Four Springs: Case Closed (MFMM)

Ten Seasons 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,993
1 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Suspense, Reverse Harem, Crime/Mystery, Paranormal/Vampires, MFMM, HEA]

Evelyn Sullivan and her team aren’t yet aware of how deep this case goes. Whoever has been impersonating Alec Montoya, the serial killer, comes to light. However, twists and turns reveal the root cause of the murders. Eve, Victor, Troy, and Duke see this case spiraling out of control, and they can’t do anything to stop it.

In a failed attempt to prevent the last four murders, they come across individuals they have never met before. The deeper they go, the more complex this case becomes. They find themselves searching for help wherever they can get it.

Victor, Troy, and Duke are set on closing this case with Eve, yet their survival comes first. When a horde of bloodthirsty vampires surfaces, Eve in the middle of everything, they do what they can to protect her. With such uncertainty and danger, Eve feels powerless to help her mates and the vampires around her.

Four Springs: Case Closed (MFMM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Four Springs: Case Closed (MFMM)

Ten Seasons 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,993
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Duke nodded. “We should be careful with that. One wrong move, and our cover is blown,” he said. He switched his two-way radio on as he looked over the tall grass. “Captain, we advise everyone to stay far away from the meeting spot. We’ll be able to cover more ground if we’re farther away. I can see Officer Miller and Officer Jones are too close to the spot.”

Eve followed his line of sight. She managed to zoom in with her eyes, but it was too dark for her to see. The street lights were dispersed along the sides of the road. And she couldn’t look closer compared to Duke.

“I’ll spread the word, Detective Hughes,” Williams said from the other end. “Now, body-cams on.”

Checking the time once again, Eve saw that they had two minutes before the meeting was set to begin. Luca could arrive late, so they had to wait for as long as they needed. The copycat had been meticulous about time, but this didn’t involve him murdering someone else. At least Eve hoped so. She switched her body-cam on.

“There’s movement—Everyone, calm down,” Victor’s quiet voice came through the two-way radio. It seemed he’d heard everyone’s heartbeats, and he didn’t care to tell them. This moment was crucial.

Duke glanced over and used his radio as well. “Two male suspects on foot. Don’t engage yet,” he said.

Eve glanced at him. This made it clear that Victor and Duke would take over this operation. Troy was with Captain Alani Williams, so he couldn’t use his abilities to help. Eve breathed deeply as quietly as she could to calm her quick heartbeat.

“No weapons in sight. Suspects engaging with decoy,” Victor radioed in. “Unknown vehicle passing through.”

Eve looked over her shoulder as a car drove along the road. She moved her radio closer to her lips. “Drone approaching the spot. Pull back, pull back,” she said firmly. She could barely see it, but if the second suspect was a vampire, he would notice it at any moment.

Duke narrowed his eyes. “Suspect sees the drone. Move in,” he said aloud.

“Damn it,” Eve said between clenched teeth. She accompanied Duke toward the meeting location. They were far away, so Duke moved faster, to the point that she could no longer keep up with him. Eve switched the radio on. “Victor, Duke is on his way. Don’t let them get away!”

The helicopter was called into the scene, along with every active unit in the area. Eve got off the tall grass and onto the road. With her gun drawn, she rushed toward Ryan. More officers in gear stormed in, creating a closing circle.

Eve spotted Victor and Duke, and Troy came out of the woods. She scowled at the sight of Troy. “Troy,” she called out, and he looked her way. “What are you doing? You can’t…” Troy pointed across the street, toward the field, so she figured the suspects were trying to escape at all costs.

“What happened?” Ryan asked in a panic as Eve finally ran up to him. “We were just talking.”

“One of our drones gave us away,” Eve said, panting. She saw Captain Williams pacing toward them, through the grass. “Captain, I’ll join the others. Ryan Barron needs someone with him.”

Chester Thatcher, Sophia, James, and Levi were with her. “Carmine disappeared for some reason. One moment he’s with us, and he’s gone in the next. I need you to find him, Sullivan. We’ll stay here with Barron,” Chester said.

Eve nodded and ran across the street. Things had gone too quiet, aside from the helicopter coming from afar. “Give me an update,” she said through the radio. A bunch of people were scattered on the grass.

“Suspects escaped,” Victor responded.

Coming to a stop, Eve took a deep breath. She paced toward the crowd. The first person she joined was Victor. “Let’s assess the situation after this,” she said. Their body-cams were still on.

“Detectives, we can’t find any path that leads underground, even with night vision,” one of the officers said. She removed her goggles. “There’s no sign of any heat in the thermal imager either. They vanished into thin air.”

Eve had to come up with something. “They’re both smart. They must’ve found an opening and most likely knew this was our plan,” she said. “Send us everything you have and we’ll analyze all the evidence.”

“We will, detective. At least we have video recordings of them at the location,” the officer said and continued to search.

For the next couple of hours, they tried to find Luca and the unknown man. Eve already expected the second suspect to be a vampire. No way could they have escaped while surrounded. She stepped onto the road, everyone ready to leave.

