Option 5: Two Celebrities, One Introvert (MMM)

The Hot Outsiders 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,387
7 Ratings (4.7)
[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, demons, HEA] 
For an introvert like Martin Bates, it's hard to believe that any demon would keep him long enough to get to know him. When two brothers, both known actors, decide to buy Martin, he still does not believe it. It all begins when they finally express that the both of them are his mates. When they think that their lives are going at a steady pace, someone breaks in and attacks Martin.
Luke and Zak Hariam are both very protective of their mate, and they become even more so when they realize that the impossible has happened. With a baby on the way, Zak and Luke contact the higher-ranked demons so they can figure out what to do. The queen thinking that the most feared demon might get involved, she uses her power to protect the human man who can give birth to a hybrid.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Option 5: Two Celebrities, One Introvert (MMM)
7 Ratings (4.7)

Option 5: Two Celebrities, One Introvert (MMM)

The Hot Outsiders 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,387
7 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




After a few minutes of sitting on the floor, zoned out and thinking of nothing, he heard rushing footsteps approaching the kitchen. Martin looked up when Zak and Luke came into view. They froze for a moment. He couldn’t see them very well from this far, especially their expressions. He had heavy astigmatism in both eyes and saw everything as a blur. On top of that, he had flour and egg stuck on his eyelashes.

“What happened?” Luke asked. He rushed toward Martin and hugged him, not caring if Martin made a mess of his suit. “Who did this?”

“A human man. One of your fans,” Martin said faintly. He looked over at Zak, whose brown gaze turned from Martin’s broken glasses, to the steaming food on the center island.

Zak made his way toward the exit, a thick, black horn growing on each side of his head. “I’ll be right back.”

Luke helped Martin up, but Martin hissed. “Did he hurt you?” he asked with concern in his voice and expression.

“He pushed me against the counter,” Martin said quietly. Luke helped him carefully this time, and Martin wrapped his arms around his neck. “He told me to stay away from you and Zak, and that I’m with you for other reasons.”

Luke held him closer to his strong chest. “This is none of your fault. It’s because Zak and I didn’t prepare ourselves for this. We should’ve guessed that people breaking into our garage would eventually come to this.”

Martin walked slowly with Luke to the bathroom. Luke sat him on a small chair, then went to turn the water in the shower on. “What do you think Zak is going to do?”

“Probably teach that human a lesson,” Luke said. “I’m going to call Layla and schedule a press conference. No one else is going to lay a finger you.” When he returned, Martin was still dressed, and leaning against the sink waiting for him. Luke helped him toward the shower. “After this, you can take a bath to ease your back pain. If you don’t recover, I’ll call a doctor.”

Luke, reluctantly it seemed, left Martin to his shower. As Martin was about to undress, there was a loud crash. Martin jolted and looked toward the bathroom door. He was sure the sound had come from the front door, as if someone had opened it with enough force to slam it against the wall. Seconds later, Zak came into view with sharp claws around the collar of the man before him. Martin looked away.

“Look at what you did,” Zak said, pure anger almost overpowering him. His hand was mere inches away from the man’s neck. “Look!” Zak snarled, and the man started crying his eyes out.

The man looked over at Martin. “Can’t you see? He’s with you because of your money and fame. He doesn’t deserve you,” he shouted.

Luke, having followed behind his brother, cracked his neck from one side to the other as he approached the man. “Apologize.”

Martin couldn’t see very well, but from the way Luke was posturing, it was only a matter of time before the intruder pissed his pants.

“I don’t want—!” The intruder was cut off by Luke.

Luke grabbed the man’s neck in his large hand and lifted him off of the floor. He looked straight into the guy’s eyes. “You must have a demon. Should I give them a call and say that you’re going to jail? That would be great for that demon’s reputation. I wonder what would happen to you.”

“I–I’m sorry!”

“Apologize to our mate, not us,” Zak demanded. “You attacked him!”

The man froze and looked over at Martin. “Both of you? His mate?” he tried to ask, despite Luke’s hand around his neck, dumbfounded. His dark gaze turned away and back at Martin. With much effort, he finally said, “I apologize for what I did.”

Luke released him and Zak took over. “Zak, call the Fire Demon Department.”

“W–wait, are you still going to send me to jail?” the man asked in a panic.

Zak grinned. “Of course. Did you really think you would get away with it? You should’ve thought about it before you invaded our home,” he said, and dragged the intruder out.

Martin let out a sigh of relief. He still didn’t know what to think of it all. “That guy said that more fans could come here to beat me up,” he mumbled.

“I’ve already decided that we’re going to move,” Luke said. “I’ll call my manager and she’ll set the gears into motion.” He helped Martin peel his shirt off. It had been a new one, no less.

