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Body, Heart and Soul (MF)

Kiersen's Legacy 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 55,000
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance]

Devlin Kiersen lives his life in fear of being exactly like his father--at the same time doing everything he can to prove it's true. In his spectacular bid for self-destruction, he never contemplates meeting a woman who would make him long to spend eternity in the comfort of her arms.

Kira Nestor trusts there's more to Dev than the sexy, intense man who awakens her sexuality, introducing her to a whole new world of seduction and desire, but she's out of her depth when it comes to reaching behind his walls and convincing him his heart is safe with her.

When they come together, everything will change. But will Kira be able to convince Dev that his heart still exists and that true love has the power to change everything, or will he continue to live in the barren hell he believes his due and already knows so well?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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5 ANGELS: F.A.R. Recommended Read: "Body Heart and Soul by Samantha Lucas is a dark and highly emotional roller coaster of erotic proportions. Once you pick Body Heart and Soul up, you may have trouble putting it down. The storytelling gift of Samantha Lucas will draw you in from the beginning; a mysterious job on a tropical island that seems too good to be true, a summer spent in paradise at the home of a wealthy woman. A dream that turns into a sexual awakening for a vulnerable young woman, Body Heart and Soul is a non stop emotional story of innocence and wickedness. Devlin, Barbara, and Kira are well rounded characters with depth and distinction that is hard to ignore; they are in your face from the moment they enter a scene, demanding your attention and ensuring you take notice of them, good and bad. Samantha Lucas has a gift for description and characterization; this reader felt like these characters were friends, needing my love and support throughout the story. The sexual exploits are appropriate to the story and exceed expectations for romance and emotional connection. Body Heart and Soul is a book I am happy to recommend, and Samantha Lucas is an author I will be watching for future projects." -- Scarlet, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 HEARTS: "This is such a great book that it would be easy to get lost in the action! There is a lot going on, but Ms. Samantha Lucas is to be commended for her excellent job writing this novel! I absolutely loved the plot as well as the characters. Devlin Kiersen, 38, had been involved with Barbara Folsom-Worthington, 53, for the past 12 years. Each summer she hired an assistant to go to a private island with her. This year she hired Kira Kimberlynn Nestor, 24-year-old college senior, majoring in art. By accepting employment with Barbara, she got a brand new, expensive wardrobe, luxurious accommodations, and a social life she had never dreamed possible. There was just one big problem! Kira didn't realize what kind of "assistant" Barbara hired every year. Since she was 15 years older than Dev, and she liked to swing both ways, Barbara always hired a young, beautiful woman to keep them both entertained. However, she always let Dev go first! This book, as I said, is packed with strong character personalities with lots of energy and high sex drives, as well as sordid pasts. Ms. Lucas has presented them just as you would unfold a family portrait; each person has such depth and, either caring or self-interested, all share a desire to have someone to love. Even though Kira is consistent throughout the book, it is obvious that she is out of her league. To say that they had unusual activities is an understatement! This unique plot, while fast-paced, was almost impossible to put down. I loved the way she developed the two main characters and allowed us to figuratively see into their souls! The sexual scenes were very explicit and quite often; however, I felt they were artistically done and emotionally stirring! I really loved this book and feel that it should be read by all; you definitely will not be disappointed. Well done, Ms. Lucas!" -- Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio

5 HEARTS: "Ms. Lucas penned a scorching tale of a lost soul finding refuge in the innocence of a woman. Balancing to perfection the sexual elements that guide this story along without overshadowing the premise. Ms. Lucas lends a true grace to her erotic voice-one that calls to the soul, evoking heartfelt feelings and erotic desires. The lives of the characters are fully developed, with believable situations and dialogues. A beautifully done piece of erotic fiction! Body, Heart and Soul is what great storytelling is all about. Ms. Lucas writes with realism and heart and displays this in her characters. If you are hungering for an exceptional contemporary erotic romance that will stay with you long after the book is closed, then stop by Siren Publishing to picked up your copy today. This reviewer cannot wait to see what Ms. Lucas crafts next!" -- Janalee, Love Romances and More

