Veil of Seduction (MF)

Ambrose Heights Vampires 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 140,011
6 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, vampires, HEA]

A newborn vampire. A powerful leader. An inconsolable woman. The shaping of their eternity all lies within the eyes. Steffan Matthews is the devastatingly handsome vampire leader of Ambrose Heights. He cultivates social order and invents concoctions that allow vampires to feel human once again. But Steffan also has a devouring obsession that brings him to his knees. Her name is Anya. Steffan sets out to claim Anya, a mortal ripe for the taking, as his mate. But the blackness in the eyes of his newborn should’ve served as a warning. Anya is off-limits according to the vampire creed. It will take the strength of the kinship, the purity of love, a hint of magic, and a subterranean guardian to shield Steffan against the wrath of Ryan Evans, protect him from the fate of the Nemesis, and bridge a passage to his rightful destiny.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Veil of Seduction (MF)
6 Ratings (4.5)

Veil of Seduction (MF)

Ambrose Heights Vampires 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 140,011
6 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I bought both books by this author at the same time and i found myself going between each book to find out more on Steffan since you can tell from the first book something juicy was going to happen for Steffan in the next. I really had to stop since it was messing with the impact. I gave this one a higher rating from the first only because I never read a vampire book that went deep into these scientific backgrounds to explain why the vampires in her series can eat and go in the sun temporarily. This took some major time and medical research to put together. Very impressed with this. Equally as impressive is the historical aspects of the elder vampire and the Nepal monarchy and the European war that was fought in the marshlands. Most impressive was the fact that vampires CAN DIE in this series. I laughed at first, but the author explained how a vampire could actually die and it puts an entire new spin on the immortality aspect. Simply thrilling. I found this author on a vampire book website and she actually has actors in her book videos to play her vampire characters. Now this is top notch in my book as I never never seen this before. Yet one has to wonder who she is to have a production like this. No matter, her Steffan and Rhys actors are very easy on the eyes. Next book please
I'm torn between the good and bad in this book. The good is that this author has got my definite nod and a spot on my watch list. The bad is that I can't decide which vampire I liked more. I thought Rhys in Flesh Fantasy was great and now Stefan has got my heart. Ms. Deleina really has a knack of getting a reader to fall in love with her male vampires! The sex is racy and tender at times and I must admit that I did tear up pretty bad. While I wont spoil that for other readers, I will say that the story makes you want to fall in love.
Professional Reviews

GOLD STAR: Vampires walk among us! Their haven is the ultra-exclusive neighborhood of Ambrose Heights. Their leader, Steffan Matthews, is wealthy, devastatingly handsome and brilliant. He has everything anyone could want…except a mate. Destroyed after her husband betrayed her with her sister, Anya needs to both mend her broken heart and a fresh start. Inheriting a fabulous new home located in Ambrose Heights may be just what she needs. But strange things start to happen as soon as she moves in. Suddenly her libido and dreams are out of control. Then she meets the sexy and mysterious Steffan and realizes he’s the man of her dreams. Literally! But ghost from both their past seek to tear both them and the vampire community apart. Readers get ready for a delicious, super sexy and dramatic read. Ms. Deleina does a great job blending the preternatural with the everyday human world we’re used to. I especially enjoyed it for this reason. It was easy to imagine the characters as neighbors or friends. I haven’t read the first book Flesh Fantasy, but Veil of Seduction does well on its own. Her characters have well defined emotions, personalities and motivations. I admit that Anya seems a little too bland at first, but soon comes into her own. She is a weird mix of naivety, determination and sensuality. This makes Steffan’s gentle strength a perfect match for her. He is very endearing. His antics in claiming his mate are both erotic and entraining. But by no means a wuss! Steffan has no problems proving just how dangerous he can be when necessary. The reader can almost physically feel the bond that builds between them. Then there is the sex…hot, steamy and plentiful! I think that readers will also enjoy the entertaining cast of supporting characters that make you hunger for more entries in the Ambrose Heights Vampires series. The multiple villains and plot twists kept me on edge until the very end. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself cursing them out loud as you read or wishing you could find your own vampire mate. Ms. DeLeina offers exactly what readers are looking for in erotic romance. Great sex…romance AND a well penned story. Veil of Seduction is everything I look for in a JERR Gold Star Award. -- T.S. Peters, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

