Dangerous Liaisons 1: Strangers (MM)

Dangerous Liaisons 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 24,825
1 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romantic Suspense, M/M, spanking, HFN]

When you are one of the world's top professional assassins, the last thing on your mind is a relationship.

When assassins Axel and Sayid meet each other, they are both unaware that they share the same profession. But what will happen when they are both sent after the same target?

Sayid's brother is the president of a new democratic Syria, which means that he has a lot of work to do eradicating the followers of the old regime. Axel is also buried in work and allows himself to enjoy little else since his brother was killed on the job…that is, until he meets the beautiful, mysterious Syrian and brings him home to fuck him into oblivion. Sayid and Axel’s attraction to each other is dangerous, and when they meet up at a kill scene, they are forced to choose between killing each other and working together.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Dangerous Liaisons 1: Strangers (MM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Dangerous Liaisons 1: Strangers (MM)

Dangerous Liaisons 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 24,825
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




“I’d normally ask to buy you a drink but the open bar negates that option so I hope you will accept my offer.” He handed over one of the vodkas and his smile grew when Sayid took it and thanked him. “May I sit down?”

“It is not like I could deny you a seat after you so generously brought me this drink,” Sayid replied and took a sip. He felt quite stunned that he was actually encouraging this guy’s flirting. Of course Sayid had already decided that he wanted to fuck this guy but the conversation was not necessary. However Sayid found himself giving the man a small, warm smile.


* * * *


Axel nearly choked on his own saliva when the younger man spoke and placed his full lips against the rim of the clear glass but he gathered himself like the true master manipulator he had been trained to be and smiled back at the man. “Axel,” he said, holding out his hand.

“Sayid,” the man replied, taking it in a firm handshake.

“So what gains you an invite to this prestigious gathering? Are you a Prince?” he joked.

“Far from it,” Sayid replied, taking another sip of his vodka. He turned toward the crowd and saw his brother looking at him with a strange expression. Sayid saluted him with his glass. “That is my brother,” Sayid explained dryly. “President and architect of the new and improved Syria, I am here merely as company.”

Axel considered the information. “Doesn’t that make you a Prince?” he joked again.

“Once again, far from it.”

“So will you be returning to Syria any time soon?” Axel asked, trying to figure out how much time he had left to get this guy into bed.

“I live here. My brother was here on some important business but he always tries to see me while he is here.”

Axel perked up at that news. So this hot piece of ass was readily available … that is if he could convince that man to go home with him. As Sayid downed the last of the vodka and asked for another Axel decided to push his luck. He placed his hand on the other man’s knee and said, “You push your luck with that vodka, sweetheart.”

“Call me that again and find yourself pushing your own luck.”

Axel chuckled, this guy had fire, Axel liked that. He liked his bed partners to challenge him and this guy was going to be a challenge


* * * *


Sayid was already feeling the buzz of the two vodkas hit him. He knew it was dangerous to be out of sorts but this wasn’t exactly a threatening environment. He looked at the large man in front of him and thought back to his lifetime of intense, torturous training and calculated the number of ways he could easily kill this man with all the things currently in arm’s reach.

Twenty-four, he counted.

He threw caution to the wind and took another sip of vodka.


* * * *


Axel squeezed Sayid’s knee and let his hand travel up his thigh. The man in front of him was anything but delicate, however, Axel knew how easy it would be to end the smaller man’s life there and then. The thought that he could end a life with ease gave him an immense feeling of power but he knew he had to be responsible. However, that didn’t stop him from reminding himself that he held the power of life and death in his hands and at any moment this beautiful creature in front of him could cease to exist should he chose it so.

Axel stroked the inside of the dark Prince’s firm thigh and ran his fingers over the femoral artery. As he saw the bartender take out a knife to cut up a lime he thought about how those gorgeous eyes would glaze over were he to grab that knife right now.


* * * *


Thirty-nine, Sayid counted as he saw the knife.


* * * *


Axel, however, had other, more pleasurable ways in his mind of making the younger man’s eyes glaze over.

“So you know why I am here,” said Sayid. “Who did you offend to be condemned to this mindless charade?”

Axel chuckled. He liked this man already. “I am here out of duty just like you. Although my duty is not so much family as it is business.”

“What business, if you are at liberty to say? I assume you are an international aid of some sort seeing as your accent clearly singles you out as not being American.”

Axel was stunned. His accent was perfect. It usually only dropped around people he was comfortable with like Solomon, Maria, Ada and Nicola, and even Chris. He was suddenly struck by the fact that he may be getting too comfortable with this man. Who the hell was he anyway?

Axel internally shrugged and thought, Fuck it, I can deal with the consequences later.

“I’m originally from Germany but I live here permanently as an aid to the consulate.”

“Impressive,” Sayid replied and he looked over at his brother again.

