The Montana Double Riders Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)

Montana Double Riders 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 212,689
1 Ratings (5.0)

In Unsettled Lust, Jessica Hoyt, escaping heartbreak and job loss after her ex-fiancé knocks up then weds her employer’s daughter, moves out of state to start over in Montana. Meeting Garrett Campbell and Seth Dawson brings about unsettled lust between the trio and a wickedly satisfying relationship begins. But will trouble from her past drive the lovers apart?

In Undeniable Hunger, Victoria catches Duke after a long chase, and they have wild, incredible sex. However, Duke typically shares with Jack. Unfortunately, Victoria’s difficult history also includes Jack. As Jack prepares to move to Enclave permanently, he discovers Duke together with Victoria and must decide if they can all make a relationship work, or lose her forever.

In Unguarded Release, Isabelle, new to Enclave and ménage relationships, experiments with Warrick and Colton. One taste, and she’s sold. Persuading two confirmed bachelors to settle down is the more difficult proposition. As the three negotiate unfamiliar territory, an unexpected visitor arrives threatening the new life Isabelle has worked hard to build and announces a possible stalker risk.



A Siren Erotic Romance
Elle Saint James is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Montana Double Riders Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

The Montana Double Riders Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)

Montana Double Riders 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 212,689
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Under normal circumstances, she’d smile and keep moving. Tonight, she was looking for someone to make her feel special. She needed it. Even if she only garnered a dance or a kiss. She wanted it.

This man looked like a perfect candidate to take the edge off her stingingly low spirit and satisfy her neglected libido. Especially tonight of all nights.

Her wobbly legs shifted in mid-stride to go forth and at least introduce herself. Even if he didn’t want to satisfy her in the bridal suite, it never hurt to make friends with men who had big feet, right?

Confident he wouldn’t be interested in her anyway, she planned to simply let fate decide her path tonight. Whatever happened with this coming chat would be a sign for whether or not she should pursue this man. Unfortunately, she failed to see the curb drop off as she had gravitated in Mr. Delectable’s direction.

Before she could say “Hey, do you want to be my bridegroom tonight?” she misjudged her step off of the sidewalk and launched gracelessly into the air.

Her plastic lined bucket was the true casualty, spraying tiny squares of ice across three open parking spaces when it struck the asphalt and cracked. There was another new expense on her already too large motel bill. She then completed her humiliating tumble onto her hands and knees, landing right at his very large, booted feet.

Mr. Delectable bent down immediately. “Are you okay?” His hand caressed her shoulder with surprising warmth as he helped her stand up again.

“I’ll live. But how completely embarrassing.” She looked into his concerned eyes and took a step to get closer. That was the moment she discovered her ankle had twisted awkwardly during her graceless fall. One step, and an electric shock of pain shot from her ankle to her brain. She fell right into his open arms, pressing her breasts into his firm chest. Was this the sign from fate pointing her in this guy’s direction? Hope so.

“Whoa, there.” He wrapped his solid arms around her torso, hugging her tight to his body, and keeping her from hitting the pavement again.

“Must have twisted my ankle. Awesome. Now I’m even more humiliated.”

But then her face pressed deliciously into his muscular chest, and the utterly masculine scent of him intoxicated all of her senses. Her breasts tingled at the abrupt contact. She got even more lightheaded, and not from the vodka either. She wanted him. She wanted him to take all her pain away.

The sting of her ankle faded in the wake of this discovery. She caught a glance of his full, sensuous lips, contemplating what kind of kiss he’d deliver.

Before she could say a word of protest—and she wouldn’t have anyway—he’d swooped down and picked her up into his strong capable arms. “Don’t be embarrassed. I’ve never had a woman fall at my feet before. Actually, it makes me feel special.”

That makes two of us.

Jessica slid her arms more firmly around his neck, lying to herself that it was to hold on better. In fact, it gave her better access to breathe in the yummy-scented air wafting around his neck and chest. Plus, he didn’t seem to mind. He smelled so fucking good, she had to resist the urge to sniff him like a dog checking out a particularly juicy bone.

He glanced in her direction and grinned suddenly. She swore she heard a choir of angels break out into song. A shimmy of desire buzzed low in her belly. Hopefully, he wasn’t reading her mind. Or perhaps a mindreading trait would make it easier to get him to do what she wanted. At least one kiss from that perfect mouth.

