Blackmailing Dom (MF)

Club Esoteria 17

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,325
12 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, HEA]
Gia Rogers agrees to spend an evening as a submissive to Silk Zaccaro’s brother, Dominic, in order to help convince him to buy Club Esoteria. Gia also hopes to sell back the unused portion of her membership to pay her bills for another month while she continues to look for work. Going to the club that fateful Friday night changes everything. But will her battered heart allow her to break her own rules?
Businessman and restaurateur Dominic Zaccaro never planned to play at the local sex club until his sister, Silk, blackmails him into going. As soon as he meets Gia, he has a feeling they were meant to be together.
With Club Esoteria’s future on the line, will Dominic buy the club? Will he keep it open and intact? Can Dominic give Gia what she wants, a night of being his queen instead of his submissive princessa?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Blackmailing Dom (MF)
12 Ratings (4.3)

Blackmailing Dom (MF)

Club Esoteria 17

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,325
12 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Even after 17 books, this series is still the best ever!!!!!!!
I love every character, every story, it's always fantastic. Loved Dominic and Gia, I hope this continues
love love loved this
donna b buccella




Dom could not help but raise an eyebrow at the woman’s statement. Gia Rogers was the woman Silk had been trying to introduce him to for months, but he had always found an excuse to avoid it. Now he wondered why. The woman was as round and full-bodied as his sister, with full breasts and hips that had his cock popping up with interest. Just the kind of figure a woman should have, with curves to hold onto and a lushness that made a man want to snuggle.

Her chestnut brown hair hat curled in riotous profusion to her shoulders, making his fingers itch to play in them. Her bare shoulders covered with freckled ivory skin that continued down to the top of her corset. The pale blue corset ended at her waist. With it, she wore a cutaway skirt made from see-through netting with a pair of panties covering her goodies.

And though she spoke as a Domme would, her feet were bare, indicating she was, in actuality, submissive. She sat perfectly straight, her head up and shoulders back, radiating an aura of royalty. She looked like an incognito princess who was trying to hide who she was, but instinct gave her away. Once they got to know one another better, he might be willing to kneel at her feet, but for tonight, he was in charge, and planned to enjoy every luscious inch of her.

Stepping close enough that his belly pressed against the side of her upper arm, he slid his hand under her hair. He did not stop until his palm cupped the back of her neck. It was a perfect fit. He felt a shiver run through her at his touch.

Leaning in until his lips were barely an inch from her ear, he whispered, “You are mistaken, princessa. I am in charge tonight and you will kneel before me. Then, while I spank your ass, you will beg for my forgiveness and favor. Afterward, we’ll talk before moving on to the good stuff.”

The thumb resting atop her carotid artery picked up the increase in her heartbeat. At the same time, he watched her breathing stop for a few seconds before starting once more. His sister’s little friend wasn’t nearly as dominant as she wanted him to believe.

When she didn’t answer immediately he tightened his hold on her neck just a little. “The proper response is ‘Yes, Master.’ Or, if you’re not comfortable with that, I’ll accept Sir. For now.”

Still she remained silent, though her trembling grew a shade stronger.

“Gia? Do you understand?” He dropped his tone and hardened it slightly. Not quite his full on Dom-in-control tone, but close enough that the woman began to tremble.

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered.

“Good girl. Now where shall we go for a bit of privacy?”

“The back corner is usually quiet this time of the evening.” The woman behind the bar pointed.

“Thanks,” Dom said with a smile. “Now, princessa, can you walk, or do I carry you?”

Gia turned her head, leaning back just enough that she wasn’t cross-eyed as she looked into his eyes. He was immediately entranced by the swirling brown and gold eyes that sparkled with both submissive and sexual hunger.

“I can walk, Sir,” she said softly, just before the tip of her tongue swiped over soft pink lips.

Dom’s cock fully stiffened in response to that innocent gesture. Tilting his head, he closed the distance and kissed her, not bothering with any of the polite niceties as he took what he wanted. And what he wanted was to thoroughly taste and explore this lovely woman who just might be everything he was looking for in a woman.

She sucked a surprised breath through her nose, even as her mouth parted in welcome. Her hands came up and touched his sides before slowly sliding up and around his shoulders. Her fingertips dug into the flesh beneath his shirt as if to keep herself grounded.

Dom understood the action as he released her neck and slid his arm down and around so that arm bracketed her back. He slid his other arm under her thighs just above her knees. When straightened to his full six feet, she was in his arms.

He released her lips to look around for the corner the barmaid had suggested. Then, while the woman in his arm remained pliant and cooperative, he crossed the club floor.

Maybe Silk was right in her insistence for him to buy Club Esoteria. He would have to give it more serious thought than he had if this was the kind of women to be found here.

The corner was indeed private enough for what he needed. Once they dealt with Gia’s spanking, they would talk. Though his cock was hard as granite from holding her, he needed to make sure their likes and dislikes meshed as well as she fit in his arms. If not, he would check out the rest of what the club had to offer.

