Monkeying Around (MFM)

Drunk Monkeys 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,777
23 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Can the Drunk Monkeys save the day before the clock runs out?
Tank isn’t a student, a hacker, or twenty-two-years old. The major is a deep-cover military intel officer, and she’s got orders to help save the world. That means protecting the group of student hackers she’s embedded with.
Initially, Papa and Alpha aren’t sure what to make of Tank, until they learn the truth about her identity. Monkeying around takes a backseat to stopping an apocalypse, and the world isn’t safe from Kite just yet.
Time’s quickly running out—and not just for the human race. Reverend Silo and President Kennedy might both be about to reap what they’ve sown as General Arliss sets his plans into motion. And when the final pieces are moved into position for an epic showdown, Papa and Alpha realize that surviving an apocalypse is nothing compared to overcoming their greatest challenge yet—Tank’s father.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.
Monkeying Around (MFM)
23 Ratings (4.7)

Monkeying Around (MFM)

Drunk Monkeys 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,777
23 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Awesome ending for a fantastic series!!!
This was a wonderful end to the series. I laughed and cried the whole way, great job Ms. Dalton! I loved the way she ended it you got to visit everyone to see their HEA. Definitely buy all 10 books you won’t be sorry.
Professional Reviews

4 STARS "Explosions, rescue missions, revenge meted out and righteous degradation--this conclusion contains it all! This is the book I have been eagerly waiting for and it delivers all the answers, wraps up the loose ends and provides a smexy happily ever after. Ms. Dalton out-does herself in this conclusion. I may be a little tiny bit biased because the main character is an Asian female--Tank. Tank is a thirty-something "retired" military officer infiltrating a group of idealistic student hackers. Like most Asians, she can pass for a decade or so younger. This helps her cover from a physical level. She needs to tone down her military training which would be a dead giveaway. Lucky for her, her cover story as a military brat works. I LOVE TANK. She is the kind of female I want to be when I grow up. She is smart and can survive with wicked mad skills. I kind of wish my military grandfather spent more time raising me as a kid. Tank is a woman not to be messed with and she is going to complete her mission even if she was offered a chance to abort. Tank is a character I can remember because to me, she is multi-layered. This is not just because she is undercover. She has heart, follows orders and she knows when she needs to bend them. She does not take bending orders lightly. Her perseverance and conscience is impressive. Her iron will is even more impressive. Still, she calls her mother and father Mommy and Daddy, which endears her to me. She may be a hardass but she definitely has a soft side to her. She is in a bad situation and she does her best to make it better. The two men paired up with her are amusing. Papa and Alpha are guys who can keep up with her. They are more window dressing in this book as a supporting cast to Tank. I'm fine with this because even though this series is called the Drunk Monkeys, it is really all about the women they find. Papa and Alpha burn up the sheets with Tank and it is delicious, if a bit distracting. It is distracting for me because as much as I enjoy erotica, this series' plot is what keeps me riveted. This is an action packed story as the threats to the nation are finally put down like mad dogs. It is almost anticlimactic how easily Jerald goes down. What is depraved and thrilling is how Kali, previously known as Mary, takes down her husband Hannibal Silo. The graphic scene and descriptions is panty-wetting goodness for me. It is just a small payback for a lifetime of pain. If it lasted a bit longer, I would not have complained. My bloodlust is not satisfied with the short punishing scene. I understand why it is so short though, so it does not take too much away from the main story. The story ends on a high note as General Arliss' final plans are executed to perfection. He cleans house and brings the States back to being a powerhouse. This idealistic desire appeals to me even if I realistically know it will never happen. Still, the dream of getting rid of the political fat and greedy power hungry leeches out of the government is an enticing one. With the world back in order, the Drunk Monkeys can finally relax. The community they put together in Mexico sounds like heaven. Good friends, food and peace, what more can a person want? This is story is highly recommended to everyone and must be read as the last book in this series." -- BookAddict, The Romance Reviews

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Sam Warner had, no shocker there, experienced his fair share of surprises during his time in the military. Especially during his tenure as the Drunk Monkeys’ CO.

This, however, was the first surprise he could genuinely say pleased the fuck out of him.

He took over the kiss this time, savoring it now that the initial shock of her grabbing him had passed. His cock ached, throbbing. He wanted inside this woman, desperately, rightfucking now.

And he knew he couldn’t. Not just yet.

For starters, it might be weird, him showing back up at the meeting smelling like fresh sex.

Second, he couldn’t do that to Alpha.

