William’s Wish (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor 17

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,323
0 Ratings (0.0)


AVAILABLE: Friday, May 31st

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Menage, Historical, Edwardian England, MMF, HEA]

The last thing William Crowley wishes is to be a bloody Hawk. It’s bad enough his sister just married one! When he discovers he is a Hawk, he is stunned.

His mother won’t say who his father is, only that he wasn’t a good man. William’s brother-in-law contacts the Earl of Hawksfell, who invites William to Hawksfell Manor.

The earl tells William of the Hawk sexual curse and financial blessings and divulges his father’s identity. He invites him to stay at the manor.

Lady’s maid Flora came to Hawksfell three months ago. She’s drawn to first footman Paul and, when William arrives, she likes him too.

Paul has worked at Hawksfell for a year. Only Flora tempts him. That is, until he becomes William’s valet.

William is taken with both Paul and Flora, and it becomes more than sexual. Can they come to care for him too? Or will he lose his chance to realize his fondest wish for love?

William’s Wish (MMF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

William’s Wish (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor 17

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,323
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


In the morning, after sleeping like the dead in his old bed chamber, he went belowstairs to find his mother pacing the entryway.

“Oh, William!” She clutched a handkerchief in her hands. “Thank goodness you have returned.”

“I am never gone for any length of time, Mother.”

“But you must attend to Rosemont’s affairs. Your father is too fatigued to do so.”

“Is there some problem with the estate?”


He blinked at her. “Then why, exactly, must I see to it this morning?”

She shook her head. “No particular reason, save for some papers that your father cannot seem to make out. That seems to happen more and more of late.”

“I am sorry to hear that.”

“Hopefully it will not take you overlong. I know that Stilton House calls to you.”

“Yes, but I have lived there for a few years now,” he said with a nod. “Are you saying I am neglecting my family?”

“Never that! I just believe that you should apply your aplomb for business and the like to Rosemont as well. Our estate thrived when you were involved.”

He could not argue with her. He was quite gifted with finances and most fortunate with his investments and his own estate. Perhaps it was recompense for regularly enduring his beast.

“I will take a look at the papers, Mother.”

“Thank you, dear.” Her relief was palpable. “I am afraid that you will find his office in disarray.”

William waved away her concerns—that was, until he entered his father’s study. His mother had not exaggerated the task before him, so he took a breath and began to sort through the papers. Down near the bottom of one tilting pile, he saw what appeared to be a legal document. There were several of these among the mess, but this was the only one that featured his name. His first name, that was.

“What the devil is this?” he murmured.

He withdrew and studied the document, though he did not recognize the name of the attorney who had seen to it nor the executor’s identity. That faded from his notice when he took note of the surname listed after his name.

“Hawk?” He came to his feet. “Bloody Hawk?”

“William, did you need something?” his mother asked as she looked into the study.

He whirled to face her. “What is the meaning of this?”

Her gaze flicked to the document and the color drained from her face. “Oh, no.”

He blinked. “I hear no note of surprise in your voice, Mother.”

She sank into the chair facing his father’s desk. “I am not surprised.”

He tossed the document to land before her on the desk. “Who in blazes is this William Hawk?”

Her lower lip quivered. “William Hawk is you, dear.”

He leaned against the desk as his knees all but crumpled beneath him. “What?”

“You are a Hawk, William.”

“A what?”

“Your title and estate also come through the Hawk line.”

“My title? I thought I inherited Stilton from one of father’s brothers.”

“You did not. Your real father possessed many properties throughout York. You are a baronet and should be addressed as Sir William.”

The name felt odd after so many years without any such address.

“I am a Hawk.” William rubbed his hands over his face. “Why did you never tell me?”

She began to wring her hands again. “It was so long ago, and I did not mean to get involved.”

“Was this before Father?”


William swallowed. “Does he know?”

She gave a shaky nod. “He has always known.”

“He knew of your affair, then?”

“It was not an affair, William! It was very nearly against my will.”

Sickness swirled in his belly. “Never say the blackguard forced himself on you.”

“No, but I was powerless to resist.”

He recalled his effect on men and women alike, as if they were in his thrall. Sexually, it led to wild encounters that finally appeased his need. He recalled the maids’ words from last evening, after he had finally been sated. His allure was no doubt due to Hawk magnetism.

