Victor (MF)

Kinky Saints MC 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,570
6 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic: BDSM, (DD/lg), Contemporary, Small town, MF, HEA]

Bartender Dori James was struggling to keep her head above water. Juggling two jobs she was exhausted and barely making ends meet. After yet another proposal from a drunk bar patron, Victor Santi sweeps into her life and she finds she likes the way he takes over.

A Daddy Dom, Victor has been watching Dori since she started working at Saints and knows she is the Little for him. When she collapses, he steps in and takes over as her new Daddy. When her apartment is condemned and she is evicted, he moves her in with him. A force to be reckoned with in the legal world, Victor has a hard time sharing his plans and designs with Dori.

Can Victor find a way to communicate with the Little bartender? Will she allow him the total control over her life that he wants? Will Dori fit in with the rest of the Kinky Saints MC Littles?

Victor (MF)
6 Ratings (4.3)

Victor (MF)

Kinky Saints MC 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,570
6 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Siren Publishing


“I’m fine,” Dori James said automatically.

At the same time, she kicked herself for not eating the peanut butter and raisin sandwich she’d brought with her for dinner. But as usual, despite her best efforts, she had been running late from her day job at the hotel because her replacement had been late. She’d ended up racing across town as fast as she could. At least tonight, Laz had been busy in his office and hadn’t been at the time clock to check his watch and give her a raised eyebrow when Dori slipped in the back door three minutes late instead of her usual ten minutes earlier.

“No, you’re not, Little girl,” Laz’s cousin, Victor, responded with a frown. “You’re pale and I saw you fighting to stay on your feet a minute ago. You need to take a break. Come on, let’s go raid the kitchen and find something to eat. Then you can sit down for a few minutes and rest.”

Dori stared at the big hand the attorney held out, but didn’t take it. So many thoughts raced through her brain she grew dizzy from them. How did Victor know her most secret wish was to be Little again? Would the man’s knowledge of her sexual preference cost Dori her job?

She couldn’t lose her job, not now. She’d already downsized from the two-bedroom apartment her former Daddy had rented them when they had moved to Georgetown to a studio apartment on the sketchy side of town. Even with her savings from the military, without both jobs, and as many jobs with the caterer she bartended for whenever she could squeeze them in, she was on the verge of being evicted.

If she lost this job, she would have to sell the last few pieces of furniture and move into her car, which wasn’t big enough to live in. Though it was fall, it was still too hot in central Texas to be living on the streets.

Dori frowned as Victor’s hand began to swim and distort in front of her. All at once, she did not have the strength to lift her hand and place it in his. In the next instant, her knees collapsed, her eyes fluttered closed, and everything went black.

* * * *

Victor had been watching the woman closely, so when her eyes rolled up in her head and then her knees buckled, he caught her before she could hit the floor, easily lifting her into his arms.

He met Laz’s worried gaze and said, “We’ll be in your office.”

His cousin nodded then turned his attention to his customers, who were watching the drama in stunned silence.

Victor backed through the swinging door that led to the back area of the restaurant. Stopping at the kitchen doorway, he barked an order for two dinners to be brought to Laz’s office ASAP. The cook looked his way, saw Dori in his arms, and nodded before calling out orders of his own to the kitchen staff.

By the time Victor reached his cousin’s office just down the hall, Dori had opened her eyes, and stared up at him with that big, silvery-blue gaze of hers. He smiled at her, holding her tighter when she tried to wiggle her way free.

“I can walk, you know.”

“Relax, Little girl. I’ve got you,” he said.

Stepping into Laz’s office, he nudged the door closed behind him. Then he carried her to the couch across the room. Instead of laying her on the leather couch, he sat down and cuddled her in his lap. It felt good to hold her, but it was time to find out a few things about the woman.

“What happened?” she asked before he could start his own interrogation.

“You fainted. I caught you. Now we’re going to have dinner and talk while you rest a bit,” Victor answered easily. He only hoped he got the answers he wanted so he could finally make the move he’d been dreaming of for the past few months.

“I can’t have dinner with you. I need to get back to work,” Dori argued as she tried to climb out of his arms.

Problem was, Victor would not let her go. He held her securely on his lap until she stopped squirming and looked at him. “Please release me,” she said, her voice dropping to a range that might warn drunks she was on the edge, but Victor just thought it was an additional facet of cuteness for the petite bartender.

“Do you have a husband? A boyfriend? A Daddy waiting at home for you?” Victor asked, ignoring her request.

