The Luna Werewolves Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Luna Werewolves 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 106,479
5 Ratings (4.6)

In Captured with His Pregnant Mate, Roarke O'Neil, an alpha luna werewolf, is captured in a pack's territory. He's not afraid, until he catches the scent of his mate being held in a cage nearby. His mate who is pregnant by someone else. Westley Moore has lost all hope of surviving, but he and his mate must work together to escape the pack that wants them dead, but there is nowhere run to for protection, so Roarke must stand his ground.

In The Omega in Control, Josh Carpenter has just literally run into his mate. Taylor Cadman grew up believing alphas were cruel to their omega mates, and if Josh wants to mate him, Taylor will do it on one condition. Taylor will be in charge. Though it goes against his instincts, Josh begins to realize that taking the submissive role doesn't make him less of an alpha.

In What Big Teeth You Have, Ashkii Fisher is a bear shifter with no place within the pack of luna werewolves. They are so kind to him after the death of his mate, so he cannot help but stay. Then he meets another omega luna werewolf, David Austen, running away from an abusive mating that he broke off. Ash is stunned to learn that he has another mate, and he won&'t let anything happen to this one.

A Siren Erotic Romance

  Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

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Captured with His Pregnant Mate (MM) The Omega in Control (MM) Man to Man (MM)

The Luna Werewolves Collection, Volume 1 (MM)
5 Ratings (4.6)

The Luna Werewolves Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Luna Werewolves 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 106,479
5 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing





They walked for what seemed like hours. The fools didn’t bother even blindfolding him, which could be a good thing or a bad thing, but he didn’t dwell on it. Roarke just kept his eyes peeled and tried to memorize where each individual shrub was and how the trees looked, anything that would be useful when it came time for him to get out of dodge.

Thank God he and Jason had split up, that other luna alpha he’d met when he stopped in Willow Lake for a bit to eat.

He hoped that guy had more success in avoiding the pack in the area than Roarke did, and if he got out of here, he was going to have to phone the man and warn him that these guys were here.

Finally, they arrived in the pack land. It was a nice enough place, as most packs were starting to become. The only thing connecting the houses was flat, stamped down dirt, and there wasn’t much green anywhere except for the weeds that managed to sprout, but none of the windows in the houses were broken, and none of the pups looked sickly or starved.

There were cages lined up in the middle of the pack land, just across where the houses were. They weren’t even inside of a barn. They were just sitting there.

It chilled Roarke to the core to see them.

This pack made a habit out of hunting down luna werewolves. Roarke wasn’t just being brought in for the fun of it because he just so happened to be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, but these guys specifically went out looking for his kind to bring back here and put in cages.

Fuck, things just got a little more complicated.

The bars were thick on the cages. They looked like something that had been made, rather than purchased, which was usually the case with werewolves when funds were low.

There were steel bars, but also wooden ones, and even chicken fence and barbed wire.

Because of how thick the bars were and the amount of hay inside of them, as he walked by, Roarke thought they were all empty, which was a good thing, and he couldn’t stop staring at them just to be sure.

Also, he knew that was where these goons were eventually going to throw him.

Then he walked by the last square cage, and the wind blew behind it, carrying the scent of the man inside.

It was like sex and strength itself was blown up his nose, and his heart started pumping a fast and furious rhythm.

An omega luna wolf. That was an omega luna werewolf.

Roarke blinked just to make sure his nose wasn’t playing tricks on him. There was definitely a man inside, with soft brown hair and skinny shoulders, as though he was being starved.

Like it was fated or something, his bright amber eyes looked back up at Roarke as he passed, and he would have frozen on the spot if he wasn’t being led along with strong hands gripping his elbows.

Still, he turned his head as much as he was able to so he could keep his eyes on the man for as long as possible.

The man in the cage turned around, also keeping Roarke in his line of sight as his hands gripped the bars.

The wind blew again, stronger this time, and more of that amazing scent went up his nose. Roarke inhaled deeply, feeling all the small bruises and scratches he’d received from his quick fight with the alphas nearly fade away entirely.

Then he realized for certain what he was looking at.

Holy shit. That wasn’t just some omega in a cage. That was also his mate.

Roarke’s eyes moved down to his exposed stomach, and he swore his eyeballs would’ve popped right out of his head had one of his captors not grabbed him by the hair and forced him to turn around.

His mate was also heavily pregnant.




“How are you going to kiss me?” Westley asked, clearly a little confused about that.

