Silver's Triad (MMF)

Club Esoteria 19

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,381
9 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F with M/M elements, HEA]
At fifty, widow Annie McLaughlin is alone, lonely, and at the lowest point of her life. She has raised her son, buried her husband who was also her Master, and retired from a job she never really loved, but that paid well. Her older, alone status has kept her from visiting Club Esoteria, a place where she and her husband always loved to play.
Max and Silver have been a couple for five years and living a Master/slave life for the past three. Retired fifty-something military veterans, they have been nomad bikers for the last five years, looking for a place to call home.
Running late one night, they meet up with Annie and think they have a reason to stay in New Bern. Will Annie be able to submit to both men? Will her son cause problems? Will Dominic, and the members of Club Esoteria, accept them into their family?
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Silver's Triad (MMF)
9 Ratings (4.8)

Silver's Triad (MMF)

Club Esoteria 19

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,381
9 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I love this story! Finally someone my age has a love story with a HEA (and the sex was hot lol). I’ve read this entire series and loved every story but it is nice to see someone I can relate to. Great job.
I really enjoy stories of mature love that treat the characters appropriately for their age. These thre people were each looking for something different and a chance meeting gave them what they needed.




Though tempted to argue that she could open the door herself just fine, Annie held her tongue. Something she had not felt in a long time slid through the wall of ice she had erected around her heart. It took a moment for her to recognize it as a need to submit, a need to be taken care of. Not just to this man, but his friend as well. She had worked hard to remain on her own two feet when the bigger man had wrapped his arm around her shoulder. She hoped he had not noticed that, just for a moment, she had leaned into his side, savoring the feel of a man’s body against her own.

And now he was taking her to task for being the strong, independent, single woman society demanded she be. Taking a breath, she took a half step to the side, which allowed the other man access to the door handle.

As she passed through the door, she jolted when a warm hand came to rest against the middle of her back. In response, her knees weakened and, for the first time in years, her pussy clenched and dampened.

Glancing around the dining room, she was not surprised to see the place was empty. Two men sat at the counter talking to the cook while the waitress filled salt shakers. Annie moved toward the booth as far from the door as possible. Something about these two made her think they would need privacy, or at least a semblance of privacy.

Without waiting, she slid into the bench so her back was to the wall. She knew it was a power play, but at this moment, she didn’t care. She had been feeling off-balance since long before the men had found her. Maybe taking back this modicum of control would help her get her feet back under her.

She fought back a smirk as the men exchanged a glance. Without a word, the bigger man slid into the booth opposite and the smaller one grabbed a chair and pulled it over so he sat at the end of the table.

That was when Annie realized she had another problem. By trying to hold the power position, she had backed herself into a corner. Once the two men were seated, she studied them instead of her menu that lay on the table in front of her.

She already knew what she was not going to order anything and therefore did not need to look at the menu. Since her original plan for the morning had been thwarted, she would be polite for the moment. Once they finished eating, she would take them to their hotel, and then go home for a good, long cry.

Then, when the sun came up in a few hours, she would once again begin the search for a reason to live another day.

Both men were older than she’d thought back at the park. She’d bet her Jeep they were either current or former military just by the way they moved. She’d even go so far as to gamble they were officers just by the confident air that radiated from them.

The bigger one stood six foot four at least, with hair was more silver than black, and laying heavy on his shoulders. His closely  trimmedbeard and mustache were more black than silver, making her wonder if her military assessment had been wrong. His eyes were dark brown, reminding her of her favorite dark chocolate candy bar. Under his T-shirt and sweatpants, he was broad-shouldered and thickly muscled. He radiated power and dominance to an extent that she had a hard time not moving to kneel on the floor before him and beg for him to take her to bed.

Man number two was a few inches shorter, but still a half foot taller than her own five and a half feet. His light brown hair was cut short, but the curl was on the verge of growing out of control if it got much longer. His eyes were a bright blue that reminded her of the springtime sky on those occasions she traveled down to walk on the beach. In comparison with his friend, his body was leaner and less bulky, but just as well-built. He radiated an aura of confidence and power, though not as dominating as his friend.

“Morning, folks. What can I get you today?” the waitress said as she approached the table so she could stand between the two men.

“Just water for me, thanks,” Annie said, dropping her hands into her lap so she could twist her fingers together. Something about these men challenged her nerves.

The big man frowned across the table at her, making her pussy clench and her throat thicken in response. It was the same disapproving expression Eric would give her when she had been a bad subbie. That expression when coming from her husband always promised a few swats when they got alone.