They had expanded the search perimeter, yet there were no results. The helicopter personnel hadn’t found anyone suspicious either. The spare officers in West Filo, New District, and Daro View were notified to begin the traffic stops. The suspects had showed up on foot, but they could’ve hidden a vehicle somewhere.




She looked up at Victor for a moment. Troy had mentioned punishment for what Victor had blurted out earlier, and this was the best moment for it.

“Duke, Troy, can you two hold Victor down for me?” Eve asked. They paused and looked at her in confusion. “Right now, if you don’t mind.”

Troy held Victor’s right arm by the bicep and forearm, and Duke did the same for Victor’s left arm. They dragged Victor onto the bed and laid him across it, facing up and at Eve’s mercy. All Victor did was look at Eve, his dark eyes filled with desire.

“I don’t know what the plan is, but it seems fun already,” Troy said with a grin.

Eve climbed onto the bed and straddled Victor. The bottom of her red dress pooled around her. “I can take over from here,” she said, gazing down at Victor. Her shyness wanted to creep in, but she tried to keep it at bay. She began to grind her covered pussy against Victor’s crotch. His immediate reaction to let out a grunt of pleasure through his parted lips wasn’t enough.

Duke got behind Eve, over Victor’s legs, and held her hips. “Don’t be shy. He can take it,” he said and moved her hips back and forth for her. He kissed Eve’s shoulder and leaned forward, pushing her onto Victor. “How about we make him beg for it? I’ve known him for a decade and he’s not the begging type.”

Eve shivered in pleasure at the feeling of Duke’s hard bulge against her slit. “Fine by me,” she said quietly. She looked next to her and saw Troy moving his cock into view. Eve swallowed hard at the feeling of Duke moving her underwear aside so she wouldn’t get off of Victor. He pressed the slicked tip of his dick against her pussy and pushed in. Eve nibbled her bottom lip.

Victor put his hands on Eve’s sides, but she moved his wrists over his head. “This punishment is getting serious,” he said as he looked between them. From his position, all he could see was Eve’s dress.

“He’ll be crawling at your feet soon,” Troy said. He held Eve’s jaw and guided her mouth toward his hard cock. “Open your mouth for me.”

Eve widened her mouth and Troy slid his prick inside, already thrusting in. She clenched her hands around Victor’s wrists at how Duke began to move. The sensual motions of his hips while he held her ass firmly only turned her on all the more. Troy and Duke worked as a pair perfectly. They picked up the pace, and that was enough to make Eve let out muffled moans against Troy’s cock.

Taking advantage of the distractions, Victor reached under her dress. He teased Eve’s clit, taking her by surprise. A chuckle escaped his mouth once she moved away from Troy’s prick in a sudden motion. He rubbed Eve’s clit hard, and she grabbed his wrist with both hands. Her loud moans filled the room, all while Duke pounded into her throbbing pussy.

“What?” Eve uttered in a daze when Victor moved close to her ear to whisper.

“I don’t advise anyone to back me into a corner. I tend to lash out,” Victor said, his tone deep and seductive. He kissed Eve and slid his tongue into her mouth as she rocked back and forth. He slid his tongue along the delicate top of her mouth. She yelped against him.

Eve shook in pleasure, but remembered Troy had been left hanging. She pulled away from Victor and regarded Troy, who stroked his own prick as he watched everything.

She jolted once Duke gave her a hard thrust of his cock. She almost bumped heads with Victor. Duke continued, pounding hard into her pussy in swift pumps. Eve melted on top of Victor from all the pleasure and came hard in erratic spasms. They’d never been this pleasantly rough before.

Duke pressed his hand down on Eve’s back and he rammed her pussy deeper. His engorged dick rubbed against her soft walls over and over again as he came. His muscles flexed under his clothes, his jaw clenched with his fangs over his bottom teeth.

With half-closed eyes, Eve fell onto Victor, Duke pulling out. She was left panting and shaking. Duke had put some of his careful demeanor aside, and that had been enough to drive her insane with desire. Someone’s pair of hands on her hips yanked her closer to the edge of the bed. Her heart thumped, her eyes widening. She looked over her shoulder in surprise.

Troy guided his prick into Eve’s pussy. He held her in place and pounded into her. “Are you all right?” he asked.

Eve snapped out of it. She’d gotten into the dominating scenario they’d created, yet they still made sure not to do anything she wouldn’t want. But she desired more. They would only know if she voiced her thoughts. “Harder,” she uttered in a quiet moan.

Troy angled his hips and fucked her deep and fast to his heart’s content. Eve’s mouth fell open, her throat closing against her will. The wave of raw pleasure took over.

Smacking sounds of skin against skin filled the room along with Troy’s sensual beast-like grunts. He held one of Eve’s legs and pulled it up his strong torso, causing Eve to lie on her side. He pounded into her pussy sideways and teased her clit with the lukewarm fingers of his other hand.

“Fuck,” Eve moaned out under her breath. She gripped Victor’s pants. Troy’s dick rubbing against her sensitive walls.

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