Archer's Revenge (MM)

The Swordsmen 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,428
1 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Historical Romance, M/M, HEA]
Archer Goldenvoice and Drake the Swordsman are swordsmen for hire, determined to help Bancroft the Bold and his lover Winston the Warrior win their castle— and themselves a secure job for the future. Fighting the masterless men is just the first of a series of obstacles they must overcome to gain the castle.
Life in England in 1320 is not safe. Edward of Caernarfon is a strong king but he has his own problems to deal with in battling the Scots, as well as a wife, and a lusty love life. With the death of both Lord Howard and Lord Bolton the swordsmen head north to see if reclaiming Lord Denzil’s castle is possible. Success offers them all the opportunity of safety behind strong stone walls, and a future of ongoing employment. But such a huge undertaking was never going to be that easy to accomplish...
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Archer's Revenge (MM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Archer's Revenge (MM)

The Swordsmen 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,428
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




The door fell in with a mighty crash, and Archer raced after Baxter and Cedric into the hall. He was just in time to see a man’s feet disappearing up the stone stairs so he ran after him.

“Coward! Stand and fight,” he roared. The man kept running so Archer threw his ax at the man’s body. The coward had been warned so hitting him in the back wouldn’t be dishonorable, although a face to face fight would be better.

The man ran into a room and Archer almost lost him because he stopped to pick up his ax. His throw had missed the man thanks to his sidestep into the room. Archer stepped slowly into the room, looking around but no one was there. He was about to look under the bed, although that would have required him removing his helmet, when he realized one of the hangings on the wall covered another door.

He ripped the hanging open. The ancient fabric disintegrated in his gauntleted hand. Archer  stopped instantly as he stepped into the inner room. The man he’d been chasing held a woman front of his body.

His arm was across her neck, almost choking her. The woman’s feet were scrambling to reach the floor as he was a lot taller than her, and he kept her shielding his entire torso.

“Such a brave man to hide behind the skirts of a woman. Step out and fight like a man,” Archer challenged him.

“Like fuck I will. Get out of this room and leave me or she dies.” The man raised his sword to the center of the woman’s body and her legs flailed even more as she tried to move. But his arm across her neck held her much too tightly. Archer thought the man might choke her anyway, just out of spite. But that wasn’t his concern. His job was to kill the coward.

Archer ignored the woman and the sword, watching the man’s face intently. Many fighters signaled their movements with their eyes. It was slight, almost indiscernible, but a true swordsman learned to read the tiniest of signs.

As Archer gazed into the man’s black eyes, the years fell away and he saw another cowardly soldier. Another man with a sword. One who had grabbed an elderly monk delivering food to the poor. The elderly monk had made no attempt to save himself as the earlier coward had slashed his neck to free the strap holding the pouch of food and alms. The monk had dropped dead at Archer’s feet and the soldier had laughed at Archer and run away before he could do anything more than fall to his knees by the old monk’s side. But his mentor, his teacher, the man who’d helped him, was already dead. Killed for some bread, a small jar of oil, and a few copper coins.

Archer’s blood, hot as fire as he’d chased the coward up the stairs, turned to ice in his veins as he recognized the man.“Ten years ago you murdered a monk in cold blood. A monk. A man of God. He carried no weapon and was no danger to you. Yet you killed him without a moment’s thought. Today Father Kirby will be avenged. I will kill you for your infamous treatment of him.”

“I’d forgotten about the monk. He was a nobody. Now this little cunt might give you some fun tonight if you treat her right. I’ll give her to you if you let me go.”

“She won’t give me nearly as much fun as I’ll get killing you.” Archer swept his war ax up at the man’s sword arm, causing him to step to the side away from it. In the same movement Archer brought the flat of his sword down as hard as he could on the man’s bare head.

The soldier sank to his knees, and the woman scrambled away from him and took to her heels out the door.

“Now stand up and fight like a man. Prepare to meet your maker, you coward who hides behind women and murders the innocent.”

The man jumped to his feet, taking his own sword in a double handed grip. Now the fight could begin in earnest. Archer watched his face, not his hands. This man was a murdering coward and Archer already knew he wouldn’t fight honorably. The man would fight to win. Archer had his honor to maintain, but once the man broke the rules of fair combat, he could, too.

They thrust and parried, moving slowly around the room, staying just out of each other’s reach between blows. Then Archer realized the man was trying to wear him down, so he stepped in closer and thrust hard, putting all the force of his arm behind each blow.

The other man wore ordinary clothes and Archer was in full armor. That meant he would tire more easily, but he could make more dangerous moves with the chain mail to protect him. The battle raged for several long, fierce minutes of thrust and parry, slash and withdraw, only to attack once more.

