A New Chapter (MM)

Suncoast Society 91

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,931
16 Ratings (4.9)

[Siren Sensations ManLove: Alternative Consensual BDSM Contemporary Romance, MM, bondage, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Rom finally has his happily ever after with the sweet, handsome, snuggle puppy of his dreams. He’s looking forward to spending his future with Colton, and is especially anticipating their honeymoon week…with no interruptions.

With Rom’s love to help heal his soul, Colton thinks he’s finally managed to put his past and the pain of his parents’ emotional abuse and abandonment behind him. Having Rom as his husband, Master, and partner for life, Colton knows he can handle anything.

But a knock on their door one afternoon interrupts their honeymoon and sends their lives spinning sideways as a shocking and heartbreaking development from the past intrudes on their perfection. Can their relationship handle the strain of unexpected revelations and responsibilities they never dreamed possible? Or will this new chapter in their lives tear them apart?


Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.

A New Chapter (MM)
16 Ratings (4.9)

A New Chapter (MM)

Suncoast Society 91

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,931
16 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I absolutely loved this book! Rom and Colton are like family now so it was nice to read this somewhat hilarious (at times), often times frustrating story of their "honeymoon" and their status as parents! While all that happened with Clayton was upsetting, the HEA was worth the wait! Way to go Rom & Colton! Welcome to parenthood!
Tymber Dalton has such a gift for words. She takes them and makes a beautiful story that her readers just seem to go crazy for. We get to see more of Rom and Colton. They are suppose to be on their honeymoon after getting married but when the past knocks at their door, they lives are turned upside down. How will they handle this surprise from the past? And will they ever get to finish their honeymoon? I loved this story. It made me sad, made me tear up a bit, made me laugh and made me sigh!!!! Just get the book because you know you want to read it! LOL

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Late Sunday afternoon, Rom lay sprawled across the couch, where he snuggled tightly against Colton’s body. Married less than twenty-four hours, he was finally starting to process everything and let it sink in that his big snuggle puppy was now officially his husband. They’d started their morning by sleeping in late, having sex, dozing off, taking a shower, having a late brunch, followed by some TV watching cleverly disguised as napping in bed, mutual blowjobs…

And now more TV snuggling on the couch.

“This is heaven,” Rom mumbled.

Colton rubbed his chin in Rom’s hair. “You can say that again, Sir.”

Come-drunk and with a full tummy from their late brunch, Rom was definitely glad they’d both opted to take next week off.

He planned on spending it naked with his boy, probably mostly horizontal, and ignoring the outside world. They weren’t going to take a honeymoon trip right now. They wanted to save up money and vacation time—the time part more for Rom’s sake than Colton’s, because Colton set his own schedule—and go somewhere exotic.

Or, at least somewhere that wasn’t Florida.

On the coffee table in front of them, Colton’s cell phone started vibrating, rumbling against the table’s surface.

“Goddammit,” Rom muttered. Being closer, he reached out and grabbed it, spotting the shop’s name come up as the contact. “Oh, it’s downstairs.”

He handed it to Colton over his shoulder, a flash of irritation washing through him as he did. Aunt Roberta knew this was supposed to be their honeymoon week and to not interrupt them except for dire emergencies involving flood, fire, or death.

Well, he didn’t smell any smoke, so…

Whatever it was she thought was so important as to interrupt their honeymoon had better be damned urgent, or he was going to get growly with her, no matter how much he loved her.

“Hello? … Yeah, we’re upstairs. Why? … Um, wait—no, I mean—” Colton sighed as he listened for a moment. “Okay. Give us a couple of minutes though. … Because we’re not dressed, Aunt Roberta. It’s our honeymoon. We were doing honeymoon things, that’s why.” He hung up.

Rom now felt more awake—and more irritated. “What’s going on?” He sat up.

“I don’t know, Sir, but we need to put clothes on. She’s coming upstairs.”

What?” Rom knew he was practically whining and didn’t care. “Whyyy?”

“I don’t know, Sir.” He sat up and held out his hands. “Can you take my collar and cuffs off, please?”

Rom fought his growing aggravation as he quickly removed Colton’s collar and wrist cuffs. This was the downside to living over the shop—they didn’t have as much privacy as Rom wished. On the weekends, they couldn’t make as much noise during the day as he’d like, either.

Although it was nice, at night, being able to make as much noise as they wanted, because they didn’t have residential neighbors to hear and complain.

They both had donned shorts and T-shirts by the time they heard the knock on their door a few minutes after the phone call.

Rom stood in the kitchen, leaning against the counter, while Colton walked over to the door to answer it.

There stood Aunt Roberta, but the anguished look on her face immediately wiped away all of Rom’s irritation as he hurried over to join Colton.

“What happened?” Colton asked.

She motioned to someone who apparently stood on the landing behind her, but out of their line of sight. The other person stepped in front of her, into the doorway.

A boy who could be Colton’s younger twin stood there, his eyes red and cheeks streaked with tears.

