The Hybrid and His Human Mate (MM)

Nehalem Pack 40

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,455
10 Ratings (4.9)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifter, Werewolves/Vampires, MM, HEA]

It’s been five years since Alfie Buchanan was kidnapped by the NHS. He’s moved on from that time in his life with the help of his son, Jonah. Jonah is the only reminder of his time held captive and Alfie thanks the heavens every day for Jonah. The little boy taught him what it was to love unconditionally.

SJ Noble keeps to himself, avoiding his father who he just never could connect with. His father works for a company that studies human shifters. No matter his father’s explanations, its inhuman and unforgiveable. Knowing what his father is capable of SJ still never imagined his own flesh and blood could betray him but he was wrong.

Informed with the knowledge he has a son out in the world, SJ heads to Silver Creek. Hoping and praying the one person his father hurt the most can trust him before the NHS comes back to finish the job.

AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Hybrid and His Human Mate (MM)
10 Ratings (4.9)

The Hybrid and His Human Mate (MM)

Nehalem Pack 40

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,455
10 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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Alfie bit the inside of his cheek. This had been the same conversation they’d had several times in the past year. Jonah was five years old now. Alfie took his responsibility as a father seriously, and he didn’t want to miss a single moment of his son’s life. He wanted Jonah to know he was never alone.

After Alfie’s mom died, he kind of shut down on the inside. It took the birth of his son to pull him out of his funk. The first time he saw Jonah, that sweet innocent smile, woke him up. It thawed his hardened heart and breathed new life into him. Jonah was his whole world.

“Wait a minute. Who said you were his favorite uncles?” Alfie teased.

“Don’t make me kick your ass, Alf.” Dane pointed a finger into Alfie’s chest, teasing him. “That kid adores me.”

“Hey!” Reed made a face at his husband. “What about me?”

“Yeah sure he loves you too.” Dane waved off Reed’s grunt. “But seriously, Alfie. Go out. Have some fun. You deserve it. I’m sure Lucas and Bane would love to go out with you. Have a few drinks, dance a little, get your freak on.” Dane swiveled his hips then stopped suddenly. “Just make sure to wear a condom.”

“Oh, for the love of god.” Alfie looked up at the ceiling.

“Just think about it, Alfie.” Reed walked over to give Alfie a hug. “You’re an amazing dad and I think you need to go out and have some adult time too.”

“I don’t know,” Alfie relented. It had been ages since he went out with friends that didn’t include taking his son. “Maybe. I’ll think about it.”

“Either way I expect to see that little cutie on Saturday. I need my Jonah cuddles,” Dane said as Alfie made his escape.

Alfie said goodbye to the ladies at the front counter and walked out into the sunshine. It was a hot one. Sweat instantly beaded up on his neck and ran down the back of his shirt. Alfie slid on his sunglasses as soon as he got into his hot car. He cranked the air conditioning up to the highest stetting and rolled down the windows.

“Hot. Hot. Hot,” Alfie complained as he touched the steering wheel.

The interior of his car was all black as well as the exterior. When Alfie bought this car, a Volkswagen Passat, it had been winter and the suffocating heat of summer was the last thing on his mind. He thought the car was cute and now in the midst of summer he was paying the price.

Before too long the car cooled down and Alfie put the car in reverse and headed to the daycare center Jonah attended on the days Alfie was at work. The teachers at the school were amazing. Jonah probably wouldn’t be as far along with his alphabet, numbers, and reading if not for them.

Ten minutes later Alfie pulled into the parking lot of the school and parked his car. He climbed out, shoving his sunglasses up and over his forehead. He smiled at the mother and her young daughter as they walked out the front door he held open for them then stepped inside. The cool air conditioning chilled his sweat-damped skin.

Everyone in town knew Alfie. He grew up here and his mother was of the social sort. It was kind of awkward when he had Jonah. Everyone in town pretty much knew he was gay, so when he showed up one day with a kid everyone obviously had questions. Hell, Alfie would have had it not been him.

After he’d found out he was pregnant he had to come up with a believable story as to why he suddenly had a child. With the help of his friends and the Nehalem Pack, the story fell into place. He used the excuse that when he had disappeared after the death of Kat, Lucas’s grandmother, he needed to get away. The failing health of his own mom combined with the death of a friend, Alfie skipped town for a few weeks.

The story told to all wanting in on the juicy gossip was that Alfie made his way down to Panama City, Florida, where he spent his days passed out and his nights partying, getting so drunk that he hooked up with a woman and got her pregnant. Nine months later the baby came. When asked about Jonah’s mom, he told them she had no interest in raising a child and signed all parental rights over to Alfie.

To be fair it was sort of true. God only knew who Jonah’s other father was, but it was apparent that the man had no interest being in Jonah’s life. Which was totally cool with Alfie. With his luck it was probably one of those evil doctors who knocked him up and would only want Jonah to experiment on.

A shiver ran down Alfie’s spine at just the thought of that. He had to keep Jonah safe. No matter what. That was the most important thing. Alfie would die to protect his son from a life of pain and horror.

