Dangerous Liaisons 2: Flight of the Arrows (MM)

Dangerous Liaisons 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,748
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romantic Suspense, M/M, sex toys, HFN]
When you are one of the world's top professional assassins, the last thing on your mind is a relationship. Axel and Sayid have been avoiding each other since their "Liaison" about a month ago. They both want to see each other again but don't want to be the one who makes the first move.
However, Axel is propelled into making the first move when a member of his assassin crew is kidnapped by a rival gang, and his crew needs help getting her back. Sayid, also known as "The Dark Hound," is a master at this kind of thing so Axel calls in a favour. Despite the awful circumstances they are very happy to see each other, and they along with Axel's crew start to come up with a plan to find the kidnapped Maria and bring her home.
This may be exactly what Axel and Sayid need to get over their mind games and start something real with each other. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dangerous Liaisons 2: Flight of the Arrows (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Dangerous Liaisons 2: Flight of the Arrows (MM)

Dangerous Liaisons 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,748
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




“Yes, I am and yes, I can, but this is not just a case of killing. We need to find these guys and also find out where they are keeping Maria and what they are going to do with her. We need help.”

That was one thing that Axel had never said before and he surprised himself just by saying it. Without explaining to Chris what he was doing, he took out his personal mobile and scrolled down to the number he had been putting off dialling for months now. The holder of the other phone picked up after the third ring. “Hello,” said the soft, slightly accented voice in English.

“Sayid,” Axel replied softly, and it was his way of a greeting. For some reason he felt a tremendous sense of relief that he had finally called the man, only he wished it had been under very different circumstances.

“I wondered if I would ever hear from you again,” said the Syrian slyly.

“I know. I would say I have been meaning to call and in a sense that is true but I won’t bother. I wish I could speak to you in better terms than this but I must admit to the reason I am calling now of all times.”

“Yes, I wondered about that. We are more than likely in the same building at this very minute.”

“Yes, we are but I am not calling to discuss the job your brother hired us to do.” Axel took a deep breath and then launched into his explanation trying to sound contrite without pleading. “A member of my crew, Maria, was taken. I need your help to get her back.”

Sayid was silent on the other end of the line for a moment. “My help? Why do you need my help?”

“Because you are one of the best trackers I have ever known…or at least you as The Dark Hound are. I know for a fact that you near single-handedly tracked down the spies of the old regime in your rebel camp during the civil war. That is the kind of talent I need. I would never ask this under any other circumstances but I cannot take any chances with my friend’s life. I am not asking you this for any reason other than I need you. Please help me.”

Sayid was silent again for a whole minute. “Okay.”

“What?” Axel was slightly surprised by the blank abruptness of the answer.

“Okay, I will help you. I will speak to Karim and inform him of the situation. The job he wishes us to complete is not so urgent and even so there are less skilled men he can get on the job of tracking down the spy. I think he just wanted to use this to establish relations.”

“And you think he will be okay with us bailing?”

“He is not without heart. It is one of the reasons I am where I am today. I am sure he will be sympathetic but don’t think that he is not going to hold this over you for the duration of your dealings with him.”

Axel couldn’t help but chuckle at that. “I expected as much.”

“Well, I had better be going. I have some explaining to do.”

Axel paused for a moment but before Sayid could hang up the former blurted out, “Thank-you. Really, I can’t say how much this means to me.”

Sayid was silent again and for a second the German wondered if he had hung up but then he said, “You’re welcome. I am sure that one day you will return the favour. Though I hope there will be no need.”

Axel smiled and realised he was holding the phone with both hands as if he was clinging onto the sound of the other man’s voice. “Truly. I will see you soon. I’ll be taking a flight back to America tomorrow so I will meet you at your home at 9:00 p.m. tomorrow and you can escort me to your base. Goodbye.”


