Love In Hiding (LoveXtreme)

Warriorville 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,362
9 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Romantic Suspense, MFMMM, HEA]

May Lawrence is in love with her best friend's brother Sol and his team of soldiers, Roden, Finn, and Mickey. The only problem is that they don't seem to be in love with her. One hot and heavy make-out session and them putting on the breaks only confuses her more.

They're distancing themselves and despite the love she hides from them, they push her into another man's arms.

Loving them from afar is a dead-end street taking her to heartbreak. Settling for an older man who seems to say the right things, and puts her first, make her give the guy a chance, but he has ulterior motives, and May hasn't a clue.

She learns that her own family was involved in a robbery that put two police officers in the hospital.

She puts in a call to her friend, a police officer, but she gets caught by her family and the man she almost started dating.

Her life is in danger and it will not only take her soldiers and their friends to find her in time, but also the determination and strength inside of May and the desire to get back to the men she loves.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Love In Hiding (LoveXtreme)
9 Ratings (4.4)

Love In Hiding (LoveXtreme)

Warriorville 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,362
9 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Siren Publishing


“What are you up to now?” Melody asked.

“I’m getting a tour around town,” Castor replied for May. She gave a soft smile.

“Come by Mulligan’s. You have to see the place,” Melody added.

“You should. Are you new to town?” Amel asked.

“I’m looking at some real estate with May and making some decisions. I have to say, there are some very appealing aspects to the town.” He looked down into her eyes. She felt her cheeks warm, and then she swallowed and looked at Melody.

“I’m actually bringing Castor by Power House Studios just to see what it looks like through the window. I was telling him all about it.”

“It’s impressive. Heard you get pretty fierce in the classes. That’s awesome,” Lock said to her, and she chuckled, tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Fierce? I don’t know about that. Angelina is tough though and a great instructor,” May replied.

“What type of classes?” Castor asked her, and she glanced up at him.

“Self-defense and a combination of some martial arts.”

“All resourceful things to know in case some guy tried to mess with her, like on a date,” Mickey said.

“That guy would have to be pretty fucking stupid to try it in this town and with friends like hers,” Roden added and she was shocked.

Castor seemed to pick up on their attitudes and jealousy. He brought her hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles. “Don’t you worry, gorgeous. You’re safe with me. I would never let anyone hurt you or upset you in any way. You’re too damn special,” he said, and she was not only shocked, but lost in his eyes, in the fact that he had said this to her and in front of Mickey and the team all present as if he knew they had broken her heart. Made her feel stupid.

“We’ll let you two get back to your date, but consider coming by Mulligans,” Melody said and then looked at her and the guys and nodded, but then Castor took May’s hand and led her right past the guys. Her heart hammered inside of her chest, and she was shocked at what had just transpired and also confused.

* * * *

“What a dick. Who is he?” Lock asked Finn as they walked towards Mulligan’s. Finn was fuming right now. He wanted to tear that older, rich prick apart. One glance at his team and they looked ready to fight.

“Why would you say that? I thought he seemed nice and very attractive, never mind attentive to May. She deserves that. A guy who will give her a hundred percent back. I can’t wait to talk to her tomorrow and find out more.” Melody chimed in, and that only aggravated Finn even more so.

As they got to Mulligans and ordered a few beers, they were all silent. Amel looked at Finn as Sol, Mickey, and Roden stood talking to Norway and Flex.

“What’s up with you guys? If you fucking want May as your woman, then fucking let her know you want her,” Amel told Finn.

“Who said we want her?” he replied but didn’t look at Amel.

“The fuck you don’t. You guys looked ready to explode. What is holding you back since you all are attracted to her?” Amel pushed.

“It isn’t going to work, and we aren’t all on board, so just leave it at that,” Finn snapped at him. Amel shook his head and turned the other way to talk to some other friends. Finn stared straight ahead and thought about how angry and jealous he was seeing May with that older guy. The way the guy held her around the waist, then brought her hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles. He was playing it up. Had the nerve to say that he would protect her and not let anyone hurt her. Did she mention them to that guy before? She had been so different after that night at her place, and rightfully so. They fucking hurt her. They knew what was going on with Sol. Knew his position but things just happened. The feel of her in their arms, the scent of her perfume, her hair, her cunt. Fuck, she tasted so sweet, and her cries of pleasure were turn-ons. She was ready and willing, and they could have taken her then and there. Marked her their woman and dealt with this disease with Sol all together, but no. No, Sol was thinking that he was going to die. His words just the night before were a plea to wait until he was gone before they claimed her their woman. What the fuck? He wasn’t going to die. The doctors were more optimistic and especially after the phone calls today. Sol would leave for Dallas tomorrow. Like the rest of them they would pray that the experimental treatments worked and would lead to medication to destroy the disease and repair his blood.

He looked toward Sol who was staring straight ahead too and not even pretending to sip at the beer in front of him. He was struggling and being stubborn as well. Sol didn’t want May to see him weak. He was already having a problem with her being twelve years younger. Obviously, after seeing the dick she was with, age didn’t matter. That guy had to be forty. This was stupid, and it was only going to get worse if May came here to Mulligan’s with that guy tonight. Finn wasn’t sure any of them would be able to hold their tongues, never mind keep down their fists.




