Passion at Poseidon's Altar (MFM)

Heroes of Olympus 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,965
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Ménage and More: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, sex in shifted form, sex toys, HFN for M/F]
The Hellenic gods have proclaimed that mankind must be destroyed to protect the planet. Successful, international businessman, Drew Prinz has devoted his life to worshipping these deities. Now they will give him one opportunity to save the species. He must find a woman fit for these gods.
Shy, studious Hannah is a slave to her responsibilities. Her devotion to her older carefree sister leads her to the nightclub on Drew’s private island. While hunting for her wayward sibling, Hannah literally falls into Drew’s lap. Drew knows immediately that after searching the world, he has found the perfect woman, but can he convince Hannah?
When Poseidon and Zeus conspire to create a vicious tropical storm, the couple find themselves stranded, nearly alone on the island together. Through the devastation of the storm, can Drew teach Hannah to abandon her responsibilities and surrender to her passions?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Passion at Poseidon's Altar (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Passion at Poseidon's Altar (MFM)

Heroes of Olympus 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,965
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Having peeked in each nook along the perimeter without finding Alyssa, Hannah continued further along the forest overgrowth closer to the water. The gentle waves beckoned as she neared, inviting her into the peaceful ocean. The warm water lapped up against her ankles as she waded into the calm seas, glancing toward the empty lounge chairs facing the ocean, still searching for her sister. Not finding Alyssa, she started back toward the bar on the opposite side of the perimeter, again glancing into each of the alcoves. A few were occupied, a couple exchanging loving kisses in one, although the denizens did not appear to heed Hannah’s quick perusal of each. As Hannah neared the bar, her search was impeded by a larger, older man, his receding hair line unsuccessfully concealed by a few strands of long graying hair swirled over the bare spot. The hair on the man’s chest and stomach overcompensated for the lack on his head, a paunch in the man’s furry stomach overlapping much of his too-small bathing suit. Hannah quickly averted her eyes from the unappealing sight.

“Aha. I have found a mermaid,” the man announced triumphantly. “And everyone knows that whoever finds a mermaid is granted three wishes.” He grabbed Hannah forcefully, his large hands clamping around her delicate wrists.

Determinedly tugging to be released from the man’s sweaty grasp, Hannah corrected him. “I believe that you have your mythical creatures confused, sir. I believe you are thinking of a genie, and I am very much flesh and blood, human, not a mythical creature, so if you would be so kind as to release me…”

“Genie, mermaid, whatever. You are most definitely flesh and blood…all woman. Come, dear, I have saved us a pair of seats over there. Let’s go get to know each other a little better,” the man leered.

“Beg your pardon, sir, but I cannot chat right now. I’m trying to find my sister. Have you seen her?” With a final insistent pull, Hannah finally freed herself and found herself falling back toward the flora forming the wall of the perimeter. Rather than stopping at where she assumed a solid surface would stand, she continued to fall through the plant life, continuing to fall through open air. And as she was falling, a pleasant, deep laugh accompanied her descent through the shrubbery. I’m falling off of the edge of a cliff, and these people are laughing about it. What kind of people come here?

“I believe she is not interested, Harry.” A voice chastised her assailant as her plunge was abruptly interrupted by a strong, muscled pair of arms. “In fact, it seems that this one was desperate to throw herself into any other available pair of arms. Perhaps you might want to try a slightly lighter touch next time. But I thank you, for tossing this one my way, Harry. Now bugger off.”

Although Hannah could no longer see her original attacker, she heard him grumble as she assumed he sauntered away. The rumble of laughter from her rescuer emanated deep from the chest she was snugged against, sending sharp spikes of desire through Hannah, even before she opened her eyes and looked into his face. When Hannah finally cracked her lids, she was thoroughly arrested. Her sea blue eyes met obsidian orbs of coal studying her intently, his severe demeanor in sharp contrast with the joviality in his voice. His dark eyes, incongruent with his tawny mane, fascinated her, impelling her to reach up and gently pinch a wavy lock of his main, feel the silky tresses slide through her fingers.

Still cradled in his arms, her rescuer addressed Hannah more quietly, but still teasingly. “Come on in. The water is fine.” Doing nothing to discourage her captivation with his hair, his eyes framed in an unlined strong face, his square jaw underlying the power in the arms holding her.

Coherent thought had escaped Hannah several moments ago, and without thinking, considering that technically she was already in the Jacuzzi, she argued, “I don’t have a bathing suit.

“Would it help, if I told you that I don’t either?” His soft lips smiled as he continued to tease her.

The thought of this powerful, handsome male completely naked, excited her, frightened her. Her rescuer was not prepared for her sudden struggle. Her desperate desire to escape these strange feelings, these strange urges that invaded her body, resulted in him unceremoniously dropping her. Hannah sunk to the bottom of the hot tub, the gentle bubbles rushing from the jets assisting in her tangle to get her head back above the surface. Finding a knee on the slippery floor of the Jacuzzi, she knelt in the water, her head just above the waterline, only to find herself staring at a snake so thick that it rivaled the circumference of her wrists and long enough to—crap…that isn’t a snake…that’s his…oh my god. Hannah panicked, shooting straight up, the water dripping from her long dark hair, down her shoulders, past her silk tank top.