Alfie hid his pregnancy beautifully. No one expected a thing and bought the story of him sleeping with some random chick hook, line, and sinker. It was a little disturbing really. He had to assume people really did believe he was a slut. Sure, he liked to have fun but he was always safe. If he thought too hard about it, he got offended. He wasn’t a whore and he’d never leave a woman in that condition. No way would Alfie ever walk away from his responsibilities.




Alfie had thought he’d outgrown club hook ups, but he wasn’t in control of his body. His libido had taken over all his senses and all he could think about was getting closer to this man. The bathroom was crowded, so Alfie headed toward the back exit. He shoved open the back door and the sweet smell of summer engulfed him. Hot and sexy behind him slammed the door shut, cutting them off from the rest of the club goers. The music fell to a dull thud.

The silence and fresh air brought Alfie back to his senses. He spun around to face hot and sexy. Before he could open his mouth, the man crowded him against the brick wall behind him. Those piercing blue eyes left him speechless. Alfie fisted his hands in the man’s black shirt, not sure if he wanted to push the guy away, at least to get his name, or afraid the man would leave him wanting.

Warm fingers grabbed Alfie’s jaw, not too rough, but with enough force to have Alfie looking upward. The man smiled down at him as he held Alfie in place and used his other hand to caress his way down Alfie’s quivering body.

Alfie couldn’t take it any longer. He pushed himself up on his tippy toes and pressed his lips to hot and sexy’s. Warm dry lips collided with his and Alfie moaned. Hot and sexy took advantage of that to slip his tongue into Alfie’s, and Alfie couldn’t hold back and sucked on it, drawling it further into his mouth.

At that moment Alfie finally understood what it meant to see stars when kissing another person. His whole body came alive from one kiss. Every touch the man laid upon his body set fire to his skin. Alfie felt dizzy as if the world was spinning in fast forward on its axis. His dick was trapped in his tight jeans, causing a painful heat to pool in his belly as he humped against hot and sexy’s thigh.

“God, I want you.” Hot and sexy kept his hand under Alfie’s chin, holding onto his neck as his other hand shoved Alfie’s shirt up his chest, exposing his bare skin to the night.

“Me too.” Alfie whined. His hands dropped down to the waist of the man’s jeans, and he flipped the button open and pulled down the zipper. Alfie snuck his hand into his boxers, wrapping his fingers around the hard-solid velvety length. God, the man was hung. Thick and long. The smooth skin was hot to the touch.

Hot and sexy made quick work of shoving Alfie’s jeans down his legs. He wasn’t sure when the man had even opened them. He was too lost to sensation coursing through his body. Alfie arched his back off the wall sliding his cock alongside hot and sexy’s. Juices oozed from Alfie’s tip, sliding down his length. He rubbed his palm over the leaking tip, getting his hand wet, then grabbed both their straining lengths.

“Fuck,” hot and sexy growled into Alfie’s neck. “Need you.” He flipped Alfie around, facing the wall. The man dropped to his knees, grabbing Alfie’s cheeks, pulling them apart. “So pretty.” Hot air blew across Alfie’s opening and he would have crumbled to the ground if it weren’t for the man holding him up.

“Oh god,” Alfie whimpered as the smooth, wet tongue licked over his hungry hole. He was a sobbing mess as the man took total control of his body with just his tongue. Wet swipe after wet swipe caressed his opening. Alfie’s eyes squeezed shut as the man pressed his tongue into his body. It had never felt this good being rimmed by another guy. This was beyond any experience he’d ever had. He needed more. “Please.”

Hot and sexy growled as he ate at Alfie’s sensitive hole. He was getting Alfie nice and wet, and Alfie didn’t resist when a thick finger was shoved deep into his ass. Alfie shoved his ass out, seeking more of the rough treatment. He wanted to feel it more.

Hot and sexy fucked him for a few more minutes, adding another finger then another, stretching out his tiny hole. Then suddenly they were gone. Alfie gasped for breath and angled his body, seeing where the man had gone when his large body blanketed against Alfie’s back, pressing him hard into the wall. The hot, hard length slipped between his ass cheeks, and Alfie moaned and wiggled his hips. He needed more, so much more.

The blunt head of the man’s cock pressed at his opening, and there was a small part of his brain shouting at him to stop, that this was irresponsible, but Alfie ignored it. His mouth hung open on a silent scream as hot and sexy’s fat cock head pressed through his defenses, filling his channel. It burned and Alfie’s muscles clenched down tight.

The man reached around Alfie and stroked his cock as he moved his hips, a slow slide out then a deep thrust that had Alfie’s fingers clawing at the wall. It felt so good being close to other another person. The low groans hot and sexy made pushed Alfie closer and closer to the head. Hot and sexy stood up further, taking Alfie’s shorter body with him, and the new angle pressed up against his prostate.

“Fuck, yes!” Alfie’s head fell back on the man’s shoulders as he rushed toward the finish line. The huge cock buried inside him and the rough hand on his cock was just too much. He came on a shout that left his throat raw.

“That’s right. Bear down, baby.” The man nipped at his neck. “Going to fill you up full.”

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