She gazed lovingly into his eyes. “Well, we’re even, then. Because I’ve never been so knocked out by a pretty face that I didn’t have control of my legs before.”

He squeezed her in his arms. “I’m not just a pretty face, you know. I’m also smart and funny.”

It was her turn to grin. “I have no doubt.”

“Where’s your room? The least I can do is see you safely home for the night.”

“Actually, I’m in the bridal suite. Number thirty-six.” She pointed in the direction of her room and for the first time appreciated the fact that it was nice and quiet and located at the end of the building away from all the other rooms.

“The bridal suite?” He stopped in mid step. The concern shaping his face was sincere. “Am I about to be beaten up by your brand new husband for taking unsuitable liberties?”

She gazed into his luscious blue eyes. “Nope. It was simply the only room available for the night.” She squeezed him tighter, and said, “But if you want to marry me, then I’d be delighted to share the room with you.”

He grinned again, and the invisible angels let loose another chorus.

She tightened her grip around his neck once more, and said, “Actually, given the past several weeks, I’d be delighted to share the room regardless of our marital status.”

Mr. Delicious hugged her closer to his chest, as well, and asked, “Is that so? What happened to you in the past several weeks?”

“My ex-fiancé knocked up my employer’s daughter a couple of months before we were supposed to get married. Then he announced the news on Valentine’s Day to a room full of my peers at work, including my boss.

“So, on that score, I’m pretty sure the last man in my life doesn’t care what I do any more. I know I don’t care about him. All of this is only worse because this morning I would have been married and tonight would have been my wedding night.” Why would I admit all of that? She closed her eyes, wishing that vodka didn’t loosen her lips so easily.

“That’s appalling.” He took a couple more steps before adding, “Then again, you’re better off. He’s obviously an idiot, and you should count your blessings.”

Her brows scrunched. “I know he’s an idiot. How did you guess?”

He stared deeply into her eyes. “Because you’re stunning. Clearly, he didn’t deserve you. I’d say you were lucky to have escaped when you did for whatever reason.”




“Any rules I need to be aware of for this round?” she asked with a playful smirk.

“No rules. But hang on, baby, you’re in for a deep, hard ride.”

Her lids went up all the way. She didn’t say anything, but her impish smile made his heart beat a little faster.

Seth moved across the bed until his back was pressed against the headboard. His legs were splayed wide open. Jessica turned over, crawling on her hands and knees toward Seth. She stopped, lowered like she was about to do a pushup, and kissed the top of Seth’s cockhead.

Garrett eased from the bed, grabbed a condom from his wallet, sheathing himself for what came next. Penetration. His cock throbbed and pulsed as he rolled the latex in place. After the amazing blowjob and the recent pussy feast, Garrett was already very eager for this coming round of dark sexual adventure.

The first climax he’d had took the edge off, but right now he felt like he could pump a few times inside her tight body and blow his wad with ease. But he wouldn’t. Not until he’d had his fill. Which might take a while.

Garrett climbed onto his knees behind Jessica’s bared, and very sweet, heart-shaped ass. His cock throbbed in anticipation of what was to come. He pressed his hips forward, relishing the sublime sensation as his cockhead grazed the seam of her still wet pussy lips.

Jessica sucked in a breath, flicking her long blonde hair over one shoulder and glancing his direction momentarily. She then turned her attention away and back to Seth. Garrett eased the tip of his cock into her achingly tight, hot pussy, his dick pulsing with desire every bit of the way.

Jesus. Don’t come yet.

Maybe he was on the large side, but the ultra snug fit of her pussy as he thrust deeper and deeper made him wonder if she might be slightly less experienced than they’d realized. She didn’t seem pained by his penetration, so he moved forward mentally and, most importantly, physically.

Once he was fully seated, his cock pulsated in delight. Garrett bent over and kissed the center of her back. He ran his fingertips along her sides, past her hips, down to her knees, and back again twice, trying to get hold of himself, suddenly fearful he would be a two-pump chump if he started fucking her before gaining a modicum of control.

“You’re virginally tight,” he said, placing his palms on her hips, and readying himself for maximum thrusting leverage.

“Oh yeah? Well, you’re hung like a polar bear,” she quipped, and then sucked Seth’s cock deeply into her mouth.

