The Fortunes of Fausto (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 74,028
2 Ratings (3.5)

[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Romance, M/M, with M/M/M]

Recently retired professional football player Fausto Mardones-Gil is a celebrity who seems to have it all: fame, fortune, and a promising “second career” as an actor. The one thing missing from his life is another man to share it with. But Fausto has never forgotten his first real love, Gene.

Now, twenty years after they first fell in love, the two men are unexpectedly reunited, and the erotic heat between them flares up all over again, as though scarcely a day has passed since the last time they were intimate. But neither Fausto nor Gene is a naïve young man any longer. Both men now have pasts and bring emotional baggage to their reinvigorated relationship.

Can they overcome all that has happened to them during the past two decades and be given a second chance at love?

Note: This book contains brief drug use.

A Siren Erotic Romance


The Fortunes of Fausto (MM)
2 Ratings (3.5)

The Fortunes of Fausto (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 74,028
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston



All of the other guys on the team had left by the time Gene and Fausto stumbled into the large, tiled shower area together.

“I do like to work out, just a little, after practice,” Gene declared. “It seems to loosen my muscles up, so I don’t feel so fucking sore the next day.”

Fausto only grunted by way of reply. He and Gene weren’t exactly intimate. Usually, the other boy simply ignored him, when they weren’t actually playing ball together.

“And I like David. He’s cool,” Gene went on. “Don’t you think so?”

“Sure,” Fausto mumbled.

“David was telling me just the other day—‘That’s some build that Mardones-Gil kid’s got. The two of you ought to start pumping iron together, regularly.’  He meant that you and I ought to become training partners.”

Startled, Fausto turned his naked body under the shower spray and glanced quizzically at the other naked guy, who was soaking himself in lukewarm water under the next nozzle. “Really? I mean—is that really what Mr. Carlyle said?” The two of them were alone in the shower room, and Fausto was glad of it, because he could already feel his face flushing a deep red under his tan.

“You sound surprised.”

“I just didn’t think Mr. Carlyle took any particular notice of me—that’s all.”

“Well, he has,” Gene insisted. “He notices everything.”

As they spoke, Fausto had to make a conscious effort to keep his eyes off Gene’s body. There was something about the other guy that appealed to him, yet frightened him at the same time. Maybe it was the almost languid, half-asleep expression in Gene’s blue eyes, and the way they kept darting over Fausto’s own body, even though Gene knew Fausto was aware of it.

Fausto knew he wasn’t as well proportioned as Gene, but he was reasonably proud of his own body. He’d worked hard at sports and gymnastics all through high school to get himself into good condition, and he’d never been embarrassed about being naked in front of the other guys in the locker room. Nonetheless, there was something disturbingly different—more intense—about the way Gene was looking at him. It made Fausto feel that his own admiration for his fellow athlete’s physique was somehow indecent.

Gene’s parents were the liberal type, who’d allowed their son to get himself tattooed. Gene had a tribal design band around his right arm, just above the swell of his biceps. When he found his eyes straying, Fausto tried to concentrate on the other guy’s body decoration, with its vaguely Celtic arrangement of tightly interlocked whorls.

But he caught himself looking down at Gene’s crotch, and to cool himself off, he held his head under the spray of water from his shower nozzle, letting the downpour soak his hair. Blinded by the spray, which was hitting him full in the face, he jumped in surprise when he felt Gene’s warm, wet hand touch his lower belly!

Gene had moved much closer to him, and now his sultry eyes were burning into Fausto’s. “You’ve got a little extra fat there, the same as me,” he teased. “David’s got me doing crunches to tighten up my gut,” he added, his hand sliding slowly lower, the flat of his palm resting against Fausto’s stomach. His voice sounded casual, but his eyes continued to stare into Fausto’s, as though Gene were asking a question with them and was waiting for the answer he hoped to hear.

Despite the tingle of uneasiness he felt from the pressure of the other boy’s palm on his belly—so close to his crotch—Fausto could also feel a different kind of response beginning to pulse through his soft cock and his relaxed, low-dangling balls. Having Gene so close to him, both of them naked, with Gene touching him so intimately—Fausto had to admit that it excited him.

“Maybe that’s a good idea David has.” Fausto heard himself babbling in his confusion. “About the two of us working out together, I mean. I know you can press more than I can, but we’re about the same height and weight and overall build—hey!” He broke off hoarsely.

“What’s the matter?” Gene asked, with an insolent, knowing grin.

“Let go of me!” Fausto grunted. He felt his cheeks burning with a fiery red blush again as he pushed at the other guy’s hand to make him release his cock.

“I just wanted to see if we’re the same down there, too,” Gene laughed. His hot eyes moved slowly and appreciatively down Fausto’s’ wet body. “Jesus,” he muttered, as his tongue ran quickly around the outside of his mouth. “You look like you’ve got a problem, buddy! A big problem!”

Fausto felt dizzy with excitement. There was no denying the surge of raw sexual response that had shot through him when Gene had so unexpectedly grabbed his dick! The proof of his arousal was pointing almost straight up from between his legs! Instantly, he’d sprung a full, aching hard-on!

“Yeah?” he retorted, defensively. “Well, so what? So do you!”

It was true. Gene’s prick was developing an awesome thickness and rigidity, as it arced up and away from his groin.

