Alpha Defenders: Rescue (MFM)

Alpha Defenders 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,669
2 Ratings (4.0)

[Menage Amour: Contemporary Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, MFM, shape-shifters, werewolves, sex toys, HEA]

Valerie Moore, fellow agent working with wolf shifters, Joe Damon and Chris Hawk, in the Citizen Protection Organization, takes her job seriously. She wants to protect people from the dangerous local gang of shape-shifters. She's determined to contribute equally to their threesome team though she's not a shifter. She also enjoys having sex with Joe and Chris, but tries not to become too close to them after losing her boyfriend in college.    

When Joe and Chris rescue Valerie from a dangerous gang of outlaw shape-shifters, they realize she could have been hurt worse than she has said. Joe and Chris make a secret pact to take down the gang that hurt her. After a bad fight with the outlaw gang in which Joe is injured, he worries the three of them shouldn't be as close in case something happened to one or more of them. Valerie realizes Joe and Chris are the most important men in her life, and she sets her course to prove they have a loving future together.  

Alpha Defenders: Rescue (MFM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Alpha Defenders: Rescue (MFM)

Alpha Defenders 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,669
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Joe Damon turned the truck off the highway and onto the road that led to the hot springs swimming hole at the base of the red rock hillside. “Looks like some other agents are already here.”

“They must have gotten the call before we did,” Chris Hawk said.

Joe heard Valerie Moore, their girlfriend and also a C.P.O. agent, gathering gear together from the back seat. “Do we need all of this or just the bare necessities?” she asked them.

“Let’s carry our usual firearms and see what the other C.P.O. agents are carrying. If need be we can quickly grab what else we want,” Chris said.

Joe wished Valerie hadn’t come on this job with them. She’d become an important friend to him and Chris since they’d joined C.P.O. at about the same time a while back. In fact, she meant so much to him and Chris that they’d become a threesome, and Joe and Chris could barely handle it when she was in harm’s way on their missions. But they had to deal with it because they all three felt strongly about their work for C.P.O.

Joe parked the truck near the other agents’ vehicles. Chris held the door for Valerie, and they walked quickly to join the group of other agents in the shade of the trees near the swimming hole. Joe noticed that Valerie had secured her long, silky blond hair at the base of her lovely neck like she usually did when they were involved in a mission for C.P.O., but even in jeans and a knit shirt, she looked sexy as hell. Joe couldn’t help smiling to himself, knowing she was all business as usual right now.

When they stopped to stand near the other agents, Joe heard Trav Savage telling them to get comfortable because it could be a while before they’d make their move. It looked like the other agents were armed minimally. All the agents they worked with closely were involved this time. Joe saw that their friends, Casey Wilder, Grayson Lyon, Dan Roper, and Wes Lawson were there looking ready and able.

Suddenly, the sound of rustling in the bushes near the hot springs drew their attention. Joe and his friends turned that direction, instantly ready for danger.

A gang of nasty-looking thugs rushed their group as the roar of a wild animal blasted from beyond the trees to the north. The sheer numbers of the gang threatened to be overwhelming. Fearing Valerie was in mortal danger, Joe took her arm nearest his side and pushed her toward their truck.

“Get inside and lock the doors, babe. This could get nasty.”

Valerie took one look at the other agents and hurried beside him with Chris on her other side. Joe noticed Trav escorting his girlfriend, C.P.O. agent Jen McClain, toward their truck.

For once Valerie didn’t argue, and Joe helped her into the front seat and closed the door. Chris shouted to her to lock the doors. She did so, and Joe turned as the roar of a second part of that gang came closer to the hot springs, chasing Trav’s other C.P.O. partner, Roger Masterson, and his group of men who had evidently been searching for Wra.

Joe and Chris and their buddies raced to help protect Roger and his group. They were all quickly surrounded by the murderous gang. The force of their numbers pushed Joe and Chris farther away from their truck and Valerie. Pummeled on all sides, Joe could hardly move against the crush of bodies. He looked toward Valerie in their truck just as a couple of the bastards reached it and began banging on the windows.

“Valerie!” he shouted, terrified the monsters would get her.

Joe couldn’t free himself from the snarling press to get to Valerie. He saw that Chris was surrounded as well. The sound of breaking glass stabbed him with fear, and then Valerie was dragged from their truck through the opened door.

“Chris,” he shouted. “They’ve got Valerie!”

Joe fought like a berserker, pounding and shoving as hard as he could against the gang members who surrounded him. He had to get to Valerie. He heard Trav’s horrified voice as he yelled for Jen. The entire outlaw gang moved north, with Valerie and Jen in their midst and held tight, even though they fought the gang. Desperate, Joe met Chris’s determined gaze.

“Shift!” Chris shouted to him over the roar of the fighting.

“We’re going after Valerie and Jen with you,” Joe shouted to Trav.

