Lily's Hot Duo (MMF)

Men of Montana 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 88,780
9 Ratings (3.7)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, HEA]
Months ago, Lily Dempsey had set Morgan Campbell and Kyle Burton’s hearts on fire when they first laid eyes on her. As firefighters it's normally their job to put out fires, but this is one that they want to escalate into a roaring bonfire!  
Mental scars have had Lily hiding in a world of her own making, a world that both men want to tear down. They want to build a shared world with her, but they have a past of their own that could dampen their intentions. Care is taken to break down the walls that Lily has constructed around herself, giving the two men hope at a life with her—for they don’t want to lose her.  
When a forest fire threatens what Kyle and Morgan hold dear, it's a race against time to get to Lily and bring her home. Will they succeed in saving her...and their hearts?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lily's Hot Duo (MMF)
9 Ratings (3.7)

Lily's Hot Duo (MMF)

Men of Montana 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 88,780
9 Ratings (3.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Ugh!” Lily said as she let her head hit the desk. This writer’s block was really getting to her. After she’d sustained her injuries on the mountain and been on painkillers, her writing had suffered. The grogginess had finally left her, but the entire experience had left her unsure of herself and her writing.

Always wanting to give her fans as much of a real experience as she possibly could, she had hired a group of teenagers to teach her to snowboard. Unfortunately, her introverted self was too worried about others seeing her fall and make a fool of herself, so they had taken her to the back side of Blacktail Mountain. Plus, it wouldn’t cost them a thing.

When she was trapped on the mountain with Jake, he had talked about the woman he shared with his best friend, Andrew. Reverence was in his words and the love that laced his words touched her.

Lily had seen the love her parents shared and had always wanted a love like that, but her shyness would always be her undoing. Listening to Gwen’s problems from her past and how she had overcome them gave her some hope, but having an actual relationship scared the crap out of her.

Romance writing had been something she had been doing since she was a teenager. The flowery sentiments and steamy sex scenes had all been in her imagination. Her readers would be surprised to find out that she, the famous Janine Allen, was still a virgin. Worse, she had never even been out on a date.

One thing that came of the stunt that nearly took her life: Lily had two suitors. Two unwelcome suitors.

Kyle and Morgan had been pursuing her since that night. Flowers would arrive every day, first at the hospital, and now at the house. Boxes of chocolates arrived at least once a week and the fruit displays from Edible Arrangements were something that Jimmy and the ranch hands scoped out as soon as the delivery van left the house.

She did everything she could to discourage the advances of the two firefighters. The first week she had tried to return the flowers but the delivery man refused to take them back. She called the fire station and told their captain that they needed to stop, but either the man didn’t pass on the message or the duo wasn’t listening.

She had to admit, they were something to look at. Handsome features, muscular bodies, and kind hearts were what every woman in a romance novel wanted and both men held all of those features. Even Lily had spent many a night dreaming about them. She had gone as far as satisfying her womanly needs a few times with the vibrator she had hidden under her bed.

In their presence, her mind turned into a jellyfish. Thoughts disappeared, or ran rampant in her head. Speech floated away on the breeze, leaving her a bumbling, stuttering mess, and her body trembled with unsure capability.

Lily wished she could be more in control of herself like the new friends she had made, but she just didn’t have the self-confidence needed to pull it off.

Even now, Kyle had been out of the hospital for about four weeks and she still hadn’t been to see him. He had been shot and left for dead by a group of sadistic human traffickers who had kidnapped him and Andrew to be able to use Andrew’s medical training to help some of their victims who had gotten sick. Kyle had been collateral damage and he had been shot and then left out in the woods to die.

To say that she didn’t have many feelings for the man as the search party, which included her brother Jimmy and their ranch hands, scoured the mountains looking for him, would be a lie. When the news came in that they had found Kyle, she was so relieved, but she still couldn’t bring herself break out of her comfort zone and visit him.

Lily knew she appeared sad and pathetic and even uncaring, but she didn’t know what else to do. She wasn’t strong enough to pull out of the safe, comfortable world she had carefully created for herself.

It didn’t matter, though. The two men continued to seek her out. From his hospital bed, Kyle had called her several times a day to try to talk to her, leaving a voicemail each time. The flowers still came, causing her to cry at the thoughtfulness and how selfish she was. The other gifts continued also.

Now, Kyle was nearly able to go back to work, his recuperation time nearly ended, and they had both come to visit her earlier in the day. She had lunch with them in the kitchen along with Jimmy, and five of his top ranch hands.