He watched her pleasure Seth for a few moments, relishing the vivid memory of her mouth’s heat the moment she’d gone down on his grateful dick earlier in the evening. Turned out that an unexpected blowjob was his absolute favorite. His cock took that moment to swell within her tight, slick pussy as if applauding the recollection.

Garrett kept his gaze on her head, bobbing over Seth’s cock as he pulled out slowly and then drove inside again. Each time he withdrew and then penetrated her, he sped his movements.

Seth had bunched the coverlet in each of his outstretched fists. His head was thrown back against the headboard, his teeth were pressed tightly together. A pleasurable sounding noise erupted from his friend’s mouth with every other breath he expelled. He wasn’t going to last too much longer.

Garrett’s fingers tightened, gripping the soft flesh of Jessica’s hips more firmly for leverage. She didn’t seem pained by his deep, hard, and fast penetration, which was good because this felt too damn good to stop.

He slammed forward, suddenly pushing her harder and deeper onto Seth’s cock as she was already headed downward. Seth’s entire body stiffened. As he withdrew, Garrett slowed his movement, as the previous thrust caused Seth to roar in climax. His friend promptly folded in half, his fists releasing the coverlet, and promptly funneling his fingertips into Jessica’s soft luscious strands.

After a few more sucks, he pulled her from his cock, cradling her head in his slack arms. He sent a look to Garrett that seemed to say, “Guess what? I don’t want to let her go.”

Garrett pulled her backward into his groin, digging his fingers deeply into her flesh. Her arms straightened so she was truly back on her hands and knees. The visual of this moment firmly cemented into his brainpan forever. He never wanted to let her go either.

Before he’d increased his penetration speed to full power, something he didn’t expect happened. Jessica started rearing backward, meeting each of his powerful thrusts. Like he wasn’t fucking her hard enough to her satisfaction so she had to help out.

He sent Seth a look trying to express, “I don’t want to let her go either.” His friend smiled and then centered his attention on where Garrett’s stiff cock invaded Jessica’s silken pussy.

The sensations racing from cock to balls to spine to brain and back again were unequaled. Each drive inside was better than the last and that was saying quite a bit as each thrust put his thoughts higher and higher into ultra pleasure mode.





“I’ll go straight to hell for this,” Duke Stanton said, without one iota of regret. Satisfied as never before all the way to the marrow of his bones, Duke’s cock was still pressed deeply inside of Victoria Boswell’s lusciously tight pussy.

“Can I come with you?” Victoria asked, squeezing her arms around his shoulders, pulling him even closer. Her warm breath brushed across the base of his throat.

The truth was, he did want her to go with him. So they could do this again. And again. Would he ever get enough? He glanced to his left, noting his sheriff’s hat was still on the floor where he’d dropped it.

Victoria kissed his cheek, drawing his attention from his slightly dented hat and back on her eyes.

The moment he looked into her face, he was, once more, lost. Good God, she was perfection wrapped in temptation, smelling like pure sugar along with all things charming, spicy, and sweet. While it was true she owned the candy store in Old West Town, he suspected she was sweet and spicy all on her own.

He pressed his mouth to hers with sensuous intent, licking his way inside to tangle with her tongue. She moaned into his mouth. He wanted to kiss her endlessly until they both climaxed again.

Jack’s face abruptly appeared in his mind. If his best friend still wasn’t interested in renewing a relationship with Victoria, then this had just been a futile exercise in fucking for pleasure, but not forever. And that was another bold stroke in the column of his Go Straight to Hell tally.

Although, the two of them didn’t have any iron clad documents in place for sleeping with women when the two of them weren’t together. It was more of an unwritten rule. They both preferred sharing. They shared as much as they were able to given their constraints, but also didn’t take on the roles of monastery men when they couldn’t be together.

Jack was currently working on moving to Enclave, and transferring his law practice here so they could finally realize that very practice.

Sharing a woman in a permanent ménage relationship. They both agreed sharing was the best and what they wanted to do. He shouldn’t have singular casual sex with anyone at all, let alone Victoria. But she had chased him relentlessly, and he hadn’t been able to curb his desire tonight.

It was a wonder he’d ever been able to at all.

She was drop-dead sexy. Smart. Desirable. Perfect.

