Past Her Time (MF)

The Lineage 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 81,494
0 Ratings (0.0)

[BookStrand Historical Romance, time travel]

Agent Alex Raines takes no prisoners—in her job or in her personal life. But all of that changes when the time travel organization the Lineage sends her to 1793 Revolutionary France. Used to a "get in, get out," modus operandi, she finds her heart and will tested by local English nobleman Lord Gabriel Huntington, whose reasons for being there are as deceptive as her own.

In the midst of revolution and betrayal, can these two learn to take off the disguises and trust each other? Or will the fate of the world and time travel rest on Alex's ability to betray the one man she has come to love?

A BookStrand Mainstream Romance


Past Her Time (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Past Her Time (MF)

The Lineage 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 81,494
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

5 CUPCAKES: "This was a wonderful story and I couldn't put it down. I've always been a sucker for time-travel romances, but this has got to be one of the best ones I've ever read. The characters are believable and the chemistry between the main characters is undeniable. This book will have you routing for their love through everything that happens throughout the story. Alex is a strong heroine and someone that readers can look up to. She fights for herself and does what she feels is right, regardless of what time period she's in. Gabriel is a hero that readers can find themselves falling for. One thing that always bothers me is when the hero in a romance just isn't attractive and there is nothing substantial between the hero and heroine. That isn't the case in this novel. Another aspect of this novel that is so great is that you can never be sure what's going to happen next. I was guessing until the end and even THEN the author kept surprising me. I would definitely recommend this book to romance lovers out there, especially if you have an interest in history and/or time-travel. It is definitely worth it to pick this book up. It is a very well-written novel." -- Paperbacks and Frosting

4 BOOKS: "Many people have a job they love, whether it's a high paying job that gives them power, or traveling around the world; performing on stage for thousands of people, being on the movie screen, or having the kind of job that helps people. Alex Raines loves her job. Not only does she travel the world, she travels through time. Yes, I said it, she is a time traveler. Alex was recruited into The Lineage. She's a good agent, and good at her job. Her latest assignment sends her over two hundred years into the past. Alex is a kick-butt heroine that doesn't let anything or anyone stand in the way of getting the job done. She'll go in, do what she needs to, and get out. Not this time. She's attracted the attention of Lord Gabriel Huntington. To be honest, he's caught her attention as well, but Alex isn't supposed to allow anything to get in the way of what she's come back in time to do. Does her heart listen? No, not really. The deception she keeps from Gabriel may be the kicker that keeps them apart. How could they ever be together when she doesn't even live in his century? Gabriel is curious about this feisty, strong willed woman. She's not anything like the other women he's known in his life. Amidst all the action and danger, he loses his heart to this woman. Both Gabriel and Alex are well crafted characters that found their way into my thoughts when I wasn't reading. Past Her Time isn't like most time travel stories out there. Ms. Jarvis has taken an interesting new spin on the element of going through time and has made even more fun and exciting. There's a well blended mix of things in this story that will take readers on a whirlwind journey of action, deception, and of course, love. I enjoyed reading this novel very much. The plot has plenty of twists, and some surprises at the end. The characters are bold and brave. Each has their own important role in the story. I loved the author's take on this type of story. It's said that there will be a sequel. I hope that The Lineage turns into a series. Reading more about this group would be a blast. Readers, if you enjoy a story that has it all- and an exiting new twist, then Past Her Time is just the book for you!"  -- Sunflower, Long and Short Reviews

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She could tell him the truth. Although Alex doubted the “saving your ass” part would go over well, and she’d already had one narrow escape today.

The road ahead came into focus, along with her equilibrium. Gabriel slowed their pace from the brisk, can’t-catch-a-breath canter he’d whipped the horse into after clearing the Paris gates.

“I’m rather embarrassed to tell you why I’m out here, ah, alone.” She pushed tangled hair out of her eyes and decided bonnets had their uses after all.

Gabriel didn’t respond.

Alex frowned slightly. She recognized the tactic. Give the subject enough rope or silence, and they’ll hang themselves. “I—I’ve been trying to learn how to drive. I know it’s not considered a very appropriate skill for a lady, but I thought it might be useful.” Half-truths were more plausible than full lies.  

He pursed his lips but still didn’t answer.

“It seemed it would be easier to practice outside the city where no one would see me. I didn’t realize how difficult it is, though. I lost control.”


Alex attempted a smile. “I—I apologize for the incident back there. The guards are rather difficult these days.”

“Do you leave the city often?” Gabriel asked casually, the first words he’d spoken.

Damn. His trick had worked, and she’d been careless with her tongue. No man had ever flustered her this much or made her, even briefly, forget her duties as an agent for the Lineage. Despite his lazy smiles, this man was sharp.

“No. This was the first time I’ve tried it. I even borrowed my maid’s dress. I’m sure you must think I am a complete—”

“What I think is that you need a proper teacher.” Gabriel took her hands and curled her fingers around the reins. The leather was smooth and warm, as was his breath against her neck when he leaned over to arrange her grip on the harness.

“Now pull back, gentle. Let them slide through your hands, but keep the tension in the rein.” His fingers splayed over hers, almost a caress.

Alex relaxed her grip and felt the tension not only in the rein but also her body. She breathed in deeply, trying to focus her attention on the lesson and not the man.

“You can also wrap the reins around your fingers for more traction, but be careful of how tight it is. If your horse becomes frightened or tries to bolt, you could break a few bones.”

She nodded. Wisdom of experience or example? Had a young Gabriel learned a harsh lesson? She’d been taught one at a young age, when the saddle girth of her horse broke at a full gallop. She had walked away with a concussion, a broken wrist, and healthy respect for the animal and her own shortcomings. 

“I remember,” Alex muttered, turning to look at Gabriel.

He met her gaze with one that seemed puzzled then cleared his throat. “Keep your eyes on the road.”

“Yes, sir.” A small laugh escaped. It was the same admonition her driving instructor had given her, right before she’d crashed into a tree.

“I think that will do for today. By chance, were you ‘practicing’ the night we met?”

“You have me quite figured out,” Alex said before she handed him the reins, reluctantly letting her hands slide away from his.

“Not quite, madame. But I am doing my best.” His tone, along with the smile that accompanied it, teased. Then he abruptly pulled the horses to a stop. “I think we should rest a moment before heading back.”

He helped her dismount, although his touch against her waist was fleeting.

Alex glanced around, assessing the scene before her. The clearing was beautiful, the flowers opening to the early spring sun, the trees leafy and their trunks wide, old, judging by their size and tenacious grip on the ground.

It was also dangerous.

There were few places to hide, or run. Anyone could sneak up on them from the west, where the land dipped below sight. They would have little time to make it back to the carriage, which wouldn’t hold up in a pursuit. Alex shook her head at the turn of her thoughts. They were safely away from the city and had seen no one for miles, not even Auguste. What was she worried about?

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