The Drunk Monkeys Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Drunk Monkeys 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 192,000
2 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Menage Everlasting: Futuristic Menage a Trois Science Fiction Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
MONKEY BUSINESS: Celia Jorgens is in Australia, chasing a scientist who might have answers to stop the deadly Kite virus. Then she collides with an elite special ops unit, the Drunk Monkeys. Hunks Tango and Doc end up chaperoning the feisty reporter and passions flare, but hidden factions want them to fail. Let the monkey business begin.
MONKEY'S UNCLE: Apocalypse, shmocalypse. India Pelletier is a nurse who wants to make a difference. The Drunk Monkeys have a mission—save the world. Oscar and Yankee make it their personal mission to win India’s heart in the process. But will a cunning traitor crush their hopes for happiness?
MONKEY WRENCH: Stacia is worried her older brother is being brainwashed for a suicide mission by the Church of the Rising Sunset. Quack and Lima and the rest of the Drunk Monkeys agree. Can they throw a monkey wrench into Reverend Silo’s nefarious plans before it’s too late for all of them?
Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Drunk Monkeys Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

The Drunk Monkeys Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Drunk Monkeys 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 192,000
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Celia wasn’t sure what to expect when Doc and Tango drove her to the small house surrounded by thickets of trees. They parked her rental car in the yard next to the car they’d followed there. Two trucks were also parked outside.

“What are we doing here?” she asked. “Where are we?”

“You wanted your damn story,” Tango said.


“You’ll see,” Doc said, leaving it at that.

Doc led the way inside, Tango following behind her and carrying her bag with all her stuff in it. She wondered if they’d give her back her sat-phone so she could at least call or text Mike, but she’d fight that battle with them soon enough.

Inside the sparsely furnished house, the living room was filled with boxes and equipment the men were apparently schlepping into the garage. She didn’t know how many men there were, but they all could have been brothers to Tango, Doc, and Papa. Built, most with short hair and muscles, in a variety of skin tones from white to ebony.

“The rest of the Drunk Monkeys?” she asked.

“Yep,” Doc said. “Well, some of them. There are twenty of us altogether. Some are…elsewhere.”

They took her into the kitchen. Here she gasped as she realized who stood at the counter and looking out the back window.

“Dr. Phe Quong?” she asked.

Tango held his arm out. “You wanted your story. Here he is. You’re welcome.”

The man turned and glared at her. His thin frame couldn’t put him taller than five nine. Brown hair and brown almond-shaped eyes, he wore wire-rimmed glasses and a grim expression.

“I take it you are the journalist they were telling me about,” he said in accented, but clear English.

She nodded.

He set his jaw, the anger in his expression telegraphed through his voice. “You scared my mother.”

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to find you.”

“You succeeded.” He cast a glare toward Papa. “You also have no idea what you have done.”

Her abashment fell away and shattered. Her fists clenched as she stalked over to him and got right in his face.

“What I’ve done? Hello? Were you not one of the assholes that unleashed this crap on the world? Now you’re pissed off because I spooked your mom?” She jabbed a finger at him. “Let me tell you what, buddy, have you ever got a fucking set of balls on you.”

“I meant revealing my whereabouts,” the doctor clarified, holding up his hands to ward her back a step. “There are people who want me and the others, who have no interest in us replicating a vaccine for Kite, because they want it to spread. There are others who want a vaccine they can use against the world.”

“They…” She swallowed and turned to Doc. “What?”

Tango let out a snort. “Sheesh. Some journalist you are.”

“Fuck you,” she shot at him before turning back to Doc. “What does he mean?”

“It looks like there might be a hitch,” Tango said. “It’s possible we’re being set up to bring in him and the others in just so they can get thrown in a hole somewhere to do someone’s bidding.”

“That’s stupid! Why wouldn’t governments want a vaccine to be created and widely distributed?”

Everyone else in the room stared at her as if she’d just sprouted either a second head or a third tit.

Heat filled her face. “What?”

“You really are a sheltered snowflake, aren’t you, sugar?” Tango asked. The amusement in his tone cheesed her right the hell off. “Here I thought Chicago was a big city.”

“Okay, quit that shit right now. Just say what you mean.”

Papa stepped forward. “What do you think would happen if someone gained control of the vaccine and the manufacturing process? If they demanded payment or other concessions to allow it to be distributed? Or sold doses off to the highest bidders? Or allowed Kite to wipe out the populations of countries, or even religious or cultural or ethnic populations they didn’t like?”

“You’re crazy. That wouldn’t happen.”

