Zenone (MF)

Kinky Saints MC 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,660
5 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic BDSM: BDSM, DD/lg, contemporary, small town, motorcycles, MF, HEA]

On the run from her abusive ex, newly divorced Willow Lynch isn’t sure which way is up. Arriving in Texas, she has no plan except to hide and heal and try to figure out her next step. The last thing she expects is to be rescued by newly retired Navy Seal Zenone Santi and the Kinky Saints MC.

Newly retired from the Navy, Zeno is returning home after spending twenty-two years traveling the world and looking for his own Little girl. Then he meets a woman who intrigues him more than he wanted to admit. Deducing Willow is Little is only the first step in claiming her as his own Little girl.

But is she really a Little? Will she allow him to be not only her Dominant, but also her Daddy? Will Nonna leave them alone long enough to see if they are as compatible between the sheets as they are out of them?

Zenone (MF)
5 Ratings (4.4)

Zenone (MF)

Kinky Saints MC 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,660
5 Ratings (4.4)
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“So, Little girl, where are you headed?” he asked, obviously ready to change the subject away from food.

Her eyes went wide at his “Little girl” comment. Could he tell? Was it that obvious? She’d tried so hard to not act like a Little, even if all she wanted was to curl up and cry. It had been a long, long year and she had not been able to indulge her Little side nearly as often as she needed. Once she was settled in Texas, she would spend at least one day a week doing things that made her Little side happy.

Looking down at herself, she knew she didn’t look little. She’d worn new plain black leggings with a long, oversized plum-colored shirt that didn’t have any writing or puppies or cartoon characters on the front. She’d even worn plain black ankle boots. Sadly, she’d left her ladybug wellies and canvas sneakers with rainbows and unicorns painted on them behind to save space.

Her hair was loose instead of tied up in the pigtails or braid she usually wore when in Little space. So, how did he know?

“I’m … um … relocating to Texas,” she whispered as she blinked several times to keep the tears that threatened from falling. The last thing she wanted was to be a crybaby in the middle of the airport.

“Where in Texas?”

She hesitated a moment to debate. She didn’t know this man. Could Justin have sent him to follow her? Or worse? He didn’t look like the greasy, mean men that her now-ex usually hung out with.

“The Austin area,” she said, hoping he didn’t ask anything further. “Where are you traveling to?”

“I’m actually headed home to Austin,” he said, seeming just as cryptic.

“Are you scared about flying?” Willow leaned over the table and whispered, “Because I don’t know if I should be scared or not. I’ve never flown before.”

She blinked back sudden tears that came out of nowhere. This was one of those times when she wished she had a Daddy. Or a manfriend. Or someone else who would take the stress, pressure, and worry off her shoulders. Stress had never been her friend.

She couldn’t understand why she was confiding in this man who, though he looked like the Daddy of her dreams come to life, was still a stranger. She didn’t even know his name.

She knew he was tall, with broad shoulders and from what she could see, a very well-developed, fit body. The flecks of silver in the black hair at his temples and liberally threaded through his beard said he was older, but then, to her thirty-two years, most everyone looked older to her.

His deep brown eyes seemed soft and kind, so she wondered if he was as old as she’d first thought, or was just going gray at a young age. Then he smiled and the lines around his eyes crinkled and she really wasn’t sure of anything. But his smile made her feel warm and happy.

“No, Little one, there’s nothing to be afraid of. We’ll get on the plane and in a few hours, we’ll get off in Austin. Do you have a book to read or something to do on the flight?”

 She nodded quickly. “I have a book in my bag. And a notebook to write in about my adventure.”

The man looked at the plastic bag in front of her with the small bag of snacks. “You have snacks, though you probably should have something more substantial to eat, and the airline will offer free water or juice or soda, so it looks like you’re all set.”

The man reached across the table and patted her hand. Willow sucked in a breath at the shock of electricity that flashed between his palm to where he touched her arm. Her eyes widened as her entire body grew warm.

What was this instant connection she felt to this stranger?

