Sin (MF)

Caveman Love 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,523
2 Ratings (3.5)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Pre-historic Romance, interracial, with M/M]

Sin isn’t the bad boy his name implies, but when he is near sexy, young Em, he has a hard time controlling his body. She makes him feel very sinful. His problem with Em is she is not quite mating age, and her father would kill him if he catches the two together.

Soon, a volcanic eruption sends the clan running for their lives. With death threatening, Sin takes advantage of Em’s father’s distraction one night to mate with a more-than-willing Em. When Em’s father finds out they’ve mated, he beats her. Sin rescues Em, throws her father to the ground and claims her for life.

The eruption kills most of the clan, but Sin has found a high cave with a route through the mountain to a new valley. He leads Em, his best friend, Let, and Let’s mate, Ria, to safety where they begin a new life.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Sin (MF)
2 Ratings (3.5)

Sin (MF)

Caveman Love 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,523
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston



His foot slipped on the shale, and a piece flew out, barely missing his brother-friend, Lef. “Sorry,” Sin mumbled, scrabbling for a better finger hold. Another rock shot out from under his foot.

Lef grumbled, “Slow down, Sin. You are getting dirt in my eyes.”

“We are late. We must hurry, or we will not get back to the cave before Tec leaves the sky.”

“It is your fault we are late,” Lef was quick to remind Sin. “If you had not wanted to stop and watch Em and Ria bathe, we would have had lots of time.”

Sin shrugged his shoulders. “You are right, my brother. I will not argue with you since it is the truth.” He turned and stared down at Lef. “Admit it, my friend. You wanted to watch them also.”

Lef’s full lips curved in a broad grin. “Yes. You are right. It was worth wasting time to watch them. They are both so beautiful.”

Sin dug his long, thin fingers into the loose rock and pulled himself up to the next outcrop. Here, it was hotter, and the wind tore at his hair. He rubbed his face on his bare shoulder. The sweat rolling down his forehead burned his eyes and made it almost impossible to see.

Sin pushed with his bare feet and in moments was seated on a narrow ledge. “Hurry up, Lef.” Sin ran his dirty fingers through his hair, brushing it back.

Lef’s grinning face appeared over the edge.

Sin and Lef had grown up together, and Sin could count on one hand the times Lef had frowned. His friend was almost always in a good mood. Ria had told Sin once in secret she thought Lef was the handsomest warrior in their clan. Sin wasn’t so sure he agreed, but he would admit his friend was nice to look at.

“Move over, my brother,” Lef ordered, pulling himself up to plant his ass on the ledge next to Sin. “How much longer?”

“You keep asking, and I will leave you behind,” Sin grumbled. He peered over his shoulder. “We are almost there. If we hurry, we will be at the top and be home before dark.”

Lef carried their water in a pouch slung over his neck. He turned the strap, pulled the plug of grass out of the pouch, took a hearty drink, and handed it to his brother-friend. “Drink, my friend, and then we will move on toward the top.”

Under their bottoms, the earth heaved and moaned. Sin’s eyebrows shot up, as did Lef’s. “We must hurry. Pot is growing angrier with each passing of Tec, the sun god.”

Lef took a second drink of the cool, nearly tasteless water, put the grass plug back in the top, and stood. He draped the strap of the water pouch over his shoulder and pushed it around until it rested comfortably at his back. “I am ready. Lead on, my brother.”

Sin took the hand Lef offered and let his friend pull him to his feet. The ground wobbled and sighed. It was not a good sign. The signs had been growing worse by the day, and this was the third trip up the side of Pot the two had made in the past five passings of Tec.

Sin’s sister, Cia, leader of their clan, was worried. The great volcano, Pot, was going to explode one day soon, and she was making plans to move the dwellers to a new location. Cia and her mate, Let, Lef’s older brother, had been searching far and wide for a new cave that would not be in the path of Pot’s anger.

This was not the first time the volcano had erupted, and the dwellers knew well what destruction Pot could leave after an explosion. The dwellers were nervous, edgy, and anxious to be on their way. Cia insisted Sin and Lef, being the most agile of the dwellers, be the ones to climb to the top of Pot and see how large the dome inside had grown. Knowing the size would give Cia an idea how much time they had left before the eruption.

Pot grumbled, and Sin shuddered. He wished they had not spent so long watching Em and Ria bathing, but still he felt it had been worth the lost time. He had been keeping track of the moons rising and waning, waiting anxiously as Em grew into full womanhood. Now, by counting the passings of Tec on his fingers, he knew Em was finally of age. . This was her eighteenth summer.

Cia had promised Em’s mother that Sin would not mate with her lovely daughter until she was old enough.  Sin was getting tired of waiting especially now that Em was old enough.





Em rested against Sin’s large, muscular body. She had dreamed about this day since she had started bleeding in her ninth summer. She knew he watched her bathe. She and Ria went out of their way to make sure Sin and Lef were aware each time they went to the bathing pools.