“And instead of making love to me with your team, and claiming me as your woman together so we could spend as much time as possible together, you decided to blow me off, and your family, your sister, and friends who would be super supportive? What were you thinking, Sol? I mean seriously, you broke my heart, you made me feel like I foolishly fell in love with you older, experienced men who only wanted sex. I began to analyze my life and wound up looking at Castor as a better potential boyfriend than—”

“Wait, did you say in love with us?” Sol asked.

She waved her hand in front of her and shushed him. “No, no, no, that is beside the point. Obviously, I love you. Are you that dense? Oh wait, yes, you are because you kept this a secret and were obviously miserable and unhappy when you could have had immense support and love.”

“I’ll make it up to you, sweetie.”

“Duh,” she replied.

“What?” he asked. She released his hand, and then she lifted her foot and took off one heel and then the other. She left them on the rug. “What are you doing?”

“Taking charge.” She reached back and unzipped her dress. She let it fall to the rug as she held Sol’s gaze, unclipped her bra, and then pressed down her panties.

“Maybe we can pick up where we left off last?” she said.

Finn whistled low, Mickey smacked his hands together. “I love you so much, woman, and your body too.”

“Get up here, woman. I may be a little weak, but in the bedroom my team and I are always in charge,” Sol said to her. She leaned down to kiss him, and he lifted her up and on top of him. May straddled his hips and kissed him tenderly while Sol caressed down her back and over her ass, while Finn, Mickey, and Roden got undressed.

“No condoms still, right, May?” Finn asked. She released Sol’s lips, but he began to feast on her breasts as he cupped them.

“I want nothing between us, but if you’ve been with other women—”

“None,” they all said and Sol chuckled. “What about you, and the new guy?” Sol asked.

She shook her head. “Tonight was our first date.”

Finn caressed her ass then gave it a spank.

Smack. “And the last date,” he said then cupped her cheeks and kissed her.

“Take her, Finn, so I can get undressed. The new bottle of lube is in the drawer,” Sol told him.

“Then we take her,” Roden said and Mickey caressed her hair. She looked at them. All naked and she couldn’t help but be in awe of their beauty. She reached out and stroked Mickey’s nipple. She held his gaze, and his blue eyes sparkled. He reached over and pinched her nipple in return, but then Roden cupped her cheek and kissed her. Finn massaged her ass cheeks and suckled against her other breast until Sol said he was ready. They stopped arousing her, and Finn lifted her up as he turned her around and placed her on top of Sol. Sol’s legs were over the edge of the bed and he was stroking his cock.

“Next time you’re on bottom,” Sol said to her and winked. She ran her fingers through his brown hair, rubbed his whiskered cheeks as she looked into his gorgeous green eyes.

“No shave November passed,” she teased.

“I didn’t have the energy or desire.”

“Are you sure you can make love to me tonight?” she asked. He gripped her hip and lifted her slightly.

“No way am I missing this and making love to our woman for the very first time, of many, many times for the rest of our lives.”

She smiled down at him, but then Finn was pressed behind her. “Let’s get things started, baby,” Finn said. She felt the tip of his cock at her entrance, and then he began to nudge his dick into her cunt from behind.

“Oh, Finn, you’re so thick and hard. Oh please, please, I’m coming.”

“Holy crap, I’m not even halfway in,” Finn said to her.

“It’s been so long for me, and I’m so aroused, so turned on by the four of you. I’ve wanted you for far too long. Take me, Finn,” she demanded.

“Fuck,” Finn exclaimed and thrust all the way into her pussy from behind. She grabbed onto Sol’s shoulders while he suckled her breast on one side and Mickey cupped her breast on the other side. Roden joined in and began to caress her back and her ass.

“We’re going to fill you up with cock, woman. Every hole will be claimed. Every fucking one,” he said.

“Yes, oh yes please. I want it all with the four of you. Please,” she begged.

“Come on, Finn, together,” Sol said.

“I got the lube,” Mickey chimed in. Finn pulled out of her pussy, and Sol gripped her hips.

“Ride me, woman. Now,” Sol commanded, and May maneuvered her pussy over his cock and sunk right down over his shaft. Sol moaned and held her hips, and she gasped as he thrust upward, filling her with his thick, hard cock and shocking her.

“You’re so big, Sol. Oh my, I…I…” She gasped as she felt the cool liquid being pressed into her asshole. Finn’s hand landed on her shoulder, and he began to stroke her ass.

“Just relax those muscles, woman. You’re going to be filled up in no time and claimed as our woman.”

“Oh my God it burns,” she hissed.

“I got something for you right here. You focus on us loving you and belonging to you,” Mickey said and brought his cock to her lips, and she opened for him. She licked along the shaft then took Mickey’s cock into her mouth. May started to bob her head up and down then rock her hips over Sol’s cock as he moaned. Finn was fingering her ass, and she could feel something building up inside of her. She was focusing on pleasing Mickey and Sol when Finn pulled his fingers from her asshole. She wanted to protest, but then she felt the tip of his cock replace his fingers.

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