Unfortunately, Victoria and Jack had a history. A difficult one.

His next thought centered on whether their prior relationship was over and done, or if it could possibly be renewed. He knew generally what had happened from Jack’s point of view.

If he dared ask her, would Victoria’s memory of their time together be the same as that long-ago discussion he’d had with Jack? Were things truly over forever as his friend had declared long ago?

Duke didn’t even know if she understood his ménage lifestyle with Jack. He promptly moved to the next item on his Why I Shouldn’t Be Having Sex with Victoria list. Would she be interested in a threesome relationship? If so, would she still be interested if Jack was the other man involved? Had enough time gone by to heal whatever wounds they’d inflicted upon each other?

He sighed internally. He didn’t know the answer to any of his foolish questions.

If any further liaison ensued, that aspect would come up immediately. And what would Jack say? Would he even consider reuniting with someone from his past? Would he agree that she was still sexy, smart, desirable, and perfect after all this time apart?

Duke didn’t know the full story of their breakup. Just that she and Jack had been briefly involved a few years ago. The relationship hadn’t ended well, and Duke understood that there was bad blood on both sides of the disagreement.

Some of it had likely been guilt on Jack’s part for sleeping with a woman not meant to be a part of their lifestyle. But it had happened early in their history. They’d still been working things out.

Jack had told him he’d lasted as long as possible before breaking down, as he’d called it, and having really exquisite sex with someone he considered special.

Duke remembered that early morning phone call, the sound of guilt in his friend’s voice about having slept with a woman the night before. A woman he’d been seeing for almost a week without even mentioning his unusual lifestyle or telling Duke he was seeing anyone.

He’d certainly understood their unusual constraints. He’d told Jack not to worry so much and asked about the girl he was obviously interested in.

Jack’s tone of voice then suggested he didn’t know if the woman in question would want to be in any kind of threesome relationship, permanent or otherwise. Apparently, the subject hadn’t come up in the limited conversations they’d had. Not surprising.

His friend hadn’t wanted to ask her feelings on different lifestyles for fear of losing her. Afterward, when they’d broken up the very next day, Jack refused to discuss it further, insisting it was over forever.

The desire for permanence together in this lifestyle had come up between them more recently.

If Duke told Victoria he was only interested in sharing a woman with Jack—and that they were currently on the prowl for a permanent threesome scenario—likely she’d run as far away as possible on her own. Whether from the mere idea of a ménage relationship or one that would also involve a difficult history with an old flame, Duke wasn’t quite ready to lose her over either possibility. So he remained quiet on both of those scores.




She hesitated for a few seconds as visions of every fantasy she’d ever had with Duke vied for attention in her head. One vision kept popping into the forefront. She wanted something all right, but was afraid to ask for it. What if he didn’t like sex that way?

“We can certainly repeat what we did in the living room, but I thought you might like to change things up. So tell me what you want, Victoria.” He reached out, brushing his fingertips from one knee all the way up to her inner thigh. She sucked in a deep breath.

His fingers strayed to her pussy, one digit sinking deeply inside. “My, you’re very wet for me, aren’t you?”

She opened her mouth, gazing deeply into his eyes, looking for his level of trying something new, along with how to respond to his question. She nodded, unable to speak as he touched her so intimately. Seriously, this whole night was probably a wine-fueled dream. She’d wake up any moment now with her own hand buried between her thighs and only Duke’s name on her lips.

But then his fingers went a bit deeper and curled within her pussy, possibly pressing on her G-spot—if such a thing even truly existed. This might really be happening. She couldn’t physically do what he was now doing to her.

She stared at him as he touched her. His other hand stroked along her inner thigh, sending tingles of pleasure through her body.

Victoria couldn’t think. There were so many fantasies with Duke, it was difficult to select just one.

Suddenly he grinned. “Just tell me whatever is on your mind. It’s obvious you have a fantasy.” Yes, and I’m living it.

He pulled his hands from her body, placing each palm on one of her thighs, waiting patiently for her to reveal her desires.

Victoria cleared her throat as the memory at today’s lunch slipped in. She’d wanted to pin him to his desk chair and ride him like a bucking bronco at the county fair, but he’d escaped after a supposedly important phone call.

“You’re right. I do have a few thoughts.” She sucked in a deep breath for courage. “What about if I got on top this time, and rode you?”

