Alpha Defenders: Undercover (MFM)

Alpha Defenders 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,561
1 Ratings (2.0)
[Menage Amour: Contemporary Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, MFM, shape-shifters, werewolves, HEA]
Dan and Wes, rescue team members, are wolf shape-shifters and agents for the Citizen Protection Organization. They need to rescue agent Sandy Parker, held prisoner by outlaw shape-shifters. They know she's the most wonderful woman they've met, and rescue her. When Sandy discovers her trashed apartment, Dan and Wes invite her to their home. Shocked by what happened, she accepts, wondering if she'll continue as an agent, or ever save the money to establish a home for lost kids. Dan and Wes are determined to keep her safe and bankroll the home for kids. Remembering several search and rescue members who were killed by outlaw shifters, they worry she's in danger as an agent, and offer her land to build her home for kids, which she'd own and run.  When Dan and Wes are caught on a raid against the outlaws, Sandy is determined to protect them. When she's caught, Dan and Wes must rescue her before she's hurt
Alpha Defenders: Undercover (MFM)
1 Ratings (2.0)

Alpha Defenders: Undercover (MFM)

Alpha Defenders 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,561
1 Ratings (2.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Sandy took her key from the deep pocket of her pants and put it into the lock on the door handle. It was a good thing she’d left her purse at home today.

Dan and Wes had been amazing, saving her from that hellish gang and then staying at the hospital and offering her a ride home. They were also nice to help her out this evening with her car. She looked forward to seeing them again soon.

Not only were they nice guys who had been instrumental in saving her from those horrible shapeshifters today, but they were both handsome hunks. Equally endowed, they had appeared aroused most of the time. Dan’s blue eyes, piercing and wild at times today, were stunning against his black eyelashes, black eyebrows, and neatly cut black hair. Wes, while tall and well-muscled like Dan, seemed more relaxed with those pale amber eyes and his sandy-colored hair, which he wore longer than Dan’s. He’d had beautiful silver-tipped light brown fur in his wolf shape, and his eyes had been striking with a metallic gleam just like Dan’s. That almost pure black wolf coat of Dan’s seemed to suit his strong, more quiet personality. Obviously good friends, if she had to pick between them, she’d be in an impossible position.

She turned the key in the lock and opened the door. She didn’t know if she could choose between them, and now they had asked her out for dinner and she’d said yes. She’d never tried a threesome before. There was always a first time. She smiled just thinking about that.

As soon as she took two steps inside her apartment, she had a feeling something was terribly wrong. She flipped up the light switch on the wall nearby and gasped in disbelief. Her apartment had been torn apart. It was a jumbled mess. “Shit,” she swore, shocked, and feeling threatened again. She spun back toward the front door and hurried outside onto the front landing. God, she hoped Dan and Wes were still there.

She spotted them standing on either side of their SUV, about to get in with the doors open. They saw her, slammed the doors of their vehicle closed, and came running to her.

“What’s wrong?” they asked at the same time.

“Someone destroyed my apartment. It’s a mess. I’m afraid to go inside,” she admitted.

“Wait here with Wes while I check it out,” Dan said.

Wes cupped her arm in one big, warm hand and removed his hat with the other. He stayed close beside her on the front entry. His nearness and good manners made her feel safe and secure. She could feel the warmth of his body against her.

Dan returned quickly. “I didn’t find anyone inside. Looks like they trashed your place and left. Maybe it would be best if you stayed someplace else tonight or until you feel like coming back here to collect your things and move. I don’t think you’ll want to stay here any longer though.”

“Right. I don’t,” she agreed. “I don’t have much here except for my clothing. It’s a furnished apartment complete with the small kitchen. I need to get my purse though if it’s still here. I should let the management know what’s happened.”

“We can go with you to do that when you’re ready,” Wes said. “That invitation to stay at our place still holds.”

“Thanks.” She smiled at both Wes and Dan. “I’d like to take you up on that after all.”

“Good, sounds like a plan,” Dan said. “We’ll help you find your purse and pack up your belongings, and then we’ll all go over to our place.”

“You can stay with us as long as you want,” Wes said. “We have plenty of room and lots of good eats.” Wes grinned at her.

They made her feel better. She smiled at them. “Thank you, guys, so much. I’ll hurry and pack up my things. Thanks for offering to keep me company while I do that.”

“We’re glad to,” Dan said.

“We’re right with you,” Wes said.

“Which room is first?” Dan asked.

“The one on the right down the hall,” she said. She followed Dan as he headed down that way with Wes close behind her. She felt well-protected with the two of them staying so near her, but she couldn’t help feeling nervous about the wrecked apartment.

