Lania's Pet (MF)

Soldiers of Passion 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,892
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, sex toys, HEA]
Years, Lania has taken Cal’s needs into her hands. Taken them, controlled them, and marveled in the way he has so obediently submitted to her. Years she has craved to have what he has, the trust to submit. A bad decision made by her stupid youthful self made sure that any trust in a master was something she would never experience. Can Cal convince Lania he is worthy of her trust? That he can take her to that splendid pace she has taken him so many times. Lania’s past has caught up to her and Cal will do anything to make sure she is safe. Little does he realize that not only is Lania a splendid Mistress, but she can take care of herself just as well. Cal needs to provide for his Mistress her deepest need. Submitting. Lania must turn to Cal for something she has lost. Trust. Can Lania trust in her pet?
Note: This book contains a heroine who is a domme.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lania's Pet (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Lania's Pet (MF)

Soldiers of Passion 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,892
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Cal took the drink and waited and watched as she crossed the room to an ornate-looking desk, opening the top drawer and pulling out an envelope. His eye caught the sway of her hips as she returned to him. His gaze met hers and his cheeks flushed as she smirked at him. She was good at watching him. Catching him doing things he shouldn’t be doing.

Lania softened her smile, handing him the envelope. “There are reasons I pursue the lifestyle I do, Cal.” She took a sip of her whiskey, nodding for him to open the envelope.

Cal swallowed the lump in his throat. He didn’t like this. It was the same envelopes he received at work. Usually they were full of nasty pictures of women who had been used and killed in animalistic ways. He put his glass down on the floor between his feet and opened the envelope. He pulled out the files, taking note of the pictures paper clipped to them.

He set aside the write up and went immediately to the pictures. His brow furrowed at the victim lying sprawled out, tied to the bed. Red welts marred pasty white flesh. This woman had been victimized in a horrid way.

“Who is she?” he asked, looking at the bleach-blonde hair splayed out around the bruised face. Her wrists and ankles were in chains, and not the nice ones his own had been in when Lania had chained him up. These chains in the pictures were rusty and rough looking. They had definitely made the woman bleed.


Cal’s heart dropped to the pit of his stomach and then his stomach churned.

Lania smiled kindly at him. She was sure it was the same sympathetic smile her mother gave to those who were in need of assurance that all was good and okay. “It happened years ago. Decade actually.” She shrugged, meeting his gaze. “I was young and stupid. I thought I knew what I was doing.”

Cal shook his head. “What the hell happened? This woman looks dead!”

Lania chuckled. It was a familiar chuckle to Cal, one that told a person how silly they were. “They had drugged me. I barely felt anything,” she murmured, avoiding sight of the pictures. It was a lie. A lie she told everyone so they wouldn’t pity her. Well, besides her psychiatrist, her doctor, and Laird. It was how she met Laird. Her psychiatrist was a member at his club and when she revealed why she had been at the warehouse in the first place he had sent her to Laird.

Cal snorted. “Bullshit! No woman who was drugged would have bleeding wrists and ankles. You struggled and struggled hard.” He growled, his grip tightening on the pictures. His only want was to crush them, find the fuckers that did this and crush them into the nothingness they were!

Lania released a shaky breath. “I don’t allow men to dominate me, Cal. I never will. The outcome would be embarrassing for both of us.”

“Bull-fucking-shit, Lania! You didn’t overreact, you held your ground and made sure I knew who was in control that night.”

Lania raised a brow, and Cal knew that one motion told him she was not amused with his assumption. Or that perhaps she didn’t like him raising his voice at her.

He released a calming breath, shoved the pictures back in the envelope, and let the envelope fall to the floor. He plucked up his whiskey and took a swig, enjoying the burn as it trailed down his throat to his empty gut, which, right on cue, growled.

“Oh silly Cal, here I’ll get Jarden to bring some food,” she murmured, rising.

“I don’t need food. I need you to know you are always in control! You of all people should know that, Lania.”

Lania snorted. “I am when I am your Mistress. Any other position I am not,” she replied picking up a phone. “Yes Jarden, steak, asparagus, and a side of fettuccine. Yes, the thick garlic toast—” She glanced back at him. “A nice wine and cherry pie for dessert, please.”

Cal furrowed his brow. One fucking meal with the woman and she knew his favorite meal on the face of the planet and even remembered the pie he didn’t have room for afterward. He slumped back, catching sight of the write-up. He plucked them up and rubbed his wrist across his forehead. “Who found you? Which precinct?” he asked, looking over the report already retrieving the answer. She had been four fucking states over when this had happened. “How much time did they get?”

Lania grunted. “Enough,” she murmured, sitting back down.

Cal grunted. “Death is what they should have gotten,” he grumbled, flipping the page over. “Three days you were with these guys!” He growled.