“Perfect.” Duke climbed onto the bed, laid down next to her on his side, and kissed her shoulder once. His fingers remained on her thigh. He then rolled to his back. She tentatively climbed on top of him, straddling her wet center over his lap.

His hard cock greeted her as she settled her pussy lips over the tip. Maybe she should just impale herself as quickly as possible.

She looked down into his eyes with all the love in her soul. His hands spanned her waist, fingertips not meeting, but he didn’t seem unpleased with what he saw either. “Do whatever you want, Victoria. I promise I’ll love it, too.”

As their gazes met, she shifted so that the tip of his rigid cock slipped just inside of her gushing pussy. She pushed down part of the way, and his eyes slid half shut. She sucked in a deep breath, continuing her descent into decadent pleasure by way of his enormous cock.

“You feel so amazingly good,” she whispered.

“Do I?” Duke asked placing his hands on her hips.

“Oh my God, yes. So amazingly good.” She repeated the same words, but they were absolutely true. He also moved, shooting his hips upward until she was half impaled on his cock.

The heavy, hard, thick feel of his dick within her body made her suddenly vibrate in pleasure. She moaned and ground herself further down until he was fully lodged inside as far as she could take him.

Duke slid his palms to her breasts, kneading, squeezing, and appreciating them. He lightly pinched her sensitive nipples.

In a low whisper, he said, “Move closer and I’ll suck on them.”

Victoria shuddered in pleasure. She bent at the waist so he could reach her.

Then he added, “If we were having ménage sex right now, there would be another man behind you, kissing your neck and getting ready to penetrate your ass. I want you to think about that as you move on me.” He then put his mouth around one tip and sucked hard. Victoria moaned and her pussy clenched hard on his cock, both at what he was doing and what he’d just said about a third person being with them.

She sucked in a deep breath, picturing a mystery man doing what Duke described. Fucking sexy as hell to contemplate.

Victoria moved up and down on Duke’s thick cock, going deeper and faster each time she moved, picturing someone she couldn’t see touching her backside, breaching her ass.

Duke lifted up and sucked the other nipple into his mouth, teasing the tip with his tongue and teeth, until she groaned and started moving carefully up and down on his cock.

She was already on the very edge of ultimate satisfaction. She sped her hips up and down. Each time she impaled herself over his cock felt better than the last.

Duke suddenly sucked hard on her nipple and shot his hand toward her legs. The moment the tip of his thumb connected with her clit and rubbed once, she nearly released. A groan of near completion escaped. She was so close.

Victoria continued the steady pace of movement. Each plunge was more exciting than the last. Duke rubbed her clit with perfect precision. She was seconds away from nirvana.

He released her nipple and moved to the other peak again, sucking hard on the tip, and eliciting another vibrant moan of appreciation.

She moved up and then down, hard. Up and then down, even harder. The third time’s the charm was likely a well-used old saying for a good reason.





Colton Landry was never as happy as he was astride a horse especially when he was able to put a kerchief up to hide his face and to ride along with the Old West Town owner’s gang, shooting up the town to add flavor to the experience for the tourists.

The shots were not live rounds, of course, but special ones their CEO Kendall Forrester had created for best realistic gunshot sounds during hold ups and the like, but still safe for all involved.

They were practicing a new bank robbery routine today so there were no tourists around, only owners or other town employees of the late 1800’s Western-themed park. Also in a couple of months was the annual sharpshooter’s contest. He’d won last year and the year before. Barely. Duke Stanton the local Enclave sheriff had given him a good run for his money both times. He’d been the reigning champion until Colton had come along and given him a run for his money.

For today’s riding and shooting, Colton had to gallop his horse down main street with three other desperados shooting his fake gun into the sky to make their presence known, stopping up short at the Sheriff’s office. This was their third run through, and while he enjoyed it, he was getting a little bored.

As they waited for the next part to unfold, Colton glanced around the area noting the candy-filled store front display of the old-time treat shop, Hunter Franklin’s woodworking shop across the street, and the very authentic Western saloon down the way, which also led directly into the recently built Old West hotel.

Colton saw movement out of the corner of his eye and turned to see who it was. A woman he’d never seen before cautiously looked at their group of horses and desperados, smiled in their direction, and then hurried across the town’s main thoroughfare and directly into the saloon.