Aunt Roberta choked up as her hand came to rest on the boy’s shoulder. “Colton, this is your little brother, Clayton.” Her smile looked tight. “Can we please come in to talk?”

Rom was still trying to process that, and knew Colton had to be even more deeply in shock. Rom gently grabbed Colton’s arm and eased him out of the way. “Yeah, sure,” Rom said. “Come on in.”




Colton knew he’d probably look back on this afternoon and, in the retelling, laugh his ass off.

Today was not that day.

Tomorrow wasn’t looking so hot, either.

He found the LED lantern under the kitchen sink and, fortunately, experienced no additional sadism, like the batteries being dead or any bullshit like that.


He switched it on and carried it back to the bathroom, where Rom awaited him.

“Let me get those off you, baby,” Rom said as he motioned, indicating Colton’s collar and cuffs.

Colton sighed. “Again.”

Rom smiled. “Again.” He pulled Colton in for a kiss. “Love you.”

“Love you, too, Master.”

They climbed into the shower and Rom started the water. Yes, they’d probably run out of hot water if they stayed in too long, but at least it was a warm day and cold water in their part of Florida usually wasn’t colder than seventy degrees this time of year.

Rom pressed Colton against the wall as he kissed him. Colton closed his eyes and let go, wanting to make the best of this situation. He loved Rom—the love of his life, definitely.

This series of annoying interruptions, in the grand scheme of things, wasn’t a big deal. Not when looked at as a whole. Considering the good life they had together—and the life they’d be able to give to Clayton—Colton knew he needed to relax and enjoy what they had.

Aggravations and disruptions and all.

Because he had this loving man to share his life in the first place.

Rom lifted his mouth from Colton’s. “Come back to me, baby,” he softly sing-songed.

“Sorry, Master.”

Rom trailed his fingers down Colton’s body, across his pecs, brushing over his nipples, teasing him. “Stay with me,” Rom murmured. “Be my good boy. Let me take your mind off your troubles.”

His fingers skimmed down Colton’s abs, over them, lower. When Rom’s fingers closed around Colton’s cock, it hardened immediately in Rom’s hand as he gently squeezed.

Rom never had trouble getting Colton hard. That was one thing always perfect between them—the sexual chemistry they shared was off the charts.

Up until this point, they rarely went longer than a couple of days without having sex in some form, even if only jerking each other off in the shower. Between the emotional toll and physical toll of the last several days, and their newest addition, it’d been four days.

And Colton was getting a little…antsy.

Which was weird, because before Rom, his sex drive had dipped since he didn’t have a partner.

Now? Hell, Rom could give him a sultry look and Colton was popping wood over him.

Rom leaned in as he slowly stroked Colton’s cock, taking his time to rub his thumb over the slit, gathering the pre-cum pearled there and smearing it all over the head of Colton’s cock. “Who’s my good boy?” Rom whispered.

“Me, Master.”

Rom reached up and cupped the back of Colton’s neck with his other hand. “I’m going to make my boy feel good,” he promised as his fingers slowly teased Colton’s cock. They squeezed, eased, working up and down the length of his shaft and milking more pre-cum from him, making his balls ache with need.

Colton moaned and realized he was thrusting into Rom’s hand. Rom pulled him in for another kiss, their lips slanted against each other while Rom’s tongue teased and taunted.

Subspace also teased and taunted. Rom had a way of coaxing him into it even without impact play. Their rapport far surpassed anything Colton had felt with any other partner before.

Rom broke that kiss. “On your knees, boy,” he said.

Colton had to remember they were in the shower and not hit the floor too hard and risk getting an inquisitive phone call from downstairs about the noise. Kneeling put him at the perfect height to suck Rom’s cock. And from the feel of Rom’s fingers on the back of his head and guiding him, that’s exactly what Rom wanted from him.

He gladly complied. He’d spent countless hours on his knees for Rom, or in a similar position. It was one of his favorite things, to worship his Master’s cock and know he was the only one who got to do this for him.

And that Colton was the only one Rom would ever do it for, too.

Leaning in, he slowly flicked his tongue along the slit of Rom’s cock, playing with it and loving the sharp hiss of pleasure he earned in return. Time and aggravations and thoughts about anything else vanished as his world shrank to encompass only Rom and what they were doing. Colton slowly swirled his tongue around the head of Rom’s cock, teasing him, playing with it, knowing if Rom wanted more immediately he had no trouble taking it from him.

That meant Rom was enjoying this.

No other partner he’d had made Colton feel like this, eager and needy and nearly desperate to make his guy happy. To take his time with exploring his cock, making love to it with his tongue and lips. He reached up with his other hand to cup Rom’s sac in his palm, then he worked his way down Rom’s cock and slowly laved his tongue over the man’s balls, too. Taking one, then the other into his mouth, back and forth, drawing more sweet hisses and gasps from his Master.

He took great pride in this. Rom had a quiet, calm strength about him, nearly unshakable, and in moments like this the fact that Colton knew he was the only one who could make him come undone in this way made his heart and soul swell with pride and love.

They were meant to be together and no one could ever convince Colton otherwise.

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