After the gentle farewell for Sayid’s almost musical voice, Axel just stood there for a few seconds before removing the phone from his ear. He had forgotten that he wasn’t alone only to be reminded of it when Chris cleared his throat. The big man looked impatient so Axel decided to get straight to it. “It’s taken care of. Sayid is going to talk to his brother about this job. He thinks he can convince him to cut us some slack. It is not going to come without a price but it won’t destroy our relationship with the president either. Plus, Sayid has said he will help us in finding Maria. I will meet him at my house tomorrow night and take him to our base.”

“You know, I thought that you not being able to keep it in your pants when there is a pretty guy in your line of sight was a bad thing.”




If this was any normal fuck, they would probably be fighting it out now, both showing their dominance. However, Sayid was blindfolded and that made him vulnerable. His head didn’t like it and was berating him for telling the larger man not to remove the fabric but his cock was screaming at him, telling him how hot it was. He felt strong arms wrap themselves around his chest and shivered as he felt hot breath in his ear.

“How would you like to be tied up, my little Syrian Prince?”

Sayid shook his head, not trusting himself to answer. Axel didn’t say anything else, just turned Sayid around before throwing him over his shoulder and carrying him up the stairs. Normally Sayid would have been punching him for doing something like that, but the loss of his sight made him feel more… How could he describe it? Pliant.

When they finally made it to the top of the stairs and into the larger man’s bedroom, Sayid felt himself being placed on the floor as Axel stepped in front of him. He could feel the man’s presence so close to him. Axel placed his hands on the smaller man’s shoulders. Sayid then reached up and placed his hands on either side of the German’s face. He still couldn’t see but he could only imagine the beautiful, lust-filled expression on his face. Axel started unbuttoning and unzipping Sayid’s trousers. He opened them and pulled out the smaller man’s cock. He was partially hard from anticipation and the shaft was starting to leak pre-cum.

He ran his finger over the tip of the Syrian’s cock and Sayid shivered. There was silence for a couple of seconds and the smaller man started to wonder what his lover was doing. Then he heard a moaning noise and he knew that the German was tasting his pre-cum. Being so used to working in the dark, Sayid was very good at discerning sounds and what they meant. He knew that Axel was getting on his knees to lick down the shaft that was now fully erect. The German teased the cock for a few minutes, obviously waiting for Sayid to start groaning. When he did, the larger man took the cock in his mouth. The Syrian moaned with pleasure and in that moan there was a great deal of tension released. The days recently had been hard for both of them. Now was just time to let go and also get to know each other again.

Axel started sucking Sayid’s shaft with his usual unexplainable talent. The large hands pushed the trousers further down around so that they bunched around the Syrian’s thighs before stroking up and round so that he was caressing his ass as he sucked him. That amazingly talented mouth went up and down and backed off to deliver a cheeky lick to the balls before he started sucking again.

Sayid ran his hands slowly through the short, slightly spiky hair. At first he guided the head gently as the German skilfully sucked at the shaft and pulled back to lick at the tip. Then he became impatient and tried to force him down. That probably wasn’t the best idea as the German grabbed his lover’s slim hips in a bruising hold and pulled back. Sayid was about to cry out and beg him not to do that, but before he could, Axel took his balls in his mouth and started working on them like he did his cock.

Sayid had never had his balls sucked before and it was a hell of an experience. He was already prone to calling out in ecstasy when his balls were played with by hands, but having them encased in a warm, wet mouth was something else entirely. Axel proved to be just as good as dealing with balls as he was with cock because before long he had Sayid’s knees buckling.

The German obviously thought that there had been enough preamble because he stood up and pushed the Syrian back onto the bed. Sayid felt the shadow of a huge weight climb on top of him and he knew that this was the time. Axel’s fingers touched Sayid’s neck and then trailed down his body to grab his cock. The Syrian bucked up, wanting more, but Axel just pushed him back down to the bed. The German settled himself between the smaller man’s knees and Sayid reached up to fiddle with the former’s trouser. Since he couldn’t see what he was doing, there was a lot of fumbling but he managed to get the zip undone. He then pulled the larger man’s huge, hard cock out and ran his hand over the tip. He made a little noise and placed his hands on Sayid’s hips.

“God, you are so beautiful. I need to have you.”

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