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Forbidden Star (MMF)

The Trenin Alliance

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 41,380
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Of the twenty crew members aboard the cargo ship The Xelis, Sasha was the only one who survived the crash on the technologically dead, desert world.

Injured, dehydrated, and alone, she seeks shelter in the escape pod that undoubtedly saved her life, only to wake up in a hide tent, with two strange, sexy-as-sin Trenin warriors looking over her, tending to her, caring for her.

Can she find a way off this world and get home to her family on the Human Colonies? Or will she stop fighting the pull that Drom and Nesh have over her?

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), m/m interaction

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The girls began to splash her, chasing her as they swam playfully, creeping slowly towards the two bathing males that had so captured her mind. She splashed Lura back, swimming backwards until she was caught in a pair of strong arms, wrapping around her middle, a thumb slowly sliding over the underside of her breasts.

“Greetings, Sasha. You amolsa?” The gravelly voice of Drom purred in her ear, thumb stroking back and forth against her heating flesh. She relaxed against him, slightly arching her back against his chest.

“Am I lost?” she assumed he’d said. “Maybe. Drom find me? Nesh find me?” she said with a soft purr. Behind her, Drom rumbled a sexy growl. The water was disturbed near him, and Nesh appeared.

“Greetings, Sasha.” He smiled. “Drom capture you?”

“I play in water. Lura, Sana, Teni, all play. Drom, Nesh play?” she asked with a cheeky grin, hoping that her words made sense. She was still trying to grapple with the strange language.

“Drom and Nesh want play Sasha. No Lura, no Sana, no Teni. Play Sasha.” She understood that Nesh was trying to keep it very simple for her limited understanding. “Play Sasha. Make happy.” Drom pulled her over to an area of the pool that was secluded, and out of the view of everyone else, thanks to an outcropping of dark purple rocks. The other girls had vanished, their plan apparently working to get their friend in the arms of the males who so obviously desired her, and whom she, too, desired. Her back was pressed against the hard rock. Drom pulled her away gently, letting Nesh slide in behind her.

“Hmm,” Drom rumbled. “Play Sasha.” His hands moved around to her sides, and she settled against Nesh’s warm, hard body. She felt his rising arousal pressing against one of her ass cheeks, and she shifted, letting him slide so they rested in the middle of her ass.

Behind her, Nesh groaned. “Sasha play, Nesh play.” He slid his tongue out and over her shoulder, up the side of her neck. “Taste, Sasha, good.” He breathed in her ear. She felt her body respond to the touch of his tongue against her skin, the hardness that rested against her ass.

Drom watched, his eyes on her as his hands slid over the swell of her breasts. She gasped softly, a moan spilling from her lips. Drom sealed his mouth over hers, tongue sliding against hers, tasting her for the first time. He, too, groaned softly against her mouth. She reluctantly pulled away as the sounds of laughter and water play came back to her suddenly fuddled mind.

“Shh, Sasha play, play quiet. Drom play.” Nesh said something to Drom, who rumbled his agreement. His eyes smoldered with lust, capturing her gaze with his before he ducked under the water, his long, braided hair spreading out in the water like an intricate mandala. His head moved towards her breasts, and she gasped as his mouth latched onto the hardened bud of a nipple. She moaned, tilting her head back against Nesh’s shoulder. Nesh was quick to capture her lips, his own tongue tracing the places where Drom’s had been but moments before.

Nesh broke the kiss as Drom rose from the water, the strands of his braided hair covering his face. Sasha watched as he pulled the sodden strands away, flicking water droplets to catch the light of the Triad as the three suns shone down on them. Nesh’s hand slid under the water, caressing her side, down over her hip to find the curls between her thighs.

Sasha gasped again, the sudden, erotic contact causing her body to tremble with the desire, the simple need for them to give her a release at their hands. The two males seemed to know what she wanted.

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