Sexual Healing for Three (MFM)

The Matchmaker 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 104,000
54 Ratings (4.2)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Interracial, May-December, Consensual BDSM, public exhibition]

Escaping an abusive past, Donna Vega is determined never to be the victim of a man's whims again. She doesn't have the inclination or time for one man, much less two.

Wiccan and drowning survivor, Chance Novak, has inherited psychic gifts that he's wary of using. When he meets Donna at a domestic abuse seminar, Chance recognizes an injured soul that he'd like to heal. But can he get past Donna's armor to make her see him as more than just a colleague?

Russell Merrick has always put everyone's needs before his own, pursuing a vanilla ideal of wedded bliss. But now since his divorce can he abide sharing the one woman who could fulfill his every sexual fetish, when his younger brother is the other man?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Sexual Healing for Three (MFM)
54 Ratings (4.2)

Sexual Healing for Three (MFM)

The Matchmaker 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 104,000
54 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

5 TOMBSTONES: "Gracie McKeever’s novel... is a masterpiece. The novel is wonderfully written. The reader is captured right from the beginning. The excitement maintains until the very end. The author makes you feel the emotions these characters experience. There are so many concepts and emotions cleverly laced together throughout the story. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and look forward to reading more pieces from this author." -- Rachel Smith, Bitten by Books

5 KISSES:  "I liked Sexual Healing for Three. The different voices gave me insight into each character and each person was believable and real to me. I enjoyed the sex scenes. They were believable and I liked that not every love scene involved all three of them. I also liked that each man spoke to Donna of his love for her and that Donna gradually began to realize that while the sex was good with only one of the brothers, it was better emotionally for them all to be together. While the happy ending is unconventional it does satisfy and provide hope for their future." -- Sheila, TwoLipsReviews

5 STARS: "Sexual Healing for Three is an entertaining read. Gracie C. McKeever combines, romance, paranormal, ex-wives, bdsm, psychopaths, and danger to create a page turner. I finished this book in one setting. I could not lay it down." -- Anne Boling, ReviewYourBook

4.5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Ms. McKeever weaves a spicy tale of a woman who has been hurt and the two men that help her overcome it and take a chance on love once more. When I originally requested this book, I didn't realize that there would be elements of BDSM in it. Not that it distracted from it in the least. Having Russ being a practicing Dom was a pleasant surprise and balanced out the relationship between Donna and Chance perfectly. This is a wonderful read and covers the topics of abuse tastefully. I would definitely read Ms. McKeever's work again." -- Dakota, Dark Diva Reviews

4.5 CHERRIES: "Ms. McKeever writes a gripping novel about coming to terms with who we are and what we want out of our lives. Her characters are unique and memorable. They stay with you once the book closes. Her scenes are rich with details, keeping the reader firmly entrenched in the story. The love scenes are graphic, but filled with passion. You know these people love each other and are afraid to upset the balance in their lives. Donna is a great heroine. She knows what she wants and gets it, unless she's got to deal with her fears. As the story goes, she grows and becomes a stronger woman. She proves the old adage that you can't let your fears rule your life. The reader can connect with her journey. Chance and Russ are fun heroes. The brothers know they want the same woman, but it's the differences in their personalities that make them unique and loveable. Russ had the stereotypical suburban life, but he isn't the typical suburbanite readers can relate to his inner turmoil with who he is. In the same vein, Chance deals with his special powers, but he's still uncomfortable with them. Who doesn't have something about themselves that they aren't totally happy with? These small fears make all three characters human. You want to see them succeed and succeed together. If you want a steamy novel about learning how to be yourself, and how to accept what you can't change, then Sexual Healing for Three is the novel for you." -- Tiger Lily, Whipped Cream Romance Reviews