“I know,” the quarterback said, softly and insinuatingly. “And it’s all your fault!”

Thoroughly confused now, Fausto decided to make a joke of the entire episode. “Don’t start acting like some kind of a fucking pervert, man.” He laughed nervously, as he turned off the shower and grabbed his towel.

“Just a little harmless grab-assing in the showers,” Gene drawled. “Hell, that’s practically a tradition—and that’s not all that goes on in here, either. Lots of guys do it right here in the locker room.”

“Do what?” Fausto asked, automatically.

“You know. Take turns going down on their knees and sucking each other off.”

¡Estás tripeando! You’re bullshitting me.”

“You think I’m kidding?”

“I know you’re kidding,” Fausto retorted. “What, right here in the showers and the locker room?”

“Yeah, right here.”

“And you’ve seen them do it.”

“Maybe I’ve done more than just watch.”




His lips met Fausto’s, and they kissed again, long and hard, with the warm spray of the shower raining down over their interlocked bodies, wetting them from head to foot. Fausto felt Gene’s erection press into his belly again as he ground against him in the slippery embrace, and in a moment Fausto’s own hardness fully answered Gene’s.

“Oh, you horny fucker, you,” Gene muttered. His hand dropped down to Fausto’s turgid cock and squeezed it. Fausto boldly grabbed Gene’s dick just as firmly, and they played with each other’s pricks for a moment, kissing again, getting wildly aroused as their wet flesh rubbed restlessly together. The water continued to drench them as Gene’s hands stroked up and down Fausto’s slippery back, from his shoulders to his buttocks. He took a firm grip on both of Fausto’s ass cheeks and squeezed them, then slid his hands between their bodies and down to Fausto’s cock again, stroking it eagerly from its base to its tip.

“You’ve got a fantastic body, man,” Gene moaned against the other guy’s open mouth. “And—you’ve got a nice, big cock. I like that. I like you. I’m glad we got together like this. I think we can have a lot of fun with each other.”

Before Fausto could respond to this confession, Gene ground himself slowly and erotically against him, and his chest and thighs felt like wet, hard rubber wrenching against Fausto’s skin. Fausto’s dick jumped with arousal!

Fausto groaned, and Gene nuzzled his mouth into the hollow between his neck and shoulder, with Fausto’s prick twitching impatiently the whole time. Gene suddenly pushed Fausto’s caressing hands away, and got down onto his knees in the shower stall.  The spray of water from the nozzle overhead splashed down across his back and shoulders as he bent forward and began to lap at Fausto’s stiff cock with his agile tongue. Fausto looked down the length of his own body and watched his buddy tease his prickhead with the tip of his tongue for several minutes, licking it and tickling it, before he began to tongue the shaft as well, making the entire penis jump toward his mouth. But Gene always pulled his lips back just when it seemed he was going to suck down on the agitated meat.

His hand cupped Fausto’s balls and lifted them slowly up and down, as though he were trying to estimate their weight. Suddenly, his head darted forward, and he caught both testicles in his mouth! Fausto watched, fascinated, as Gene’s lips sucked them, and he felt the wet, slippery warmth of the quarterback’s tongue begin to stroke his hairy nuts.

Gene looked up at him and winked. His lips were spread obscenely wide apart, his head was twisted slightly sideways, and the bridge of his nose pressed in under the root of Fausto’s cock. His mouth began to pull on Fausto’s balls, and Fausto had to clutch at the slippery tiled walls of the stall with both hands to keep his balance, because his body shook with pleasure at what his lover was doing to him.

His sturdily muscled legs trembled uncontrollably and his cock jumped wildly back and forth, hitting Gene in the face each time his mouth sent a shiver of sensation shooting through Fausto’s swollen scrotum. Gene kept up the ball sucking for several minutes, tonguing Fausto’s nuts until the other guy thought they were going to melt in his mouth.

Then, letting them slide slowly from between his lips, Gene ran his tongue in a long, wet, erratic pattern, up the length of Fausto’s roaring-hard dick, and circled his tongue-tip lewdly around its head. He gripped Fausto by the base of his throbbing fuck tool and looked up, his eyes burning with an intense inner fire.

“All right, fucker,” he said throatily, grinning. “Now let’s see if you have anything left in those nuts of yours, after that blow job you got last night!”

Fausto watched with wanton anticipation as Gene put his mouth on his cock and sucked down on it, as though he were famished for the male meat he was stuffing between his lips. Inch by slow, excruciatingly exciting inch, his lips slid lower, until they were almost covered by the tangle of wet hair at the base and he had every inch of Fausto’s prick in his mouth. Gene held it like that for a few seconds without moving—and Fausto felt the rapid working of his throat, as he cleared and relaxed it. Then—so suddenly that it made Fausto gasp out loud and lean forward against him—Gene began to suck him with all of his oral strength, plunging his dick deep down into his throat.

It felt as though his cock had been caught inside a warm, wet milking machine, or the suction end of a vacuum cleaner! Fausto had never felt his buddy use such oral force on him before! It felt as though Gene were pulling on his penis from deep inside his chest, sucking so hard that his mouth made loud smacking noises as it fed back and forth on his cock.

“Christ, man!” Fausto cried. “Oh, hell, Gene! Suck it! Suck that cock of mine! Suck me, cabrón—oh, suck me, suck!”

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