The Montana Double Riders Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Montana Double Riders 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 230,402
3 Ratings (4.0)

In Unbridled Temptation, Jocelyn Demarco, searching for her runaway sister, finds sexy cowboys Kendall Forrester and Logan Pearson in an Old West–themed town. They want to tie her up and control her sexual satisfaction. Being bound and blindfolded soon becomes her newly discovered pleasure. Will their wickedly dark and sexy lifestyle intrigue her enough to stay in Montana?

In Unyielding Surrender, Suzanna Creighton runs from an abusive ex-boyfriend and ends up stranded roadside. Gabriel Wallace helps get her car repaired, but has trouble locating her a motel room. Best friend Nathan Talbot suggests their home and their ménage lifestyle, which opens up a new world of pleasure, until her ex tracks her down, sending her running again.

In Unspoken Desire, Abigail Dixon wants Zane Washburn arrested, but he’s innocent. He promptly turns the tables on her, requiring a kiss to get free from Old West Town’s jail. When more trouble ensues, Zane and the saloon owner, Cooper Mackay, help her. They begin a satisfying ménage relationship. Until Abby’s troubles come back and threatens their future.

In Unrivaled Pleasure, running from a ruthless loan shark, Lilianna Brenner literally dances her way into an intriguing ménage lifestyle with mechanic Dylan Elliott and old west town wood-carver, Hunter Franklin. The men offer her sanctuary in the form of a hiding place and also their protection against the vicious, persistent criminal chasing her.


A Siren Erotic Romance
Elle Saint James is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Montana Double Riders Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)
3 Ratings (4.0)

The Montana Double Riders Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Montana Double Riders 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 230,402
3 Ratings (4.0)
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He was tall, maybe six feet one inches, and the spurs on the back of his boots made faint jingling noises as he walked slowly toward the line of passengers, approaching the far end of their row first.

He opened a small burlap sack. “I want all your gold ingots and priceless gem-filled jewelry. Put it right here in this bag. Whatever you’ve got.”

The couple who’d been snuggled together in the coach watched wide eyed and expectant as he moved down the line, but didn’t make a move to put any spoils in the bandit’s sack. And the bandit didn’t press or threaten. He stared deeply into each face of the teenagers grumbling something under his breath, like, “This is the sorriest batch of victims I’ve ever seen in all my born days.”

His sexy drawl lit her imagination.

Just as her lips shaped in amusement, he looked directly at her. His piercing blue-eyed gaze above the kerchief hiding the lower part of his face sent a sudden and visceral tendril of lust down her body. What if the masked bandit kidnapped her and took her away to be his love slave? Would he tie her up? Would she scream in delight as he ravished her using that sexy drawl to entice her? Her inappropriate smile grew. Was this the lonesome cowboy she’d been searching for and fantasizing about?

“What are you grinning at, missy?” he asked, moving away from the middle of the line to stand before her.

She dropped the smile, but when he stepped into her personal space, towering over her, she stared back, unable to disguise her lust. His enticing scent wrapped around her. He didn’t smell of cologne or anything that could be found in the current day, but instead the scent of masculinity from a bygone era. Woodsmoke, leather, and clean manly sweat vied for attention and filled her nostrils, making Jocelyn a bit light-headed with inappropriate yearning and unfulfilled desire.

He stepped closer. “Hand over all your valuables, missy,” he demanded in a low, sexy voice. The deep tone made her nipples perk up and her clit twitch in long-neglected desire.

“I…I don’t have any valuables,” she whispered. Quickly licking her lips put his ardent focus directly on her mouth.

He grunted, then his pupils widened as if her answer, or maybe licking her lips, affected him at a deeper level. He leaned even closer. The red kerchief mask only an inch from her face. Their noses practically touched. She wanted to tug down that mask and lick him. A tremble ran down her body in anticipation of what might happen if she took such a bold action.

What was going on with her? She was never so affected by the opposite sex. Then again, she’d never been this close to a cowboy before. And this cowboy pushed her libido on its ass and sent it tumbling across the dusty trail she stood on. She wanted him. At the very least, she wanted a kiss. Which was a big, fat lie because she wanted more than just a smooch.

The thought of kissing this masked bandit—or better yet even more salacious contact—sent a pulse of juice straight from her pussy and directly into her panties. She breathed out a long sigh, ruffling the lower edge of his mask.

For as much as she wanted this stranger to kiss her silly, Jocelyn suspected he wouldn’t be allowed to given the nature of this amusement park. But she really wanted him to. Lowering her gaze to the edge of his mask, Jocelyn wondering what he’d do if she tugged it down and plastered his mouth with an exuberant public display of affection.

