Rub Me Raw (MM)

Suncoast Society 52

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,051
34 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Sensations: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, HEA]
Tired of being an object instead of a partner, Simon forces his ex to move out after hitting his emotional limit and realizing the man only wants him for wank fodder. An introduction to Victor by friends helps Simon shut the mental door on his ex for good and long to explore all the delicious Domly things the handsome realtor wants to do to him.
Victor moved to Florida for a fresh start far away from his ex. He’s looking for an open and honest subby guy. His instant, scorching attraction to Simon is only intensified by the fact that he can actually get some decent sleep for the first time in weeks when with the man.
But spooky events and shocking revelations force Victor to move from his temporary digs and in with Simon. Now, it’s make or break time. Can Simon handle Victor full-time in full-on Dom mode, or will both men be rubbed emotionally raw yet again?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.


Rub Me Raw (MM)
34 Ratings (4.8)

Rub Me Raw (MM)

Suncoast Society 52

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,051
34 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Rub Me Raw is the story of Simon & Victor. Simon Hall is a 33-year-old gay man who's been involved in a 5-year relationship with Gary. But things have become wrong, very wrong. What started out as a loving relationship has devolved into one in which Simon is nothing more than an object for Gary to use for his own amusement & convenience. Gary is so self-involved that he sees Simon as nothing more than a sexual release & convenient servant. He uses Simon not just for sexual gratification (which, in & of itself, has become intolerable for so very many reasons) but for every other reason he can think of. Gary is truly a sponge. Simon works full-time, cooks, cleans, does laundry, takes responsibility for every detail of their shared lives. Gary does nothing but hold down a job & take advantage of Simon. After spending yet another weekend at the Toucan Resort in St. Petersburg, Simon is done. Done with Gary's sexual deviance, the cruel & insensitive behavior, the total lack of love & caring, He's definitely done with being Gary's servant. Yes, they've involved a bit of kink in their relationship but Simon's no slave. He's just done. It's over. Victor Dumont is a 41-year-old gay, very successful real estate salesman living in Georgia. He's also a Dom & heavy sadist. After he issues an ultimatum to his long-time lover, Peter, to officially come out at work as being gay, Peter just picks up & moves out one Saturday, leaving Victor alone. Shortly afterward, Victor also learns Peter was dating a woman on the side to cover up the fact he's gay. That's the last straw. Victor was done. Wanting a fresh start, he moves to Sarasota where his friend, George, has a job waiting for him. Luckily, Lara Jarred also works in the same office. Victor & Lara become close friends. Lonely & wanting to get back into the dating game, Victor accepts an invitation from Lara & her husband * submissive, Brad, for a barbeque. There, he learns that Lara, Brad, Lara's ex, Ev & his husband, Wylie, are all members at Venture, the local BDSM club. It's like fate has intervened. When he's invited to the weekly Saturday night dinner at Sigalo's & then to the club afterward, Victor has no problem accepting the invitation. Simon also wants to get back out & meet some new people. After he kicked Gary out, he realizes Gary's also cut him off from most of his friends. The remainder of the friends he has are mutual friends with both him & Gary. They aren't really people he wants to keep in touch with. While at lunch on the Monday after he kicked Gary out, Simon meets up with Justin Rede, a researcher at the hospital where they both work. Simon knows Justin's gay & lives with a gay, married couple. During their conversation, Justin asks how Simon's weekend was. His response? "I lost 168 pounds Sunday morning." When Justin expresses his sympathies, the conversation eventually turns to kinky topics. When Justin invites Simon to Saturday evening dinner at Sigalo's prior to going to Venture, Simon's really interested. Why not? If nothing else, he'll get to meet some new people & maybe even learn more about the BDSM that has interested him for awhile. It's a setup, of course. When Lara learns Justin has asked Simon to Sigalo's, she & her friends make very sure both men meet. Despite the eight-year difference in their ages, they hit it off immediately. Again, fate seems to be on both men's side. They spend the night, both at Sigalo's & Venture, talking & getting to know one another better. The more they talk, the more the attraction between them grows. But both have burned very badly before. It will take a lot more than just simple attraction & pleasant conversation for this to go any farther. In the ensuing weeks, the attraction between Victor & Simon continues to grow, almost exponentially. It truly seems that the Universe has finally aligned for both men & the future looks increasingly bright for both. But things aren't always what they seem. Despite the growing connection between Simon & Victor, there are factors in play that neither is aware of. As their relationship continues to unfold, totally unexpected & off-the-charts bizarre things start happening at Victor's duplex. It's enough to either drive the men together or tear them apart. Then strange things start happening at Simon's townhouse as well. At first, they're just small things. Maybe Simon misplaced his keys. Maybe he threw things away that he can no longer find. But as the strange occurrences continue & escalate for both men, what is truly happening here? Will these totally unexplainable & truly bizarre episodes bring Victor & Simon closer or drive them apart? Can these two men build a love with the trust necessary to overcome the events that seem to have the ability to pull them together & yet still have the potential to destroy the very special relationship they have? Tymber Dalton has once again done an outstanding job creating another excellent Suncoast Society novel. In this reviewer's humble opinion, she's the very best out there. She easily crosses many genres, highly unusual for any author. Her books shine a spotlight on the deepest depths of the human experience. The Suncoast Society series is not just another BDSM romance series. The books are truly an open, honest look at real people, their relationships, emotions & every possible facet of each person's everyday life. She is not only an astute observer of human behavior. She's an author who can translate her observations into an unparalleled reading experience. Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!
Pam S.
Enjoyed this book immensely. Just enough tension from ex's, from spirits and enough love for all