Archer slammed his sword down on the hilt of the other man’s weapon, and he dropped to his knees. There was no reason for him to do that. It was a feint. Sure enough, he thrust upward with his sword, hoping to catch Archer leaning over him. Archer wasn’t that naïve. He jumped to the side and brought his sword down on the man’s shoulder with all the strength in his arm.

The man fell flat on his face, not acting this time, as blood welled up through his clothing.

“Confess your sins and I’ll bind your wound,” Archer offered.




Drake left his cloak on his horse, but brought back a small stone pot of oil. As soon as Archer saw it he knew what it was for. “Do you think the servant guessed what use you’d make of her oil?” he teased Drake.

“She was an older woman so she might well have guessed. But even if she didn’t, I’m very glad she included it with the food.”

“I am, also.”

“I will never hurt you. There are other ways to open an ass, and other ways of making love. But on this, our first time, I’m glad we can do it properly.”

Archer liked that. “I hope it will be the start of a new level of friendship between us.”

Drake piled his clothing beside Archer’s, leaving his sword blade down in the soil level with Archer’s waist. Archer hid a grin. “Just make sure you don’t sheathe the wrong sword inside me. It’s full dark now.”

“That means the stars will shine brightly soon. Have no fear. I know which sword is which, although both are as hard and straight as each other.”

Archer leaned back on his elbows and watched intently as Drake tipped a few drops of oil on his finger and then pressed it at Archer’s ass. Very slowly he rubbed around the tight ring of muscles, oiling them thoroughly and then sliding one thick rough finger inside him. Drake then dripped the oil right onto Archer’s ass, forcing him to lean back farther so Drake could stroke and massage the opening, stretching it until two fingers fit inside his rosette.

Archer tugged on his own cock. He was hard and ready to be fucked. He was not an innocent boy. He’d been with swordsmen long enough to know how men loved each other, but he’d never participated himself before. A few stolen kisses with another man was the limit of his experience. It was good Drake knew what to do or they’d be fumbling around together all night until they got organized.

Drake held two fingers over the top of the vial of oil and then pushed both fingers inside Archer’s ass, stretching and softening the walls of his dark channel. His cock was as a hard as a rock and Archer had to grind his teeth together to prevent himself from begging Drake to get started. But somehow Drake understood. He rubbed his fingers over his own cock, capped the small stone container, and placed it carefully with their clothes. Then he kneeled over Archer and asked softly, “Are you ready?”

“Fuck yes.” Archer’s reply was a hoarse whisper burning with his need. Judging by the size of Drake’s cock he was more than ready to get moving as well. Archer held out his arms, welcoming Drake into his hold and into his body.

Drake dropped a kiss onto his nose, and then pressed his cock at the opening of Archer’s well-oiled ass. Drake pushed more firmly, and then again, and the head of his cock popped through the opening. Archer’s eyes opened wider and he had to work hard to remain silent. He felt full. It was strange, but not unpleasant. He guessed Drake was waiting to ensure he was ready to continue, so he nodded hard, wanting more. This time Drake kissed his lips, and Archer reached up, holding his lover’s head so he could kiss him back enthusiastically. Their tongues tangled and noses mashed together until they changed the angle of their lips, and then Archer poured his heart and soul into the kiss, wanting Drake to understand how much he was ready for this step. How much he wanted Drake as his lover.

Amazingly, Drake understood him, and slid his cock out before pushing it inside, all the way this time until their bodies were jammed together flesh to flesh. Archer gripped Drake’s arms and wrapped his legs around Drake’s waist. Drake nodded and then began thrusting in and out of him, fast and hard. Once again Archer understood that Drake was as aroused as him, but controlling his need, taking his time, ensuring Archer was totally prepared for each step. He was a generous and giving lover, and Archer was fortunate to have found such a considerate man.

He soon lost the ability to think, pushing back on every stroke, wanting to take every inch of Drake’s hard cock deep inside his hot ass. In and out Drake pumped and Archer moved with him, totally absorbed in the rhythm, his hand on his cock maintaining the same driving beat that made his heart pound faster and all the blood in his body hot with the need for a climax.

Then it was over. Drake slammed into his ass and Archer’s cock spurted his seed into the air as he came hard until he was breathless with the explosion. Drake tilted his ass higher and pumped a few more times as the last of his cum shot from his cock. Hot seed filled his ass as Drake’s release exploded inside him. Archer leaned back, panting from the force of his orgasm, and Drake dropped over his body, kissing him again. They lay together, their hearts pressed tightly one against the other, as their breathing slowed.

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