As if he read her lust-filled mind, the man hooked a finger into the mask on his cheek, pulled the kerchief down, revealing a ruggedly handsome face dusted with a day’s growth of whiskers, and said, “Then I guess I’ll have to steal a kiss instead.” And then he did, much to her elated shock.

Although, there was not much of a theft involved. His lips barely grazed hers. However one of the other bandits coughed loudly the moment their lips connected.

A wayward thought occurred to her and her grin resumed. She straightened. “I think you should give up your life of crime.”

His eyes narrowed in obvious surprise at her statement. A smile played around his lips. “Is that so?”

“Yes.” She nodded as if to give weight to her advice. “And I certainly don’t want to contribute to it.” His puzzled gaze focused on her mouth again. “To that end, you can’t steal what’s freely given.” She launched forward, and flung her arms around his neck.


Jocelyn didn’t let him finish his short question. Instead, she planted her lips hard on his, and pushed her tongue into the warmth of his mouth. He tasted deliciously of mint and coffee. At first he stiffened and grunted in surprise, but then the curl of his tongue around hers offered a relaxed and languorous second feeling. He leaned in, wrapped an arm around her shoulders, making the kiss deeper and easier for her to explore. He never once even attempted to stop her enthusiastic overture. He was the best kisser she’d ever had the pleasure of locking lips with.

Jocelyn got lost in the passionate spontaneous embrace. She forgot everyone and everything around her. The stagecoach disappeared, the other passengers were gone. She failed to recall where she was or even who she was as his lips moved expertly over hers and his tongue swirled and looped seductively in her mouth. The crotch of her panties was hopelessly saturated, but she didn’t care. Her mind filled with all manner of sexual positions she might coil herself around in with this perfect man.

After what must have been several long, breathless seconds, one of the other masked riders commented loudly, “Hey. We should get going before the sheriff gets here, don’t you think?” His tone was amused, even when he added shortly thereafter, “Oh, crap. Too late.”




After her recent climax, she tasted like candy. He licked her. He jammed his tongue into her pussy over and over again. He sucked on her clit until he felt her next climax was within reach before he stopped.

He climbed back up to kiss her on the mouth. “Can you taste yourself on my lips?”

“Yes,” she said quietly.

“Like it?”

“I like the taste of your cock better.” Her tone was a bit uppity, but he was pleased with what she said.

“You weren’t about to come, were you?”


“But you won’t come again until I tell you that you’re allowed to, right?”

“I…um…right,” she acquiesced.

“Good.” Logan’s heart flipped over in his chest. He could tell she’d really wanted to argue, but she held it together. His lust level grew. “I’ll go back to eating your pussy then. But don’t come until I give you permission.” She remained silent.

He resumed sucking on her clit. She writhed and bucked with each tug of suction. When he reached up and pinched her nipples, she shuddered and gyrated her hips even harder. He pushed. She quaked. She had to be on the very edge. He knew he was.

Logan stopped. She breathed out a sigh as if relieved. He grinned. She was perfect. Trying so hard to please him. Now another test of trust.

“Turn over,” he commanded.

Her head lifted. Her mouth opened, but then closed when she saw what must be complete determination in his eyes. Keeping the manacles in her view, she shifted to her side and then flipped over to her belly. She had a beautiful body. Perfectly sized breasts, not too big or too small. Her hips were rounded nicely and she had the most beautiful ass in five counties.

Logan grabbed his cock and squeezed, trying to keep the unruly beast tamed for a bit longer. He moved in behind her, rubbing his hands over her smooth, soft ass cheeks.

He crawled closer, and pulled her to her knees so that her ass was now up in the air. She rested her weight on her forearms, and the chain on her manacles rattled.

Reaching around to push his fingers into her pussy, Logan flicked her clit a few times. He reached up and played with her nipples. She rocked backward.

While one part of him wanted to make this last, another part didn’t want to scare her off. Once he climaxed, round two would be over. Just saying the word climaxed in his mind made his cock pulse.

He glanced down at her perfect ass, wishing he’d asked about her thoughts on anal sex. Now was not the time to bring that up. He truly wanted to spank her, too, but that hadn’t been discussed earlier either, and even now Logan knew he wanted there to be a next time.

With his rigid cock pressed against the back of her thigh, Logan bent over and kissed the center of her back. He ran his hands up and down her body slowly, feeling her soft skin against his palms, trying to temper his wild lust for her. She was tied down, ass in the air and bared for the taking, and all he could think about was wanting her again and again.