But first, he had a spanking to administer.




Gia froze as Dom took the kiss impossibly deeper than the last one, which was saying something. Off balance since the moment they had met, Gia gave in to the need to cling. Lifting her hands to the waistband of his jeans, she slid them around until her arms were full of hot, sexy male.

When he finally broke the kiss, her knees had turned to overcooked spaghetti and the only thing keeping her from melting into a puddle of goo at his feet was her arms wrapped around his middle.

“You taste good,” he murmured as his hands ran over her shoulders then down her back to her ass. “And you feel good, too.”

“Mmm hmm,” was all she managed in response.

Never before had a man sent her flying with just a kiss. But then, she was learning that Dominic Zaccaro was not a mere mortal. He seemed to be so much, much more. She swayed like a dandelion in a high wind when he pulled her arms from around him. After turning her to face the wall, hands on her hips propelled her forward until she had the wooden cross to lean against. Then, her arms were raised and cuffs clipped to the cross. A moment later he pulled her left leg out and secured it before doing the same with her right.

Moving in until his clothes brushed her back, he kissed the spot where her shoulder and neck joined. “Where are we, princessa?”

“Green, Sir,” she said softly.

“Good girl. Now, you may scream and cry, but you will not come until I say. Do you understand?”

Since she was already two-thirds the way to an orgasm already, she took a breath before answering. “I’ll try, Sir.”

A sharp swat to her left ass cheek accompanied his stern, “You’ll do, or I’ll pull out some of those toys you didn’t and you won’t be able to sit comfortably for a week.”

His soft words and intense tone send more heat and tingling to Gia’s clit though she refused to show him exactly how close she was. Somehow, some way, she would show this man that she could be the kind of sub he needed, would be the woman he needed, and help Silk in her pursuit of his buying the club.

The last thing she wanted was to disappoint the woman who had remained her friend when everyone else backed away. Even her family wouldn’t take her phone calls these days, no doubt afraid Gia would ask for money, or a place to stay. But her pride would not allow her to make such a phone call. Besides, she and her sister were like oil and water, so different they barely talked at family gatherings, and then only because it was the polite thing to do.

The soft flogger with many strands began at her shoulders and worked its way down her back, over her ass and all the way to her knees, the blows landing soft enough to be a massage. Gia took several deep breaths as it traveled back up and then down again, slowly heating the rest of her skin to the same warmth as her ass. With each exhalation she relaxed a little more. By the time he changed to the second flogger with its fewer, stiff laces, she was soaring headfirst into subspace.

She barely felt the crop as it landed a dozen blows all over her ass and upper thighs, but her orgasm was closing in and she had a hard time holding still during the last few blows. Her clit needed a single touch to send her rocketing over the edge into orgasmic nirvana.

“Sir, please,” she whimpered when instead of stroking her clit, his hands stroked up and down her back, sending the warmth and edgy pain deeper into her body.

“Not yet, princessa. Five kisses of my whip and then I’ll fuck you so good.” His promise was accompanied by a long, thick erection pressing against her lower back.

And then he was gone and cool air washed over her heated skin once more.

Breathing deep once more, she focused on pushing away the orgasm that was so close her pussy was pulsing and clit was throbbing with need. She barely acknowledged the pinpoint pains as the whip left its marks on the fullness of her ass, though she hear someone crying out with each touch. Whoever it was seemed far away, like someone across the room was crying.

She was so relaxed, she could not help when Dom released her from the cross. She hissed but was too brain-befuddled and physically uncoordinated to do more than that when he swept her up in his arms.

“Too heavy,” she protested weakly.

He didn’t answer, just carried her to the spanking bench and laid her on it, facedown. She felt fingers slid in and out of her pussy, and then his cock, pressed for entrance. She moaned as his long, thick length slid in slowly, filling her like she was made just for him.

She made a sound when he lowered over her, his warm, hairy chest brushing the hot tender skin of her back. “This is going to be fast, princessa. You’ve got me too wound up.”

As she puzzled over his words, he began to slide in and out, each thrust sending her closer and closer to her own edge. She was so close, so very close. But she didn’t want to disappoint him by coming too soon. Then a hand slipped around her hip and found its way to her pussy lips.

“Come for me, princessa. Come now,” he ordered as his fingers slid down either side of her clit before pressing together, trapping the puffed up nub of flesh between them.

Gia could not help but scream as her orgasm exploded out from that tiny nerve center. She jolted and flailed, unable to stop the convulsions that ran through her body. Dom moved in and out in a hard, fast rhythm, until he shoved deep and froze. Then she felt his cock jerk and the heat as he came, a thin sheath of latex separating them. And then her thoughts splintered further as he rubbed her clit harder, pulling another, small but just as intense orgasm from her and sending her completely into orbit, both mind and body.

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