Training Kevin (MM)

Hard Hits 14

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,756
5 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA] 
When Lt. Kevin Philips is accused of stalking his ex-boyfriend, he’s subjected to an internal investigation that could potentially ruin his chance for a coveted position on SWAT. When his case is assigned to one of I.A.’s most notorious investigators, Kevin knows he doesn’t stand a chance.
Det. Wyatt Rome is given his last case in I.A. before he slides into his new role as Detective with District Two. As a personal favor to Chief Rask, Wyatt investigates the allegations made against Kevin. He quickly discovers that all is not as it seems.
As a Dom, Wyatt knows how to take control in every situation. When Kevin refuses to answer his questions, he needs to take drastic measures to get his target to open up. With Kevin denying everything, will he finally submit or will Wyatt have to break the rules—and the man?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Training Kevin (MM)
5 Ratings (4.4)

Training Kevin (MM)

Hard Hits 14

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,756
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
So happy Kevin is free and safe... Wyatt and DAYUMMMM, this two were smoking! Loved this story, showing that no matter who you are, what you do, abuse is abuse. You need to get out, fight for your life.
Love these men, love this series
donna b buccella



Lt. Kevin Philips felt a chill race down his spine. He slowed his footsteps as he approached his car. He was shaking inside and out. He stared down at the blood that had been smeared on the side of his car and wondered if it was human or not. His ex-boyfriend had found him again.

It had been a really long time since he’d felt this way. Not since he had broken up with his ex-boyfriend six months ago. He went to the trunk and popped it, taking out a bottle of water from his gym bag. He squirted the water on the blood. Relief mixed with the tension in his shoulders as he washed it away. He hated Jeff for fucking with him.

Over the last several months, there had been signs that Jeff had been back in his life. Mostly, it was times like this when Kevin was alone that he felt as though he were being watched. Even now, he couldn’t shake the feeling. He unlocked his car and got inside, quickly re-engaging the locks just as fast. His heart was hammering in his chest. He hated feeling this way. His ex-boyfriend had done a number on him.

It was why he wasn’t in another relationship right now. Darkness surrounded the car. He was a fucking cop. He wasn’t supposed to be scared when he was alone. Part of the problem was he couldn’t shake the sensation that he was being followed. Now, he was afraid of his own shadow.

He’d been on edge all day. He’d awakened early in a cold sweat as though someone was looming over him while he slept. There were just a few things out of place when he woke up. Unable to shake the feeling, he’d been paranoid for most of the afternoon. After a long day of work, he wanted to be able to relax. Right now, he couldn’t.

He started the car with a shaky hand, determined to put this night behind him. He would not be victim to Jeff again.

Instead of going home, Kevin drove across town to his favorite gay bar. The music was loud and exactly what Kevin needed to recharge. He went up to the bar to order a drink. He found a place in the corner with his back to a wall and an exit to his left and scanned the crowd.

At one point in time, he would’ve looked for someone to keep him company overnight. Not anymore. That was exactly how he met Jeff. Over a short few months, his whole entire life and heart had been ripped apart. At first, Jeff had been nice and kind and sweet. It was the little things that made him fall hard and fast, like buying him flowers and making him dinner. When his job got in the way of their time together, his true personality came out. He’d text and call repeatedly, accusing him of cheating. It would always end with them fighting. He tried to make it work because he loved him. That all changed when the physical abuse started.

At first, Kevin had tried to justify it all, but there was no rationalization for hurting the person you love the most. The night he left he had slipped out in the middle of the night, leaving behind all of his furniture and the things he couldn’t carry. He had taken the clothes on his back, headed for a hotel, and checked in under an anonymous name.

He was a police officer. This shouldn’t have been happening to him. He couldn’t believe he had become a victim of domestic violence. The only mistake he made was not telling anyone he worked with what was going on. Instead, he had tried to forget and play it off as everything was okay. Now, he was certain that Jeff was back in his life and following him. The man was a freaking doctor. He had everything to lose by pulling this shit.

Kevin took a long drink of his beer. He wished he could go home and feel safe, but he couldn’t—not after last night and not after he just found blood on his car. Going home meant he had to face the fact that Jeff had found him and had probably been in his apartment while he was sleeping and vulnerable.

Instead of going home, he knew he’d be looking for a new place tomorrow. He was running scared. Jeff wouldn’t let go. Jeff would do everything in his sick twisted power to track him down again and make him pay for leaving.

Men like Kevin were not supposed to have stalking ex-boyfriends who were psychologically torturing him. Tomorrow, he would need to go in and talk to Chief Rask about what was going on. The last thing he wanted was for this to threaten his chance at a position on the SWAT team. Kevin rain his hand through his hair, trying to shake off the feeling that he would never be safe again.

Why was everything going wrong? Kevin looked down at his beer. He had finished it. He wanted two or three more, but he knew he shouldn’t. Instead, he had to face the fact that he needed to go home and pack a few things before Jeff came back. He hated being so afraid and so alone all at once.