He slid two fingers into her pussy, and gathered lots of her juice on his fingers. He then centered himself and pushed his cock into the entrance of her hot, wet pussy. He was on the edge of release. She was exquisitely tight and made holding off all the more difficult.

“I’m about to do something you won’t expect,” he said. “Try to relax.” He pushed one finger into her rosette. As expected, she tightened her rear hole. He rubbed her ass cheek. “Let me in.” He waited to hear her safe word, but it never came.

Instead, she pushed out a long breath and unclenched her ass. He inserted his finger slowly, but as deeply as it would go. Fuck. Her ass was hot and tight, too.

Logan used his free hand to reach around and finger her clit. He felt her pussy clamp down on him.

“Don’t come yet,” he commanded. “Not until I tell you to.” Which won’t be long because you make me lose what little control I possess.

She sucked in a breath this time, exhaled, and stilled.

“Good girl.” Logan thrust his cock deeply and then retreated. His legs shook with the need to release, but he held fast. He moved his finger in and out of her ass a couple of times. She stiffened each time, but didn’t protest or scream the safe word. So he pushed both wet fingers into her ass. She tensed and pushed out a loud breath of surprise.

He continued thrusting his cock inside her pussy. His finger had slipped off of her clit, but now slid back in place. She shifted and writhed when he started stroking her in earnest.

“I’m so close,” she said, almost whimpering.

“Don’t come until I tell you to, or I’ll punish you.”

She stiffened the moment he said the word punish. Which he expected her to do.

“Punish?” she asked in a breathy whisper.

Logan was less than seven strokes away from likely the best sex he’d had in forever and all he could think about now was smacking her bare butt cheek with his palm if she disobeyed him.

His hips surged forward, his cock going deep. The climax he’d been holding back wanted to introduce itself. He couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Jocelyn…” he started. Logan was about to give her permission to release, when she shrieked.





She sat riveted and watched unblinkingly as he approached. Helpless to stop herself, Suzanna kept her gaze on his every move. She thought he would sit next to her and ask her what her problem was, but instead, he walked all the way into her. He wrapped an arm around the top edge of the barstool back where she sat. He didn’t touch her, but he was so close that she felt the warmth from his large body. He casually draped his other arm on the counter between her and her drink. She was trapped by a huge gorgeous man on three sides. And she liked it.

His legs pushed into her. The feel of his muscular thighs pressing against her legs sent a thrill down her spine. If she’d been facing to one side instead of the bar, his hips would now be wedged between her thighs. Her heart sped at the very intimate mental image. She was being totally inappropriate but found this man so fascinating, she couldn’t seem to be anything but stupid around him.

“Can I help you with something, darlin’?” he asked in a low, gravelly tone.

Juice shot out of her pussy and into her panties so fast, she made a little noise of distress. “I’m…sorry. You just…and I thought…but then…you probably don’t…” she babbled incoherently, unable to think of a way to explain or apparently finish a sentence. It wasn’t like she could say, “I’m waiting for someone that makes me crazy hot for sex, but looking at you just makes me want to spread my legs and beg for it.” She shook her head slightly in an attempt to knock the inappropriate thoughts from her mind.

He moved closer still. Legs solidly locked against her thigh, his face pressed within inches of hers. He paused as if considering how far she’d let him go. Was he about to kiss her? His lips were as tempting as Gabriel’s. Even thinking about Gabriel didn’t keep her from wanting this man, too.

She leaned forward, wanting to press her mouth to his to see if he tasted as good as he looked. Would he taste as amazing as Gabriel had? She closed the short distance between them. She felt his breath brush a light caress against her sensitive lips.

“Here’s your whiskey, Nathan.” His name is Nathan.

His focus turned toward Cooper, and her trance was also broken. She straightened and pulled away, turning to put her attention back on her drink where it belonged. Her cheeks heated with embarrassment. She couldn’t see her face in the mirror of the bar but expected the color was now flaming cherry red. How could she have gotten so distracted by this man?

The scent of leather, smoke, hot metal, and sexy man still swirled around her head. He hadn’t moved away from her. She owed him an apology for her rudeness. Perhaps once her heart slowed down to only three hundred beats a minute, she’d be able to speak.

Cooper placed another small brown napkin square on the counter and put a glass with an amber liquid down next to her glass of wine. His expression seemed puzzled. Whether by her slutty staring or Nathan’s still very close proximity, she wasn’t sure.

“Thanks.” He nodded at Cooper once as if to dismiss him, but he didn’t back away. Instead, the bartender waited as if his part-time job was sentry.

Nathan turned his head and put his intense focus back on her. “What’s your name, darlin’?” he asked in a quiet tone, apparently ignoring the fact that Cooper still stood there.