4 PINK DIAMONDS: "A strong voice in the land of erotica, McKeever proves once again why she has a cement boot in her genre. Sexual Healing for Three, the Matchmaker is the perfect mix of family drama, suspense, and eyebrow-raising intimate play that’ll make your toes curls when you least expect it. McKeever’s masterful weaving of paranormal elements in her story adds flavor to the universal themes she touches, such as the residual effects of domestic abuse, learning to trust, and the strength in familial love. Though Donna, Russ, and Chance’s risqué love scenes are not for the faint at heart, readers of all tolerances can appreciate Sexual Healing for Three’s lessons about life and even the entertaining (and oh-so-delicious) ride, from beginning to end." -- Sistah Tasha, The Pink Reviewers

4 BLUE RIBBONS: "In Gracie McKeever's latest release, Sexual Healing for Three, readers are treated to a May/December romance that will leave them sweating and yearning for more! The loves scenes were fiery hot, and each man's ability to love Donna thrilled me to no end.  The title fits this novel perfectly. If paranormal romance is what you like to read, I encourage readers to take a chance on Sexual Healing for Three by Gracie McKeever." -- Romance Junkies

"Donna, Russ, and Chance have to come to an understanding amongst themselves about their relationship. Donna is attracted to both men and doesn't want to hurt either one of them. Add in a killer who sets his sights on Russ, and the intensity of Sexual Healing for Three blows sky high. When I thought I knew what was going to happen, Ms. McKeever threw me in another direction. The love scenes were fiery hot, and each man's ability to love Donna thrilled me to no end. The title fits this novel perfectly. If paranormal romance is what you like to read, I encourage readers to take a chance on Sexual Healing for Three by Gracie McKeever. You'll be glad you did!" --Natalie, Romance Junkies Reviews

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"That feels so good," she whispered.

"Good," Chance said.

She leaned her head back and felt Russ's hands in her hair, lowered her head farther until it rested in his lap. His arousal was a potent scent in the air, the brush of his erection against her cheek making her pant with the idea of tasting him.

Donna licked her lips again. She had never been so hungry for a man before. Had never been so hungry for two men, she corrected herself when she felt Chance's fingers whispering across the skin of her calf, his hands climbing incrementally until he reached the crotch of her Daisy Dukes.

He cupped her, pressing his thumb against where he obviously thought her wanting clit was. He was accurate, of course, the shockwave of sensation from his touch causing the bud to instantly swell and rub against her thong in a painfully enjoyable way.

The sensation of Russ's hands in her hair and Chance's fingers rubbing up and down her slit had Donna writhing on the sofa.

When Chance reached for the button and zipper of her cutoffs, undoing them in record time, his actions catapulted Donna from a state of controlled anxiety straight to desperate need, her conventional behavior and ideas momentarily skewed by her desire.

She lifted her hips up to help Chance divest her or her shorts. He took them and her thong off in one fell swoop. Russ took that moment to cup her face with both hands and lean in for a kiss. His tongue dipped into her mouth at the same instant Chance's finger dipped into her pussy. 

Donna thrust her tongue against Russ's with greedy force. He swallowed and echoed the moan she released when Chance put his mouth on her pussy and pressed his tongue against her vulva in one long, voluptuous stroke.

She whimpered, shuddering beneath the dual onslaught. The blitz on her senses was too muchtoo much and not enough to make her forget all about the Luthers and Dehlias of the world. She wanted to forget them, forget about her trip to the hospital and all the pain and angst, and enjoy herself for just this once, enjoy what she had been given, what had been provided.

Chance buried his face in her cunt, voraciously licking and sucking as if he couldn't get enough of her, coming up for air only long enough to nibble on and thumb her clit, doing his damnedest to launch her into oblivion.

When Russ slid one hand down her Henley top to cup and fondle her bare breasts before gently pinching one taut nipple, Donna pitched her hips into Chance's mouth, burying her hands in his silky hair and holding on for dear life. She sunk her teeth into Russ's full bottom lip, anchoring herself in each man's reality right before she came on a violent rush of sensations.

But they weren't through with her yet, and Donna wasn't nearly through with them.

Russ reached for the hem of her top and pulled it up and over her head before discarding the shirt across the room, leaving her completely naked while he and Chance were still fully clothed. Rather than feel vulnerable, she felt empoweredslightly chilled but empowered.

