Cherry Hill 14: Some Kind Of Wonderful (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 14

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,226
14 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMMM, light spanking, HEA]

C.C. is taking care of her cousin Elsie and Elsie's son, Aiden. She has a lot on her plate and has given up on true happiness and love. That some kind of wonderful that many of her friends have found, but not her. Getting involved with four soldiers isn't logical or smart, especially after nearly becoming a victim of a gang rape by her ex-boyfriend and his fellow soldier friends. Trust issues galore, a debt owed to the man who saved her cousins' life, and all that lays in her future is work, work, work.

However, Birdie, Freddie, Conan, and Axel, all soldiers, all hardcore men, trying to adapt to civilian life and finally settle down, aren't taking no for an answer. C.C.'s kisses are too sweet, her femininity and personality too hard to resist, and they want it all with her. When they finally break those walls down, the man she owes a debt to reveals his true intentions, and now C.C. feels forced to comply in order to save her lovers as well as Elsie and Aiden.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Cherry Hill 14: Some Kind Of Wonderful (LoveXtreme)
14 Ratings (4.5)

Cherry Hill 14: Some Kind Of Wonderful (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 14

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,226
14 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley

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Birdie was fuming mad, and his brothers, friends and his cousin, Axel, all knew not to say a word to him. The nerve of that asshole coming in here and talking about C.C.’s body like that. She was young, sweet, and petite. She wouldn’t stand a chance against a guy like that. Birdie hoped he set that asshole straight and others that were around. That thought shocked him. He was attracted to C.C. Shit, most single men would be. She was gorgeous, with long, thick, blonde hair, amazing hazel-green eyes, and was a true Southern belle, if he accurately identified her Carolina accent. She was sexy as could be, but definitely not too confident when it came to handling aggressive men.

He felt the nudge to his arm. “You and your team keep staring at her with daggers in your eyes and you’ll never have a chance,” Kenny told him.

Birdie turned towards Kenny. “What?” he asked, eyes squinted.

Kenny gave him a stern expression, yet there seemed to be a little smirk on his face. “I know you and your brothers, your cousin, too, are out of practice. Believe me when I tell you, giving the woman daggers won’t give you a chance with her.”

“Who said we wanted a chance with her?” Kenny chuckled and then looked at Rome, who looked serious.

“You guys interested in C.C.?” Rome asked.

“No,” Birdie said, and he glanced at Axel who was still watching C.C. Then at Conan and Freddie who were to the right talking to Rogan and his buddies, but they were looking down the bar at C.C.

“It hits you out of nowhere, man,” Kenny said.

“Out of nowhere,” Rome added then took a slug from his bottle of beer.

From there on out, things felt different. Birdie’s mind started to travel in a thousand directions. He was thirty-five years old. His family was right here. Freddie, Conan, and his cousin Axel. They had been through hell and back several times. Were still doing work for the military on a per project basis and nothing that would bring them back into the middle of shit. He thought it would be easier to not think about this, about C.C. if he were on active duty. Then he could say things were too uncertain, too dangerous to engage in something. He thought about his buddies. Axel was in a fragile state since he just returned and retired last. A forced retirement because of an injury he would need physical therapy for. Freddie and Conan were hard-core. They had their routines, their attitudes, and hell, the four of them were like brothers, and they were three times the size of C.C. Nothing could come of this. It would be a huge mistake.


* * * *


C.C. tried to avoid going over by Rome, Kenny, Birdie, Freddie, Conan, and Axel. It was like something changed in the atmosphere over there. She couldn’t believe that Birdie had decked that guy for how he was talking about her body. She was glad he did. So many times guys said things like that. She should be used to it, but she wasn’t. She hated being seen as a sexual object. It made her think about Bennet and his friends, and how they all wanted her in their bed. As Rome and Kenny said good night, she couldn’t help but to think how lucky Cherise was for finding men like them, and Eric and Landon. Their relationship was honest and true. They loved her and she loved them and it worked. C.C. gave up on having some kind of wonderful…anything. Bad luck, long hours working and saving money, and hopefully happiness for Aiden and her cousin.

She had to walk back over to get the guys more beer as John was caught up talking to his friends.

“Another round?” she asked, as all four men gathered right there and watched her. She got them their beers, then she looked at Birdie. That light blonde hair, the blonde beard and hard expression on his face and even in those deep blue eyes of his. “How is your hand?” she asked. He wasn’t using the ice, and she could see that his knuckles were a little red. She also noticed the tattoos on his forearm, as well as the chords of muscles.

“Just fine,” he told her.

She nodded. “You didn’t need to do that. He was just being an idiot.”