“Like this,” Roarke replied, and then he sank down on his knees, just like he’d been wanting to all this time.

He heard the gasp that Westley released when he pressed his mouth to Westley’s ass cheeks, and then the crack, before Roarke spread those cheeks wide and put his mouth right up against Westley’s awaiting hole.

He moaned and surged right up onto his toes. That could be a little dangerous with the soap suds on the bottom of the tub, so Roarke made sure to hold onto his hips tightly in case he fell over.

“R–Roarke!” Westley moaned, and he put his arms up onto the tiled wall and began thrusting his ass back toward Roarke’s mouth and tongue.

If he thought that felt good, then that was nothing compared to what he was going to do to him in just a second.

Roarke hardened his tongue and pressed it against the ring of Westley’s asshole, pushing it inside, and Westley’s answering moan to that had several octaves that went straight to his cock and balls.

Fuck! He was getting actual physical pleasure just from listening to the other man while he rimmed him.

Knowing that, Roarke pushed his tongue deeper, letting himself go inside of his lover, and their energies merge.

He felt strengthened by it as he always did, but now it was even better because there was nothing to stop them. Westley could be as loud as he wanted, and Roarke could tongue him and fuck him and stroke his cock for as long as it took. They didn’t have to worry about alpha wolves from other packs coming for them while they were in this human town, here in this motel room.

He hoped.

Just in case he was wrong, he decided to make sure that every minute they had together in this motel room would be as pleasurable as possible for the both of them.

He pushed his tongue deeper inside of Westley’s hole and moaned, letting the vibration of the noise carry all the way into Westley’s asshole.

Westley moaned and dropped one of his hands to stroke at his dick, thrusting forward into his hand and back against Roarke’s tongue.

“Roarke! Don’t stop. Don’t you dare fucking stop!”

Roarke reached forward with his energy while they were joined like this, searching for...he wasn’t sure what. He could definitely tell that Westley wanted to get off. He wanted to be fucked to within an inch of his life, and he wanted Roarke to be the one to do that, but there was something else inside of him that Roarke could feel that was also sucking back on some of his mate’s energy...

Oh, right, the pup inside of him. What an idiot Roarke was. He’d actually managed to forget about how a pregnancy worked. Dummy.





“It’s not too good to be true,” he said. “Taylor, look at me,” he commanded, squeezing the omega’s hand.

Taylor did as he was told, compelled to obey the order of his alpha. Josh hated using that sort of power on him, especially knowing that Taylor didn’t like it, but he would make it up to the man later. Right now he had to make sure he didn’t run away.

“You can stop running now. It’s okay. No one here will hurt you. I’ve lived here for a good month already, and I promise you I was thinking pretty much the same things you were. This is too good. How can they just let me in after everything I’ve done, but it’s all right. We’re making a real pack here, and you’re invited to stay. If you don’t like it after a while, Roarke won’t force the issue if you want to leave.”

Taylor seemed taken aback by that statement. “He would let me go?”

“Absolutely,” Roarke said, folding his arms. “I don’t want anyone who comes here to feel like a prisoner.”

Josh turned back to his mate, a smile on his face at the words of his alpha. “See?”

“What about you? Would you let me leave?” Taylor asked.

That question was like a punch right in the chest. Was his mate really asking Josh if he would just let the man go if he wanted to leave him?

Fuck, Taylor really was independent, and Josh’s reply would determine whether or not the man trusted him from here on out.

“I wouldn’t want to let you leave the pack, but I would let you leave if you felt scared or threatened, in a heartbeat,” he said. “But I would follow you. Personally, it would take a lot before I could leave you.”

Taylor’s eyes brightened a little, and his stance became somewhat less defensive, though Josh still wasn’t sure if that was the right thing to say.

He stopped pulling away from everyone, so Josh decided that it must have at least been good enough.

Josh put his arm around his mate’s bare shoulders and gently began steering him toward Roarke. Josh was still naked, but Taylor had some clothes to put on back at his camp, but he was currently only wearing a pair of jeans. Josh suspected that he didn’t even have shoes.

That was going to change. Josh just had to be patient for when his mate finally let him in. Until then, he was going to take care of Taylor and show him that things here could be good.

Roarke did what all alphas did to anyone coming into their territory, the same thing he’d done to Westley, Jason, Matt, and Josh when they all decided that he would make the best alpha.