5 STARS: "Not having read volume one of the Vampires of Ambrose Heights, I was a little lost concerning the intentions of the main characters, especially since they were immediately introduced. Switching suddenly from Ryan’s runaway to his lover being attacked by vampires threw me for a moment but then I got up to speed. There is a nice weaving of the clandestine love affair into Steffen’s search for his soul mate, as well as his predicament when he finds her through Ryan’s red jasper good luck charm. The characterizations are definitive and well-written, and the explanation of the serums developed to enable the vampires to appear in daytime, and more effectively blend in with their living counterparts was well-done as an explanatory lesson to newly-turned Ryan. All in all, a good entry in the series which will make followers, as well as new readers, go eagerly to the next volume." -- Tony Paul, A Splash of Scarlet Reviews

5 STARS: "Ryan Evans was going to leave his wife, Anya, for Anise, Anya’s sister, on that night he died and came back to life as a vampire, saved by Steffan Matthews. Steffan had waited a for long time to find his mate. And finding her now filled him with joy. However, there is one of his that is not happy with his discovery and hides the true relation between Ryan and Anya. Her intention is to destroy Steffan, no matter what and take his place as the head of that vampire group. When Steffan starts the claiming ritual, Ryan is filled with rage, because Anya is a beautiful woman and he sees her as an object that could make him regain the envy of all around him and he watches Steffan and Anya in their intimate moments. And he thinks that taking Anya from her mate will do that. And the traitor takes advantage of his feelings. Still, there is someone who can help to save the day and defend the wicked witch. This is the second book of Ambrose Heights Vampires’s series and quite a large book; yet, it will keep you wrapped in the story. We have an enthralling story, interesting, deep, and credible characters and a wonderfully written dialogue. I must confess I fell for Steffan. So 5 stars for the book." -- Dolce Amoe, Booked Up

5 STARS: "I loved this one more than I did the first. It was seriously addictive, a little slow to start but once the story got going, it was hard to pace myself I couldn’t stop reading it, I had to find out how everything was going to turn out. This author is a woman who knows how to write a creative steamy-hot love scene, I mean whoa! The scene with the long strands of white material hanging from a mirror suspended from the ceiling that was something to read! A scene that I sure won’t be forgetting anytime soon. I really loved Anya, she was fierce and she could hold her own, when she attacked Ryan I was like, hell yeah! Kick his cheating lying ass! I was glad that by the end, he got what he deserved. There were also some nice elements of humour in the read which I really liked when Steffan had a "seizure" while watching Anya and being left with wet pants after said "seizure"; “Steffan leaned back to look at his crotch. “Eilian?” His arms and hands were frozen in front of him. He was stuck in a position as if he was preparing to catch something. “Yes?” “I believe I just came in my pants.” The one thing about this read, much like the first in the series, is that there were many twists and turns, lots of unexpected surprises. With what happened with Madeline, how she deceived the council members causing Steffan to be in a deadly predicament, I had tears in my eyes the whole time, it isn’t very often that a book causes me to tear up but this one did it not only in that scene, but in another towards the end as well, but I won’t give that one away. A seriously great read that I enjoyed from start to finish." -- Jet, Book Devotee Reviews

