Fascinating Dr. Coy (MM)

Bancroft Village 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,501
2 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative May-December Romance, M/M, HEA]
Scott Montgomery was standing outside Bancroft’s A&E, about to start his first shift as a fully qualified nurse after eight years of study and, apparently, he was late.
Tardiness was not acceptable to Dr. Lenard Coy. He was the utmost professional when he walked the corridors of his A&E and expected nothing less from his staff. His new nurse was not going to change that...even if he was edible.
Scott was slowly getting to know the aloof doctor. But working in the A&E didn’t always help his cause, especially when children kept inserting various objects in their facial orifices, and then there was Mr. Rumbold and his toes...but Scott was an eternal optimist and he was determined to get beneath the surface of his very professional doctor.
Practically the entire nursing staff at Bancroft hospital were behind Scott, as they were all placing bets on whether  ‘Scotty’ would bag his ‘Bones.’
A Siren Erotic Romance
Fascinating Dr. Coy (MM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Fascinating Dr. Coy (MM)

Bancroft Village 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,501
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Oh, bloody hell here she comes,” Callum muttered so quietly Lenard almost missed it.

“Mrs. Rumpole?” Lenard directed his inquiry at the hysterical woman.

“Yes, have you got my darling out yet?”

“No, Mrs. Rumpole, we’re just about to take your husband into bay three to assess the problem,” Lenard explained to the strange woman, who looked frighteningly like an overly colourful queen. Lenard turned toward Scott without realising it broke one of his own A&E rules to never use a staff members first name. “Scott, can you remove the bed from bay three until we can detach Mr. Rumpole’s toes from his antique brass taps?”

“Yes, of course, doctor.”

Lenard felt himself relax at Scott’s stoic efficiency. Nurse Montgomery, he corrected in his head as he realised he’d used the man’s first name.

“What do you want us to do with him?” Callum asked, smiling down at Lenard.

“Help move him, of course,” Lenard replied, looking up at yet another tall, good looking man. At least this one was closer to his age, if the whispers of grey hair at his temples were any indication.

Lenard turned to the two Thomas’. “I’ll sign your report, gentlemen.” He watched them head back to the bay to clean up and restock their rig, shaking his head as he listened to their giggles fade as they went.

So unprofessional.

Lenard looked up at the waiting firemen, noticing they were all wearing very unprofessional grins.

“Humm.” Lenard made his disapproval known, not that any of the boys stopped grinning. “Humm!” He led the way to bay three where his gorgeous nurse, Scott, was waiting. Lenard horrified himself at his own runaway thoughts about his nurse, and the way his mind wandered toward very unprofessional ideas. He did not do this at work, if ever really. Now how sad was that.

Come on now Lenard, you have Mr. Rumpole’s toes to free.


* * * *


Scott raised his eyebrows when Callum winked at him. He’d worked alongside the man when he had his rotation on the rig with the two Tom’s. The man always had a smile on his face, and if he hadn’t been hung up on some other man, Scott may have had an interest in the tall, black firefighter.

Scott turned away as Dr. Coy began speaking. “Mr. Rumpole, we have to remove your toes from your antique faucets, and I cannot promise the taps won’t get damaged. You do not want to lose your toes, and if the blood supply is compromised, that may well happen.”

Before Mr. Rumpole could answer, Dr. Coy glanced at the notes he’d been left with and looked directly at Scott. “Anal lube.”

Scott blinked, unsure he’d heard the doctor right.

Scott stammered through his reply. “I’m s-sorry I’m sure I d-didn’t hear that r-right.”

“Waterproof anal lubricant,” Dr. Coy repeated, slowly and carefully. “It will work better than the oil the medics used, or the toothpaste Mrs. Rumpole tried.”

Scott had heard correctly, and if he were home, he’d know exactly where to get some from. But in St. Mick’s A&E, he hadn’t a clue.

“No!” the voice from the bath shouted.

“My husband does not use anal lubricants,” Mrs. Rumpole added with a sniff full of offence and indignation.

Oh shit! We’ve insulted the queen.

Scott looked desperately at Dr. Coy, who luckily was the epitome of professionalism.

“This lubricant is very viscous, Mrs. Rumpole. It can be obtained in a waterproof variety, which would be the best way to free your husband’s toes at this point in time.

“Mr. Rumpole, we need to free your appendages before they fall off,” Lenard said in a voice that would brook no arguments.

“Oh, shut up, Harold. The doctors know what they are talking about, and we need to save the taps.” Mrs. Rumpole spoke with conviction. Poor Harold hadn’t even opened his mouth, but the queen had spoken, apparently.

Had Lenard worked out he was gay, and would have an extensive knowledge of anal lubes? Scott was sure he had not let that cat out of the bag, yet. He could only hope that what he’d felt when the good doctor collided with him earlier was a positive indication of where the doctor’s interests lie.

“Waterproof lubricant please, nurse.”

“Yes, of c-course Dr. Coy,” Scott stammered as he headed for the nurse’s station. What was wrong with him? He’d never stammered before. Yet, two hours with Dr. Coy and he could barely hold a sentence together.

“I need waterproof anal lube for Dr. Coy,” Scott told the nurses at the station. Susan wasn’t there. She was the only one he’d really gotten to know properly since he’d arrived. The startled looks he got from his request confused him until he thought back to his request. “No, it’s not for me and Dr. Coy. It’s for Mr. Rumpole’s toes.”