She sucked in a slow deep breath, released it, and turned to answer. But then she saw his beautiful eyes. They were lighter in color than she’d expected. Closely matched to the shade of whiskey waiting for him on the bar’s scarred wooden surface.

“I’m Suzanna.” An accomplishment, getting her name through her lips, and getting it correct to boot. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Cooper smile. He moved away from them to tend other customers.

“Good to meet you, Suzanna. I’m Nathan.” The sound of her name on his lips didn’t quiet her libido at all. If he’d kissed her, or demanded she strip naked so he could fuck her against the bar, she probably would have. He had that certain forceful manner of a man who likely always got exactly what he wanted. Especially with women.

Even so, why did this man impact her in the same way Gabriel did? Had she turned into a wanton after too much time alone? She cast a quick look down the bar at Cooper waiting on two new guests. He was boyishly attractive with his smiling eyes and ready grin, but he didn’t send her pulse beating wildly in her veins.

“I’m so sorry for earlier. The staring, I mean. I wasn’t trying to be rude.”

He moved back, and half a smile formed on his beautiful mouth. “No problem. Do I look familiar to you or like someone you know?”

“No. Not exactly. I saw you and immediately thought you’d make a perfect bodyguard, if I could afford one.” The part about wanting him to fuck her against the bar, she kept to herself.

Seating himself next to her, he grabbed his drink and took a healthy swig. He turned to her with a question in his eyes. “Why do you need a bodyguard?”

Suzanna hadn’t meant to be so forthcoming. “It’s a long story.”

He held up his glass. “I’ve got a little time.”

“That’s okay. I’m sorry to have stared you down like a morsel of food.”

He laughed. It was low-pitched and perfect.

“You don’t have to be sorry. I’m not. Actually, I thought it looked like you wanted me to kiss you.” He turned a seductive gaze her way. Her already hopelessly saturated panties paid the price. She squeezed her legs together as if it would help stem the flow of pussy juice. She wanted to kiss him with a sudden desperation that was completely inappropriate.

He winked at her and added, “A kiss would be no problem, by the way.”




Whatever Suzanna had expected would happen, didn’t. At least not yet. Her wrists were looped, barely, in two soft fabric strips that she could easily get out of, but she didn’t. The blindfold was a little scary, but just as soon as Gabriel had placed it over her eyes, both of them got off the bed.

So she waited with uncertainty coating her fragile nerves. They’d given her a safe word. She wished she could test it once, like a trial run, to ensure they really would stop. However, she didn’t want to lose out on what might be an amazing night with two spectacularly sexy men. Then again, why would they give her a safe word as a way out and then not honor it? She tried to relax another notch.

To her left, she heard one of them rustle near the chair. Had someone sat down over there? Was one of them planning to watch instead of participating? On her right, she’d heard the nightstand drawer open, the sudden tear of paper, and soon after, someone joined her on the bed. She suspected it was Gabriel but wouldn’t know for absolute certain until he kissed her.

Even blindfolded, Suzanna felt confident she’d be able to tell each man apart by their distinctive kiss. Obviously, Gabriel and Nathan tasted different. But also, Nathan was much more aggressive. She very much liked the difference of tender sliding into decadent from Gabriel and wickedly reckless from the start with Nathan.

A warm mouth closed over the tip of one breast, taking her breath away. The seductive pull of his lips sent a zing of desire straight to her pussy. Her hips shifted on the bed almost of their own volition, but in order to keep the restraints in place, she couldn’t move very far. The tactile feel of the soft sheets against her bare ass was totally amplified. The loss of her vision really did seem to heighten all her other senses. A deep inhale only registered her own scent of arousal.

She was wet. She was ready. She wanted some wicked, hot sex.

Suzanna moaned when a finger grazed her clit. Her knees bent, or rather they tried to, but the restraints kept her in place. Lips kissed a path to the other breast to play as the finger moved from her clit to penetrate her pussy. She moaned again.

The busy mouth soon moved away from her nipples and traveled south to her clit. She’d never had a man go down on her until Nathan had licked his way there a short while ago. The very idea of it happening again sent her pulse rate into the sky.

How many licks would it take to get to her center this time? Maybe one, or possibly one and a half?

The sudden rustle to her left made her turn her head. When Nathan kissed her mouth, jamming his tongue between her lips, she knew that Gabriel was the one making his way to the space between her legs.

One second after Nathan engaged her with a kiss, Gabriel clamped his mouth around her clit and sucked hard. He then released her and slid his tongue deeply into her pussy. The volcanic kiss with Nathan continued and became more and more aggressive.

