The Lords of Hawksfell Manor Collection, Volume 1 (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,133
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Publishing Menage Amour Collection: Historical ménage a trois, Edwardian England, MMF, HEA]

In Gabriel's Guests, Gabriel Hawk’s family has long been rutting bastards cursed by their lusts. He can’t find release alone without pain, so he staffs his grand estate Hawksfell Manor with servants to please him. When a storm brings two unexpected guests to the manor, he can’t send them away.

Lady Millicent Crowley must marry within three months to get her inheritance. She’s fond of her third cousin Michael but she wants more. She suggested this ill-fated car trip to sort out her feelings. She hadn’t counted on the storm washing them up on Gabriel’s doorstep.

Gabriel is attracted to both Crowleys, and they both want him, too. He believes passion is passion, but as the three of them learn how to please each other he feels more for them both. Can he learn that love is love? Or will they find out his secret and leave him forever?

In Patrick's Pledge, Patrick Hawk fought his cursed Hawk lusts until his mother died. He ruts his way through Yorkshire until the Earl of Hawksfell invites him to Hawksfell Manor to find satisfaction with his staff. Patrick accepts, but vows to keep from taking advantage. Mary Turner is a maid at Hawksfell Manor. She was seduced at her previous job, then fired. She’s attracted to Patrick, and worries she’ll lose this position if she gives in. Thomas Grantley is the earl’s man of affairs. He’s smitten with Mary but wants love and companionship. He’s attracted to Patrick too. Despite his pledge, Patrick can’t stay away from Mary. He and Thomas discover they want the same things, each other and Mary, and the three of them explore their passions. Mary trusts Thomas with her heart, and Patrick wants to be a part of the love they share. Can he love them both without breaking their hearts?

The Lords of Hawksfell Manor Collection, Volume 1 (MMF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Lords of Hawksfell Manor Collection, Volume 1 (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,133
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Gabriel's Guests


Millicent looked out the windscreen, seeing little in the pouring rain. She could just make out a large structure high on the hill above them, huge and hulking. Lights burned in the windows. “What is that?”

Michael squinted through his window. “Hawksfell Manor, I believe. Heard of it back at that inn.”

“A manor?” she asked. “Are they a titled family?”

He shrugged. “I think I heard someone talking about the Earl of Hawksfell.”

“Hawksfell?” It sounded so ancient. No doubt the earl was a doddering old nobleman with pinched lips and watery eyes. Lovely.

“It looks like he’s currently in residence, at least,” Michael said.

“Then we shall go impose upon his hospitality,” she said.

Michael blew out a breath. “I suppose we must. And get quite wet in the process.”

“We’re going to walk?”

“What, do you believe fairies will sail across the moors and carry us up to the manor?”

She found a smile. “I suppose not.”

“Come, then. This storm doesn’t seem inclined to lessen any time soon.” His tone was clipped and brooked no refusal. “We’ll prevail upon the earl for shelter and ask him to send someone for our bags.”

Millicent gazed at Michael in astonishment. Where was this forceful man last evening? He climbed out of the car, his hat pulled low, and hurried around to her side. The door opened, letting in a great gust of windswept rain. Her coat was soon soaked, but there was nothing else for it. She took Michael’s hand and stepped onto the slippery road. Michael held her tight, however.

“Easy,” he said, dropping a kiss on her brow. It was sweet and just what she needed at the moment.

“Let’s hurry,” he added.

Her pretty felt hat gave little protection as they set off on the muddy path. Her heeled boots squished and slipped, so she held on to Michael’s arm as they made their way toward the manor.

By the time they arrived, they were soaked to the skin and more than a little uncomfortable. Millicent’s hair had fallen from its pins and hung in soaking hanks from beneath her hat. Michael stomped along beside her, stoic and silent. His face showed a sort of worried determination, and apparently none of the apprehension she felt going to a complete stranger’s door in the middle of a stormy night. How could he not be worried? It was all so Gothic.