Lania sighed. “I don’t want to discuss the whole episode. I just wanted you to be aware why I am the one who stands above.”

Cal put the papers aside and leaned forward, his elbows coming to rest on his knees. “You don’t need to stand above to be in control, Lania, and you know it. You would be in deep denial or fucked in the head to even think that one for a minute!” He set his drink back down between his feet and folded his hands, bringing them up to his face.

He looked as if he were praying. Lania had never seen this side of Cal. The way his broad thick shoulders bunched, the way he was hunched over as if ready to pounce and cover her if need be. “I don’t do submissive, Cal. I never will.”




“What about my panties?” she asked, her long legs wrapped around his waist. Cal grinned, burying his face against her breast. “Trust me, woman, I will get those panties gone in due time.”

Lania laughed out, a thrill of something she had not felt in forever sweeping through her. Challenge, want, and pure uninhibited desire. Followed briefly by fear, uncertainty and the realization that this was happening. She was going to allow a man to fuck her. She cleared the second round of thoughts from her mind. She would not focus on the scary. She would focus on the now. On this man, her man. The gentleness he had with her. The love in his eyes. The passion in his voice. “Will you kiss my pussy?” she asked, running her fingers through his silky hair.

Cal growled against her breast. His tongue laved her pebbled nipple. “I will kiss it, your scrumptious pussy.” Another lick, followed by a suck. “Then I’ll lick it.” He sucked her nipple into his mouth, his teeth biting lightly. Lania arched her back to him, making him groan and grind his hips against hers. “I may even finger-fuck that beautiful pussy,” he declared. Grasping her panties in one quick movement, he tore them from her body.

“Oww!” she growled, pulling his hair. “That hurt!” she grumbled, heart accelerating at the feel of his thick hard dick pressed against her wet cunt. A moment of fear seized her. Then eased as Cal rolled his hips his dick gliding through her juices. “Oooh,” she hummed, hips grinding against his. “Yeah, you’re forgiven,” she whispered at the delicious feeling overwhelming her. “Can we hurry please?” she asked in the most sophisticated voice she could muster in her breathless state.

Cal chuckled. His hand grasped her chin. He made her look at him. “Sweetheart. A man does not hurry a lovemaking session. Ever.”

Lania couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face from his words. The biggest word to stick out, love. Yes he was saying lovemaking, but to hear love come from his lips made her insides flip flop and tremble with nervousness. “But I want it now,” she replied arrogantly.

Cal caressed her lower lip with his thumb. “I know, and you will get it and feel it and want it again and again,” he assured. And by damn he would goddamn make sure she wanted it again and again! His mouth claimed hers in a hungry kiss as hi hand groped her breast. He thrust his hips against her, his dick blissfully gliding through her slick juices. He released her mouth with a groan and nipped at her jaw, then her neck. He could feel her hot breath as she panted as her body strained against him.

Lania tensed as he eased into her body. His dick was intrusive but ever so filling. She released a sigh and her gaze met his and held as he buried himself deeply in her. His breath was hot on her face and his hands grasped hers in a possessive manner. Her breath caught and panic filled her. He wanted to possess her.

“Calm down, Lania,” Cal whispered, seeing the fear in her eyes. His lips drifted over hers. He loosened his grip on her hands and easily slid in and out of her. “Look at me, hon, not away,” he whispered, pressing his forehead to hers. Praying he could hold on.

Lania’s gaze met his and there he focused. Her cunt contracted around him, squeezing him, begging him to fill her. “Faster, Cal,” Lania pleaded as she felt the sweet burn. Her head rolled to the side and her hips bucked against his. Her grip tightened on his hands and then growled when he didn’t comply. “Err, Cal! Please!” she begged, bucking her hips against his.

Cal chuckled shaking his head pulling out of her completely. “Sorry, babe.” He chortled, his mouth covering her erratic pulse at the base of her neck. He made his way down his mouth making love to every part of her body.

Lania panted, her tummy trembled as his lips kissed a path straight to her pussy. “Mmmm, yes please.” She sighed, grasping the sheets as his mouth hovered over her pulsating pussy. Her legs spread further, inviting him to taste her, to please her. When his tongue dragged along her slit, she near split in two.

The squeal that escaped her filled Cal with want. His tongue darted out and flicked her hard nub and her hips rose off the bed. “Cal!” she gasped, rubbing her pussy against his mouth. Cal grinned, grasping her hips, and took delight in devouring her pussy. His tongue flicking her delightfully hardened nub. Lania screamed as the rolls of ecstasy shot through her. Rolling over her, up her, down and then up again. As they took her high, higher then shot her to another place. Her body froze in place and tensed as the orgasm took over and claimed her.

Cal knelt between her legs and pulled her to his groin, his dick slamming home. The high-pitched scream that ripped from her fed his hunger for her further. “That’s it, baby.”

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