Holy shit! Who is that? She’s gorgeous.

The color of her hair was honey gold with hints of red. He couldn’t see her eyes from here, but her million dollar smile was intriguing to say the least. She disappeared behind the swinging doors of Cooper Mackay’s saloon.

“Colton!” came Kendall’s irate tone. “Pay attention!”

He swiveled around in his saddle so fast he almost unseated himself. How embarrassing would that have been? Very.

“I am paying attention.”

“Oh?” he asked, disbelief coating his tone. “Then what did I just say?”

Colton pushed his hat back on his head and grinned. “You said, ‘Colton! Pay attention.’ And I am. So what do you want?”

Kendall shook his head and stared up at the crystal clear blue big sky. “I want you to incorporate this routine into the lead up of the annual sharpshooter event.”


“See you were not paying attention at all, you were staring at someone you don’t need to be staring at.”

Colton shrugged. Staring at a beautiful woman he wanted to hunt down and try to find again was not a waste of time in his mind.

“Tell me her name, and then I’ll pay attention more.”


“Unfair, Kendall.”

“Be that as it may, pay attention, and perhaps I’ll divulge the information you seek later.”

“Maybe I’ll just mosey on over to the saloon, tie up my horse there, and find out for myself.”

“Or you can simply tell me whether or not you can incorporate this routine into your annual sharpshooter’s gun show.”

Colton shrugged. “Probably.”

“Oh? And after leaping off your horse will you still be able to shoot your gun and actually hit the target if the redhead is anywhere in the vicinity?”

He grinned. “I sure hope so. Besides her hair is sort of a strawberry blonde, not red, don’t you think?”

An expression of incredulousness came over Kendall’s face. “No. I don’t think. I have a wife. I rarely concern myself with the color of any other woman’s hair.”

“Good for you.”

Kendall looked like he was about to leap off of his horse and strangle him.

Colton pushed out a sigh and said, “Yes. Fine. I’ll be perfectly able to perform this routine, and then promptly leap off my horse and make a trick shot during the annual sharpshooter’s event. Satisfied?”

Kendall rolled his eyes, but the angry look faded.

Colton stared at him. “So tell me her name. You promised and I have witnesses.” The men around them started laughing.

“Her name is Isabelle Anderson,” Kendall said, somewhat reluctantly.

“She works at the saloon with Cooper?” Interesting. Colton hadn’t heard of anyone new joining the saloon girls.

“No. She’s the new night manager at the Old West Town hotel.”

Colton promptly looked over his shoulder at the saloon doors again—ignoring everyone around him—and vowing he’d find out if she might be interested in a short-term affair with two men.

His best friend, Warrick liked strawberry blondes, didn’t he? Colton laughed to himself. If he didn’t before, he certainly would now. They didn’t always agree on everything, but their taste in women was often exactly on target.

“Something else you should keep in mind,” Kendall said with a stern element in his tone.

Colton looked away from the saloon doors and asked, “What’s that?”

“Isabelle is very good friends with Jessica Campbell-Dawson and not someone you and Warrick can simply fuck once and throw away.” Kendall’s eyebrows went north in admonishment.

“We don’t do that.” Do we?

His immediate answer to that simple question came audibly when of all the men on the horses surrounding him started laughing out loud again, many of them making snide remarks to the contrary under their breaths beneath their kerchiefs.

Kendall said sternly and concisely, “Colton, only seeing a woman one time for wicked carnal pleasures before moving on to the next woman is the very definition of fuck and throw away.”

Colton pushed out breath. “Got it.”

Keeping his focus on the group—and not the saloon doors behind him—Colton considered his and Warrick Harper’s wicked ways with women up to now. They did have a reputation for not seeing any woman for very long.

It wasn’t a secret.




Warrick joined them, laying down on his side, pressing his naked muscular chest to her back, sandwiching her against Colton.

Isabelle fairly vibrated with desire as each of them pressed into her. Colton was in front, and Warrick hugged up next to her back. It was much like the last time they’d all been together. Although this time, they were all gloriously naked, and she was fairly certain sex was about to take place. She couldn’t wait to tell them her secret.