They came up to the hulking structure, stopping before a wide door of thick oak. Another blessed flash of lightning showed her a massive iron knocker, so she grabbed it and let it fall. Any sound it might have made was lost as another clap of thunder bellowed overhead.

“Bloody hell,” she heard Michael grumble.

After a shorter time than she expected, the door was pulled open. There stood a portly butler, his lined face showing surprise. “May I help you?”

“I am Michael Crowley, and this is Lady Millicent Crowley,” Michael said. “We had an accident down on the road. May we beg your master for shelter?”

The butler looked from him to Millicent then nodded. “Come into the hall. I shall speak with Lord Hawksfell.”

The place was lit electrically, and Millicent could see that the earl had wealth. From the well-kept look of the place, he also employed plenty of staff to maintain the trappings of that wealth. Fine carpet underfoot, sadly seeping with water and mud now due to her and Michael’s ruined boots. Ornately dressed walls and soaring ceilings gave the place an air of prestige. The furnishings she could see from their vantage point were quite fine.

“Who the devil are they?” she heard a deep voice question from somewhere off to the left.

She didn’t hear the butler’s answer, but a maid soon appeared and removed their coats. Millicent unpinned her sodden hat and handed it to the girl. She disappeared, and Millicent brushed her hands over her skirt, doing little to improve her appearance. “Look at us. Like two drowned urchins.”

Michael smiled. “You look lovely despite the spatters of mud on your face.”

“My face?” She ran her gloved fingers over her cheek, and they came away smeared with mud. “Wonderful.”

“Never mind. Let us meet our host and show him we can be charming guests despite our appearance.”

A few moments later, the butler returned. “Lord Hawksfell will receive you in the parlor.”

They followed the man down the hall, their footsteps squishing as they tread on the thick carpet. After pausing at a double set of paneled doors, the butler opened them and bowed.

“Lady Millicent Crowley and Mr. Michael Crowley, my lord.”

Millicent turned to thank the butler, but her breath caught as she glimpsed the tall man standing beside the crackling fireplace. She couldn’t have been more wrong in her preconceived notions of the Earl of Hawksfell.

Lord, he was beautiful. And far from old. If she had to guess, she’d put his age at just this side of thirty. He was broad shouldered and long limbed. He had dark, waving hair, deep fathomless eyes, and a face she knew she’d see in her dreams. Finely chiseled nose and cheekbones, a cleft chin and full lips. Those lips were not smiling however, and his eyes were sharp as they roamed first over her and then Michael.

“Thank you, Carstairs,” he said to the butler. “Have tea brought in for my…guests.”




“Well, I’m not going to waste another moment,” she said, coming to her feet. “I need you both.” They dropped their dressing gowns, and she stared wide-eyed at their cocks. “You need me, too.”

“Yes,” Michael said, pulling her toward him.

They kissed again as Michael’s hands roamed over her. He held her so tightly, her breasts flush against his chest, her hips cradling his erection. Her nipples throbbed as she rubbed against him.

Suddenly Gabriel’s hands were on her but not as she’d expected. She leaned slightly away from Michael and saw Gabriel stood behind him, his hands reaching around his waist to cup her bottom. She lifted up on tiptoes and kissed his mouth, and the expression on his face was one she’d glimpsed earlier. Hope.

What he did next shocked her, but only for a moment. He turned his head and dropped a kiss on Michael’s neck. Michael closed his eyes and leaned his head back. He looked so beautiful, like a statue come to life between them. She kissed his throat as Gabriel stroked his chest. Gabriel wore a look of determination on his face, that and pure passion. She didn’t know precisely what they would do, but she knew she wanted to be a part of it.

She kissed Gabriel’s firm lips again then kissed Michael’s delectable mouth. She exchanged a glance with Gabriel, communicating that she was open to whatever would happen next. He flashed her a smile then nuzzled the back of Michael’s neck again.

Juices flooded her pussy, and she felt like her skin was on fire. And weren’t they just the loveliest two men she’d ever seen?