Right now, Em wished she could bathe. It had been a hot, dirty day, and her hair was full of ash. Her body had slicked with sweat as they had walked through the valley. It had been a long, hard, fast trek; and she’d been exhausted by the time they had stopped under a grove of trees for the night.

The troop had been lucky to find the grove. The rest of this valley was mostly grass and rock.

The earth shook, and Em moved even closer to Sin. He wrapped his hard arms around her shoulders and buried his nose in her hair. “Don’t,” she whispered.

“Why?” he laughed lightly. “You smell like flowers.”

“You lie. I smell like smoke and dirt.” She pushed her hands against his chest, trying to put some space between their bodies.

“No,” he protested, pulling her back against his chest. “I only smell flowers and woman.”

She was too tired to argue, and Sin began humming a song. It was a song Lia had made up about love and laughter. Soon, her head was too heavy to hold up, and she rested, warm and safe, in Sin’s arms.


* * * *


Em woke with a start when Sin’s hand brushed across her breast, and her nipple peaked. Her belly rolled, and her cunt became wet.

“Sin? What are you doing? It feels very strange.”

His soft laugh ticked her ear. “No man has touched you like this before have they little one?”

She shook her head.

“Good. I will be the one to make you happy. We will fuck. I will be careful and please you much.”

Em nodded. The strange feelings had been with her since he touched her arms earlier when he removed the carrier she had been dragging behind her.

She had seen his cock poke its way out of his hunting pants, and she had almost put her hand on him. She and Ria had talked many times about the feel of a man’s cock inside their bodies. Tonight, she was going to find out.

Sin’s cock pushed against her hip. Feeling daring, Em slipped her hand between their bodies and touched the tip of his cock. Sin jolted, and his fingers tightened on her teat.

“Oh,” Em sighed.

“Did I injure you?” Sin asked, pulling his hand away from her breast.

“No. Do it some more,” she pleaded in a whisper. “I like it. It is nice.” She moved her finger back and forth over the tip of his cock, and it became slick and wet. Did the slickness mean he was excited?

Sin’s hips moved, and his cock grew under her fingers. “Am I hurting you?” Em asked, keeping her voice barely audible. More and more of the couples around the fire were locked in sexual embraces. Groans filled the air, and it was no longer Pot causing the disturbance.

Em and Sin were not innocent. Nudity and sexual activities were out in the open when living in a cave. Both had seen it all and more. It was not unusual for children to play at fucking, but it was frowned upon until women and men were in their eighteenth summers. This was the summer for Em and Sin to explore their sexuality.

Em let her finger wander down the length of Sin’s large cock, and she was rewarded when the organ leapt and grew under her searching. Curious as to his width and breadth, she wrapped her hand around his cock. He was very big. Would he fit inside her? In truth, Em couldn’t wait to find out.

“Will you fuck me?” she whispered, nuzzling her nose against his broad chest.

His hand cupped her breast, and with thumb and forefinger, he gently pinched her nipple. “What of your father?”

Em searched around the fire and found her father, Row, mounting Mar, his second mate. Em’s mother had died when she was born, and Row had taken Mar to be his mate when Em was in her fourth summer.

“It would seem my father is very busy at the moment.”

Sin laughed as he spotted Em’s father. “Yes, I see.”

Em nestled against Sin, baring both her breasts to his hands. “Touch me more,” she demanded.

Sin immediately complied. Clasping her breasts in his rough hands, he ran his fingers back and forth across her nipples until they were swollen and stiff.

Em, not to be denied, was also busy teasing Sin’s body. Turning so she was facing him, she put her legs over Sin, resting her thighs on his. Now, he had easy access to her breasts and open cunt, and she had a clear view of his rapidly growing cock. She loosened the flap at the front of his hunting pants, and his cock and balls were bare to her eyes and hands.

They were having a hard time sitting still. Sin’s hips rose and fell at each stroke of her hands, and Em wiggled and sighed as Sin pinched and played with her nipples. “Suck me,” she ordered. Sin frowned.

 “What?” Em questioned. His furrowed brow made her wonder if she had done something wrong. Sin’s frown turned back into a soft smile. “If I lean over you, you will not be able to touch my cock.”

She grinned. “Oh, you like when I touch you?”

“Yes. Can’t you feel my excitement?” He took her hand and moved it up and down his stiff shaft. “See how hard you make me.”

He was wet and hot. “Yes. It is very nice. You are large. Almost as large as Lef’s brother, Let.”

“Oh, so you have been spying on Let?”

She giggled and smoothed more moisture over the head of his cock. “Well, yes. But he is mated and too old for me.”

Sin’s hips lifted to follow her hand. “I am not too old, and I want you for my mate.”

She leaned forward and rubbed her nose on his before touching her lips to his. “I want to mate with you also.”

“Lie down,” Sin ordered, smoothing his hands down her body to clasp her waist.

“Not on the ground, Sin. We need a bearskin. This will be my first time, and I do not want to fuck on the rocks and dirt.”

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