[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M/M, food play, HEA]
Joe Ray Mullins can’t escape the sins of his father and is constantly looking over his shoulder. Trouble seems to lurk everywhere he goes. When two men are looking for him at a rodeo, he is leery because his father has recently been paroled from prison, and many are seeking to find him.
Christian Wright didn’t want to be in Kansas City with the owner of the XYZ Ranch, Zander Wesley, scouting for new members to begin with. He liked the event even less when the hot calf roper, Zander, who he has his sights set on, sticks a gun to his head in the restroom. They cut their losses and chalk up the event as nothing more than time wasted.
When they find Joe Ray badly beaten in the parking lot, they miss their flight in order to get him to safety. Who knew the bad boy image Joe Ray projected is nothing more than a ruse?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Joe Ray's Story (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Joe Ray and Christian......heaven:-)
This just keeps getting better and better! I love these cowboys?
donna b buccella




Christian’s cell rang and he quickly answered it. “What did ya find out?”

Dean chuckled. “Wow, Zander knows how to pick ’em. Joe Ray Mullins has quite an interesting history and rap sheet.”

“Figures,” Christian said and snorted.

“The guy is twenty-four, recently spent a night in jail on a public drunk charge. Six months ago he was arrested at a bar for pulling a concealed weapon out during a fight. Charges are still pending in that case. Let’s see, ah, he is from Missouri and seems to have a lead foot. I’ve counted nearly eight speeding violations, one in excess of a hundred miles per hour. Holy shit, he had one hell of a fine and served jail time over that stint.” Dean laughed loudly through the phone. “You boys picked a live wire.”

“Great.” Christian shook his head and caught Zander’s attention. “You better let Zander know.”

Christian handed the phone to Zander and motioned that he was heading to the men’s room. There’s nothing like wasting two hours. I love walking around aimlessly. The venture would be at a dead end now. Zander never considered men with criminal records. It was frustrating for Christian to be in Kansas City in the first place. He’d rather be back at the ranch working.

A couple of men shuffled out of the restroom and Christian stepped out of the way. “Excuse me, fellas.” He walked on in and stepped up to a urinal. Only one other man was in there and he seemed to be having a hard time just standing up.

Midstream, Christian heard boots clunk behind him. Someone grabbed the back of his shoulders and slammed him face first into the concrete wall. Something hard jabbed at the side of his head.

Oh, fuck.

“Who are you and why in the hell are you looking for me?” A deep voice whispered in his ear.

“Listen, pal, I’m not telling you anything until you get that gun off my fucking head,” Christian stated with a growl. This was one hell of a predicament he found himself in, standing at a urinal with his dick hanging out, and a psycho with an attitude problem pointing a weapon at his temple. He always seemed to find trouble even when he wasn’t looking for it.

The man pushed Christian’s face harder against the wall. “I’m not playing around, asshole.”

Christian expelled a shaky breath. “Do you always expect the worst if someone is looking to find you?”


Christian sighed. “We’re not here for anything illegal or to inflict any harm, I can tell ya that.”

“What in the fuck are you here for?” The guy spoke in a low, irritated voice.


The man made an irritated noise and pushed his forearm harder against Christian’s neck. “I don’t know how many times I’ve got to tell y’all this, but I don’t know where my father is, nor do I participate in his activities. The answer is no. So save yourself some trouble and get the hell out of here.”

“Goddamn, man. Who in the hell normally looks for you?” Christian asked and tried to look over his shoulder.

“That’s none of your business. You and your partner better stay the hell away from me. Be sure to tell your boss the same.”

Christian laughed and shook his head. “Boy, you’ve got this all wrong.”

Joe Ray stepped back and allowed Christian to turn around. “I’m going to ask you one more time. Who are you?”

“My name is Christian and I am scouting for the XYZ Ranch,” he replied and wished he could take the gun and shove it right up the young punk’s ass. There was more to this and he knew it. Average men didn’t pack around a gun and look over of their shoulders. Joe Ray was obviously in the middle of a situation he couldn’t escape from.

“You expect me to believe that? Seriously, who sent you?” Joe Ray glared and slipped his gun inside his vest when a man walked in.

They both stood quiet for a moment as the new bathroom customer stepped up to a urinal. Christian walked over to the sink and began washing his hands, keeping his eyes on Joe Ray. The drunk slowly meandered toward the exit, no wiser to what was going on than the man currently relieving himself. Joe Ray leaned against the counter with one hand still in his vest and stared at Christian.

Joe Ray chewed his lip and expelled an irritated breath. Christian noted his rugged good looks, citing how sexy he looked with his unshaven face. His pale green eyes possessed a lethal quality. He was intense and damn sure paranoid.

When the stranger finished his business he came to the sink between Christian and Joe Ray to wash his hands. Christian stepped out of the way and turned to yank out a few paper towels for the guy as a courtesy since he was in the way. No surprise to Christian, but Joe Ray had fled when his back was turned. Figures, Christian thought as he handed the towels to the man at the sink and exited the bathroom.




