Brooke's Special Agents (MFM)

Men of Montana 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 90,319
7 Ratings (4.1)
[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Contemporary Cowboy Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Brooke Alton never thought she would return to the place where her life nearly took a horrible turn almost a year ago. She had been kidnapped, along with several others, by white slavers that were taking them to Canada.
Charged with helping with their rescue, two special agents, Bradley Smith and Frank Green, had been provided with a picture of Brooke, and they instantly fell in love with her.
When a business venture brought Brooke back to Kalispell, she soon found herself being romanced by the two men she had met briefly. Though they had a long-distance relationship, meeting to see if they had something together was needed.
As their love blossoms, a threat arises from one of their pasts that the men need to attend to. They task themselves with teaching Brooke that they are her protectors as well as her lovers. Can they win her heart while dealing with an unseen enemy?
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Brooke's Special Agents (MFM)
7 Ratings (4.1)

Brooke's Special Agents (MFM)

Men of Montana 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 90,319
7 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




It had only been a couple of months since she had arrived back in Montana. Nightmares of her abduction had plagued her after she had returned to Atlanta, but now that she was back in the area of where it had happened, they had gotten worse. So, why had she moved here?

Good question.

The route she had taken to get here was different from the first one when she was going to California for her self-celebration of her graduation from college. She refused to go through Pueblo as there were too many memories of her abduction there. Heading north had been the best way to go, going through Chicago and the northern plains.

Ten months ago, she’d gotten on her Harley-Davidson Dresser in Atlanta and began a cross-country trip. Her father, who had raised her alone after her mother had passed away, had expressed his concerns about his only child riding alone. Too many things could happen, although what had transpired hadn’t been a thought.

She had decided to take a cross-country trip to celebrate her graduation from college. She had gotten as far as a pit stop at a truck stop in Pueblo and encountered a flat tire when she got back to her bike. As she was getting ready to call a repair shop to get it fixed, she was grabbed by a man in a van. A sharp prick to her neck soon brought on a darkness, indicating she had been drugged.

Waking slowly, she found she was not only surrounded by the aroma of fruit, but also by a wooden crate. Panic ensued as she found she wasn’t alone. Other people were in other crates, girls, while a little boy was in hers. They were in a truck that was moving, to where, only God knew where.

After speaking quietly with the others held in captivity with her, she discovered she was the oldest of all of them and instinctively knew she needed to do whatever possible to help the others. The boy in her crate was getting sick, and Brooke had insisted the captors get him an inhaler for his asthma. Later, one of the little girls began to have the chills and came down with a fever.

Focusing on the welfare of the kids, Brooke pleaded with the men, Russians, pointing out that whoever was paying the men for their cargo wouldn’t want to take possession of sick people. Apparently, her pleas were answered, for a little while later, the truck was parked for quite a bit. When the back door was finally opened, a firefighter and a paramedic were with the men, though not by choice. Also, they had a high school aged girl whom they had kidnapped.

The girl appeared to be as terrified as what Brooke felt, and the men looked worried as the three Russian men had their guns aimed at the trio. After the newly arrived girl was caged, for that’s how Brooke was beginning to see their situation, their captors allowed the two sick kids to be treated.

Getting to work, the paramedic, Andrew Collins, treated first Petey, who was in with Brooke. The boy had begun to have an asthma attack as he was coming out of the anesthesia that had been administered when they were kidnapped. Andrew was able to leave an inhaler with Brooke to dispense the drug when needed. Next came Connie, who had developed a fever. There wasn’t much that could be done except give her some Tylenol, for Andrew was limited to what he had on hand.

The whole time that Andrew worked with Petey and Connie, the firefighter who was brought with him stood at the end of the truck, watching. The Russians kept an eye and a gun trained on him at all times.

From what Brooke could see from her position, they were in the mountains as pine trees, a dirt road, and a lot of brush on the ground were what she could see. Looking at the emblem on Andrew’s burnout coat, she saw that he was from Kalispell, Montana, and she knew that was a long way from Pueblo.

They are probably trying to get to Canada.

Once Andrew finished up what he had been brought in for, one of the tall Russians rushed in and handcuffed him to one of the crates. He didn’t fight them, but then, who would have with a gun staring you in the face?

The Russian jumped down from the back of the truck and rolled the door down behind him, blocking out the sunlight. But worse, they hadn’t brought in the firefighter.

Within a few moments, a gunshot rang out. The little kids screamed while Andrew fought against the metal shackle that held him captive. When the truck engine came to life and they began to move along the bumpy dirt road, Andrew settled down, his head bowed and turned away from Brooke. She knew he was crying.