“Scott, if you and Dr. Coy are talking lube already, the man’s name is Lenard,” a nurse called Bellings replied. “And here are the keys to the medical supplies cupboard. I don’t think you’ll need a prescription for lube.” The grin and wink she gave Scott worried him. Not for himself, but for what could get back to Lenard.

“Where’s the cupboard?”

“Blue door at the end of the open bays,” Nurse Bellings answered, her grin getting bigger.

The supply cupboard turned out to be enormous, but followed the standard pattern. Not five minutes later, Scott was exiting with a large jar of water resistant lubricant. There was no indication if it was of the anal variety, but Scott assumed it could be used as such. He dropped the keys off and headed back to Lenard and Mr. Rumpole.

Scott could hear the nurse’s laughter as it followed him down the emergency room.




“Humm, come here you,” Lenard said as he rolled over and held Scott’s face in his hands. He pushed his body up along Scott’s, loving the feel of soft skin beneath him as he kissed the still grinning man.

Lenard pressed their groins together as he trailed kisses down Scott’s neck. Lenard remembered his hope to have their first time at the cottage with all the trimmings, but Scott was here and naked, and more importantly, willing, and Lenard was not about to apply for sainthood.

Lenard pulled himself up, smiling at Scott’s protests. He straddled his legs. He groaned as he felt Scott’s ridged flesh press against his ass. Scott looked a little confused and Lenard was immediately tense.

“Are you okay with this?” Lenard asked, hoping against hope he hadn’t miss read the situation.

“Hell yes,” Scott was quick to reassure, but Lenard felt there was a ‘but’ coming. “But don’t you want to top?”

The relief Lenard felt was tangible and he knew he needed to explain. “I prefer to bottom actually. I like letting go and having someone else in control. Not that I don’t mind topping from the bottom, but when it comes down to it, with the pressure I carry at work it’s just great to let someone else lead.”

The light of understanding slowly dawned in Scott’s eyes, and the warmth and tenderness that came through in Scott’s smile was Lenard’s undoing and he knew he was lost. In that moment, Scott had stolen his heart and Lenard didn’t want it back.

“I’m okay with either, Lenard, but I would love to feel your body wrapped around mine.”

“Well, okay then,” Lenard said matter-of-factly, leaning over to reach the bedside drawer and his supplies. He thought Scott would be clean, but until they could both get tested together, his doctor instincts won out. “Care to do the honours?” Lenard asked, handing over the lube he held onto the condom he was going to enjoy placing that on.

“Turn round,” Scott stated, before adding a “Please.”

Lenard smiled at his lover’s delayed manners.

Yep, his heart was a goner.

He moved round the bed, pushing the covers to the end. He boosted his backside up, resting on his knees. Scott whimpered behind him.

Yes, totally gone.


* * * *


Scott couldn’t stop his fingers from trembling. He had wanted this so much, but his fantasies had all been with him as the bottom. He hadn’t dared hope he get the chance to top his beloved doctor. And yes, beloved was the right term. Lenard may be the no-nonsense head of A&E, but when they were together he could see the reason why he was affectionately known as ‘Bones.’ The man cared about his patients and staff and for all he put up this very austere professional front behind it was a deeply devoted and honourable man. Who, as a lover, couldn’t hide those facts.

Slicking up his shaking fingers, he rose and knelt behind his man, sliding his finger down between those pert, firm globes. Lenard, on feeling his touch, spread his legs, revealing his pale star. His colouring wasn’t pink as Scott had expected, but a delicious caramel cream. Next time, Scott would have to taste that enticing treat.

As Scott’s finger pushed forward he heard Lenard groan. “Are you okay? Should I use more lube?”

Lenard’s reply came quick. “Just hurry up, I don’t know how long I can last.”

Scott quickly added two more fingers, opening them up to loosen the muscle. He felt it give and pushed forward to find Lenard’s prostate.

“Argh,” Lenard groaned.


Scott pumped his fingers in to Lenard, making sure he tickled his gland each time.

“Have some mercy on an old man,” Lenard called out.

“When you are an old man, I just might, but I’m making no promises.” Scott was having none of that old man talk. Lenard was only in his early forties, and his body looked anything but old. Scott pulled his fingers free. “Where’s the condom?”

“I have it now, sit back down in the center of the bed.” Scott smiled at the assertive way Lenard spoke. He was still going to top, but from the bottom. Either way, Scott was going to enjoy this moment for a long time to come.

Scott got himself moved and then almost swallowed his tongue as Lenard proceeded to place the condom over his ridged cock with his mouth.

“Oh…ahh, hell yes,” Scott cried out, making no sense, but not caring as the exquisite feeling went over and around his cock.

“Good huh?” Lenard mumbled round Scott’s cock.

Scott’s ability to speak failed him. “Hummm,” was all he could manage. What was his lover going to do next? Scott could hardly wait.

Lenard slid his mouth off with a satisfactory pop and then crawled up Scott’s body, kissing his skin along the way. Scott’s flesh was so sensitive by now, he was terrified he wouldn’t last and spoil all their fun.

“You ready?” Lenard asked.

“Any more ready and it will all be over,” Scott almost growled out. But his good sense prevailed and he managed a hiss. “Yess.”

Lenard lifted up his slender, but toned, body over Scott, who was grateful he had the forethought to grab his dick and hold it steady as the good doctor carefully lowered his body down. His grip helped stave off his orgasm.

Scott let Lenard control the descent, but only just. Lenard slowly swallowed Scott’s cock, and it was all Scott could do not to thrust. The feelings were sublime and Scott could feel tremors passing through his body with the need to move.

Then Lenard did.

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