Someone pinched her nipple. Gabriel sucked on her clit again. This time he didn’t stop. Suzanna suddenly felt his fingers invade her pussy. Her clit throbbed with unrealized pleasure. She was fast coming to a pinnacle she’d never experienced quite like this before.

Wanting to scream, Suzanna started to turn her head to break the kiss, but Nathan wouldn’t let her. If anything, he increased the ardor of the kiss to well past perilous levels. Another pinch to her nipple combined with the steady sucking on her clit made her belly tighten. She was about to come. No. She was about to come hard.

The fingers pumping inside her pussy suddenly shifted. One of them traveled to her rosette. She sucked in a breath, which was difficult with the amazing kiss in progress.

Every nerve ending in her body was on high alert. She hadn’t felt anything close to this in her life. And she wanted it. She deserved it.

By damn, she intended to enjoy every single second.

A finger eased slowly into her rear channel. Nathan’s tongue curled and tangled around hers with expert care, keeping her busy and building her arousal. Gabriel pushed his fingers inside her body. Two in her pussy, one in her ass. The feeling was nothing short of astounding.

Her desire ratcheted up another notch. She was so close.





Scanning the area in front of the sheriff’s office, she finally spotted the man she searched for in the growing crowd at the Old West Town amusement park. Ignoring the fact that he was even more attractive than the picture she’d seen on the internet, Abby moved toward him as anger punctuated each heel-striking, hard step she took.

She kept her gaze solidly on his tall, wide-shouldered form, and marched forward, intent on getting his attention. She’d call him to the carpet—or rather the dusty ground—for all his crimes and make damned certain that he understood her fury before making a well-deserved apprehension. Hauling him back to Miser, Montana, to face his part in the incident from this very morning had been the only item circulating in her brain all day.

Zane Washburn might be tall, muscular, and handsome, but he had also participated in a fraudulent loan scam at the bank where she worked. She’d been blamed for signing off on a loan document that she’d never even seen before this morning.

Currently, she was suspended from her job pending further investigation for an act she’d had nothing to do with. Zane’s name was on the paperwork. He’d gotten the money. But he probably hadn’t done this alone.

Number two on her to-do list was her plan to make him tell her who he’d worked with and bring that person to justice, as well. It might not help her get her job back, but she couldn’t sit back and do nothing. Her life was teetering on the edge of complete devastation. She wanted to retaliate. No. She wanted justice. Well, maybe both.

Abby wasn’t going to let this man get away with any part of ruining her life. Using only the slimmest of clues provided by an unverified source, she’d left her apartment and high-tailed it here with anger and determination as a beacon guiding her impulsive actions.

Well, that, and the handy internet information she seen with the help of the paperwork she’d glimpsed at as her life had crumbled around her. Amazingly, she had just found the man who’d ruined her life in mere moments this very morning. And she planned to make him pay. Dearly.

Her current nemesis ambled along the dusty streets like he didn’t have a care in the world. Abby was about to change that in an instant. Just like her life had changed in practically the blink of an eye less than eight hours ago.

Having finally moved close enough to touch him, she reached up, clamped a hand on his shoulder, and spun him around. Her fingertips registered a tingle, as he was very well built, but she ignored her libido’s interest.

He was a criminal. A thief. He’d helped someone destroy her. She wanted to see him put in jail. Even if she didn’t get her job back. Even if she had to change professions, she’d have him arrested and forced to pay for his crimes. Retribution felt very satisfying in this moment.

In an overloud voice she’d practiced repeatedly in her car all the way to Enclave and this western amusement park, she looked Zane square in his beautiful light green eyes and said, “You low-life, dirty, scumbag, thieving criminal. You ruined my life and now you’re going to pay for what you’ve done to me. I’m calling you out for what you did. And I promise that I’m going to see you in jail before the end of this day.”

She drilled a gaze deeply into his beautiful, surprised, and very puzzled eyes. “Excuse me, ma’am,” he said quietly. “I believe you have me confused with someone else. I don’t know you. I don’t believe I did anything to you.”

But then his expression shifted to glance down her body as if perhaps he was open to suggestions about what he could do to her. “At least not yet.” She heard the additional words spoken low, nearly under his breath. Her libido sent a message to her pussy to get ready for some action. Her libido was about to be disappointed.

Abby clamped down on the lustful thoughts, slammed the door shut on any interest, and frowned quickly at his insinuation.

The star he wore on his chest signifying he was a deputy in this authentically recreated Old West Town didn’t impress her. He was a fake lawman here, and a real con artist out in the world. She took issue with the latter and the former only made her angrier.