“No?” Papa retrieved a tablet off the kitchen table, swiped through it, and showed it to her.

It was open to an e-mail. She didn’t understand who the sender was, because it was a meaningless jumble of numbers and letters.




They guided her toward the bed, holding her, kissing her, their hands warm and knowing against her flesh.

Shoving everything else out of her mind, she gave herself over to them completely, wanting nothing more than tonight to last forever.

For them to last forever.

Doc lifted the hem of her T-shirt, Tango helping him strip it off her. Tango unhooked her bra as Doc cupped her breasts in his hands. When he ran the pads of his thumbs over her nipples, the jolt it sent to her clit made her draw in a sharp breath.

He smiled. “Like that?”

She tried to nod, but Tango had kissed her again.

With his fingers playing with her right nipple, Doc bent his head and engulfed her left with the wet heat of his mouth. Fortunately, Tango’s mouth covering hers helped muffle the sound of her moan.

Holy crap that feels good!

If her mind hadn’t already been made up, the searing pleasure flipping her soul upside down would have done the trick. She was a smart enough woman to know that denying herself these two men would be a damn stupid move.

The two of them eased her down to the bed as they stood over her and yanked off their shirts, letting them drop to the floor.

Yes, they were in great shape. Light golden curls covered Tango’s chest, while a light dusting of dark hair led down Doc’s torso to a treasure trail that disappeared beneath his belt.

“Where are your tats?” she asked.

The men smiled and turned. They both had the same tattoo Papa did, only in a different location. The men had gotten them square in the center of their backs, over their spines and a few inches down from the base of their necks.

They turned back around. “You want to stare at our ink all night, babe?” Tango asked. “Because that’s kind of a letdown.” He smiled.

She smiled back and crooked her finger at them to come hither.

Large bulges pressed against the fronts of their pants. Both men wore equally seductive smiles. Apparently, not only did they build ’em big in Texas, Washington state did their homeboys justice, too.

“Just to get it straight,” Doc said. “We don’t fuck around and we expect the same. You’re ours. You don’t want that, say so now.”

“I want it,” she said. “I want both of you.”

The men’s smiles widened to grins as they both started working at their belts.

“I think we’re both gonna owe you an apology the first time around, sugar,” Tango said. “Don’t know about him, but I suspect I won’t be able to hold out long once I’m inside you.”

“Don’t worry,” Doc assured her. “We’ll both make it up to you the second round.”

“I’m sure you will. Now quit monkeying around and get naked.”

They’d been barefoot. They shoved their pants and briefs down and stepped out of them, leaving their stiff cocks the focus of her attention.

She felt her throat go dry. They were both generous, bigger than she’d had in the past, at least eight inches each.

Oh, hell yeah.

“Like what you see?” Tango drawled. “Warned ya.”

She nodded, because speaking involved engaging her brain again and she wasn’t sure she could do that. Thinking was an iffy enough proposition at that point.

Tango reached down and started working on her belt while Doc grabbed her right foot and pulled her sneaker off, followed by her sock.

“You’ve got too many clothes on, darlin’,” Tango teased. “Need to get you naked.”

Doc got her other shoe and sock off and it only took them seconds to divest her of her jeans and panties.

Great. I had to wear the old ones today. No, couldn’t have worn cute ones. At least I trimmed the bush.

Of course the men didn’t seem to mind. Doc nudged her legs apart with his, stepping between her thighs and forcing them farther apart. He reached down and stroked his cock, squeezing it at the head, every vein standing out as he reached the base again.

Tango climbed onto the bed. “Maybe I want this first,” he said with a smile. “Take the edge off my tension a little. What do you say?”

Even as she was nodding, her mouth was opening, wide, ready to take his cock between her lips. He moved closer, his fingers encircling the base.

Doc’s fingers gently slipped between her legs, parting her pussy lips, finding her cunt wet and ready for them. “You do want us, don’t you?” he asked.

She couldn’t answer because she already had her lips wrapped around the head of Tango’s cock. Tango cradled her head in his hands, supporting her, guiding his cock deeper over her tongue with slow, short strokes she could only imagine would feel even better when it was her pussy he was fucking.

Doc ran his fingers up and down her clit, drawing a moan from her. “There’s the sweet spot. Right there.” He knelt between her legs. “Maybe I should be a gentleman and let you come first before we fuck your brains out.” With both hands he parted her, leaning in and running his tongue up her exposed clit.

Her eyes fell closed as a long moan rolled from her. Daaammmnn he knew what to do with his mouth!

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