4.5 CUPS: "Veil of Seduction is an amazing addition to the Ambrose Heights Vampires series. The first book, Flesh Fantasy, was spectacular and this one is right up there with it. Steffan is a man who believes in love and has waited his whole existence to find it. From the first shock of recognition to the moment of discovery, he was ready and willing to do anything to claim his mate. Anya has known death. She lost her parents tragically and all she had left for family was her twin sister and her husband. First her husband leaves her, taking everything with him. Then she is informed her sister has recently died. For some unknown reason, her sister Anise has left her everything, including a rather large house in the exclusive community of Ambrose Heights. Now Anya is beginning a new life; filled with music and renewed hope. Their passion is intense and their love is everlasting. But lurking around the corner is evil and deadly obstacles. These two lovers need to fight their enemies and vampire laws to be together. A little magic, friendship and loyalty will go a long way. If I had to rate this novel on plot, characters and development alone, it would be a 5+ rating. The only reason it didn’t get the rating is because of editing errors. That is it. The plot had me wanting to cheat and jump ahead just to see how it ended. I was good and didn’t cheat, but it was very tempting. I found that the characters were simply marvelous; the story was intricate and complex; and the world building was exceptional and inventive. I found myself lost in the tale. I was up until 5 am and had to force myself to go to bed, but lay awake just thinking about the story. Veil of Seduction is a must read! It most definitely can be read alone, but I can’t help but insist you read Flesh Fantasy first. You won’t regret it!" -- Tsteinerid, Coffee Beans and Love Scenes Reviews

Veil of Seduction is the second book in the Ambrose Heights series and what a follow up it was! Veil of Seductions follows the leader of the Ambrose Heights Vampires, Steffan Matthews, who captured my attention in the first book, Flesh Fantasy, so I was very excited to read this story. All the favorite characters from Flesh Fantasy are back and as funny as ever. Veil of Seduction was much more emotionally charged than Flesh Fantasy but the heat was still there. There were many twists and turns that kept the story anything but predictable and kept me turning the pages to see what was going to happen. You know you’re reading a good author when your emotions take a roller coaster ride and you feel the butterflies in your stomach, the anger, and the heartbreak alongside the characters. In typical DeLeina fashion, the descriptive nature of her writing gives the reader the perfect vision of the world she has built. It’s so easy to picture her characters and where they live. The Ambrose Heights series has quickly made it to my list of favorites. I can’t wait to see who’s book is next and what DeLeina has planned for her Ambrose Heights vampires." --Rhonda Valverde, Vampire Romance Books

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Story Excerpt


“Anya, I’m Steffan, Steffan Matthews.”

There is no room for games here, he thought to himself. 

For almost a century, he had searched for her. He was not going to waste any more time by skirting around the issue.

He needed her. She needed him. They needed each other.

He wanted to tell her everything in this moment, claim her now, and abandon all the words of advice from Rhys.

“Anya, I live in Ambrose Heights. I made the arrangement for lessons…so I could meet you. Truth is, ever since you moved in, I felt a connection to you that I can’t quite explain.” 

Steffan inserted that little white lie at the end. Of course, it could be explained, but he couldn’t bring himself to reveal any of that.

 Not now at least. 

“You mean you paid for me to spend time with you? For a month? What kind of services do you think I offer here?” Anya held her head as if nausea had struck her suddenly, “I think I need to sit down.” 

Anya headed for the sitting area that sat tucked away in the far corner of the studio.

Ornate lanterns with intricate metal relief carvings suspended from the utility pipes above and hung low in varying length around a gold leaf table. Around the table sat oversize embellished floor pillows. A hand-carved screen sectioned off the area from the rest of the studio. 

Steffan followed Anya, suddenly realizing the misconception in his explanation. “No, Anya, I am not paying for you. I don’t mean for it to sound like that. I mean, I did pay for your time. B-But it was strictly to compensate you, for adjusting your schedule with your existing students to accommodate my time frame. You know, just in case you couldn’t successfully reschedule them?” Steffan stumbled on his words and drifted from his usual charismatic and poised presence. 

Anya sat on the floor pillow and bent her knees, bringing them close to her chest as she faced Steffan. “Well, thank you for your consideration. But, it still sounds like you were paying just to meet me. Are you even interested in cello lessons at all?” 