She felt so good in his arms he did not want to let her go, even though it would be the proper thing to do. He just wished his cock would settle down and allow him to think instead of demanding he whisk her away to the closest bed he could find. He needed answers first—well, that, and for her to agree to be his.

Dori dropped her head, then turned it so she no longer looked at him. She was facing Laz’s desk when she whispered, “No, no, and my old Daddy moved to Brazil seven months ago. He didn’t take me with him because he said he no longer wanted to be with an old woman who acted like a child. I had just enough money saved up to go to bartending school and then I started working as a bartender.”

Though his grandmother had taught him better, Victor could not hold back the string of curses that exploded from his lips. “That stupid ass motherfucking sonofabitch. He should never have been allowed to call himself a Daddy. Though I have to say I should probably send him a thank you note for leaving you behind. Otherwise I’d never be able to claim you for my own Little girl.”




“No daydreaming, princess. When we play like this I’ll be selfish and expect all your attention on me.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Dori said with a happy sigh. He always seemed to know exactly what she needed, even if she didn’t.

She watched as he again reached to the nightstand, picking up a bottle of lube and what she recognized as an anal plug. He quickly spread a liberal amount of lube over the surface before setting the plug on her chest.

“Five spanks if that tips over,” he said with a dark smile and a wink.

Dori nodded and worked to slow her rapid breathing as Victor spread her legs wide apart before lifting them and bending them at the knees. He placed her heels on the mattress just below her ass cheeks then pushed her knees even further apart. This left everything between her legs on display.

“Beautiful,” he said, the breath of his words brushing over her wet, beaded up clit. “And you smell delicious.”

He leaned in further and slowly dragged his tongue from below her pussy, dipping into the wide opening then up and over her clit before using just the tip to draw circles around and round that knotted up bit of flesh.

He smiled at the sweet sounds of need his Little girl made as she fought to keep from thrashing about on the bed. He watched the plug sitting on her chest rock, but never fall as she shifted her hips and lower body to try and direct his touch.

“Daddy, please. Please fuck me,” Dori called as he slid two fingers into her pussy.

He didn’t move them, but twisted them slightly back and forth before pulling them out and sliding them into his mouth. “Mmmm, yum, you taste delicious, too.”

Dori looked directly in his eyes and pleaded, “Please, Daddy, please.”

* * * *

Dori’s pleading reached into his chest and squeezed his heart. Reaching up, he picked the butt plug off her chest. “Just let me get this in place, princess. Then I’ll fuck you until neither one of us can walk.”

“Yes, please, Daddy,” she panted with a smile that had him sliding his fingers into her pussy once again.

This time, instead of tasting her delicious juices, he used them to slick up her back hole enough to slide a single finger in and out in a fucking motion. When her hips began to move with his touch and she was once again making those sexy little sounds that turned him on so, Victor pulled the finger from her ass and gently, but persistently, slid the well-lubed plug into her back hole.

Fucking it in and out, going deeper with each stroke, he finally pushed the plug so it fully set in place. Grabbing a condom from the nightstand, he quickly covered his cock before moving over his Little girl so he was all she saw. Shifting his hips, he rubbed the underside of his cock up and down the channel of her labia, teasing them both with the movement.

“How are you feeling, princess?”

“Mmmm, more, Daddy. I need you in me,” she panted as she jerked on her bonds.

With a smile, Victor shifted back until the head of his cock found the wide, wet heat of her pussy and then slowly pushed forward. Their moans harmonized as he continued slowly moving deeper and deeper into her passage, the action making their two bodies one.

“Someday, soon, I’ll do this without the condom,” he vowed. “I’ll fuck you and fill you with my seed in your mouth, your pussy, and your ass. Then you’ll never be without me.”

Dori’s eyes went wide at his words, but then she smiled and he knew she liked the idea.

Then she bucked her hips at him. “Move, Daddy.”

Though Victor felt the same need he could see in her silvery-blue eyes, he refused to let her see how much control she really had in this relationship.

“Who’s the Daddy here?” he asked as he slapped her hip.

“Ow, you are, Daddy,” Dori said.

“And are you supposed to be telling Daddy what to do?” He shifted, pulling out and then shoving deep once again. As he moved, he hoped he didn’t come too soon, even as his orgasm was beginning to gather deep in his balls.

Dori moaned and wiggled under him before answering. “No, Daddy. But I need…”

He could see her brain was coming loose, though he knew exactly what she needed. He was in serious need himself. Pulling back, he slid home again. Each stroke in and out was faster than the one before until his cock was pistoning as fast as his hips could move.

With his upper body resting on his elbows, he palmed her breasts and massaged them. “Come for me, princess. Come for your Daddy.”

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