When he was in his car, Kevin took a steadying breath and pulled out into the night. He headed back across town to his apartment, very aware of the headlights now following him. It didn’t look like Jeff’s car, but the man was smart. When he broke up with him, the text messages and the calls had started almost immediately. Kevin had to change his cell phone number twice. He wasn’t sure how Jeff was getting his number. More importantly, he wasn’t sure how Jeff was finding him.




Still embarrassed, Kevin lowered his gaze. It was difficult for him to look at the man he was openly lusting over. Wyatt continued to advance on Kevin until he felt cornered in his office. He was forced to look up into Wyatt’s beautiful face as he felt his heart race out of his chest.

Ever so slowly, Wyatt lowered his mouth, kissing him passionately. Their lips moved in a wild, rocking embrace. Before he could stop himself, Kevin was grabbing at Wyatt’s shirt and pulling at it frantically so he could slide his hands over Wyatt’s hard abdomen.

As Kevin’s hands skimmed over Wyatt’s arms, it was as though a primal urge to take him had taken over. He didn’t want this moment end. As the kiss rolled on, Kevin became suddenly aware that his phone was ringing off the hook.

Reluctantly, Wyatt broke his lips away. Kevin looked up at Wyatt. “We shouldn’t be doing this now.”

A soft moan escaped from Kevin’s parted lips. Things were going too fast and neither one had the ability to control it. “I want you to take control of me. Tonight.”

Wyatt’s face darkened. “I normally don’t get involved with anyone I work with.”

“Neither do I, but I want you involved with me.”

Wyatt could see that he had long ago crossed the line with Kevin and there was no turning back now. He was always upfront with his lovers upon first meeting them. “There’s something you need to know. I’m a Dom and I’ll only take on a submissive.”

“I’m a bottom.”

Wyatt groaned. “We’ll be perfect together. If we’re going to be together, you need a safe word to use if things get too intense.”

“What’s my safe word?”


Neither one could let go. Strong hands moved down over Kevin’s ass. He felt Wyatt pull his ass in close so that their dicks hit together. The move caught him suddenly off guard. A sweet moan of desperation escaped his parted lips. A low groan escaped Wyatt’s mouth as he crushed his lips over Kevin’s again.

He heard the sound of footsteps and voices outside his office door. He knew he should have stopped kissing Wyatt, but he couldn’t. He didn’t want to. He wanted this moment to last forever. He wanted to forget all about his stalker. He wanted to have something special with Wyatt, even only for a little while.

As if sensing what he needed, Wyatt smoothed his hand down over the front of Kevin’s tactical pants. His hand gripped Kevin’s cock, stroking it through the material. A shot of pre-cum issued out from the tip of his cockhead. Before he could stop it from happening, he was flexing his hips up into Wyatt’s insistent hand. Without missing a beat, Wyatt urged him down onto his knees, pushing his crotch into Kevin’s face.

A moan escaped Kevin’s parted, hungry mouth. A strong hand fisted into his hair as Wyatt took control of him. “I am your Dom. You will do as I say. Always.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Now you’re going to suck my cock until you forget how to say my name, and the only name you will ever say in my presence in private is Master.”

His Dom’s words turned him on so fast and hard that he was shooting his spunk into his boxers before he could stop it. As his orgasm spun out, Wyatt shoved his cock deep into his mouth. The tip of his cockhead hit the back of Kevin’s throat with a muffled gagging sound. It was exactly what he wanted. He loved the taste of his Dom’s cock in his mouth.

As Wyatt stroked faster and faster, the tip of his cockhead went deeper and deeper down Kevin’s throat. Desperation had him wanting to taste Wyatt’s jizz skipping across his tongue before his Master could stop him. He gripped his Master’s ass, holding on tightly as his mouth bounced over his cock. He used his entire body as leverage as he pumped in and out of his mouth.

Just when Kevin thought he couldn’t take anymore, he heard a knock at the door. He felt every muscle in Wyatt’s body stiffen, but that didn’t stop him from undulating the underside of his Dom’s dick with his tongue that was half in and out of his mouth. He used his teeth to grab tightly onto his cockhead so he couldn’t remove his cock entirely from his mouth. Kevin tasted a shot of jizz fly across his tongue as Wyatt started to orgasm.

Someone called from outside.

“Yeah?” Wyatt asked.

“Chief Rask wants to see you in five minutes.”

“I’ll be down in a minute.”

“I’ll let him know.”

With that, Wyatt stroked his dick deep inside of Kevin’s mouth, taking back control. Heat pumped through Kevin’s mouth as he felt Wyatt let go. The salty-sweet taste of Wyatt’s spunk raced over his tongue. He moaned, sucking every last drop of his Master down. Line after line of his jizz skipped across his tongue and spiraled down his throat. When Wyatt finished coming, Kevin licked his cock clean. When he was done, Wyatt pulled him up and pinned him down to his desk.

“Don’t move.”

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