Steffan sported a hearty grin as he took a seat on a floor pillow. He sat facing Anya. He eased into a comfortable position. “Actually, I’m very skilled at the violin and always wanted a cello partner. I’ve composed some pieces that would be complemented by a cello. You play…eloquently.” 

Anya’s smile lit up her face.

Steffan reached out to cup her hands as they folded around her legs. “Anya, I know I this may seem strange. In fact, I meant to be here on time, but I agonized over this and needed more time before I walked into this room. I thought I was prepared. I had it all played out in my head. I need time to know what to do, what to say to you. I had already thought of ways I could come here and pretend I have no clue about playing an instrument or reading music, to go along with this charade. But I just couldn’t do it. I wanted you to know exactly why I’m here, even if it sounds creepy. I don’t want to play games.”

“Good. I don’t like to play games either.”

“Anya, I’ve seen you before I met you.” 

Anya’s body stiffened in response.

“Wait, hear me out.” Steffan paused. “The day when you moved into Ambrose Heights and you pulled up to my driveway…”

“Oh my god, you knew I was there? You saw me? You’re the guy who lives in the castle?” Anya released her hands from Steffan’s hold and placed them over her mouth in sheer embarrassment.

“Yes, I live there. Eilian, my brother, he saw you in my driveway. I was in the house. I never saw you, but I felt you, Anya. I felt your presence as you walked up the driveway.” 

Steffan leaned in and cupped her chin delicately with his hand. “After you left, brief images of you rolled in my mind. I saw your hair, your eyes, and your skin. I even heard your voice and could smell your perfume. And…” Steffan paused, unsure if he would frighten Anya with his next statement. He released her chin and spoke. “That tattoo on your shoulder. If I’m not mistaken, I believe it’s the Ohm symbol.” 

Anya’s face turned pale. 

You’re scaring her, he thought as he fought to refine his revelation to her. 

“And since that time, you’ve been with me every day. I dream of you at night and think of you during the day. All of this and I never met you before. I never experienced anything like this. I found out that you teach here and work at Mystic’s Mirth, and from then on, I’ve been working up the courage and the strength to come and meet you. That’s why I’m here.” 

Steffan searched for a reaction from Anya.

Please don’t get scared. Please don’t run. Please trust me, he begged in his mind.

Anya shifted her body toward Steffan and kneeled between his legs. She reached for the buttons on his shirt. One by one, she slowly undid them as she remained fixated on his eyes.

“No!” Steffan caught her hand and stopped her movement. “I want to. Believe me. I want nothing more than to be with you, but I didn’t come here for that. I came here to understand this connection I have to you.”

“No, you don’t understand. I need to see something right now. I need to see what’s on your left bicep and right shoulder.”

“My tattoos? How did you know?”

Anya gasped as she ripped at the buttons and tore Steffan’s shirt open, working the material down his arm. 

There it was.

Steffan’s dark and delicious tattoos were on clear display.


Adult Excerpt


“Anya, I want to make love to you, claim you.”

“Make love to me, Steffan. Claim me. I’m yours.”

Steffan’s breath was deep and heavy as he prepared for the moment.

“Don’t take your eyes off of me.” Steffan slid himself through Anya’s moistened folds, slowly filling her. He stretched her wide as she wrapped around his cock like a glove.

“Steffan, oh my god!” Anya screamed with a hint of discomfort in her voice. “It hurts. I don’t know if I can do this!”

“Relax. Let your body form around me. I’ll go as slow as you want or as hard as you want. You tell me what you need. I want you to only feel pleasure,” Steffan whispered and slowed his entry. 

He was absolutely careful with Anya. His innate instinct wanted him to take her wildly, but he reminded himself that she was still human, still frail. She could shatter in pieces underneath him with one move. Once the claiming was executed and Anya was transformed, they could be together in a primal, untamed escapade.