Or could he…

An idea immediately blossomed into life and he had to clamp down on his giggles. “I think I can arrange for the three of us to have a private sit-down later tonight, after I’m done talking with the brass. But I’m a little confused. I thought you hated Alpha, from the way you’ve been acting around him.”

“I don’t hate Alpha. I hated that I saw him making googly eyes at Sylvan, and her at him. She just turned twenty. Two months ago. She’s a farking kid who can’t even legally drink yet. If you two have no interest in me at all, fair enough, but I at least want a shot. I think I’ve earned the right of first refusal.”

He grabbed her tight ass and pulled her hips against him, his cock screaming at the feel of friction between them. “I’d say there’s definitely interest. I just didn’t realize you were interested.”

“Try me and see. I’ve been in deep cover with this bunch of kids for over two years now. A girl can only take so much before she’s ready for some fun with adults.”

He grinned. “Do you enjoy practical jokes, Major?”

“Tank,” she said. “Or Noel. And sometimes. Why?”

His grin widened. “Because I’m going to need you to play along with me later.”

“How so?”

He kissed her again, one hand cupping the back of her neck. He couldn’t stop kissing her. Didn’t want to stop kissing her.

But he knew if he didn’t stop kissing her, he’d be fucking her on the conference room table in about thirty seconds.

Or less.

“I owe Alpha a huge-ass payback for a practical joke he played on me a few years ago. I’m going to need you to play along with me.”

She cocked her head. “Oookaaay?”

“How are you with combat?”

“I don’t think we should shoot up the base.”

“Can you take a fake punch?”

“Oooh, the rough stuff. Will there be a spanking involved?”

He laughed. “Seriously.”

“I guess. Wait, what did he do? And what exactly do you want me to do?”

“He had me running naked through the middle of Glasgow one cold-ass night.”

Her turn to laugh. “Really?”

“Yeah. Not funny, either. I want to put a fucking scare into him. Just play along with me, it’ll be obvious where I’m going with it.”

“Then I think I can help you do that.” Her smile faded. “While we’re on the subject, have a quiet chat with Omega. Sooner rather than later.”

“Why?” She told Papa about her encounter with him. “So you don’t know if Omega’s really made you or not?” he asked.

“No. But he needs to know not to blow my cover.”

“Does it really matter? Now that you all are safe?”

“Yeah, because if the kids turn on me and I lose control over them, the mission is a total bust.”

“What exactly is your mission?” He didn’t let go of her and noticed she seemed to be in no hurry to be released.

She gave him a brief overview.

Now a lot of things made sense, especially why Ax had been a focus of their efforts. “Is Ax also military?”

“No. Total civvie. He doesn’t know I’m in, so it has to be kept need-to-know.”

He stared down into her brown eyes. They were rich, shining, little flecks of green and gold in their depths. “Now that I have a slightly different context, this whole thing with you and that group, bringing you all in, makes a lot more sense.”



“So how did you guys end up pairing off, anyway?” she asked.

“That’s a long story that we don’t have time for right now.”

“I want to hear it.”


She grinned. Reaching between his legs, her hand cupped his bulge through his trousers, making him suppress a hungry moan. “I’d be willing to bet after our little surprise for Alpha tonight that the last thing on any of our minds will be talking. For a while, at least. This girl is hoping she’ll have her mouth full.”

“You might be right about that.” One more kiss, long and torturous because he knew he’d have to release her or fuck her. There were no in-between options at that point. “I’ll send for you tonight, after evening chow, on the pretense of needing a detailed debriefing. That’ll buy us some time.”

“Sounds like a plan.” She untangled herself from him and then reached in and straightened his shirt. “Might want to adjust yourself, major.”

He looked down.

Looked like he had a damn tent in his pants.

“Fuck.” He slid a hand inside his trousers to adjust his cock and to try to make it look less obvious. “You ain’t the only one who hasn’t been laid in a while. Hope you have a five-year.”

“Oh, I’m covered, believe me.”




Papa sat up and pulled off his shirt. “So, you need to make a decision, buddy,” he said. “Either you get naked and we show the woman a good time tonight, or we send her away unfucked, highly disappointed, very horny, and you risk me killing you in your sleep after she leaves.”

“How long have you known this?”

“Not long. That’s why she pulled me aside during our meeting earlier.”

“And you couldn’t tell me…why?”

Papa stood up and got behind her, his hands on her hips. “Scotland, asshole. Fucking topthis.”

