Option 2: Discipline the Outsider (MM)

The Hot Outsiders 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 24,993
6 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, demons, HEA]
Demons have invaded our world and taken over. Shawn Maddox has fallen victim to illegal sellers and has been living in poor conditions. He refuses to be sold, which angers the demons in the worst ways possible. One day, fire demons, powerful beings that became the police of our world, arrest the traffickers and Shawn meets Victor Haayu.
After the war between humans and demons, Victor, a demon, decides to become a doctor in the human world so he can give something back in return for staying here. During a rescue operation, he meets Shawn, who despises demons. Victor has no choice except to take Shawn home or risk him being sold to another demon. In close quarters passions ignite between them and they become lovers. Along the way, Shawn begins to show signs that he wants to help other demons catch the illegal sellers, which worries Victor. After the unexpected happens to Shawn, Victor has no choice but to accept the fact that his lover wants to help others by putting himself in danger...
A Siren Erotic Romance
Option 2: Discipline the Outsider (MM)
6 Ratings (4.3)

Option 2: Discipline the Outsider (MM)

The Hot Outsiders 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 24,993
6 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“I’ll give you two options,” Victor said with two of his fingers up, drawing Shawn’s attention. “You can either go to Human Services or you can let me keep you.”

Shawn widened his eyes for a moment and shook his head frantically. “I belong to no one,” he shouted. “What part of that don’t you understand? If you want an obedient human, go elsewhere. This one is not for sale.”

Victor raised a brow. “You only have these two options,” he said calmly. “You’re not getting out of here without a black strap around your neck, showing that you’re human.”

This couldn’t be happening. He was going from one prison to another. What had he done wrong to deserve this? “I pick none,” he replied, glaring up at the demon. Shawn pursed his lips when Victor sighed in annoyance. It wasn’t that Victor treated him badly, but Shawn didn’t feel that it was right to become a possession. “Besides, why would you want someone like me? I would pluck your eyes out with a fork in the middle of the night.”

“Thanks for the mental image,” Victor muttered. “Just pick one. If you go to Human Services, you can only refuse to be bought up to two times. The third time, you have to go with the demon. So, would you rather be bought by a stranger, or be with a demon who has enough patience not to pluck your eyes out in the middle of the night? You drive a guy insane.”

Shawn looked down. Either way, he would have no choice. Compared to the demons that had locked him at the apartment, Victor was rather patient with him. If it were anyone else, Shawn would have a few broken ribs and another black eye by now.

“I choose—” Shawn was cut off when the door opened.

A female demon walked in with a tray, her curly blond hair bouncing with each step she took. “I brought some food for the human.” She placed the tray on the desk before she left.

Victor took the glass of water and approached Shawn. “Drink this. You must be dehydrated.”

Shawn’s willpower had almost wavered. He couldn’t let that happen. He glared and slapped Victor’s hand, knocking the glass to the floor where it broke into small pieces, water splashing on the white tile. “I don’t need any sympathy from a demon!” He climbed down the hospital bed carefully and limped toward the exit. Shawn stopped when Victor stood between him and the door. “Get out of my way, demon.”

“If you leave this room, they will bring you back in.” Victor looked down on Shawn, his light-brown eyes narrowed. “I’m losing my cool, and when that happens, I will run over whoever is in my way. I suggest that you sit your ass back down on that bed. Right. Now.”

Shawn flinched when Victor pointed at the hospital bed. He’d thought that the demon was going to hit him. Shawn turned and went to sit on the bed. His whole body began to hurt. It became uncomfortable, even if he’d gotten used to pain. Perhaps relaxing didn’t have a positive effect. “Do you have any painkillers?”

“Even if I had some, I wouldn’t give you any,” Victor said as he examined Shawn’s ankle. “You only get nice things if you’re a good boy.”

Shawn grumbled. “Who are you calling a boy, demon? I’m twenty-six,” he said. He continued when Victor stared at him. “I know. I get that a lot. People think that I’m eighteen or something by the way I look.”

“I turned thirty a couple of months ago,” Victor said.

“I’m not here to chit-chat,” Shawn said. He looked over at the tray of food. Even though the plate wasn’t full enough to appease his hunger, he would eat whatever was on it.

Victor squeezed Shawn’s ankle lightly, making him wince. “Like I said, you will only get nice things if you behave. I’m going to assume that you accept being mine.”