With each gentle pulse, Steffan felt Anya relax. Carefully, he inched himself deeper into her until he was buried completely. He slowly retracted and pumped into her again, feeling her body accepting his entry with every delicious plunge. 

“You feel so good. Give me more,” Anya said in a throaty and seductive tone.

Steffan’s heart was filled with bliss. Her heart accepted him, and now her body accepted his entry, his permanence in her very core. He thrust into Anya with a deeper need as their eyes remained fixed on each other. 

“Let me love you, Anya. Let me give you everything I have in me. Accept me as your mate. Give yourself freely as mine.”

“I do and I have.”

A blistering heat traveled along Steffan’s jaw and filled his mouth with an insatiable need for blood. His sharp teeth broke through their protective membrane and descended as his body continued exploring her depths. 

“Steffan, harder. I want it harder,” Anya said as she pulled Steffan in close to whisper in his ear.

“You want it hard, my love?”


“You will feel pleasure you’ve never experienced before, but you must promise to let me know if I hurt you.” 


“Remember that I love you, and do not be afraid.”

“Afraid of what?”


Steffan reached under Anya’s legs and firmly grasped her buttocks. He spread her legs wide over his arms as he lifted her straight off the ground. Steffan sat back on his heels and impaled Anya on his cock.

They both moaned in unison.

“Grab a hold of my neck and don’t let go,” Steffan commanded. 

Steffan’s strong arms lifted Anya, and his cock pounded deep into her over and over again with a relentless passion.

“Oh, Steffan, take me!” Anya panted. 

A pleasurable burn ignited in Steffan’s eyes as they turned red with his desire. Kneeling before her, Steffan laid Anya’s head back to the ground and tilted her hips upward to his crotch. He plunged deeper, rougher, and faster into her.

Anya looked up and caught Steffan’s gaze.

At first, she seemed shaken by the red that gazed back at her, but quickly settled in his stare.

Tears welled in her eyes. “I’m coming, Steffan. I’m coming.” 

The time was here.

Steffan would start the claim at this moment.

His entire existence, from his turning to the first time he and Anya laid eyes on each other, flickered like an old projector in his mind. Steffan collapsed on Anya, burying his head at her neck to search out his mark. He drew his head back slightly, and then came down on her flesh, sinking his teeth deep into her. 

Anya shrieked at the initial pain, but soon, noises of pleasure escaped her body uncontrollably as the tears streamed down her face. 

Steffan continued to thrust deep inside her but slowed his rhythm to a sensual grind. Sweat that once beaded along Anya’s inner thighs now trickled down, pooling where his flesh met hers. Writhing and moaning, the moment was pure ecstasy. From the moistened depths his cock plunged to the sweet taste of her blood coating his tongue, Steffan relished every pleasurable sensation that fired through his body.

“Oh, my god,” Anya moaned in a decadent whisper.

Suddenly, Steffan’s body stilled.

He swiped his tongue along the puncture marks, sealing Anya’s neck. He pulled back, steadying his body over hers. Looking deep into her eyes, he saw a woman fully sated.

Anya gathered a drop of blood from the corner of Steffan’s mouth with her finger and dipped into his mouth. He lapped up the remaining droplet of her blood eagerly and lowered to capture her lips in a passionate and sensual kiss. 

Then Steffan moved his hips once again.

Commanding and powerful, he took her hard. He released his mouth from their intimate exchange and gasped for breath. 

“Anya, are you ready for me?”

“Yes. Come inside me, Steffan.”

“Watch me. See what you do to me.”

Steffan looked deep into Anya’s eyes as he made love to her. This was his mate. Her blood coursed through his body. Her taste was on his lips. And her pussy deliciously swallowed his cock. 

It was a pleasure beyond expression, further than anything he’d experienced. He stroked in and out of Anya, increasing his momentum, growing closer and closer to his climax. 

“Oh, Steffan!”

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