He bit Taylor on the side of his shoulder. Not hard enough to draw blood, as that wasn’t a requirement, despite what some alphas liked to believe, and the scar that Josh had from when he was in Lawrence’s pack suddenly started to itch. It was just hard enough so that the marks left behind from Roarke’s teeth would stay there for a good couple of hours, and Taylor grunted from the pain of it.

Then Roarke licked his tongue all up and down the indents in the skin caused by his teeth, which would mark his scent on the man.

It wouldn’t be a permanent scent, as they never were, regardless of whether blood was drawn or not, but this was how it was done, and when Roarke pulled back from Taylor’s throat and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, Josh could feel it in the air that something was definitely different.

Taylor was in the pack now.

God. Was it bad that Josh’s dick had gotten hard watching his alpha’s tongue licking along the side of his mate’s neck and on his shoulder? He thought he would feel jealous at that, and even though he had no interest in sharing Taylor, it was still incredibly hot.




“Turn around,” Taylor commanded, keeping his voice sharp and deep, knowing that was the sort of thing alphas responded best to.

Josh blinked down at him, so Taylor had to repeat himself. “Turn around. I need to get you ready,” he said, leaning down and grabbing for the bottle of lube that was on the ground next to his knees.

“Oh, right.”

Josh turned to do as he was told, exposing his tight, round ass for Taylor to see as he placed the hands he'd been having such trouble with on the mossy boulder before looking behind his wide shoulders.

Christ, that was incredibly hot. Taylor couldn't believe he actually had this alpha at his mercy, doing his bidding.

It was almost too much. He'd never had this sort of control over someone else, and the power trip he was getting from it was going right to his dick.

He quickly reached for his cock, grabbing it by the base where the balls were and squeezing just enough to keep himself from coming.

“Fuck,” he said, rising up on his knees and squeezing his eyes shut.

Control. He had to keep control of himself. This alpha was being incredibly lenient, but that would only last for so long if the man started to suspect that Taylor couldn't handle what was happening.

“Everything okay?” he asked.

“Fine,” Taylor said through his teeth, removing his hand when he felt confident enough that he wasn't about to come uncontrollably like some kind of teenager. He took in a deep breath and flipped the cap of the lube, pouring some into his hand and fingers. It warmed to the touch.

“Spread your legs wider for me,” Taylor commanded, and Josh did as he was told again.

Taylor was a little too eager when he thrust two of his lubed fingers into the tight star-shaped asshole in front of him. He didn't expect the alpha to hiss in pain. He supposed it shocked him that an alpha would even feel pain at all. They always seemed so strong and in control of themselves.

“Sorry,” Taylor said—now he was the one apologizing—and he pulled one of his fingers out. Damn the man was tight.

“No problem,” Josh replied, though from the sound of his voice he seemed to be speaking through a pained hiss. “Just been a while since I did this.”

And despite that, despite being an alpha, Josh was still going along with this. The man he’d allowed himself to be taken by before had likely shown a lot more care for his well-being than what Taylor was showing for him right now.

He really was an asshole.

“I'll be more gentle. I just got a little excited there,” he said.

“I think you and I are both way beyond being just a little excited,” Josh said.





David had always known that if someone hit him it would be only once. He just hadn’t thought that Vince would go to that extreme. When had the man gotten so angry and violent? Was it something that David had just refused to see until recently? Because surely a change like that couldn’t happen overnight.

Of course, that was when David ran away from him, right after telling him that it was over between them. Vince had chased him out the door, yelling his apologies and demanding that David come back.

He hadn’t, obviously. He was too scared to so much as turn around after what he’d said. David thought Vince was going to beg and cry and scream until David was forced to tell him that he was serious about ending it between them, and he didn’t want to stick around for what Vince’s reaction would be when that happened.

If David was honest with himself, he hadn’t expected their mating to end as quickly as it did. He’d always been told that either the alpha or the omega who was ending it had to really mean it for it to even work. There had to be no doubt, but even then it could be fatal to both parties.

David had really meant it. He wanted out.

After David woke up, alive but groggy and sore, he’d rushed back in the house and packed his things up as quickly as he could before jumping into his old truck. It was in his name, so it wasn’t like he was stealing it.

He’d screamed bloody murder when he saw that Vince was awake and watching him, complete and utter betrayal in his eyes.

If looks could kill...

That had been what David had thought, and he’d wasted no time putting the truck in gear and speeding away before Vince could try to get inside, or follow him.