“You need to eat something,” the other man said, his tone gentle. “Please?”

Annie’s strong independence melted at his request like a stick of butter under a hot sun. “All right. I’ll have an order of hash browns all the way, but no peppers, and a side of bacon, please.”

The waitress nodded as she took notes. The two men ordered full breakfasts, then the big man said, “Add a couple of waffles to her order as well. And hot chocolate.”

The waitress grinned as she scribbled. “I’ll be right back with your drinks,” she said. And then she was gone.

“Bossy much?” she snarked as she looked from one to the other.

“You have no idea,” the man to her left chuckled, which earned him a sharp look from the other man. He ignored it as he held out his right hand. “So, introductions are in order. I’m Max Wolff.”

“Annie McLaughlin,” she responded, automatically shaking his hand.

She could not help the gasp that escaped at the electrical charge that shot up her arm from where their palms came together. Looking into his bright blue eyes, she found herself wondering if she had enough batteries for her vibrator at home to soothe the unexpected need that exploded low in her pelvis.

Jerking her hand to break the connection that was growing uncomfortable, she forced herself to turn to the man across the table.


* * * *


“Silver Baer, B-A-E-R,” he said as he took her hand in his and gently held it. “Nice to meet you.”

Refusing to release her after she placed it in his, he lowered their linked hands to the table and looked into her eyes. He could not help the smirk that emerged when she swallowed hard and merely nodded in return. The smirk grew to a smile as she tried once to ease her hand from his. When he wouldn’t release her, she took a breath, but instead of arguing or fighting, she relaxed and her breathing quickened just a bit.

He was not surprised when his cock began to thicken. A glance at Max and he knew they needed to talk this woman into coming back to their hotel room for the rest of the night. Whether or not they could talk her into bed was another thing, but he would worry about that later.

For now, they needed to uncover why she had been by the river alone in the middle of the night with sadness radiating from her to such an extent he could feel it. Before he could confront her, the waitress returned with their drinks. As she transferred them from the tray to the table, her hip brushed against him not once, but twice.

When he looked up at her, she smiled, her expression a clear invitation to a visit to the restrooms with her. “Food will be right up,” she practically purred.

“Thanks,” he said. Then he turned his attention back to Annie.

Once she flounced away, he leaned slightly closer to the table. “So, how long has it been?”

“Excuse me?” she asked, looking confused.

“How long has it been since you’ve had a Master?”

He knew he’d hit the nail on the head when her breath caught and her pupils dilated. A moment later, those light green eyes that reminded him of the celery Max made him eat dropped to stare at their hands. He did not release her when she tried to pull her hand from his.

He waited until her eyes came back up to his. “How long?”

Max shifted, drawing his attention, and the man looked worried. When Silver frowned at him, he dropped his head forward, just like a good slave should. Then his attention returned to Annie.

She would learn that as a Master, his patience might be endless, but not without a price. But those lessons would come later. First he needed answers, and she needed to realize that, though they knew nothing about one another, he and Max were just what she needed in her life.

“Girl, don’t make me ask again.” He dropped his voice to what Max called his growly bear Dom tone.

“Three years. He died three years ago,” she whispered as her eyes filled. She blinked rapidly, keeping the tears from falling.

“Have you played at all since then?”

Her head shifted slightly left and right. “There’s been no one since then.”

“Oh, fuck,” Max whispered, his tone a blend of horrified and sympathetic.

Without looking at his slave, Silver made one of the snap decisions that he was famous for. “Would you be willing to play with us? There’s a club here in town, Club Esoteria. Tomorrow night they’re having a sort of open house, and we were going to check it out. You can meet us there, we’ll play, and then you’ll have to decide whether you’d like to go home with us, or go home alone afterwards.”

Annie hesitated. She looked at him, and then at Max. “Don’t look at him. Look at me. I’m Master here.”

Her gaze came back, and she nodded slowly. “Yes, Sir, I’d like to meet you at Club Esoteria tomorrow night.”




In a very un-Max like gesture, the man whooped his pleasure. Silver was tempted to do a little hollering himself, but decided it might set a bad tone for the next part of his planned evening. Instead, he leaned in and kissed Annie, long, deep, and aggressive, which, from the pickup of speed in her heartbeats, had reawakened her passion. Which was just what they needed.

Breaking the kiss and leaning back, he nodded to Max who leaned in and kissed their woman as well. While she was occupied with kissing his slave, Silver slipped the engagement ring onto her left ring finger, sealing it in place with a kiss. Then he reached for condoms and lube packets from the small bowl on the bedside table.