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Victor felt tired by the time he got home late Saturday afternoon, to the point he considered backing out of dinner.

Except he knew that guy would be there, and he didn’t want to be rude. He hadn’t slept well the night before, strange and vivid dreams, disturbing ones that he couldn’t seem to remember come morning, yet their impact remained with him all day.

At least it’s just talking and getting to know each other.

It wasn’t like he’d be expected to perform marathon sex or anything tonight.

Talking, he could do. And if the guy was a jerk or something, hey, he’d make sure to mention at the start of the evening he was tired and apologize if he seemed out of it, and that’d give him the perfect excuse to get away early.

When he arrived at Sigalo’s, Victor found Everett waiting for him outside.

“Hope I didn’t keep you waiting long,” Victor said as they hugged.

“No,” Everett said. “We just got here a couple of minutes ago. But Justin, Glen, Wade, and their friend Simon are here. They saved us seats. I sent the others on inside.”

“How’s he look?”



“I don’t know about your tastes, but I think he’s kind of cute.”

“Okay.” If Everett loved Wylie, and Victor thought Wylie was cute, hopefully that meant he wasn’t in for a rough night.

Everett led him inside and they wound their way through tables to the far back corner where close to a dozen people were already seated. Lara, Brad, and Wylie stood to hug him, then Lara made the other introductions.

“Glen, Wade, Justin, this is Victor. He works with me.”

The two older, handsome hunks had a gorgeous younger guy with them. Justin, the cutie, introduced him to his friend. “This is my friend, Simon.”


Victor met the guy’s wickedly cute green gaze as he stuck his hand out to shake with Simon. His sandy blond hair wasn’t so long it was shaggy, but it wasn’t buzzed short, either. He stood about four inches shorter than Victor’s own six one, although taller wouldn’t have mattered.

“Nice to meet you. Victor Dumont.”

“Simon Hall.” The guy’s smile coaxed Victor’s cock into stretching and yawning and wanting to know if it was playtime.

They sat next to each other, which in a way was a shame because Victor would have preferred being able to stare into the guy’s eyes all night.

Guess I’m not going home early after all.


* * * *



Greg who?