* * * *

Michael held Millicent close in his arms as Gabriel ran his talented hands over him. His cock was stiff against Millicent’s belly, Gabriel’s rock hard between the cheeks of his ass. Millicent kissed him, then Gabriel, then stroked her fingers over his cock. His senses were overwhelmed as each of them seemed determined to drive him out of his mind.

“Gabriel,” he gasped as his finger dipped into his ass.

“Easy, Michael,” he said, his voice rough. “I’ll ease my way.”

“Your way?” Michael heard Millicent ask.

Gabriel released him and Michael swayed on his feet. His every nerve was pulled taut. Millicent licked his chest, and he trembled.

“Ah, Millie,” he groaned.

Her fingers wrapped around his shaft, stroking him as he felt his blood pound. It was amazing, her loving him as Gabriel…Where was Gabriel?

“You’ll like this,” Gabriel said as he stepped behind him once more.

He teased his ass again then slipped two fingers inside. They were coated with some sort of cream, which warmed with his touch.

“How does that feel?” he asked, moving his fingers in and out.

Michael squeezed his eyes shut and drew in a breath. “So good.”

He heard Millicent make a sound of encouragement, and Gabriel said something in return he didn’t catch. He shifted, and Michael felt the tip of Gabriel’s cock at his hole. He thought he should stop this, but it felt too damn good. Millicent ran her tongue over his nipple, and he shivered. Reaching up, he grabbed onto Gabriel’s shoulders and moved his ass toward him. Gabriel let out a groan and sank inside him. It was incredible, his cock hard and hot and deep inside him as his own began to weep with need. Gabriel held himself still for a moment then began to thrust.

“God,” Michael bit out. “That’s…”

“Does that feel good, Michael?” Millicent asked, her voice betraying her obvious excitement.

He peeped one eye open and saw her watching, her eyes hot and her mouth open. Her face shined with love and passion, and he nearly came in that moment. “It’s beyond words.”

Gabriel murmured words of encouragement behind him, moving in and out as he moaned his own pleasure. Millicent’s hands grew frantic on him, and before he guessed what she was about, she fell to her knees and took him in her mouth. Michael let out a shout as he gave a great shudder. His every nerve was on fire, his ass taking everything Gabriel gave and his cock reveling in what Millicent did.

She nibbled around the head, sweet sounds of pleasure coming from her lips as she stroked him. Up and down, her delicate hands cupping his balls, she took him deep in her mouth. It was too much. Gabriel was hot and thick moving inside of him, Millicent’s mouth was driving him mad. The sensations combined to send him hurtling over the edge.


Patrick's Pledge


Hawksfell Manor felt very different since the earl had taken a wife a week ago, and his smiles still took her by surprise whenever she saw them. The new countess was a pleasure to work for, as was Mr. Michael Crowley. Now that the earl’s needs were met by his new situation, Mary didn’t have to worry about pleasing him herself. She could concentrate on her job as a maid and put the possibility of those other duties behind her.

“That William is driving me mad,” Posy, another maid, said as she came into the room.

Mary straightened and faced her. Posy was pretty and blonde, and twenty-one years old like she was. She was also one of the earl’s favorites not too long ago.

“What has William done this time?” Mary asked her.

Posy blew out a breath. “He’s been distant, like before.”

William, a footman, sternly toed the line at the manor. He was tall and handsome, as a good footman should be. He was also stoic and severe. Mary came upon him and Posy together once, though. It seemed then that he was anything but distant from Posy.

“Perhaps it has something to do with the earl’s new status,” Mary said.

Posy blew out a breath. “Oh, it does. I’ve been aching for attention, and William doesn’t care.”

Mary frowned. “Don’t speak like that, Posy. The countess or Mr. Crowley might hear you.”

Posy placed her hands on her hips. “You might be pleased with the new situation, but I feel neglected.”

