The Philanthropist and the Paratrooper (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,927
3 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
Bradley Harrington had it all with his wealth and material possessions. Despite his riches, there was something missing, but he had no idea what it was. Leaving his wealth behind, Bradley sets out on a cross country journey to find his missing path in life.
Trace Jennings was a soldier first and foremost. As part of Fort Bragg’s 82nd Airborne division, Trace thought he’d fight for his country until his dying day. Those plans were forever changed when a career ending injury rendered him permanently disabled.
A chance encounter brings the two men face-to-face as Bradley takes an unexpected detour through Purgatoire Valley, Colorado. Though their initial meeting is anything but pleasant, soon things change and two men find themselves getting to know one another over a couple of beers. With a connection that is undeniable and strong, the two begin to realize that what they both may need the most is the very last thing they were looking for.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Taylor Brooks is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Philanthropist and the Paratrooper (MM)
3 Ratings (4.0)

The Philanthropist and the Paratrooper (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,927
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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4 COCKTAILS: "Oh how I loved “The Philanthropist and the Paratrooper”! I mentioned in another review on this site that I’m new to the M/M genre, and I’m so glad that Taylor Brooks was the author I chose to lead me to it. Bradley Harrington is a very wealthy man, but his soul is rather empty. He buys an old truck and heads out on a cross country journey to try to find what he’s missing. Trace Jennings is a former…well, he was a paratrooper, heh. Wounded during a mission, he’s returned to his home town to be near his mother and have some peace. That’s all you’re getting from me. You have to read it to feel the instant and deep connection that Bradley and Trace make. The book isn’t very long, so the plot moves along quickly, but it’s not RUSHED. Ms. Brooks writes a very detailed love story between two broken men who find love and hope in each other. The sex? SMOKING hot!! I could, literally, picture them together in that hotel room, and it was just beautiful (and soooo sexy). There is real and true emotion, and it made my heart feel warm. This is an excellent love story, whether you’re into M/M or not. It’s so nice to read about a couple so in love that they just SHINE. I highly recommend it!" -- Kenna, Cocktails and Books

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Brad didn’t miss how quickly Trace had switched the conversation over to him. It intrigued and perplexed him that such a sexy and seemingly strong man could be labeled as disabled.

“What do I do?” Brad chuckled at the question. “That’s a damn good question. For the longest time I’d answer that with one word. Live. Now though, I realized I wasn’t really living at all. I think I was more or less going through the motions in an effort to keep up with the Joneses and anyone else who set the status quo.”

“Yeah? Where are you from?”

“If I told you, you probably wouldn’t believe me,” Brad answered.

“Maybe, maybe not. There’s only one way to find out. But, perhaps this isn’t the time for it.” Trace finished the remainder of his second beer and set the empty bottle beside his other one. “Anyway, it’s been a long day. Maybe I should head back on over to my room.” Trace walked out onto the boardwalk and started to walk past him.

“You sure? I still have some beer and it’s a nice night. I don’t mind sharing.”

Trace stopped and turned toward him, asking again. “Where are you from?”

“I’m from New York, specifically Manhattan.”

Brad wasn’t sure why he’d bothered to give him that last bit of detail. He still wasn’t able to tell if the attraction he felt was mutual or if Trace was just a nice, albeit a drop-dead sexy, man.

“You’re right. I didn’t see that coming. Your clothes and old truck don’t exactly scream Manhattan. Obviously you have money though if you live in such an upscale and expensive city. So, what else do you do? You into anything illegal?”

Brad couldn’t help but smile. He heard Trace chuckle as he asked the question. It was obvious he was only kidding and it was nice to see that side of him come out. Trace wasn’t giving him too many clues about what it was they were doing, but the humorous side to his personality gave him a little bit of hope.

“No, nothing illegal. I just invested wisely and knew how to move my funds around to best suit me. My expertise is in trading, but I also know how to invest in some things that may not pay off big at first, but prove to pay out in the long run.”

Brad stood up and stood beside Trace, who suddenly turned. They were instantly face-to-face. Their mouths were a mere inch apart as they stared at one another.

“Look, I don’t normally do this. In fact, I never do. And I know we’ve only just met, but I can’t help but feel as though—”

“I should go,” Trace interrupted him.

Brad had never been so torn. He wasn’t ever the aggressor in a relationship, but damn if he didn’t want to reach out and grab onto Trace to keep him from leaving. He was sure this method would probably be frowned on by someone as serious as Trace, still he couldn’t help himself from wanting to try it, try something, try anything. There was something about the man who stood before him that he couldn’t, or didn’t, want to deny. Unless he was completely crazy, the leer in Trace’s eyes told him there was something there between them. With only the moonlight to cast a dim light over them, he could still see something.

“Are you sure?” Brad reached out and gently trailed his fingertips along the outer part of Trace’s arm. “You can stay if you’d like.”

Brad had no way of knowing what his touch was doing to Trace, but for him it was maddening. There was an electric charge that emanated off this man, something that made his fingers tingle from even the slightest touch.

“I don’t think that would be such a good idea. Look, it’s been great talking to you, but it really has been a long day and truth be told I’m not great company once I get tired and cranky. But, thanks for the beer. I’ll see you around. Come on, Airborne.”