“I—” Alpha’s jaw dropped shut. “Dammit.” He started to yank his shirt off. “If you don’t hate me, then hell, yeah, I’m willing to see what might happen.”

She smiled. “Good. Because as I told him, it’s been two years since I’ve been fucked, and I’m hoping for a damn good time.”

“Then you came to the right men, sugar.” He threw his shirt onto the other bunk and grabbed her again, kissing her hard, roughly, enjoying the soft moans she made when he pressed his tongue against her lips and they parted immediately for him.

Papa was nuzzling the side of her neck. “You ever been with two guys at the same time before?”

Alpha lifted his lips from hers so she could answer. “No, but it’s on my bucket list.”

Alpha reached up and fisted her ponytail. “Permission to fuck your brains out, ma’am?”

She grinned. “Permission granted.”

Somehow, they got the two lower bunk mattresses dragged down onto the floor and got themselves naked on them. Papa knelt behind her and slid his cock home inside her pussy before pulling her up onto her knees, holding her against his chest.

Along her abdomen lay a long, twisted scar which Alpha traced with his lips and tongue. “Who did this to you, baby?”

“Fucker in Shanghai. Gutshot me. You should have seen what he looked like when I finished with him.”

“I think you should quit talking and make her come, buddy,” Papa told Alpha.



* * * *


Tank moaned in disappointment when Papa filled her with his delicious cock but then didn’t proceed to fuck her. Instead, he pulled her up on her knees, her back pressed against his chest, his arms around her, hands on her breasts. As he started playing with her nipples, Alpha got in front of her and his lips closed around her exposed and throbbing clit.


She tipped her face to the side, kissing Papa and letting him swallow her moans as she exploded around his cock. The orgasm was all the better for having his shaft deeply embedded inside her, the walls of her pussy clamping down on it as Alpha did things to her with his tongue that were probably illegal in several countries.

Wave after wave of orgasms washed through her. She realized part of it was she’d been unsatisfied for so damn long, and part of it was the welcomed release of tension.

But it didn’t hurt that they were just.



Papa rolled and pinched her nipples between his fingers, almost but not quite to the point of pain, helping throw her over the edge again and again. Nothing had ever felt this good.


Papa nuzzled the side of her neck again. “Gonna let him get a couple more out of you, then we’re going to spit-roast your beautiful self so we can release a little tension. Round two, my cock is going in that gorgeous ass of yours while he gets to fuck your pussy.”

She whimpered, the scorching mental image helping draw yet another orgasm out of her with the help of Alpha’s tongue on her clit.

“Round three,” Papa continued, “will be you on top of me sucking my cock while he gets to pound this sweet pussy and I’m sucking your clit. Then after a breather we’ll figure out what happens next. Deal?”


He nipped her earlobe. “You like it a little rough, or want slow and sweet?”


He chuckled. “A lady with a wide variety of tastes. I like that.” Another nip sent shivers through her while Alpha was working her up again. She’d lost count of how many times she’d already come. “Fair warning, you stay around any length of time, we’re going to consider you ours and work to keep you ours. Got it?”

Hell, if this was what she could expect, that was damn skippy with her.


“By ours we mean you don’t sleep with anyone but us, and we don’t sleep with anyone but you. We’re territorial about what’s ours. Sure you can handle that?”

“Yeah!” Right now she’d agree to nearly anything just to keep the pleasure washing through her.

He lightly raked his teeth across the flesh of her neck. “Might mean after we get through all this bullshit and can settle down to civvie life again that we tell you to get rid of the five-year and start working on getting you pregnant.”

Her eyes dropped closed, an orgasm even harder than the others flooding her system at that mental image. She’d had to be independent for so long. The few relationships she’d had never lasted long because the guys couldn’t handle her. So not just one but two guys who could definitely take care of her?

Hell yeah.

Alpha lifted his head. “Wow. That made her come really hard, didn’t it?”

“Yeah. I think we just discovered our lady’s kryptonite. Get one more out of her, and then let’s let her drain you dry because I’m about ready to explode.”

Alpha went to work on her again while Papa whispered in her ear all the dirty dreams she’d had herself throughout the years.

As if he could read her mind.

One of his hands dropped down, flat against her tummy. “Just think what it would be like to have two guys spoiling you rotten for life, filling you with our babies, building a future together.”

Once more into the breach. He gasped as her pussy squeezed his cock as she came again. “Hurry up,” he said to Alpha.

Alpha sat up and back, grabbing her and pulling her down, her mouth already open and ready for his cock as Papa grabbed her by the hips and started pounding his cock into her.

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