Mary bit her tongue. Posy took delight in sharing her exploits with Mary in the room they shared downstairs. She’d taken to her additional duties at Hawksfell Manor with enthusiasm, though Mary knew most of her stories were exaggerated. She wasn’t even certain the earl had taken Posy. Mary had done her own turn with the earl before his marriage put an end to that part of her job. She never said so to Posy, but she was pleased that duty was over. She took care of the earl just once, just gave him ease with her mouth, but it never felt right giving away something so valuable. She’d had a choice, of course. And she’d chosen to take this position at Hawksfell Manor. The earl paid well and continued to do so. She’d never find a better position, especially now that she didn’t have to do more than her job.

“I can’t help you with William, Posy,” she said. “I have to go ready one of the guest rooms. Mrs. Holmes told me the manor might have a visitor tonight.”

Posy’s brows shot up. “A visitor? Who is it?”

“I don’t know. A relative of the earl’s, I think.”

A smile spread across Posy’s face. “A Hawk, maybe?”

Mary kept her expression even. She’d wondered that as well, if one of the earl’s many male relations was coming to stay. Would he be like the earl and the rest of the Hawks? Well, she wouldn’t have to worry about serving him in any way other than as a maid. That wasn’t in her job requirements. A shiver of alarm struck her. Or was it?

“I’m not sure who he is,” she said to Posy.

She had to talk to Mr. Grantley. The earl’s man-of-affairs would know just what was required regarding guests to the manor. In the nearly three months since she’d started her work here, there had never been any guests, before Lady Hawksfell and her cousin, that was.

Posy gave a nod. “I’m going to find out what I can about the earl’s guest.” She grinned. “Maybe I’ll torture William into telling me everything he knows!”

Mary rolled her eyes as the maid ran from the parlor. Brushing her hands over her apron, she squared her shoulders and went in search of Mr. Grantley.

“You’ve straightened the parlor, Mary?” Mrs. Holmes asked as she came upon her in the hall.

“Yes, Mrs. Holmes.”

“I told Posy to see to that.”

“It was no bother,” Mary said. “Lady Hawksfell doesn’t like me to fuss over her, and I needed something to do.”

Mrs. Holmes smiled. She was an older woman, maybe in her fifties, with dark hair streaked with gray. She’d run the manor since the earl was a boy, and though she was a stern taskmaster, she was fair as well.

“You’re a treasure, Mary. I’m so pleased Mr. Grantley arranged for you to work here.”

Mary took the compliment with a nod. “Is Mr. Grantley about?”

“He’s still in his office, I believe.” Mrs. Holmes tilted her head to the side. “Never say there’s a problem.”

“No,” Mary rushed out. “I wanted to talk to him about my duties regarding our guest.”

Mrs. Holmes blinked. “Your duties are my domain, Mary.”

Mary flushed hot as she waited a moment for Mrs. Holmes to realize what duties she meant. The older woman’s eyes rounded, and she gave a curt nod. “Oh. I don’t believe you will serve the earl’s guests in any manner other than the conventional.”

Relief struck like a splash of cool water to her heated cheeks. “Thank you,” she breathed.

“Check with Mr. Grantley to be certain,” Mrs. Holmes added.

Mary nodded and smoothed her apron again. She recalled the awkward conversation during her interview for this position, how Mr. Grantley’s cheeks had reddened as he’d detailed her duties and the requirements involved with serving the Earl of Hawksfell. He’d told her about how important discretion was, as well, which Mary knew from bitter experience.

After but a brief hesitation, she’d agreed to the conditions under which she would have to work, and she didn’t want to lose her place at the manor. She’d gotten this job without any reliable recommendations. She doubted she would be that fortunate again.




Patrick began to stroke and tease her breasts as Thomas parted her legs. Her breath came fast, and he could smell her arousal.

“Thomas, will you lick me?” she asked.

He spread her legs then and gazed at her pussy. It was glistening wet and swollen pink. His mouth watered. “Oh, yes.”

Then he was there, his mouth sealed to her cunt as she sighed her pleasure. He licked and sucked, driving his tongue deep inside her as Patrick continued to tease her breasts.