Out of fear that the man would track him down if he stopped, he hadn’t. David was forced to stop the truck once to fill up on gas, but even that had been a nightmare he hadn’t wanted to repeat. He hadn’t even bothered turning the engine off, and he’d paid with cash, bought a couple of energy drinks to keep him awake, and then jumped back into his truck to speed away.

Not before checking the backseat to make sure no one was hiding there.

That would’ve been just too horror-movie cliché for him to handle.

He’d gone through all the drinks, but he was tired as all hell, but too scared to stop. Even when he pulled over for a quick bathroom break, he didn’t step very far away from the truck, just in case.

David rubbed at his eyes, careful of the one that was still bruised up because it still stung like a bitch.

It was a fight keeping his eyes open, but he was almost there, he was sure of. That email he’d gotten from Warren, a pen pal of his, had said to go this way if he and Vince ever wanted to join a luna pack.

Vince had scoffed and said it was probably a trap, and that Warren was going to end up a dead man, or a sex slave, for being so stupid.

Well, David had risked his life to sever his connection to Vince. He might as well risk it again to see if what was happening out here was as good as it sounded.

The road suddenly got bumpy. What the hell?

David snapped his eyes open. Fuck, he’d closed them! He was driving on the very side of the road, and there was a man right in front of him!

It was Vince! He was here!

He hated the man and feared him, but he didn’t want to kill him, so he snapped his arms to the side, pulling the wheel in a sharp turn so he wouldn’t run the man over.

His turn had been too sharp, as there was a loud popping noise that went right to David’s eardrum, and suddenly everything was upside down. The empty cans of Red Bull were flying all over the place like there was no gravity.

A horrible shrieking sound followed, and there were bright lights.

It was the sound of the metal of his truck scraping across the pavement, and the lights were the sparks.

Then there was a heavy crash as David’s truck was knocked into something, and then his world went blessedly black.




“Fuck me!” David demanded. “Now, I need it. Put your cock inside me.”

He didn’t want Ash’s fingers anymore. He wanted to feel his cock. Better still, he wanted that exchange of energy and spirit that he desperately craved from a mate. He wanted to feel that Ash was really alive and whole on top of him, even though that made no sense because he could plainly see that the man was. He was right there with him.

That had been exactly what Ash had been waiting for, and he eased his fingers out of David’s stretched hole before reaching for the lube one more time and coating his cock with the stuff in a real hurry.

It was strange the things David did and didn’t notice when he was in the throes of lust, like the thin sheen of sweat that was on Ash’s forehead. Actually, it was on the rest of his body, too, and his hands were trembling as he coated his dick with more lube. David might not have even noticed that detail if Ash hadn’t put his hand on David’s knee, and David felt the tremors.

Then David moaned out loud when he felt the thick and blunt head of Ash’s cock pressing against his hole. He loved that feeling, the anticipation that came right before Ash thrust his cock inside and—oh!

The burning slide was always the best. Ash was taking his time. He always did, but David got the impression that today he was being extra careful due to his injuries, and David wanted to make sure that his mate, his mate that he loved so much and wanted only good things for, didn’t hurt himself while they were doing this.

Ash pushed his cock inside, keeping to his slow but steady rhythm, and David felt so full he thought he was going to burst, but that wasn’t going to happen.

“You’re so damn tight,” Ash said, and then he grunted as he was finally balls deep inside of David’s body. “Fuck.”

“You’re just as big as an elephant,” David said, his breath panting, which was strange because they’d barely just gotten started.

Ash’s warm breath puffed over David’s shoulder when he laughed. “If I was an elephant shifter, I don’t think you and I could be doing this.”

He had a point there.

David lifted his knees, looking down Ash’s body to make sure that when he crossed his ankles around Ash’s hips, it wasn’t over one of the bandages.

Then he gently moved some of Ash’s black hair out of his eyes before pressing a kiss to his face. “Fuck me,” he said.

Ash did.

His eyes weren’t really black, but just an incredible dark shade of brown, but it was hard to tell that unless David was in the position he was now, staring so closely at them.

It was harder still to see how they dilated with lust as the man’s body began moving back and forth, his cock touching everything and everywhere inside of David’s asshole as it moved in within him.

It stretched him wide open before retreating, back and forth, constantly touching his prostate but never staying long enough to make him come like he wanted to.

Ash rolled his hips then and moved faster. “You close?” he asked, grunting the words.

“Y–yeah,” David said, stroking his cock, eager to come, but at the same time knowing how much better it would be if he held off a little longer.

“You’re mine,” Ash said. “Just you and me. No one else will be coming for us.”

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