Victor Dumont was sin on a stick, about four inches taller than him, wide shoulders tapering to a narrow waist and what Simon assumed was a gorgeous ass, too. He wore a black, button-up long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled halfway up his lower arms, and his blue jeans looked almost painted onto his thighs and ass.


And he had gorgeous blue eyes that seemed to reach right inside Simon and twang every nerve he had in a good way. Even better, little hints of gray speckled his naturally dark brown hair.

Not a dye job in sight.

Thank you, Gay Jesus!

“So what do you do for a living?” Simon asked.

“Real estate agent. That’s why I’m running a few minutes late, sorry. Had showings all day today, and a full roster tomorrow, too. You?”

Oh, holy cow, he had a Southern drawl! Not a lot, not aw, shucks, darlin’, peaches and cream. More like sweet tea, how y’all doin’? “Hospital billing administrator.” He didn’t want to fall hard and fast and onto his damn face. “So, cards all on the table?”

Victor’s smile could melt the paint off the underbelly of the space shuttle. “Sure.”

“I’m not poly. I’m looking for a guy who only wants me, who doesn’t want to play around, and who isn’t interested in cheating. Not sure where I am in the kink spectrum, but I’d like to find out. Pretty sure I’m not a Dom. I enjoy getting my ass smacked and some light bondage. Beyond that, I’m open to investigation.”

Victor’s upper lip disappeared for a second as he sucked on it, like he was considering his answer. For a moment, Simon was sure he’d fucked up by being that forward.

“Then I think we’re going to get along just fine, sugar.”


* * * *


Victor had needed a moment to hold on to his composure.

This cutie, so far, was lighting every buzzer in Victor’s brain. He was handsome, their basic needs couldn’t have aligned any better if they’d been cut from the same cloth, and he sensed a recent pain in the guy’s green eyes. Almost…defensive.

Not that it was personal, and Victor got that. Whatever had happened was fresh and raw and painful, for certain. The way he tipped his head, the way he almost seemed ready for rejection.

Victor wanted to go beat someone up for him. Didn’t matter who. If Simon pointed out a random guy, Victor would have headed that way.

“Sorry,” Simon said. “I don’t mean to sound like an asshole.”

“You don’t,” Victor assured him. “Far from it. For my part, it’s refreshing to have a guy state what he wants up front. I prefer that.”

“No second chances for cheating.”

“That goes both ways.” And Victor thought he’d just figured out the pain that radiated off Simon in nearly visible waves.




Simon felt Victor’s cock starting to stiffen, pressing against the seam of his ass through their shorts.

His own stiffened in reply.

It felt nice to feel desired again, desired for who he was, not for wank fantasies of him.

He wiggled his ass against Victor. “If that’s what it takes to get you moving in the mornings, I’m sure I could be persuaded to oblige on a regular basis.” He tipped his head back and batted his eyelashes at Victor. “Isn’t that what a good submissive should do?”

He didn’t understand Victor’s scowl. “I’m not going to force you to be my submissive, Simon.” He released him and stepped back.

Simon finished rinsing the last dish and stuck it into the dishwasher, closing and starting it before he turned.

“I was kidding. Sort of.”

“We haven’t even played yet. I’m not going to lay down arbitrary protocols for you before you even know if you want to do that.”

“I like kinky stuff. I just want to make sure I’m the only one you want.”

“Liking kinky stuff is fine. That doesn’t mean you have to be my submissive if you’re not feeling it.”

“I know this is going to be a make-or-break kind of thing for us. I’d rather sort it out sooner.” He found he couldn’t stare into Victor’s eyes and say the next part. “Before I fall more deeply in love with you than I already am. Scary deep. Even though I know we should go slow, I can’t help feeling like that.”

Victor gently tipped Simon’s chin, making him look him in the eyes. “You are?”