They shifted to their wolf forms, their silver-gray fur blending into the background as they joined Roger and Trav. They raced to free Valerie and Jen. They had to fight Wra’s gang members as they made headway. As they fought to reach the thugs holding the women, Joe heard Trav shouting to Roger to get the women out of danger and catch Wra. The deafening roar of wolves, panthers, C.P.O. agents, and Alpha Protectors rose with fury. Joe saw Trav leap onto boulders near them and run along the tops of the boulders. Joe and Chris joined him at the same time. He heard the confused shouts of the gang behind them as their friends continued to battle the bastards.

Ahead, Joe saw Wra join the few gang members, who now held Valerie and Jen in their nasty grips. One of the evil bastards had a hand on Valerie’s lower belly. From his peripheral vision Joe, noticed Wra change to a huge bear form. Joe fought to get to her and kept his eyes on Valerie, who was fighting her captors without stopping. He saw Wra move closer to the women. Shit. Joe and Chris had to get to her first.




Chris stepped behind her and helped her out of her robe. She climbed onto the bed and scooted to the middle.

It worried Joe that she didn’t remove her nightgown. She had to be hiding bruises she didn’t want them to see.

Chris stretched out on the bed beside her and lightly trailed his fingers over her abdomen and across the peaks of her breasts. She moaned and arched beneath his touch.

“I want to eat you up.” Joe’s voice was rough with his arousal. He feathered his fingers over her mound, and she spread her legs apart for him, her body undulating with her need. He gently lifted her nightgown upwards until he had complete access to her mound and pussy. He parted her legs wider with his hands, gently pressing against the inside of her warm, velvet-soft thighs. She jerked and gave a small cry.

“Valerie, are you sure you want to do this? Are you all right?”

“Yes, please, I want you guys to caress me and make me come,” she said, her voice sounding low and needy.

Joe moved to stretch out on his belly between her curvy legs, wanting to taste her warm flesh, but needing to know that she was all right with this. As he lowered his head closer to her mound, he noticed odd marks on her flesh revealed by the light of the bedside lamp they’d left on. He studied the marks, some darker pink, like scratches, and others that looked like bruises forming. He remembered the sight of the gang member clutching her body tightly with his hands during the fight that afternoon. The damn animal had bruised her delicate flesh.

“Babe, are you hurting from being held captive by that thug earlier today?” Joe met her worried gaze.

“It’s not bad,” she said lightly.

“These marks on you look like they could hurt,” he answered her.

“You won’t hurt me,” she said, looking from him to Chris. “Make me feel good,” she said softly.

Joe realized she wanted him and Chris to take her away with their gentle touches and kisses and help her forget the day’s traumatic fight.

He lowered his head and lightly touched one of the red marks with his tongue. Her swift breath made him look up at her face to see if she was in pain.

She smiled at him. “That felt so good. Don’t stop. Lick me as much as you want.” She undulated her body, moving closer to him.

Joe gently licked every mark and bruise he saw on her body. Her sighs of passion encouraged him to continue. He gently slid his hands under her thighs and lifted her legs a little way, spreading them apart so he could see every inch of her velvety flesh. Her slit was rosy and wet with her arousal. Before he touched her clit or folds, he wanted to be sure her delicate flesh wasn’t bruised. He needed for her to assure him she wasn’t hurt.

“Touch yourself, babe,” Joe urged her quietly. He watched her facial expression for any sign of discomfort as she slid her fingers down her mound and along her pussy lips, finally sliding upward to her swollen little nub. She circled that pink flesh with one fingertip. He couldn’t help becoming even more aroused as he watched her spread her cream around her clit and between her folds.

“Now, slide that finger down your slit and inside your cunt, babe.” Joe continued to watch her for any sign of discomfort as her breaths came faster while she slid one finger deep inside her dripping-wet opening.

“Joe,” she said breathlessly. “I need you to fuck me, now.”

Convinced her sensitive flesh hadn’t been bruised, Joe complied in ways that he hoped wouldn’t hurt her bruised body. He spread her thighs wider. “First, I want to taste you, hon.” He gently lifted her hand from her wet, swollen flesh and licked and sucked her slickened fingers. She tasted so hot. He was close to erupting. But he wanted to taste her juices from her wet, pink flesh.

He lapped her cream and was rewarded with the intoxicating taste of her along with her moans of ecstasy.

“More, please, Joe,” she whispered breathlessly.

Joe licked every inch of her heated flesh and delved his tongue deep inside her creamy hole. She bucked against him, and he was glad he could make her feel so aroused. He looked up at her face and saw that she had her eyes closed tight with her obviously intense feelings.

Joe watched Chris gently part her gown and lick one beautiful breast, covering every inch of her swollen flesh. He lapped across the nipple until it puckered and glowed with moisture, and then he moved to her other breast and gave that globe his complete attention, making her moan with pleasure.

Joe noticed the same marks and bruises around her breasts as he’d found on her abdomen and thighs. A growl of fierce aggression for that gang member threatened in his throat, but he controlled it. He’d capture the bastard who’d treated Valerie so roughly and take him to jail where he belonged after he beat him to a shapeless pulp for hurting her.

She moaned. “More, please.”

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