5 KISSES: "Body, Heart and Soul is a fantastic book. Samantha Lucas has written a fabulous story of two unlikely people who fall in love. I loved the characters. Ms. Lucas brings these two together beautifully. There were times I just wanted to cry for Devlin and times when I wanted to say, duh Kira, wake up! I just expected another love story with great sex, but this was so much more. You don't want to miss this book. Read it today." -- Julianne, Two Lips Reviews

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Dev’s breath literally caught in his chest, causing the smoke he’d just inhaled to sear his lungs, demanding release. From under the branches of an enormous wisteria vine, he ran his hand through thick, long hair, holding it back while his eyes examined the woman from head to foot and instantly felt the familiar heat of desire flare.

How does Barbara always manage to find them so young and innocent looking?

Dev took one last, long drag on his cigarette before throwing it off the stone balcony, the bright orange coal flickering in the darkness during its fall to the damp ground below, but his attention was completely snared now by the young woman twenty feet away from him.

She stared into the ballroom with rapt disbelief on her face, and while she was distracted and couldn’t know how lecherously he watched her, he took the time to imprint her image in his mind. The entire time, his fingers fought spasms from the aching need to touch her.

Gold satin caressed her full breasts in a way that left him almost jealous. He wanted it to be his hands holding her, embracing her. He yearned to first slide over the satin, then beneath it, where he knew he’d find her warm satiny skin, her nipples hard and begging for his touch.

Dev couldn’t remember a time in his life when a woman had affected him like this, and if he’d gotten hard at the thought of her breasts, he went granite-hard looking at her hair. Dark blond hair so long it brushed her lower back was tied in a satin ribbon. He instantly imagined running his fingers through it, burying his face in the soft curls.

His cock twitched and begged for freedom. He’d never seen such a glorious mane of hair before and ached to have it spread across his naked body. He wanted to fist his hands in it while he guided her mouth over his rigid cock until he came. He drew a deep breath, gripping the stone railing with a casual air he was far from feeling, while attempting to hold back the surge of testosterone threatening to cripple him.

Barbara has outdone herself this summer.

He patted his tux jacket, looking for another cigarette. He’d stopped smoking on a regular basis five years ago, but a summer at Barbara’s was too much to handle without a few smokes. Sadly, he realized he only allotted himself one for tonight—which would have been enough if the evening had gone the way it was supposed to. Hell, it was only the first night, but he had not expected to encounter a golden goddess on a candle-lit balcony.

Dev continued to watch her. Something about the woman had him spellbound, and he wasn’t physically able to pull his eyes from her. Experience told him she was his for the taking. Under normal circumstances, Dev would have made a seductive suggestion, found a quiet alcove some place, and had her naked up against the wall, but something about her held him back. In fact, more than just not wanting to take this woman, he actually felt a growing need to throw her over his shoulder, haul her sweet little ass back upstairs and help her pack. Get her off this godforsaken island before it was too late and she wasn’t the same woman she was when she arrived.

The air was heavily perfumed with roses and gardenias. Soft light from the candles flickered over her sensuous, curvy body as she gently swayed back and forth in time with one of Bach’s Brandenburg concertos spilling along with laughter and muffled voices from the ballroom.

It would have been very like a dream, if not for the fact that he knew this woman was far from the innocent she pretended to be. Whoever she was, she was here for show, here to be tempted, seduced, but she was no innocent. Dev wondered if there were any innocents left in the world. He knew it had been a damn long time since he’d met one. But then, in his circle, an innocent would have been very like a lamb to the slaughter.

Smart women avoided him. Others craved him. He had his pick, and only played with ones who understood both his need and the score. He shifted his cock, hoping to ease some of the building pressure just the mere sight of this woman triggered.

He had to smile at the way she moved to the music, hanging back in the shadows as if this was all new to her. He chuckled and followed her gaze to the guests, who were putting on quite a show tonight. All of them full of the manners breeding gave them. Manners that hid the depravity lying beneath, but Dev knew it wouldn’t be long before those niceties slipped and the real identity of these people surfaced.

After all, he was one of them...

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