“No, he needed to do that. The guy was an asshole,” Freddie said to her and looked her over. Those same deep blue eyes as Birdie, but his hair was brown, he had scruff along his chin and cheeks and it made him look sexy.

She felt so hot, so aroused, and it shocked her. “Well, thanks.” He nodded, and she looked at Axel, the big, mean-looking guy with a full trimmed beard, dark hair, super large muscles, and tattoos along his arms and one arm in a sling. “What did you do?” she asked and nodded toward the sling.

“Nothing,” he said to her, and she got that he didn’t want to talk about it.

“Enjoy the beers,” she said as two other guys approached and asked her for one of the beer specials. As she got them, the two guys hit on her and she couldn’t even pretend to be nice. She could feel Birdie and his brothers’ eyes on her, and it affected her too much for her liking. This wasn’t good at all.




“Conan, put me down. We have to slow down.”

“Not yet. We need to taste you, to do some exploring. We’re desperate,” he said. He lowered her to the rug, to where one of them had put down a thick blanket, and Conan hovered over her.

It was so arousing, incredibly wild how good he looked, hovering there, one thigh between her legs, the other on the side of her. That military haircut, brown hair, serious deep blue eyes, and the scruff along his cheeks. She could see the muscles in his forearm, and as he held her gaze with full attention she couldn’t help but to reach out to the god above her and touch him. Want more of him. She reached up to cup his cheek, seeing and feeling the whiskers there. He pushed her dress to her waist, lowered down between her legs, pressed lips to her bare belly, and began to pull off her panties.

“Oh God, Conan,” she said on an exhale. She was already there, ready to come, and the man didn’t finger her or taste her needy pussy. She was going to do something insane, she just knew it.

Axel was there, looking a bit uncomfortable with the sling on, but then he was undoing it and tossing it. “Axel.” She reached up to him, concerned over his wellbeing. What gave her the right? The nerve to show she cared in that way? She was confused, feeling insane.

“I can’t. I need to taste you, to see my woman,” he said, and then Conan slid fingers to her cunt. He spread her thighs, and she moaned as Axel cupped her cheeks, lowered down, and kissed her. Birdie and Freddie were on the floor, too, she felt them, sensed them, then they were pushing up her dress, caressing her belly. Four men at once. Four seasoned, sexy, intimidating men were touching her at the same time. It was all too much. Feeling all four men with their hands on her body, seducing her together as a team. The thought of the word team brought on a surge of desire as her pussy spasmed.

She moaned into Axel’s mouth. Then he released her lips, and together they pushed her dress up higher.

“We want to see all of you,” Birdie told her.

“But I’m not ready for sex. I can’t,” she said, and Freddie leaned down and kissed her belly.

“When you’re ready,” he said, and then Conan pulled fingers from her cunt. They lifted her up, kissed her skin, her lips as they got her dress off of her, and then unclipped her bra. Her large, full breasts fell from the confinement of the material and the men made comments, and it did something to her. They were impressed with her body. Thank God.

“Holy shit, baby, goddamn,” Freddie said and cupped a breast. She lowered back down as Axel caressed her hair and brought her one arm above her head. He leaned on his other arm and stared at her body. She was completely open to all four men.

“You are perfect and then some,” Freddie said to her.

“Oh, Freddie, Conan. Oh God,” she said and felt both men feasting on her. Conan used his mouth and fingers to make her come and then licked her clean as Freddie suckled on one breast. Then Axel suckled on her other breast as they held her arms above her head. She was fully exposed to them, naked on the rug in their living room. She rocked her hips, lifted her pelvis, and they continued to feast on her. Axel grunted, as his arm must have hurt in this position but he was determined to taste her and to join in with his team.

“My turn,” Birdie said, and Conan grunted. “So delicious,” he said and tugged on her clit, making her gasp. That combined with the way his large, hard hands held her hips, then squeezed and caressed her thighs as he lifted up was overwhelming. She felt too sensitive to everything. It was like only them and her existed right now and no one, nothing more. Then Birdie took his place, and he thrust fingers into her cunt.

“Birdie,” she grunted and reached for his wrist. Hands caressed her thighs wider, and she tilted back, pushed her breasts forward only for Axel and Conan to now feast on them. At that moment she felt Birdie’s tongue strike her pussy, her clit, as he tugged and then moaned warm breath against her slit. Freddie tugged on her left nipple and slid his palm up and down her belly, letting his fingers tease her mound at the top but not where Birdie was fingering her and feasting on her. It was all too much.

“Oh, please. Oh.” She moaned even louder.

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