Axel still couldn’t determine what that look was they were sharing but when Sayid threw back the last of his third vodka Axel decided it was now or never and leaned in to whisper lustfully in his companion’s ear. “Come home with me tonight.”

It wasn’t said as a request so much as a command. Sayid stilled and Axel could feel the man’s pulse quicken as he was still holding his warm thigh, imagining how it would feel to have it clamped onto his hip. “Okay,” Sayid whispered back, breath tickling Axel’s ear.

He grabbed Sayid’s hand and led him out of the room and out of the building and into his car.


* * * *


Just go back to my place. Don’t wait up.

Sayid keyed into his phone as Axel started the car.




So Axel withdrew from Sayid’s mouth and scooted back to straddle his thighs. He then gripped the clear cut hip bones and flipped the smaller man onto his stomach with ease.

He took a small moment to admire how perfect Sayid’s backside was, as dark as the rest of his skin and so muscular. He stroked the beautiful ass gently and said, “I’m not surprised that I’m not the first man to try and spank you. You’ve got the sweetest ass I have ever seen in my whole life.”

Sayid tried to turn around and growl at the man but a hand on the back of his neck forced his face into the pillow. “You are in my house sweetheart, you are going to follow my rules.” He then leaned over so that his lips touched Sayid’s ear when he talked. “But don’t worry. I know that you will enjoy it.”

Then without letting go of the back of Sayid’s neck Axel opened the condom with his teeth and placed it on his cock with one hand.

“Are you ready?”

Sayid didn’t answer but Axel knew he was growing impatient and if he didn’t get on with it then another fight would ensue. And while that was hot as hell, Axel really wanted to get his cock in that ass. It was all he had been thinking of since he set eyes on Sayid. So he took a hold of his cock and slid it gently into Sayid’s waiting ass.

Sayid grunted and then exhaled as if a huge sense of relief had washed over him but it wasn’t long before the smaller man started moving his hips and grunting, “Move, you stupid fuck.”

Language that foul coming out of that aristocratic mouth was too hot for Axel to bear so he grabbed Sayid’s hips and started thrusting in and out of him with abandon. Axel lost track of time while he was fucking Sayid on his hands and knees. The German decided that if he could choose any way to die it would be fucking this gorgeous piece of ass good and hard.

It was only when he heard Sayid say, “God I’m close. I’m gonna come. God I’m gonna come,” that Axel was knocked out of his stupor. He looked down and saw that Sayid was stroking himself, that would not do. Axel was supposed to be the one who delivered the orgasms.

So he knocked Sayid’s hand out of the way. It looked like another fight was going to ensue but then Axel pulled out of the Syrian and deposited him on his back again where he slid back into him immediately and began stroking the man’s cock himself. He knew exactly the way to do it.

Down, up over the head, swift pull down and then back up with the slightest dig of finger nail. He knew what made men weak in every sense of the word but this was his specialty. Men were at their weakest when their bodies were not under their control so Axel tended to use sex a lot to get what he wanted from targets and assets.

The German made sure to hit Sayid’s prostate in time with the thrusts of his hand every time and it wasn’t long before the Syrian began screaming. “God I’m coming, I’m coming,” and with that Sayid released into Axel’s hand and sagged against the bed.

Axel was having none of that, he was not finished with the younger man yet. He wrapped his huge arms around Sayid’s limp body and somehow managed to maneuver him so that his chest was to the Syrian’s back and Sayid was sitting in his lap. He then latched his teeth onto Sayid’s shoulder and began to suck as he entered the man once again.

Sayid cried out in surprised but it wasn’t long before Axel managed to get the other man’s cock standing again. “What are you doing?” Sayid asked, breathless and confused.

“What?” Axel asked with a grin. “Did you think you were going to get away with just one?” He kissed the Syrian’s neck and then trailed his tongue upward until he reached the ear lobe and he sucked on it. “I’ve only had you once sweetheart. Once is not good enough for me. I want you on your knees, on your back, on your stomach ... I want you every which way I can have you and I will have you. I will have every piece of you.”

Sayid let out a huge whine and began moving himself up and down on Axel’s cock while the larger man stroked him with that perfect form of his. Those words were dangerous and possessive and exciting and they were making Sayid ... well he didn’t quite know what they were making him but he knew that he had never felt this way before.

“Please,” Sayid cried out, a word that might have surprised him on some other occasion. “You’re killing me. Oh God you’re gonna kill me.”

“Ssshh,” Axel hushed. “You’re not one of my targets so you can relax, sweetheart. Besides, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I could fuck you all night ... for days without stopping.”

“Axel,” Sayid moaned in a long, drawn out fashion, trying to move in such a way that created more friction on his cock.

“I love it when you say my name,” Axel gasped. “Do it again.”

“Axel,” Sayid breathed like a benediction. “Axel, please.”

“Come sweetheart, come hard and fast so I can have you a third time and a fourth time and a fifth time.”

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