She felt so at ease with these two guys, even if they were shape-shifters, which was still hard to grasp. It felt so unreal. She wanted to go home with the big strong guys, even if she wasn’t used to what they were. She had a feeling that she could get used to it, though, real fast.




“How deep is this pool?” she asked.

“Not too deep. Maybe about ten or eleven feet out here in the middle.” Dan took her hand. “We’ll hold you up so you won’t go under.”

“That sounds good.” She grinned at them.

Wes moved close to her other side and supported her with his hand under her elbow. She put her hands on their muscular shoulders. They were warm under her fingers. They felt wonderful. With the two of them supporting her, they floated.

Dan reached down and slipped one big hand under her thighs. “Stretch out. We’ll hold you up so you can enjoy floating.” He kept his other arm behind her, supporting her shoulders.

She did as he suggested. Wes put an arm under her legs and steadied her as she leaned back. He also kept her hips level with a hand beneath her, holding her easily. She’d never experienced being in a deep natural pool like this before. She knew they wouldn’t let her go, so she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations of the warm water caressing her and their strong hands beneath her.

Slowly, they moved their hands so that she gradually became upright again. She was now between them with Dan in front of her and Wes behind her. She reached out and cupped her hands over Dan’s shoulders. They were both close enough to her so that she could feel their aroused, hard cocks pressing against her through their cut-offs. Her breath caught.

The reality of what was happening between the three of them aroused her, and her pussy felt swollen and sensitive with need. She’d never had sex with two men at the same time, but now she realized that she was curious and wanted to enjoy sex with Dan and Wes as a threesome. With their caresses, the sweet aches increased, even deeper than before, and she needed for them to give her the climax that would ease the growing heat in her pussy.

She closed her eyes and moaned.

“What do you need, hon?” Dan asked her.

“I need you to caress me more. Ease the burning between my thighs and inside me. Please.”

They were so close to her that she felt their hands against her sensitive flesh as they unfastened their cutoffs. Wes slipped his big hand across her ribs and pulled her snuggly against his body. She felt his engorged cock press beneath the crack between her butt cheeks. She shivered with the tantalizing caress. His broad chest supported her, and it was only natural to lean her head back against him. She heard his soft growl come from deep in his chest. It was all she could do to keep from whimpering with her intense need. At last she felt Dan’s fingers slide between her thighs and slip between her swollen folds to the opening of her pussy. She parted her legs wide to give him more access. He circled her clit with his thumb and then delved a long, thick finger inside her opening, ever so slowly and gently. She shivered with his caress.

“Dan, that feels so hot.”

“Do you want me to stop?” Dan asked her.

“No. Don’t stop. I need you to keep doing what you just did.”

She moaned from the increased pleasure when Dan continued. Wes slid his fingers between her butt cheeks and caressed her tight ring. She bucked and shivered from the gentle, enticing pleasure he gave her.

“Does that feel good, babe?” Wes asked softly.

“Yes, don’t stop,” she urged him, wanting more. Wes caressed the sensitive flesh at the edge of her pussy. “Oh, God.” Dan swirled his long thick finger deep inside her pussy, and Wes drove her crazy with the circling pressure of his fingers on her tight ring and the flesh around it. She couldn’t hold back a sharp moan as the increasing need and pleasure rose even higher, pushing her toward her climax. She reached down and found Dan’s cock, rubbed the slickened head with her fingers, and then took hold of his shaft and curved her fingers snuggly around him. She heard his growl of pleasure as she gripped him.

Dan caressed her clit, delved deeper into her pussy with more sweet pressure, and circled the swollen, aroused button with his big thumb. She couldn’t hold back her keening moan as it rose in pitch while her body bucked with an explosive climax. She’d never felt anything so strong before. The sweet contractions slammed through her. Wes and Dan held her tight, continuing the incredible, mind-blowing caresses that kept the unbelievable pleasure pulsing hard in her sensitive, swollen flesh. What they did to her ached so good.

She moaned again from the sweet pleasure, the sensations they built inside her. “Oh, my God, she gasped, panting. “What you’re doing to me…is incredible.” She took more deep breaths and heard their knowing, soft, deep chuckles. She opened her eyes and looked up at Dan’s face. He smiled at her, looking very pleased with her reaction. She reached up and back with one hand and curled it over Wes’s strong shoulder, squeezing him gently as she pressed her head back against the hard muscles of his chest.

She heard their growls of pleasure as they climaxed. When they relaxed, Wes said, “You were amazing, babe.”

“I’ve never felt anything so wonderful before.”

They kept caressing her, and the contractions continued to tantalize her, slowly easing to pulses, and she became aware of the hardness and size of their cocks again. Wes pressed the head of his cock between her butt cheeks. Dan’s cock nudged her mound, and he was also hard and ready.

“Don’t stop,” she said breathlessly.

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