When a voice on the loudspeaker announced their flight was boarding, Willow quickly collected her trash and threw it away before looking at the man.

“Thank you,” she said with a smile.

“You’re very welcome, kitten. If you need anything once you get to Texas, call Saints Bar and Grill in Georgetown and ask for Zeno Santi. Someone will know how to get in touch with me.”

Willow nodded, though she knew she would never ask for help from this man. He probably had a wife and five children waiting for his return and the last thing he needed was a scared, overwhelmed woman asking for help.

She just hoped she could figure things out before she ended up sleeping under a bridge somewhere in Texas.




She knew she was acting like a brazen hussy, but Willow didn’t care. She wanted Zeno, wanted to feel him fill her pussy like a real man should. Later, when she didn’t feel like her insides were being consumed by the bonfire of arousal he had stoked within her, she would apologize for her slutty ways.

 Instead of shoving his cock into her pussy, he pulled back and lifted his body off of hers. “Hands over your head, kitten. Grab the headboard and don’t let go.”

Not sure where this was going, but needing him to fuck her immediately if not sooner, Willow did as he demanded. Sliding her arms out to the side and then up, she wrapped her hands around two of the posts in the headboard.

“Now, don’t let go or I stop,” he said, his voice deeper and darker than she’d ever heard it before.

She nodded her understanding then took a breath as he fit his cock into her entrance and pushed. He then pulled out partway and pushed even deeper. On the third stroke his pelvis was pushing against hers and he filled her completely.

Not only was he longer than any other man she’d been with, he was wider, and her pussy felt almost uncomfortably full. Watching him more closely, she clenched her pussy muscles, grinning when he groaned and attempted to push even deeper.

“Behave or we stop now,” he threatened. “I’m the Dominant in this relationship, not you.”

She couldn’t help the giggle that burst forth at his expression even as she nodded her agreement. Though he tried to look stern, the fiery hunger that glowed from his eyes softened his frown so he looked merely grumpy and not truly angry.

But still he didn’t move. A quirk of an eyebrow reminded her that he wanted her to speak and not just nod at him.

“Yes, Sir,” she answered softly. “You’re in charge, not me.”

But still he didn’t move.

Willow bent her legs and planted her feet on the mattress. If he wasn’t going to move, then she would.

Zeno’s frown deepened as he glanced at her legs. Then he smacked her left hip with a heavy hand. “Did I tell you to move those legs?”

Willow’s eyes grew wide as fire bloomed along the skin where his hand had landed. “No, Sir,” she whispered.

“No, who?”

She blinked and then sucked in a breath as she straightened her legs back out until they were lying flat on either side of his hips. “No, Daddy. I’m sorry.”

Zeno pulled out slowly, so slowly she wondered if he would ever start back in again. Or was it that he was just that big?

Finally, he paused, then began pushing deep once again. He moved so slowly that Willow couldn’t help but shift her hips, and clench her muscles around him, hoping for more.

When she brought one hand down and stroked his hair, he stopped and just stared at her. She stared back, then realized what she’d done. Raising her hand and gripping the post again, she once again whispered, “Sorry, Daddy.”

Once her hand was in place again, Zeno began to move. From the intense look in his eyes and the tight muscles along his jawline, she knew he was close to his breaking point.

She just wished she knew what it would take to send him over it. Lifting her head from the pillow, she placed a soft kiss on his jaw. “Fuck me hard, Daddy. Fuck me good. Please,” she said softly as she kissed her way up his jawline.

He cooperated by dropping his head closer as his hips began to move a skosh faster. He shifted the angle, so not only was he brushing over her G-spot on every thrust, he pressed against her clit each time he bottomed out.

Willow’s renewed arousal amped up faster than she expected. Before long she was having to force herself to focus on gripping the headboard and keep her begging to a whisper in order not to wake Zeno’s grandparents up.

“Harder, Daddy. Faster. Pleeeeease,” she said, wincing as she heard the whine in her voice.

Zeno brushed a kiss on her lips before smiling down at her. “Do you need to come, kitten?”

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