As the men talked, Lily served them food, trying hard to avoid getting caught up in any conversation, especially the one about menage. Answers to questions Kyle and Morgan asked of her were short, but the one she couldn’t avoid was if she would go out on a date with them.




Feeling Morgan’s hands on his chest, Kyle wanted more. Reaching between them, he grasped the front of Morgan’s light blue button up shirt and pulled it apart, reveling in hearing the small round buttons hit the hardwood floor of their living room in sporadic areas. It was going to be interesting to find them later on.

He heard Morgan’s groan as the man lowered his head down to lean his forehead against Kyle’s. Kyle smoothed his hands up Morgan’s torso, over the ridges of abs and then the curve of his pecs. As his palms rubbed across the puckered small discs, he felt his cock harden in his jeans.

Not realizing he had closed his eyes, Kyle opened them to look at Morgan, who was just an inch or so away. Morgan’s light green eyes with flecks of gold were watching Kyle as if trying to anticipate his next move. That was his role.

A few years ago, their friends, Andrew and Jake, had turned them on to BDSM, and they had embraced it. After performing several scenarios, they found their rhythm, in which Kyle was the more dominant of the two, and Morgan enjoyed serving Kyle.

Now Morgan was watching, waiting, for Kyle’s instructions. He knew that when Kyle became aggressive, the roles which they took so seriously were now active.

Kyle shifted his knee, lifting it up so that his thigh was pressed against Morgan’s crotch. He could feel that his friend was as aroused as he was. Hard and long was hiding beneath denim material, a metal zipper, and a button. Just knowing that sent waves of delight down to his own cock, making it as hard as steel.

Leaning down slightly, Kyle caught one of Morgan’s nips between his teeth, giving slight pressure as he closed his jaw. Morgan hissed as he pressed his chest further into Kyle’s face and began to rub himself on Kyle’s thigh.

A chuckle rumbled in Kyle’s chest. With the hard protruding nub between his teeth, Kyle spoke carefully so as not to put any more pressure on it. “You’d better not come in your jeans, boy!”

“No, Sir,” Morgan whispered against the top of Kyle’s head.  “Not until you give me permission.”

“Good boy.”

The intake of air at his praise told Kyle that Morgan was pleased with his role. As he slowly released the breath, it was ragged and filled with reverence. God, how he loved this man.

Releasing the nip that was in his mouth, Kyle moved over to the neglected one, giving it the same treatment. He let his hands move down over the bared abs to the waistband of the jeans that were deterring him from feeling the cock he wanted to hold. He made quick work of dispensing with the button and the zipper and felt the massive cock spring forth out of its material prison.

Moisture struck his wrist as it grazed the tip of Morgan’s cock, testifying to his arousal. Wrapping his hand around the girth of it, Kyle held what he had been missing for the past two months.

The hard nub in his mouth was released with a pop as he knelt down before Morgan. Wrapping his hands around the back of his lover’s thighs, he pulled him closer before gliding his tongue up the length of the cock before him.

Morgan’s dick pulsed and danced under Kyle’s tongue, weeping its desire. After several swipes of his tongue, Kyle opened his mouth and captured the tip. Holding just the corona in his mouth, he licked at the slit that oozed out pre-cum, reveling in the taste that was Morgan. Oh, how he had missed this.

As he savored the proffered cock, he thought about Lily and what it would be like to have her as a third in their home. He also wondered if she would welcome their BDSM lifestyle. He certainly hoped so.

The twitching in his mouth told him that Morgan wasn’t too far away from coming. It had been so long since they had made love and the thoughts they both had of making love to Lily were overwhelming to both of them.

Moving forward, Kyle took Morgan down to the root and held still. He knew Morgan wouldn’t come without permission and didn’t want to prolong him for too long, but he had to savor it a bit longer. Swallowing around the head of the cock, Kyle heard the growl that emanated from Morgan as the man’s legs trembled at the action.

Slowly, he pulled back until just the tip remained between his lips. Kyle circled his tongue around it several times before he played with the slit at the top, soft moans sounding from him.

“Oh, please, Sir!” he heard Morgan exclaim above him. “Have mercy on me!”

After another swipe of his tongue, Kyle gave his boy the relief he needed. He sucked the entire length of Morgan’s nine-inch cock down to the back of his throat and then slapped the back of his thigh, a hand signal they had worked on in the past giving him permission to come.

It was but a few seconds before Morgan slammed his hips forward, gagging Kyle with his engorged dick. Spurt after spurt was released into Kyle’s throat, supplying his juice to his lover freely until he was dry.

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