Brad watched in disappointment and disbelief as Trace all but ran for his hotel room door. For a single moment, he was sure that their attraction was mutual. He’d felt a spark between them. Even though it had lasted for a fleeting moment, it had been real. Sadly, just as quick as he had felt it, it was gone.

Trace went into his room and slammed the door so hard on his way out that it shook the picture on the entire wall. To say Brad was frustrated was an understatement. He hadn’t felt this turned-on by a man since the last asshole who had screwed him over.

He bent over and picked up the empty beer bottles. He didn’t know what in the hell just happened. The chemistry between them had been real. He hadn’t imagined it. Had he?

As he brought the chairs back inside, Brad considered that maybe Trace wasn’t openly gay or even bisexual and not entirely comfortable with his body’s reaction to another man. His instincts told him it wasn’t either of those things. Trace Jennings struck him as a confident, “take no bullshit from anyone” type of man. He doubted that Trace would care what others thought of him at all.

Just as he closed his hotel room door he heard a knock. He turned in surprise, not realizing anyone had been standing so close behind him. Looking through the peephole he could only make out a fuzzy figure, but there was no mistaking who it was. Trace had come back.

Brad opened the door and saw a troubled look on Trace’s face. There was something he was struggling with. He just wished he knew what it was so he could help him through it.

“Can I come in?” Trace asked.

“If I let you in, I’m not going to let you leave.”




It may have been a crude and almost disturbing statement to most, but to Brad it was completely true. His cock was beginning to throb and he didn’t think he’d ever felt such a strong need to fuck.

Trace didn’t respond to his statement. Nor did he hesitate or waste a moment of time. In a sudden flash of movement, Trace pushed the door open and came inside his room. With a kick of his foot he slammed the door shut and cradled Brad’s face in his large hands. He held still, a mere breath away from Trace’s lips as he stared into his eyes. The fire Brad had seen minutes earlier was now blazing and undeniable.

Brad’s heart was pounding through his chest, beating unbelievably fast. He could hardly believe Trace had come back, much less that he was holding him so intently. Whatever was going to happen next was in Trace’s hands. He was taking charge, taking what he wanted. It was everything that Brad could have hoped for. He just wished he would act quicker and take him.

“I don’t know who you are. I don’t know where you came from or why the fuck I came back here, but I need this…I need you.” Trace whispered the last words right before crushing his mouth against Brad’s.

Just as quick as their lips had touched Brad felt the rush of Trace’s tongue sweep inside and stroke along his. Brad wrapped his arms around the man who was so seducing him. He dug his fingers into the thick muscles along his back. His cock had already begun to harden and was beginning to leak from anticipation as they explored one another.

Trace’s kiss was unlike any Brad had ever experienced before. The taste was primal, like a thirst that needed to be quenched, knowing full well nothing would be enough. He hoped Trace would keep taking and leading him on whatever journey he wanted to take him on.

Abruptly, Trace spun Brad around and pinned Brad against the back of the door. The hard outline of his cock pressed firmly against Brad’s ass. He felt helpless to not want to reach around and feel it. He dropped one of his hands and reached behind, feeling between their bodies and ran his palm against the thick feel of Trace’s cock, causing the man to groan.

Trace worked his tongue along the side of Brad’s neck. He sucked and nibbled on his earlobe while both of them gasped for breath amidst the moment. His own cock was aching to be touched and erotic images flashed through his mind of what it would be like to look down and have Trace’s head bobbing up and down while sucking him off. The naughty thought only made him crave to do exactly that to the same cock he was rubbing.

Brad pulled away and turned himself back around. He ignored a protest from Trace and silenced him by laving long sensuous kisses along the column of his neck.

“I want to fuck you so damn bad,” Trace murmured.

The dirty way he spoke was Brad’s undoing. He loved a dominant lover on any day, but there was something even better about Trace saying it. His voice was sexy and deep. Dirty talk was exactly what Brad needed in order to submit to someone who understood exactly what he needed.

Pretty words may have their time and place, but he always preferred dirty talk to let the real and raw emotions to come through. Being wanted by someone as sexy as Trace only sweetened the pot for his appetite.

He didn’t want to wait anymore. Brad slid down Trace’s body, placing kisses against his T-shirt and lifting it enough to sprinkle some licks along his abdomen until he finally was able to drop down to his knees. Looking back up, Brad saw the fire continuing to build in Trace’s eyes. It made him want to see how much he could make that fire spread.

Brad hungrily tugged on the jeans and boxer briefs Trace was wearing. He pulled them down his thighs until they pooled at his ankles. Trace’s cock sprang free from its constraints and offered Brad a teasing image of pre-cum sitting on the tip of his delicious looking pink head.

He licked his lips in anticipation and was no longer able to wait a second longer. Brad grabbed onto Trace’s cock and opened his mouth. With greedy hunger he closed his lips over the head and licked the moisture that sat there teasingly until his taste buds kicked him into high gear.

“Oh fuck. Yes. Lick me. Suck me.” Trace’s fingers combed through Brad’s hair and grasped onto the back of his head.

Trace’s approval and graphic language was all the encouragement Brad needed. Closing his mouth tightly around Trace’s thick cock, Brad slid down, taking all of him in until his lips touched the base.

Brad held him there, deep in his throat and began sucking on him with no intention of stopping until he made Trace explode in his mouth.

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