“That sounds perverted and possessive,” Shawn mumbled, averting his eyes. “I’m not yours.” It was bad enough that Victor was on one knee on the floor while holding his foot. The sheer size of the demon already made him feel tiny. When they’d fought on the bed—what a weird thought—they had held hands for a brief moment. Victor’s hand had nearly engulfed Shawn’s.




Victor rested his chest on Shawn’s back, his handsome face coming into view. “Are you willing to be taken by a demon now?”

“Taken by you?” Shawn mumbled and looked at Victor’s grin, the demon’s fangs sharp, and the bottom ones peeking out. “Hmm . . .” Shawn nibbled on his bottom lip. Victor’s weight on top of him was safe and comfortable, and he could feel Victor’s crotch against his ass. He did like this demon—just not the other demons. “Yes.” He looked away when Victor widened his eyes slightly.

Victor moved from behind Shawn, the palm of his hand pressed against Shawn’s back, and he reached into the first drawer of the nightstand. “You left it here. I got it when I returned from work recently. Did you know it was going to happen?”

“Left what?” Shawn asked. He wanted to slap himself when Victor showed the tube of lubricant. “Don’t embarrass me more than I already am, okay?”

“Fine, fine,” Victor uttered.

The cap of the tube was opened and Shawn swallowed dryly. Victor reached his fingers into the hem of Shawn’s sweatpants and pulled them down. Shawn didn’t want to look back. He didn’t know what he would do if he saw Victor’s face.

Shawn perked his ass up as soon as he felt a slick finger sliding between his buttocks and circling his entrance. It had been over a year since he’d been touched like this, and it’d been a one-night stand. There had been no physical or emotional affection for so long. Just Victor’s finger teasing his entrance and threatening to slide inside had him about to burst. Shawn rested his head on the bed and allowed his whole body to relax.

“Are you okay?”

Shawn nodded. Victor finally invaded Shawn’s entrance with his finger and thrust into him carefully, making Shawn grip the bedspread. “You didn’t let anyone touch you here, right? And by that I mean demons.”

“I didn’t,” Shawn mumbled. Victor added another finger and spread Shawn’s twitching entrance. “That’s enough.”

Victor leaned over Shawn, resting his hand on the mattress for support. He came into view again. “Are you sure?”

Shawn nodded. He desired Victor now. He didn’t want to wait any longer. He wanted more than Victor’s kisses; he wanted the demon to make love to him. The issue was that he couldn’t let those words out after telling Victor that he would never be taken by a demon.

With his hand on Shawn’s hip, Victor moved Shawn up until he was standing on the floor with spread legs while his torso remained on the bed. “This is such an amazing sight,” Victor said faintly.

“Don’t look,” Shawn muttered. He finally felt something big and hard being pushed into him. Victor held his chin from behind and moved Shawn’s head up, distracting Shawn from the slight burn of Victor’s cock entering him. Shawn looked at Victor yet again. “What?”

“You’re so small that I can look into your eyes while I fuck you.” Victor pressed a kiss to Shawn’s lips and began to thrust his hips back and forth. “You’re my chipmunk, right?”

Shawn arched his back once the demon’s shaft brushed against his prostate. “Yes,” he groaned out. Out of the blue, Victor began to fuck him, the demon’s hips slapping against his ass each time. What was a firm hold on Shawn’s chin turned into a gentle grip around Shawn’s neck. It was a surprise, but he didn’t dislike it. Moreover, it heightened Shawn’s desire for Victor. The demon’s love for him had been this intense since the beginning.

Victor nibbled Shawn’s neck. It was a clumsy bite since Shawn rocked on the bed every time Victor thrust his cock into his entrance. The demon’s hands slid along Shawn’s clothed torso and stopped on his hips. With clenched hands, holding Shawn in place, Victor gave a hard pound.

“Victor,” Shawn moaned out. Victor’s shaft went deeper, and the demon continued to give hard thrusts. Each time Victor almost pulled out, and each time the head of his cock reached Shawn’s prostate. Shawn gripped the bedspread tighter when Victor suddenly shifted into making love to him with slower strokes. He didn’t know which one to choose. Victor had made him experience loving and rough sex within a few minutes. Shawn desired both.

Victor pulled out and flipped Shawn over on his back. “I’m almost at my limit. Are you?”

Shawn nodded, gazing up at Victor. The demon’s strong torso created a protective wall that made Shawn spread his bent legs further. His lower back was off of the bed, so Victor had complete control over him. Shawn turned his eyes down and watched as the demon guided his cock back into his entrance. Victor let out a lustful sigh, making a violent shiver run down Shawn’s spine. He loved how he affected the demon this much.

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