Once they finished kissing, Silver handed Max a condom. “Glove up, boy, then slide down to the end of the bed. We’re going to give our woman a thrill she’s never experienced before. You’re going to fuck her pussy while I take that sweet ass.”

The reason he had chosen this particular room, which was decorated as a bedroom out of an English manor house, was for the high bed. It was the perfect height for him to stand at the foot of the bed without problem. They had been playing with Annie’s ass, sliding fingers and stretching the muscles over the past two months, and tonight, in this final act of possession and dominance, he would take Annie’s anal cherry while Max filled her pussy.

While his slave moved into position, Silver kissed Annie again while he played with her breasts, tweaking and rolling one nipple and then the other before stroking his way down to her wet, warm, waiting pussy. But he did not stop there. Sliding three fingers into her pussy, he gathered her juices before moving further between her legs and stroking a fingertip over and around her puckered star.

Annie clenched her ass in response. As he continued playing there, she slowly relaxed enough for him to slowly push one finger through the ring of muscle. Once it loosened enough, he added a second, and then a third finger. All the while he kissed and reveled in her whimpers, moans, and the other noises of arousal she made.

Finally, when she was ready, he pulled his fingers from her ass. He smiled when she gave a high-pitched whine of protest.

“Go hover over Max’s hips,” he instructed as he patted her hip, “but do not touch his cock.”

He could only chuckle as she scrambled to do as he ordered. While she positioned herself crouched on hands and knees above his slave, Silver climbed off the bed and walked around to the end. So far his leg felt strong, but he had a feeling that by the end of the night it would be complaining of overuse. Which, he supposed, was as it should be. But as he had learned as a high school wrestler, no pain, no gain. And what was about to happen was worth any pain he suffered tomorrow.

He took a moment and gloved up before adding extra lube to the condom. Annie was crouched over Max, who was suckling at one breast and kneading the other even as his hips occasionally twitched with the need to be inside the woman.

Silver knew exactly how he felt. He could not wait to slide into her back passage. Reaching between Max’s legs, he cupped the man’s balls, earning himself a whine of need. Extensive knowledge of Max’s body told him the man was edging, and things needed to be moved along.

Lifting his slave’s cock, Max held it up and stroked it over Annie’s clit. Her response was to arch her back and whine, “Please, Master. I need.”

“I know what you need, girl, and you’re going to get it and so much more.” Silver’s voice had deepened until his words were barely recognizable as he stroked her clit again. “Ease back and sit down on Max’s cock. Boy, don’t move, and don’t you dare come without permission.”


* * * *


Max sucked in a breath then released it on a whine as Annie’s slick, wet heat surrounded his cock, taking him to the root. Looking into Annie’s face, he saw she was falling into the same intense whirlpool of need he had. Silver better hurry the fuck up, or this party was going to start without him and Max would take whatever punishment his Master deemed appropriate.

Panting hard, Max closed his eyes against the vision of Annie’s needy expression just before she dropped her head and upper body to rest heavily against his chest. Then he had a clear vision of Silver standing between his legs, an evil smile on his face as held a greased-up butt plug up where Max could see it.

Where the hell had he gotten that from, was all Max could think as it disappeared and he felt it pressing into and through his back hole. The plug was just long enough and wide enough to split Max’s focus and pull him back from the edge of his orgasm.

Though he was silently cursing the man in his head, Max was also thankful his Master had taken such a step to keep him from blowing too soon.

At least until he felt Silver’s long, thick cock easing slowly into Annie’s ass. Annie’s head came up, and her back arched as Silver continued fucking in and out, gaining ground with each inward thrust. Once he was fully seated in the woman between them, Silver stopped moving, giving Annie the time she needed to adjust.

Looking over her shoulder, Max met Silver’s gaze. The man looked as tense as he felt.

“Hold it, boy,” Silver growled before he took hold of Annie’s hips.

Max fought hard to hold back his seed as Silver began to move in and out. He started achingly slow, and each thrust sped up millisecond by millisecond. Max tried to buck his hips to move in and out as well, but the position he was in made such things impossible.

“More. Please, Silver. More,” Annie whimpered as she planted her hands and began to rock back and forth between them.

“You asked for it,” Silver said before picking up the speed and strength of his strokes, each move Max felt through the thin skin that separated them.

Max was on the verge of melting down into a puddle of goo despite his cock being hard as iron when Silver’s thrusts grew faster, shorter, and even powerful. “Now, my loves. Come with me.”

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