“You’re Zane Washburn. You pretend to be a deputy in this amusement park day to day. You live in a private compound five miles away. You stole money, and ruined my life, but now I’ve found you, and caught you. I intend to see that you pay for your crimes.”

He stared at her with increasing interest. She expected a sudden remorseful and guilt-filled expression, but got incredulous instead.

“I don’t know what in the world you are talking about, ma’am. Please stop saying these bad things about me out loud.” He glanced around at the growing crowd forming around the two of them.

Abby grabbed his wrist in one hand, but her fingers wouldn’t go all the way around. She wrapped her other hand around his arm, too. Then she tugged. He didn’t budge. “I’m not saying bad things about you. Everything I said was the truth. You, sir are a no-good, lying, cheating, thief, and I intend to see you imprisoned.” She yanked on his arm again. The gathering crowd suddenly doubled and then tripled in size all around them, watching with amusement as if this was a show for their entertainment.




Cooper kissed her like he couldn’t get enough. Meanwhile, Zane prowled around her room, searching. If she hadn’t been so busy with the kiss she would have offered to help. He finally opened her closet and came away with a scarf and two belts. As if the two of them had choreographed this seduction in advance, the bed was quickly turned down, Abby found herself centered on it, and her wrists were belted to the brass headboard.

Being naked and spread out so open and exposed on her bed as she was, only ramped up her excitement for what was to come. She’d never felt so sensuously aroused in her life.

She watched as the two of them did a striptease, pulling one garment of clothing off at a time to music only they could hear. A few minutes later, Zane was completely naked, and Cooper only wore his pants, but she saw his huge cock straining at his fly.

Abby didn’t know how she got so lucky, but both Zane and Cooper were like sex gods. Wide chests, muscular bodies, and best of all both of them had big, long cocks. She couldn’t wait to discover what came next.

Both of them climbed on the bed with her, one on either side.

“I don’t know where to start.” Zane ran a hand from one breast to her pussy. He stroked her clit once and added, “I want to do everything.”

Cooper played with one nipple, teasing it until it was tight and aching. Then he took the tip in his mouth. Nirvana.

Zane scooted down and planted a kiss on her belly. And then he moved further south. Before she knew it, he’d centered his face between her thighs and stared at her pussy like he’d just won the lottery.

She’d never had a man put his mouth on her pussy or clit before. She had to fight to keep her toes from curling in delight at the prospect.

Zane glanced up and caught her staring. He grinned. “Okay, I lied. I know exactly where I want to start.” He leaned forward. The erotic visual of his head between her legs made her pulse spike. His firm tongue soon licked a path along her pussy lips, ending at her clit. He licked her several times and then wrapped his lips around her aching clit and sucked hard.

Abby arched off the bed as pleasure swarmed her entire being. Like an itch that couldn’t be scratched quite fast enough until the right pressure was found and became gratifying, Zane’s mouth attached to her pussy was nothing short of sublime.

She opened her eyes and watched Zane. He worked his mouth deliciously between her bent legs as if bringing her off was his new job and he wanted to make a good first impression. He licked and sucked her clit like a pro. To one side, Cooper had his mouth suctioned around one nipple, tugging and sucking on the tight, pert bud as Zane brought her to near orgasmic bliss with each tug of his lips on her clit.

Abby felt Zane push two fingers into her pussy. In and out, he penetrated her several times as he licked and sucked her clit. Then three fingers went in and out. Then two fingers went in her pussy and one breached her anal hole. The shock of it didn’t reduce the forthcoming pleasure it brought at all.

“Oh…oh my!”

Zane pulled his mouth from her. “Do you like that?”


“Good. As soon I finish eating your sweet pussy, I want you to be thinking about how my big, wide cock will feel pushing into your sweet, tight ass channel at a later date.” He went back to licking and sucking her clit. His fingers eased in and out of her pussy and ass.

As pleasure suffused her body from all the points of carnal stimulation, her mind flitted around the very naughty vision of his huge cock breaching her ass channel…ever. The very thought of the possible feeling pushed her libido to the limit. Her heart stuttered in her chest.

Her arousal level hit a whole new high. Cooper pulled his mouth off her nipple, kissed her mouth like he couldn’t get enough, and tweaked her nipples as Zane brought her to the very edge of oblivion with his mouth and fingers. Cooper broke the kiss, and his attention went back to her nipples.

Zane gazed at her from between her legs. She couldn’t see his mouth as it was presently licking her clit with intense pressure. He suddenly pushed his fingers inside of her pussy and ass hard and deep. Sucked her clit hard and heavy. Cooper pinched and sucked on her nipples, sending pulses of arousal zinging straight to her weeping pussy.





