted the impulse to bare her teeth at him in a hiss. He was just another customer, even if that stare did come off as aggressive. Fool probably didn’t even realize that holding a predator's gaze for that long practically invited an attack.

“You. It’s you.” He stopped in front of her. His shoulders shifted beneath the shirt. Although his hands hung at his sides, tension kept them stiff.

She drew back a little. He better not mean what she thought he meant. She flexed her hands and purposely breathed through her mouth. Can’t catch his scent. Not here.

His dark blond hair was cut short, but thicker on top. A smile softened the lines of his chiseled face, but those eyes gleamed with burning intensity.

“Excuse me, sir.” She raised her brows. What did he mean? “Is there something you need?”

Please, let him not be a whyr. She would have crossed her fingers or toes if it would help. If he was, there wasn’t any doubt. The way he acted, he thought he knew her or he’d found his mate. And if he reacted to her, he was definitely a cougar. Probably John’s brother.

“Your scent. You’re our mate.” The man stepped forward.

Fuck. Why did he have to come upon her here? She took a deep breath. Was this just chance, or had the plan worked? No one had said anything about John in a while, but he could have become more circumspect. No word about John hunting his mate. She should have heard something.

“I can’t do this here.” She took a deep breath and cut her eyes to the left. Sure enough, a coworker stared at her. “I need this job.”

She couldn’t lose it now. She had classes to pay for. She couldn’t afford to have a break in pay. That would ruin everything. This place was a fucking nightmare, but she couldn’t get fired right nows.

“You’re our mate.” The man frowned and stepped closer.

“I heard you, and I’m not denying it. The only thing I’m saying is that I can’t do it here. I’m working.” She held up a handshook her head. He had to understand. This couldn’t turn into some scene. Not now.

A musky, earthy scent drifted to her. It hit her like a sledgehammer. Heat wrapped around her body. The urge to grab him pulsed through her, a fiery demand. Her palms itched to glide over his skin, explore every muscle and plane, and savor the heat.

So similar to John’s. Wild, a male musk with a rich, almost coffee note to it. Her breasts swelled, and her entire body tingled. She straightened and held perfectly stillshook her head. Can’t push him to the ground and rub all over him. This wasn’t the place.

She clenched her fists. “I have to keep working.”

He looked around and apparently noticed the people watching them. “All right, I’ll let you keep working if you give me your name and agree to meet with us later.”

Her bunched muscles relaxed as the tension leached away. As long as she got back to her job soon, the talk shouldn’t cause a problem. Not that avoiding the issue today would solve anything. They’d probably find a reason to fire her sooner or later regardless of what she did.

“Leslie Morgan. I’ll meet you for dinner. Where do you want to meet?” She shifted from foot to foot and clasped her hands together. Hopefully, he wouldn’t take forever deciding.

“It’s nice to meet you, Leslie. I’m Archer Dark.” He smiled. “We’ll meet you at Mama Lucia’s at eight for dinner. Is that good for you?”

She nodded and held her breath. Come on, move. If he dragged this out, some weasel would run and tell that she was playing up to some customer. Or even worse, slacking off.

“I’ll see you then, Archer.” She flicked a glance around.

“Don’t think about skipping out on us.” Archer narrowed his eyes on at her. He pointed a finger at her. “We’ll find you.”

“I promise I’ll be there, but don’t panic if I’m a little late. I don’t get off until seven thirty. And sometimes there are things that keep me after that.” She exhaled. He was damn lucky she was whyr. Otherwise she would be calling the police to report a stalker.




“Before I take you, I’m going to lick, touch, and taste you. When I know you’re ready, I’ll lift you off this table, turn you around, and sink into that sweet pussy.” John leaned down, but his gaze lifted to hers.

“I can’t wait.” She tightened her thighs.

The slightly rough texture of his pants rasped against her skin. Her inner muscles clenched. She could probably ride one of his hard thighs to pleasure. A shiver rolled over her body.

“You’re not ready yet.” John lowered his mouth to one reddened peak as his fingertips trailed over her stomach. Her muscles tensed. Just move that hand down a little and curl those fingers. A few good strokes would have her ready for him fast.

“I will be. I can even help you.” She lifted one of her hands and skimmed it over her stomach, brushing against his arm.

He grasped her wrist, putting it back on the table, and straightened. His eyes narrowed at her. “Put it on the table and leave it there. I’ll get you ready. You don’t have to do anything this time. Not that I wouldn’t mind watching you pleasure yourself.”

She drew in a breath. If he took too long, he’d see her independent streak. Though he should already be aware of it if he’d listened. She put her hand on the table and leaned back.

His breath puffed over the peak. Prickles danced across the flesh. His lips brushed against the nub before closing over it. Warm moisture surrounded the nipple. She tensed and sucked in a breath. Too slow. His tongue lapped at the hardened flesh, lashing the tip over and over. Tingles raced over her. So intense. He eased his palm down her belly. She drew in a breath as her body tightened.

When he traced the outline of the small patch on her mound, the tantalizing touch twisted the cord of frustration wrapping around her. A groan rolled from her. Damn, he was such a tease.

His tongue lashed at the stiffened peak. She writhed. Not enough. Her hips lifted. He skimmed his finger over the lips, tracing once and then again. Her inner muscles tightened and the ache grew. More. Give me more.

She arched her back, trying to push the flesh deeper into his mouth to get a little more pressure there. He laughed. The vibrations rolled against her breast. A shiver rippled over her skin. She growled.

“I’m going to enjoy playing with you.” John lifted his mouth. Between the words, his tongue licked at the flesh as if he couldn’t get enough of her taste.

Each ragged breath rasped in her throat. Bring it on, Chief. She’d learn what he liked, what they all liked, and what made each of them hot. And she’d turn the tables on them. They’d hunger and burn until their skin sizzled with need to be touched as hers did.

“I’m going to enjoy watching your face as you come.” He traced the lips of her pussy. He pushed between the folds and grazed the sensitive hood of her clit in the process. “Not tonight, maybe in the morning when we’re all settled and rested.”

What a wonderful way to wake up. If that was true, she’d linger in bed every morning. “Right now, I want to come as you ride me.”

He tensed. Maybe too much of a challenge to throw at a man in the grip of a claiming. How was he holding on so long? He had hunted for his mate, so the need to claim had to be greater with him than it was her.

He smiled. “I’ll get to that. I can’t wait to sink into you. I’m almost desperate for it. You need to be wet and hungry. This sweet cream is reassuring, but I want you bucking against my hand.”

He pressed his fingers between the lips and curled, flicking over her clit. Sensation speared through her. She jolted and gripped the table. That’s it.

His head lowered back to her breast. She arched, pressing the flesh against his lips. He closed his lips over one tip and began drawing on the nipple. She panted and trembled.

The muscles in her arms twitched. If she moved even one hand right now, she’d tumble back onto the table. He eased his fingers away from her clit. She groaned. He couldn’t stop now.

A sharp twinge cut through at the loss of his touch. She shook her head. His thumb brushed over the nub. Her breath locked in her throat. She rocked her hips. Just a little firmer.

He dropped a kiss between her breasts. His lips glided up the slope to the neglected hardened nipple on the other side. Prickling heat leapt over her skin. His tongue swirled around the darkened peak.

Fuck. He was such a tease. She moaned. The building excitement pulled tighter within her. He pushed his fingers into her sheath as he strummed his thumb over sensitive bud.

The thick digits thrust into her. She lifted against his touch. So good, but not enough. Her mouth opened, but only a groan emerged.

“More.” She tightened her thighs. Her need raged. Those thick digits danced over her flesh like magic. This time, she had to have him inside.

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