She moved to her knees, straddling Russ as she went for his belt with single-minded purpose and hunger. She had the belt and button undone before he picked her up, sat her back on the sofa, and stood to unbutton and shrug out of his shirt.

With a sharp intake of breath, Donna admired his hard-muscled torso, mesmerized by the tribal tattoo covering his left arm from shoulder to elbow. She followed the light brown hair dusting the area between his pectorals, a thin trail arrowing down beyond his navel, beneath the top of his boxers.

He toed off his cross-trainers as she watched him, then slid his pants and underwear down to the floor before stepping out of them and his socks, finally standing before her as naked as she, his hard cock jutting at her like a weapon.

Donna almost forgot she wasn't alone with him before she heard Chance's heavy breathing behind her. She turned to look at him and saw that he was as mesmerized by Russ's nakedness as she was. Or maybe it was the situation that had him flushed and perspiring. She knew it had her excited and scared and hypnotized all at once.

"Come here."

At Russ's low growl, Donna dragged her eyes away from Chance as he started to undress and turned back to his brother who had moved back to the sofa. She was standing between them again, each on opposite ends of her couch, staring at her like hungry predators.

She should have been afraid of being ripped apart beneath the force of their lust, but instead looked forward to doing some ripping of her own.

Russ extended his hand, and, summoned, Donna closed the distance between them until she was standing a hairsbreadth away from him.

She wrapped her hand around his hot, throbbing shaft, her fingertips just barely meeting around the width of him.

Russ arched his neck, hissing at her grip, the sound just barely masking the noise of a wrapper being opened behind her.

She glanced over a shoulder just in time to see Chance donning a condom before he stepped to her, his arms coming up to encircle her waist.

Donna leaned back into his sinewy, smooth chest, the moist head of his penis teasing the crack of her ass as Chance cupped and fondled her breasts and bent his head to kiss her nape.

Russ advanced until she was pressed between them, finally, just like in her fantasies.

Her breath quickened, blood rushing through and heating her entire body until she felt like she had been thrust into a furnace.

Russ produced a condom from Donna-didn't-know-where, but when he put it in her hand, she didn't care where, just that he had one, had thought ahead. "Put it on me."

Donna nodded at the command, ripped into the foil with her teeth and fingers, her hands shaking as she reached for Russ. He stepped back to give her room to work. She slowly slid the latex down over his erection, caressing and squeezing his tight balls and watching him shudder.

Chance pressed closer, sliding a hand between her thighs to tease her soaking cunt with his fingers, to make Donna join his brother in trembling.

"You taste so good, Donna."

She closed her eyes at the sound of his voice so close to her ear and squeezed her legs together, imprisoning Chance's fingers just after he slid two of them inside her.

"My turn," Russ growled as he went to his knees before her, spreading her pussy lips wide with his thumbs as Chance removed his fingers and slid his hands back up to her breasts. He manipulated her nipples with gentle flicks and tweaks until Donna cried out.

Russ lapped at her vulva, plunging his tongue inside her like a man who'd been starved of a craving for far too long, alternately stroking and sucking, working in tandem with Chance as if they had done this a thousand times before.

Had they?

Donna barely had a moment to consider the question before she felt another orgasm barreling down on her. She felt the cold heat of it riding her spine, but Russ surged to his feet just as her vaginal muscles contracted.

"I want inside you when you come."

And the forceful timbre of his voice said that he always got what he wanted.

A ridiculous argument formed on the tip of her tongue at his arrogance, an argument she couldn't even put a voice to when he lifted her up against him, an argument that she knew she could never win.

 Donna automatically wrapped her legs around his waist, rocking against his pelvis, rubbing her slit against the inviting, ridged hardness of his shaft before he lifted her further.

She stared down into his intense gaze as he lowered her onto the tip of his penis and was awed by his strength right before he thrust into her. Donna gasped, curling her body around him.

He held her like this for a long time, not moving, just effortlessly supporting her weight, and groaning when she squeezed her inner muscles around him.

After an endless moment, he slowly rolled his hips, grasping the globes of her ass tightly and spreading her cheeks wide, opening her for Chance's access, again working in tandem as Chance stepped closer.

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