Her heart went out to him, for she knew the two men had been friends. The kids with her all cried also as Brooke was becoming resigned to their fate.

The next day, rescue came to them in the form of Andrew’s friends. Some of them were law enforcement, and others weren’t. Andrew had told her that his friends stuck together and helped whenever help was needed, putting their own lives on the line because that was the type of people they were.

He had also spoken of his relationship with his lady love and his best friend with whom they had a polyamorous relationship. She had read romance stories with ménages in them, but Brooke had always thought those were just fiction. Andrew made it sound wonderful.

After their rescue, there were two men who seemed to gravitate to Brooke. Confusion reigned at what was going on until they finally sat her down before she left Kalispell and explained their intentions.

They had revealed that they had both fallen in love with her picture and were interested in beginning a relationship with her. With one of them, Frank Green, an FBI agent assigned to Denver, and the other, Bradley Smith, with Interpol, Brooke was convinced they would lose interest in her after she had returned to Atlanta.

They hadn’t.

Both men, on different assignments and even in different countries, continued to call her, wooing her long distance. 




A bare cunt was not what Bradley had expected to see when Frank had been playing with her earlier. Especially, from a virgin. Now, he ran his fingers down over her mound and delighted in the feeling of it. Silky smooth combined with her juices was something he wanted to feel on a daily basis, and now, he was going to do what he had been dreaming of since he had met her.

Moving carefully over her leg, he maneuvered himself onto his stomach, his shoulders between her legs. He glanced up at Brooke’s face and found her watching him. Her lips were slightly bruised from Frank’s kisses while her eyes, large and glazed, watched him.

He let his gaze skim down her body, stopping briefly at her breasts where Frank was kissing one and his hand was pulling on the other nipple. Her stomach undulated with her breathing, and her labia opened and closed as if in invitation, her essence teasing his nose.

With gentle fingers, he separated her lower lips and took a moment to take in her beautiful cunt. Her labia were a bit puffy, which hid the dark pink of her inner folds within along with her hard, erect clit peeking out from beneath its hood. Cream trickled from her opening, perfuming the air with her delicious aroma, causing his mouth water in anticipation.

Bradley ignored the slight pain in his thigh as he gave his widest smile to her. The corners of her mouth lifted slightly before a moan escaped her at Frank’s manipulations. Then, he moved in for the kill.

Lowering his head, he slid his tongue along her nether lips, triumphing when he felt her body shudder. Her cream tasted as sweet as he thought it would be. Sweet with a slight tang to it, but it was all her.

More cream trickled from her honeyed hole, and he pressed his lips against her and sucked. Her pussy was hot against his mouth as her thick lips fluttered around him.

He pulled his mouth back and gave another slow lick up her slit until he reached her swollen clit. It demanded attention as it peeked out from its hood, and Bradley was only too happy to oblige. Wrapping his lips round the nub, he sucked on it, reveling in the way her body reacted to him.

Brooke’s hips thrust out. However Bradley stayed with her, anticipating her reaction. Small cries of delight sounded from her as he suckled at her. Opening his eyes, he looked up the length of her and found her head thrown back as her body arched. Frank was still worshipping her ample breasts, a look of delight on his face.

The heat of her labia around his mouth was overwhelming as he flicked at the pebble of her clit with his tongue. Against his chin, her warm honey leaked from her as she raced toward the orgasm he intended to give her. Her hips kept rising, but Frank’s hand lowered to her lower stomach to try to hold her down. Bradley marveled that he was the one to get her so riled up that her body was reaching out for more.


* * * *


Heat coursed through her body as a tingling sensation blossomed in her pussy. Waves of pleasure had her hips seeking out more of Bradley’s manipulations even though Frank tried to hold her down.

Frank used his mouth to suckle at her breast and then switched to nibbling and back again, providing her more sensations than what she thought her body could withstand. Reading erotic romances had given her an insight to what an orgasm would feel like. However, this was more than she had expected. She was on a crash course for something big.

Bradley’s mouth sucked again on her clit right before she felt a couple of his fingers enter her pussy. They felt large inside her as they began to shuttle in and out of her, driving that tingling sensation to fevered proportions.

There was a sensitive spot inside her that Bradley kept striking, each time driving her higher. His fingers moved at lightning speed. Frank released her breast and came up to cover her mouth with his right before Bradley bit softly on her clit.

She exploded into a ball of spasms from her cunt that spiraled out to every nerve ending in her body. Her breath caught in her throat as her body tightened up. Lights burst behind her eyelids while her heart pounded wildly in her chest. 

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