“Yeah, well it’s obvious I’ll always be known as Timothy Mullins’s son. I’ve tried to change minds, be successful on my own, and I keep running into situations like these.” Joe Ray shook his head and kicked the ground. “No matter what I do no one sees me.”

“I do.” Christian closed the gap between them and caressed Joe Ray’s face. “You’re a good man, honest, and hard working. I’ve spent a week working with you and I see a man who takes pride is his work and doesn’t cut corners. Thomas can’t help being an asshole, so consider the source. As far as your father is concerned, close that door on your past. I know it isn’t easy, but I’d like to see you overcome it all and show the world exactly what I see.”

Joe Ray shut his eyes and held Christian’s hand against his face. “Do you think you’ll ever kiss me again?”

“Yes,” Christian whispered and pressed his cold lips Joe Ray’s. He groaned as the moment quickly heated up and their kiss deepened. Joe Ray pulled him close and hummed. In the distance coyotes howled as darkness settled in. Cows bellowed for their babies, readying for the night. A cold breeze made them both shiver. “Mmm,” he hummed and hated to break up the moment, but at this rate knew he couldn’t contain his enthusiasm any longer.

Christian had spent the week dreaming of the two of them together. His desire had only grown the more he learned about Joe Ray. He was at his breaking point and couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Don’t leave me tonight,” Joe Ray pleaded between kisses. “I want you so bad. I need you.”

“Come on, gorgeous.” Christian tugged Joe Ray to follow him to the truck. He opened the door and patted Joe Ray on the ass. There was no way in hell he had the patience to wait until they got back to the bunkhouse.

They had started the truck twenty minutes earlier to warm it up and were met with a hot blast of air. No sooner did he shut the door behind them until Joe Ray fisted the front of his shirt and roughly yanked him to his mouth.

“Here, now. I’ve dreamt about you all week. Every time I look at you I get hard and ache to feel you inside me. I’ve resisted the urge to sneak into your bunkhouse during the night and wake you. Everything about you keeps me aroused and it’s killing me.”

Christian pushed Joe Ray against the passenger door and settled between his legs. Their hard shafts brushed together and an out-of-control force took over. He pushed his lips to Joe Ray’s and thrust his tongue deep into his mouth. They hummed, tongues swirling together with eagerness.

“I’ve wanted you since we were in that shower room together,” Christian admitted and grinded his hips between Joe Ray’s legs, earning him an approving growl.

“Get these clothes off.” Christian yanked the snap buttons on Joe Ray’s shirt apart. He dipped down and flicked his tongue over his erect nipple.

“Fuck, yeah.” Joe Ray moaned and fisted his hands in Christian’s hair.

There wasn’t enough room. The cramped space made everything difficult. Christian smacked his elbow on the radio while jerking Joe Ray’s buckle open. Loud music belted from the speakers.

“Damn it!” Christian said with a growl and Joe Ray laughed. When he moved to turn the radio off Joe Ray stopped him.

“Leave it, I like it.” Joe Ray sat up and wiggled his jeans down.

The windows had begun to fog up, creating a privacy curtain to the outside world that might want to look in. Joe Ray kicked off his boots and pulled his jeans and underwear completely off and immediately began tugging at Christian’s belt. An upbeat country song played while Joe Ray eased Christian’s jeans to his knees. Joe Ray’s hot mouth wrapped around the head of his cock and teased the tip with his tongue.

“God, yes,” Christian whispered and guided his mouth. It had been so long for Christian. His eyes rolled back and he savored the feeling. This first time would be quick and he knew he’d blow like a virgin getting to first base.

“All the things I want to do to you, Christian,” Joe Ray stated and blew air over Christian’s wet cock. “Later, I’ll blow your mind.”

“You’re about to blow it now. Stop. Kiss me.”

Joe Ray rose up and grinned as he slowly moved closer, their lips were barely apart. His eyes flickered with mischief. The excruciatingly slow kiss he delivered made Christian’s toes curl. He gently stroked his cock with pain throbbing from base to tip.

“In the glove box is a condom and lube. I have to have you now.”

“I can’t wait.” Joe Ray reached behind him and jerked the handle of the box. It bounced open and he grabbed the items. His fingers trembled as he tore the condom wrapper open. He looked so sexy with his cute smile and cock jutting straight up. After positioning the condom on Christian’s pole he slowly eased it down the length of him, licking his lips with a big grin perched on his face.

“Straddle me.” Christian pulled at Joe Ray’s legs, urging him forward.

Joe Ray squatted and teased the tip of his cock. His hand trembled as he squirted lube over his pole and smeared Joe Ray’s rosebud with the excess. They moaned, knowing what was coming next. Joe Ray eased down and the head of his cock pushed past the ring of tight muscles.

“Fuck!” Joe Ray quivered and Christian steadied him. “It’s been so long.” He hissed and stilled.

“Breathe,” Christian coaxed and gently wiggled his hips. Sweat beaded over his forehead and his own breaths were short and excited. “That’s it, take me in.” He exhaled a breath, overcome by Joe Ray’s ass gripping him tight. “Oh, god.” He took rapid breaths as Joe Ray gradually sank down on him.

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