“I cannot believe this,” he muttered.

She placed a hand on his shoulder. “I tried to hide it from you, William. To deny it, even to myself.”

“Does Willow know?”

“No. She and I left for your great aunt’s just over ten years ago, before your Hawk legacy took hold.”

He thought for a moment. “Ten years. Yes, that would be about the time I first…” He shook his head. “Never mind, Mother. I will not speak of it to you.”

“Go and speak to Noah.”

William gaped at her. “Whyever would I speak with him?”

“He is your sister’s husband, but he is also a Hawk. Just as you are, William.”

William paced the length of his father’s study. “Yes, I suppose that is true. At least he was aware of such for the whole of his life.” She winced and his anger lessened. “I am sorry, Mother.”

Reaching out, she grasped his arm. “You are a good man, William. A good son. You always have been.”

“But I am something else, am I not?”

“Something else, but perhaps something more?”

William scoffed and turned away from her. He was a goddamned Hawk!




There was no one about in the bachelor’s wing to catch her out, thank goodness. Taking a breath, she rapped on William’s door. It was swiftly pulled open by the man himself. He was in shirtsleeves and trousers and looked very large and strong.

“Flora,” he said in his wonderfully deep voice.

She dipped a curtsey out of habit, causing him to click his tongue.

“There will be no bowing in deference today, sweet.” He took her hand and drew her into the room. “We are equals in this.”

“What is this, precisely?” she asked before she could stop herself.

“It is passion,” Paul answered as he stepped out of the dressing room, also clad only in shirt and pants.

Her heart began to race as her gaze went from one man to the other. They were both so well built, with broad shoulders and sculpted chests and ridged, flat bellies. Her fingers itched to trace every blessed inch of them in their turn.

She swiftly removed her uniform and set it neatly aside. They both stared hotly at her as she stripped away her corset and petticoats down to her slip. Then, all at once, they surrounded her. Their hands and lips intoxicated her as her passions rose. Her breasts tingled and her pussy wept as they teased her.

She was trembling now, with one hand holding to Paul’s head as he nuzzled her breasts and the other holding to William’s shoulder as he knelt before her.

“Oh, please,” she sighed.

“What, Flora.” Paul nibbled on her ear now as he pinched her aching nipple. “What is it you want?”

“Yes, sweet.” William’s tongue ran along the seam of her drawers where it just teased her flesh. “What is it you want?”

“I want both of you,” she answered on a breath.

William chuckled as he knelt before her to nuzzle between her thighs. Paul removed her slip and came behind her as William cupped her bottom. Then he licked her, long and slow.

Blissfully lost in what they were doing to her, she leaned fully against Paul. William slid beneath her and, the next thing she knew, he was spread on the floor. He swiftly moved her with skill so that she was somehow on her hands and knees above him with the bulge of his shaft nearly in her face. Her pussy pressed against his mouth as Paul freed William’s cock from his trousers. Her mouth watered and she took William’s cock deep into her mouth, moaning at his taste as well as the magic things he was doing to her with his lips and tongue.

She licked and sucked at his shaft as he spread her with long fingers to drive his tongue into her again and again. Arching against him, she wriggled to feel more of his attention.

“Mmm, sweet.” William’s lips buzzed against her slick and swollen flesh.

Whimpering, she began to lose her balance when she attempted to stroke his cock as she tongued the head. Paul knelt before her and lifted her chin. “Allow me to assist, love.”

He held and stroked William’s cock, leaving her to brace herself again on her splayed hands. Paul kissed her and then bent his head to lick William. Her eyes widened and she flushed hotter still at the sight. William’s tongue continued to tease and torment her flesh as she and Paul took turns pulling William’s cock deep into their mouths. They kissed as well, their mouths melding as one to please each other and William.

William’s big body began to twitch as he approached orgasm. His movements brought her closer and closer to the pinnacle and she moaned around his massive cock. She and Paul kissed again and then she closed her lips over William and took all of his cream as he came with a shudder.

She soon followed, writhing against his mouth as he groaned against her flesh. William licked her again, slowly now as Paul knelt before her. Without waiting a beat, she took him deep into her mouth and caught his cream soon after.

“Christ, love!” Paul arched back as he came in hot spurts.

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