Backing away from his…snake, Hannah repeated, “Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.” The back of her knees hit the edge of a seat at the back of the hot tub, forcing her to sit heavily into the water, bringing her eyes back on level with his…damned snake. Snapping her gaze back up, she found that her rescuer’s eyes were fixed in the front of her shirt. Hannah looked down, discovering that the thin silk, when wet, was nearly transparent, her dusky, peaked nipples inviting his attention. And even as she stood again, crossing her arms in front of her chest, attempting to shield herself, he approached, coming to a stop just in front of her, preventing her from either advancing past him or retreating into the seat behind her. And if she resumed her seat that-that…thing between his legs would jump out and get her, right?

“Absolutely lovely.” Drake brought his hand to her shoulder, softly caressing down her arm, steadying her. “Easy, love.”




Drake remained silent as she turned shyly toward him and stepped back toward the pool, the perfect globes of her breasts gently swaying as she stepped hesitantly toward him. He remained silent, not wanting to frighten her, as she stepped into a shallow wading area that would drop into the deeper, bubblier end. The end of the pool she entered was shallow, sloping down toward the seating area. As she descended into the spa from the shallower pool, the water glistened on her dusky curves. Then, just as she was settling into a distant seat opposite Drake, she paused. Drake smiled, perhaps the water jets would do for him what he had not successfully accomplished himself, for she sat tentatively on the edge of the seat, and a look of unadulterated rapture spread across her delicate features. The picture she presented called to him, her head thrown back in abandon, her breasts heavy with need, her eyes turning smoky with the clouds of passion. Drake couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t wait for the water jets to do their work. He needed to contribute in some way. Drake stood and eagerly waded toward her.

In her fantasy, Hannah lifted her rounded breasts, not realizing that fantasy and reality had become one. She offered the globes up to be sampled, teased by the firm, warm hands of the incredibly sexy male in front of her. She gently squeezed her breasts, stroking them, drawing her fingers along the underside and then gently squeezing the peaks, teasing them into sharp points. The water jet continued to work its magic on her clit, causing her senses to spiral, bringing her closer to a precipice that she couldn’t quite overcome. Her mind was imprisoned on the edge of desire, but yet, unable to free itself, to launch itself into the delicious ecstasy that was beckoning. “Please.” The sound of her own desperate, greedy voice brought her marginally back to awareness. She discovered that rather than a fantasy, Drake was really standing in front of her. Rather than immediately satisfying her frantic needs, Drake instead continued to incite her. He drove her further, deeper into an already desperate state, taking her breasts from her hands, tasting her, tormenting her with gentle tugs of his lips, soft pulls sending tendrils of voracious desire throughout her body.

Drake gently traced a single finger, the sharp edge of a single fingernail down her breast, down her stomach, to her weeping passage. “Beg me, Hannah. Tell me what you want. Tell me how much you want it. Tell me what you want me to do to you, Hannah.” His finger added a more insistent pressure to the tickle of the water jet, but it still was not enough.

Hannah was swimming in her fantasy again. This type of thing was something that Alyssa would fall into, not Hannah. This couldn’t possibly be real, and since all of this was a product of her imagination, not an ounce of doubt entered her voice when Hannah for the first time in her life hoarsely uttered the words of euphoric desperation, “Fuck me, Drake. Now. Please fuck me…hard,” the aggression in her voice reflecting her urgent need.

Her course words incited him. He had been interested in her upon first setting eyes on her, hungry for her from the moment she, literally, fell into his arms. He could no longer hold onto the reins of his desires. She tore them from his helpless grip, a wild mustang beyond his control. Drake forcefully repositioned her, facing her toward the back of the adjacent reclining seat of the tub, another convenient air jet torturing her sensitive bud beyond submission. He settled in behind her, one knee on the seat, the other on the floor.  This position allowed him the leverage necessary to punish Hannah for driving him to such reckless abandon with her merciless teasing. In a single powerful thrust, he found his way home. The mansion in Macau, the chalet in Switzerland, the small beach house just right up the shoreline, abandoned for the home he had found in her lush body.

He was incapable of stopping. The moment he initially breached her hot wet haven, the call to heaven urged him on, beyond endurance, beyond anything he had ever felt. She tightened around him, urging him on as he surged past the flimsy barrier marking her innocence, marking her as his. His rigid rod molded her untried passage, forming it, reshaping it to perfectly fit only him. Like a master blacksmith, he pounded into her, forging her body precisely for his needs. It was his body now. And as the last pulses of her inner muscles contracted around him, he flooded her womb, and a new experience washed over him, a peace he had never experienced, the peace of becoming one with this woman. He had gone beyond molding and shaping her sweet hot core. He had casted a lasting bond, a relationship that would endure through the times.

The battling sensations confused Hannah momentarily. She was on the brink of delicious ecstasy, and then the glorious fullness, and then that initial pain, a piercing pain unlike any she had ever experienced splitting her in half. But then again the pain had passed, and there was the relentless pounding of his hard cock battering her womb, and the resurgence of a different kind of feeling, the rise of a new sort of passion, different from the gentle teasing of the water jet. This hunger built into a storm of longing tossing her recklessly from a calm harbor into a tempestuous wanton yearning. And then Drake lifted her hips, opened her further to his invasion, her body floating atop the churning water.

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