Searching quickly for a group of two or three men alone without dates, Lilianna spotted a table with two strapping, very attractive cowboys. Perfect.

They were kicked back, each sipping an icy bottle of beer, and were perfect for her plans, as long as the third empty chair at their table wasn’t occupied.

She strutted up to their table and promptly bent over the back of the empty wooden chair, hoping her boobs were bountiful enough in this shirt to catch their attention. She’d unbuttoned her shirt past her bottom bra edge to aid in this endeavor as she’d selected her song at the jukebox. She then wiggled her shoulders along with the music.

Both men she now exclusively performed for had dark hair. But while the one on her left had simmering bedroom brown eyes and a straight, bright, toothy grin, the other had meltingly hot, metallic, gray eyes that burned through to her soul. He didn’t so much as smile as he smirked with sexual innuendo and definite interest at her dancing.

Each of them had paused to watch her perform for them, beer bottles in hand on the way to a sip. One grinning and one smirking. Both were equally interesting to look at from her perspective. Maybe this was a good idea for more than her initial reason. Her libido did its own unspoken dance of joy at the possibility of some action tonight.

There was no third drink on the table signaling another person, man or woman, and she had their complete attention. She rose, threw her arms over her head and rolled her body to the seductive beat of the song, but she kept eye contact with first one and then the other.

The more she stared at these two men, the more she wanted them, whether or not they also saved her from this precarious situation. It had certainly been a long time since she’d tripped the light fantastic with any guy for some long desired satisfaction.

Dancing for these two made her wonder which one she’d choose. They were both easy on the eyes. Her libido joined the party again, revving her up with each second that went by.

Mr. Seductive Gray Eyes winked at her. He looked vaguely familiar, but she didn’t know where she could possibly know him from in this remote area. She reached out and stroked his arm from shoulder to elbow as her body moved with gymnastic gyrations she hadn’t realized she could do.

He lifted his hand to touch her shoulder, but she was faster, moving away before he connected. She pivoted quickly, doing a perfect pirouette, and turned to face his friend.

Out of the corner of her eye as she’d moved, Lilianna had noticed that Ted was still seated at the bar. His undivided focus was completely on her. He likely wasn’t going to let her do what she wanted, which was leave with anyone else. But she had to try. Had to escape him. Couldn’t let him, or rather Sammy, win. Didn’t want to spend the rest of her days in a black market brothel.

Time to play this act even harder. She needed to get out of here with someone else. Not the guy who would take her immediately to the loan shark she’d run from yesterday in a blind panic. Sammy Heller wanted her to pay for her dead cousin’s debt. She disagreed that Mick’s unpaid track losses were now her obligation because of their family connection.

Screw Mick’s debts. She’d had nothing to do with his appetites for gambling, either good or bad. She refused to pay a cent toward his addiction. Especially not after his untimely death.

But Sammy wasn’t above doing his best to kidnap her and make her pay or forfeit her freedom, regardless of her thoughts on the matter.

She’d heard plenty of stories about how Sammy resolved the issues of deadbeats who failed to pay what they owed even after they passed on to the next spiritual realm. She wanted no part of it. So she’d run. And now she danced. Time to ensure her future freedom.

Lilianna turned her attention completely on the two men she was trying to coax into taking her out of here.

Sprawled comfortably in his wooden chair with his back against the wall, the guy with the bedroom brown eyes watched her intently for several moments, then motioned her to move closer. So she did.

She danced her way close enough to put one of his legs between her thighs. She ground down on him and noticed movement beneath the fly of his well-worn jeans. Perfect.

Lilianna pushed even closer. Her hands pressed against the wall, bracketing his shoulders. The delectable, manly smell of him rushed into her lungs as she rolled her body seductively over his in a mock dance as old as time itself. Trying to dance sexy and attract this man’s attention wasn’t much of a chore. Her libido leapt forward with a roar the moment she’d gotten into his masculine sensory range.

Her clit—directed by her horny, neglected libido—throbbed alive, wishing for release with this sexy man. This thought so shocked her, Lilianna started to move away. What was she getting herself into? Was publicly trying to seduce a perfect stranger into taking her out of this bar as the entire crowd watched a bad idea? Maybe, although her libido absolutely did not agree.

But it didn’t matter. It was too late anyway.

Before she could back away, his free hand lifted to her waist. Curling around her hip, landing near the base of Lilianna’s spine, his very persuasive fingers pressed into her flesh.  Mr. Bedroom Eyes now had a solid hold on her. And she liked it a lot. 




She looked up at the ceiling, and then drilled a sultry, playful gaze his way. “I’m not about to be dangling from that light fixture, am I?”