“Do you like what he’s doing?” Patrick asked her.

Thomas glanced up at her. She closed her eyes and nodded. “I like what you’re both doing!”

Thomas shared a grin with Patrick then returned to her delectable flesh. More honey there now. She began to moan and twitch as he brought her toward climax. He wanted to taste her on his tongue, to feel her shatter as Patrick had. She didn’t disappoint him, and in the next moment she came.

“Oh, Thomas!” she cried, arching toward his mouth.

He held her firmly yet as gently as he could manage, as she found her release. Sweet nectar flooded his mouth, and he continued to lick her until she collapsed beneath him.

He was shaking now, so ready to take her at last. He and Patrick hadn’t discussed the particulars earlier, however. They’d both been unsure of her agreement to their liaison, after all.

“Who will you take, Mary?” he asked.

She slowly opened her eyes. The amber had darkened to the color of fine sherry. Her languid glance went from one to the other, and then she shrugged. “I’m not sure.”

* * * *

Patrick conveyed his encouragement to Thomas with a telling nod. He’d had Mary in the parlor, and Thomas had wanted her for so long. To his surprise, Thomas shook his head. He stood and unfastened his trousers, surely no easy feat, as his cock was probably so hard he was about to tear the seams.

“You can choose,” he told Mary.

“You’re not playing fair, Thomas,” Patrick said with a laugh. He stood and disrobed as well. His cock was long and thick, and Mary had already felt what he could do to her. But next to Thomas’s endowments? Even his Hawk cock was sure to be diminished by comparison. “Okay, love. You may choose now.”

Her gaze clouded for a moment. “I’ve never had a choice.”

Her words sent pain lancing through him. A choice to fend off that bloody Little Lord Nobody? A choice to come work for the earl? The choice to refuse him, Patrick, the liberties he took?

“Never say I forced you,” he said softly.

Mary’s eyes rounded. “Oh, no! I meant I’ve never had to choose between two such lovely men.”

Relief filled him. “Then take Thomas this time,” he said.

Thomas looked at him with gratitude and sat beside her on the chaise. He kissed her and held her close. “Are you ready?”

She had to be more than ready, for her scent so filled the room Patrick could almost taste her on his own tongue. He brought his mouth to Thomas’s and kissed him deeply. He tasted both him and Mary’s passion and closed his eyes as he pulled away. “Delicious.”

He found Mary wearing a look of both astonishment and heated fascination. She was an amazing girl, really.

“Come here,” he said, turning her toward him. He drew her up on her knees. “Let me kiss you.”

She opened her mouth to him, and he took what she offered. Thomas moved behind her and cupped her gorgeous breasts. She gasped and rubbed against him, her pretty bottom brushing over his cock.

Thomas groaned and held her closer. “I have to have you now.”

She nodded and started to turn, but Thomas bent her forward. He spread her legs. “You’re soaking wet,” he said, dipping a hand between her thighs.

“Please,” she moaned, leaning back.

Patrick took her arms and braced her on the armrest at the head of the chaise. She was placed perfectly for Thomas’s penetration now. He watched as Thomas moved his big cock between her legs. He growled as he moved up against her.

“Can you feel how much I want you?” he asked.

She nodded, panting. “Take me, Thomas.”

He shifted, and Patrick watched as he sank inside her. With a startled gasp, she took all of him. Her eyes grew large with shock then clouded with obvious bliss.

“You’re so big!” she cried, shaking.

Thomas thrust into her, holding on to her hips as he moved in and out. “And you’re so bloody tight!”

Patrick smiled at the man’s uncharacteristic use of the curse and stepped in front of Mary’s beautiful mouth. “Will you take me, too, Mary?”

She moaned her pleasure before managing to peep one eye up at him. “How, pray? That’s impossible.”

“Not at all, but that’s a conversation for another day.” He grasped his aching cock, stroking long and hard along the shaft. “Suck me.”

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