Warrick brought both of her arms above her head, holding her hands down with one palm as he kissed the back of her neck, sending riotous tingles down her spine. His finger found its way between her thighs to delve into her pussy and gather fluid. He then moved his finger quickly between her ass cheeks, his stiff cock rested against her thigh at the ready.

Was he priming her for double penetration sex? Another shiver ran down her spine.

“There is something that I need to tell you,” Isabelle whispered.

“What’s that?” Warrick ran his wet finger around the edge of her rosette. “Is it that you’re a virgin here?” He pressed the opening with one finger. “I expected that.”

“Sort of a virgin,” she said quietly, unsure of her actions.

His finger suddenly paused at the entrance to her rear channel. “Sort of a virgin? Explain.”

“I’ve sort of been…preparing.” Maybe she should have let them do this for her. Maybe she shouldn’t have prepared. Maybe it would limit her already short time with them.

“Preparing? What do you mean?”

“For anal sex or rather double penetration sex.”

He stilled against her back, asking the same question again, “What do you mean…exactly?”

“I’ve been using butt plugs in varying sizes over the past few weeks to prepare myself for our first time, should I ever get the chance.”

Warrick lifted up, releasing his hold on her hands. His expression unreadable. Was it surprise? Anger? She wasn’t sure.

“You’ve been preparing yourself? For us?”

She looked over her shoulder at him, twisting the waist, hoping she hadn’t ruined this already. “Yes. For you. For this.”

He pushed out a breath of what sounded like shock, but he didn’t look angry. He look stunned. Or maybe surprised.

He whispered, “Since when?”

“Since the night after Duke told me your best friend’s name was Colton Landry.” In other words, several weeks.

Warrick’s cock pulsed against her thigh, the large head pushing into her lower ass cheek, warm and stiff and delicious. His forehead dropped suddenly, landing on her shoulder.

Isabelle had a pang of regret. Had she done the wrong thing? Was she supposed to wait for them? “Are you upset with me?”

“No. Honey. Not at all.” Colton kissed her neck. “He’s in shock.”


“He didn’t expect you’d be ready for double penetration on our first night together. If he’s like me, he’s trying to tamp down the sudden visceral lustful thoughts he’s having about fucking your ass tonight. I also suspect he’s trying not to come on the back of your leg right about now in delight.”

“Shut it, Colton. I have more control than that, and I can speak for myself.” His voice sounded a bit awestruck and Isabelle relaxed, feeling like she had done the right thing.

Warrick pushed the tip of his finger inside her ass, wiggling it around. The butt plugs she’d used hadn’t wiggled. He inserted another wet finger inside, and she sucked in breath of sudden arousal. His fingers felt much better than butt plugs. He thrust inside a little bit deeper and a wave of pleasure rode up her spine.

“That feels so good,” she said barely recognizing her own deep sexy voice.

“That may be true, but you still feel pretty tight to me.”

She shrugged. “You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to, Warrick. I hope I didn’t ruin something it. Knowing what I do about this town, its occupants, and their unusual lifestyle, I did a bit of research to prepare myself. I didn’t want to miss out.”

Warrick’s cock pulsed against her ass cheek again. She giggled. “Your cock seems to be excited about it, if you don’t mind my saying.”

“Actually, my cock can’t believe I’m not already imbedded to the hilt in your ass.”

“I can’t believe that either,” she said, trying to sound wistful.

Colton chuckled. “Why don’t I lie back and let you impale me, honey. Then Warrick can get the lube and grease up your ass the right way. Then he can do exactly what he wants more than anything, but never expected was going to happen tonight.”

“He’s right.” Warrick kissed her quickly on the mouth before he left the bed. Colton retrieved a condom from the nightstand drawer and rolled it into place. He soon squeezed her in his arms, then he shifted her so that she was straddled over his hips. His fully erect cock pressed against her wet slit without entering her pussy. He took her face in his hands to kiss her exuberantly.

They kissed and kissed and kissed, all the while rubbing their naked warm bodies against each other. His hands then moved around her body to clutch her tight. His palms roamed up and down her spine, kneading the muscles along either side. She loved having his callused hands stroking her back. After several minutes, Isabelle forgot the position she was in until his cock reared up against her wet pussy all of a sudden.

Isabelle shifted her hips, moving over Colton so she could impale herself on his impressive cock.

“What are you doing, honey?” he asked in a tone that suggested he understood exactly what she was doing.

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