“Isn’t it better if you find another mate?” Martin asked with his head turned down. “Dilan was right. I’m too much of a hassle.”

Luke cupped Martin’s cheeks and made him look up at him. “Unless you want to leave, we’re going to keep you with us,” he said firmly. “You’re our mate. We want you to stay.”

Martin bit the inside of his mouth, trying not to shed another tear. He rested his hands on Luke’s jacket, which had tomato, flour, and egg on it, and pulled him down. Martin pecked Luke’s lips with his own and gazed into the demon’s widened eyes. “If you keep doing this, I won’t be able to…resist,” he said, almost in a whisper.




“The glasses will be ready in about twenty minutes. If you want, we have a room downstairs with a couch and a television. You can distract yourselves while you wait.”

Some alone time with Martin? Zak wouldn’t pass on that. “We’ll wait there, then.”

They walked past the other doctor’s office and went down a flight of stairs, Martina leading the way. “There are bathrooms to the right, just in case. I’ll come down and call you as soon as the glasses are done,” she said with a smile and left.

Zak looked around. The room had a red, soft-looking rug that covered the area between the long couches, the big coffee table, and the flat screen television. Several magazines were on the coffee table, and Martin went straight to them.

“If you’re celebrities, you must be in one of these, right?” Martin asked as he shuffled through them. “I wonder what they say about the two of you.” His eyes stopped on the front covers of two magazines, where Zak and Luke were featured together for their upcoming movie.

Zak chuckled and went to sit on the couch, Luke accompanying him. “Shouldn’t you be resting your eyes?” He reached over and got hold of Martin’s wrist. He pulled his mate until he had him sitting on his lap. “Now that we’ve passed the kissing stage, this is fine, right?”

Martin looked up at Zak over his shoulder. After only seeing through two squares for who knew how long, squinting was only natural. But instead of squinting, Martin’s eyes were wide from shock. “How far do you…intend to go?” Martin asked quietly. Martin seemed to want to turn completely around and face Zak.

“As far as you allow me, of course,” Zak said with a smile.

Luke leaned closer and rested his hand on Martin’s thigh, causing their mate to jolt in surprise. “We’ll never do anything you don’t want. We’re in this for the long run, so you can trust us and our feelings for you.”

Martin nodded, looking down. He shifted slightly in Zak’s lap, his round ass brushing over Zak’s crotch. “Careful with the way you move,” Zak whispered into Martin’s ear from behind. After gathering the confidence to go further, he rested his hands on Martin’s hips and slid him close, until his mate’s ass pressed nicely against him.

“Uh…” Martin uttered, but didn’t move away. He kept his attention on Luke, as if he didn’t have a covered cock getting hard almost between his buttocks. “Since I know how mating works among demons, I also know that your feelings are real. If I hadn’t known that, I’m not sure I would be this comfortable with the idea of having…two guys after me.”

Luke leaned even closer, about to kiss Martin, who didn’t move an inch. Was Luke taking advantage that Martin couldn’t see him that well? “Do you like having the both of us after you?”

Martin looked away. “I…” He paused, clearly not knowing what to say.

Zak swallowed dryly when his mate’s buttocks tensed around his shaft. If Martin hadn’t been his previous demon’s mate and had been sent away, there was a high chance that Martin hadn’t had sex in quite a while. Zak moved slightly as the space in his pants got even tighter. Had Martin been masturbating all this time? Taking care of that for Martin wouldn’t be a problem.

Zak could only imagine it. Martin laying on his side on his bed, his hair disheveled while he stroked his shaft vigorously and moaned. Zak held Martin’s hips tighter and spread his thighs just enough so his cock went further between Martin’s buttocks. He stared when Martin let out a quiet moan.

“Maybe we should find somewhere more private?” Luke asked, nuzzling Martin’s neck. “We’ll have to wait for the movers to take our things to the new place, so we need to find somewhere comfortable to be until then.”

Martin grumbled something incoherent and leaned his back against Zak’s torso. He tensed when Zak embraced him. “I’m not going to lie. Knowing about your feelings for me doesn’t make me reject you. Moreover, it has the opposite effect. The issue is knowing that I would be taking things too far, too quickly. I’m still getting to know you, and most of all, I don’t want to become what that man had told me. I don’t want to jump into this just like that.”

Zak rested his finger on Martin’s chin and made his mate look at him. “If you’re worried about commitment, demons get into relationships as soon as they meet their mate,” he said. “By demon standards, we’re actually taking a long time to start. As for you being human, there’s nothing to worry about either. We can…satisfy your needs first, and think about relationships later. But keep this in mind, Martin. Luke and I already see you as ours.”

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