Hunter glanced up at the chandelier and fell just a little bit more in love with her. “Not tonight.”

Lilianna leaned forward, arms still crossed, and pushed her face against his chest. Then she kissed him and whispered, “You smell so incredibly good.”

“Oh yeah. What do I smell like?”

“Danger and lust.” Totally in love with her.

He tucked her hair behind her one ear touching her for the first time since she’d entered his domain. Then he couldn’t hold back any longer. He swooped in for a surprise kiss. He wasn’t disappointed.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, just as he put his hands beneath her thighs, lifting her up against his rigid cock. The kiss was explosive. She nearly gnawed his face off, and he loved it.

Loved her aggression. Loved her enthusiasm. Loved her. What?

His more than tender feelings for her startled him a bit. Time to see what she was made of.

Hunter squeezed her legs, digging his fingers into her flesh. He then walked her to the wall next to the nightstand and pushed her back up against the flat surface. The look of utter wicked delight she gifted him with sent his heart pounding. She tightened her legs around his waist and pushed her pussy into his cock.

He kissed her mouth with a punishing firmness. She again gave as good as she got.

Squeezing her hips again, he broke from her mouth and trailed nibbling kisses down her neck on the way to her shoulder. When he took a harder little bite out of the top of her arm, she pulled away and gazed at him with such visceral lust, he almost lost it. Almost. But he wanted his cock in her pussy too much.

“I want to fuck you against this wall,” he said practically growling the demand.

“Then do it. What are you waiting for?” she asked, as dark sexual innuendo dripped from her tone.

He pulled away from the wall, taking her with him. She dropped her legs to the floor, and they separated a few inches. She grabbed both sides of the front of his shirt, ripping it open as buttons flew through the air in her wake to remove the garment as fast as possible.

The look in her eye was that of a woman deeply eager for a fast, hard fuck. He wanted to give it to her with a desperation he’d never felt before.

Once his shirt was torn open, she leaned in and pressed her soft lips to his naked chest. She took another little sniff before retreating with a sweet moan as if delighted. His cock pulsed as she made the sexy sound. Blood pounded through his veins, he could hardly think past his primitive lust for her.

Hunter leaned down to get a condom before his lizard brain took over and he was unable to think rationally. She went to work on his pants and had them unfastened, unzipped, and pushed down to his thighs in seconds.

However, he was unprepared for her to grab his cock with her bare hand and sink her luscious lips around his head.

“Fuck me,” he murmured to himself, thoroughly enjoying the sensation of her tongue wrapped around the head of his cock.

She squeezed the base of his dick and slid him even deeper inside her warm luscious mouth. His eyes rolled back in his head. No amount of statistical sports data would have helped stop the inevitable, but she ceased the glorious torture in the nick of time before he embarrassed himself like a teenage boy masturbating to his first girlie magazine.

Fuck me, that felt so fucking good.

Gratefully, she took the condom from his fingers and had it rolled on his pulsing cock quickly. She shot her arms around his neck again and kissed him like she wanted him to—well—fuck her hard, fast, and deep against the nearest wall.

He kissed her for a few minutes, but then parted from her. It took every ounce of willpower to release her. “Turn around,” he said in a deep tone he only barely recognized.

She was breathing hard. Her eyes narrowed. “What?”

“Face the wall.”


“So I can drive my cock deeper inside your slick, hot pussy.” Her eyes widened with his simplistic explanation, but she still didn’t move.

He physically turned her to face the wall, and gratefully, she moved and didn’t fight him or refuse. She seemed to brace herself for whatever he was about to do, widening her stance. He shot his fingers through the locks hair at the back of her head. “Put your hands on the wall, and get ready for me, baby.”

Without further protest, she lifted her arms and put her palms against the painted surface. Cock in one hand, guiding it to her pussy, he moved closer and tugged on her hair. “You gonna hate me if I pull on your hair a little bit, as I fuck you.”

“Nope.” Her tone, while still speculative didn’t sound frightened. He didn’t want to scare her. He just wanted to fuck her against the wall.

He wrapped his free hand around her waist, pushed his cock between her pussy lips, and drove a hard thrust to the hilt inside her heat. Grasping his dick like a slick, hot, velvet vise, her pussy was tight and much like sinking his cock into the place where unyielding, pleasurable delight lived.

Fuck, she felt so fucking good. Once enveloped inside, he never wanted to leave.

Hunter withdrew partway and slammed inside once more. The second thrust was better than the first, and the first had been fucking awesome.

He pushed the upper half of her body flat against the wall, dropped one hand between her thighs to find and stroke her clit, and then started fucking her as hard, fast, and deep as he could.

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