“Yeah. And if that freaks you out, I’m sorry. But I’m not going to lie to you and say oh, hey, sex only, sure, fine. When Greg and I got together, the sex was amazing. Mind-blowing. But even in the best times, I never felt the connection to him that I already feel with you. Not just sex. Look how you and I can lose hours of time just sitting and talking. Or we can curl up and watch TV. I don’t feel…lonely. And you obviously aren’t preoccupied with your image like he was. You’re real. You’re natural. I feel at ease around you.”

Victor’s gaze seemed to search his face for a long moment before he finally spoke, his voice soft. “I love that you introduce me to people as your boyfriend, without any hesitation.”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“You have your emotional baggage, and I have mine.” Victor licked his lips. “I really hope living together works out.”

“You do?”

“Yeah.” He leaned in and kissed him, that same volcanically sexy kind of sweet kiss like Victor had laid on him that first night they’d slept together. “Because I’m already falling deeply in love with you, too.”


* * * *


It scared Victor to admit that.

Terrified him.

As in, he almost would have rather spent another night in that apartment kind of scared.


It made him vulnerable and laid him bare to this man in a way he knew could get his heart broken again.

And he didn’t even know if Simon would want to be with him long-term.

“Then we should go with this for now, right?” Simon asked.

“Informally. You don’t have to call me ‘Sir.’ We’ll ease into things. It’s too late and I’m too exhausted to think about playing tonight. Oh, do you have anything that needs to go to the cleaners? I need to drop my suits off there in the morning.”

He didn’t understand why Simon tipped his head like that. “Cleaners?”

“Yeah. You know, laundry.”

“You don’t want me to do it for you?”

“I’m an adult. I can do my own laundry. In fact, I have a load of whites I need to run, if you want to add anything to it. If you’ll show me where your machine is, I’ll do it.”

He wasn’t expecting it when Simon grabbed him, pulled him in, and kissed him, hard. He ground his hips against Victor’s.

“If you don’t get that cock into me right now,” Simon rumbled against Victor’s lips, “I’ll never forgive you.”

Victor didn’t understand this, but since his cock had decided the answer to that request was a resounding hell, yes, please, he didn’t question it, either.


“Lube,” Victor said. “And condoms.”


Simon grabbed his hand and practically dragged Victor up the stairs to his bedroom. He was shoving down his shorts and briefs as he ran over to the bedside table. After yanking open the drawer and grabbing the items, he flung himself onto the edge of the bed, in between the bags of clothes and suitcases, and held his legs back and wide open. He didn’t even bother to take his shirt off. Between his legs, Simon’s hard cock bobbed, rigid, a drop of pre-cum leaking from the head.

Okay then.

Victor pushed his shorts and briefs down far enough to roll the condom on. Then he lubed it, and Simon’s hole, wiping his hand on Simon’s shirt before lining the head of his cock up with Simon’s rim and shoving home.

“Yes!” Simon gasped, his eyes closing.

Victor fell onto him, his arms braced on either side of his head as he started fucking him.


Victor crushed Simon’s lips with a kiss as he pounded his ass, not bothering to hold back, giving him a taste of what the Dom side of him was like as he did nothing but think about his own pleasure. As soon as he felt his orgasm start, he reached down, slicked pre-cum over Simon’s shaft, and jacked his cock.

He came after two pumps, his hot juices coating Victor’s hand and getting smeared between them and their shirts.

Simon let go of his legs, wrapping them and his arms around Victor, their kiss morphing into a tender, loving exploration.

Victor finally lifted his head. “Um…not a complaint, buuuut…explanation?”

Simon smiled. “Greg never offered to do my laundry, much less take my stuff to the cleaners. Ever.”

“Ah.” He leaned in and sucked on Simon’s lower lip. “Sooo…if I was to, say, tell you I was going to do the dishes…” He nibbled along Simon’s jaw to his ear, amused to feel the other man’s cock twitch between them.


Victor pressed his lips against Simon’s ear. “I’m gonna dust the shit out of your entertainment center tomorrow night.”

A soft whine escaped Simon and, sure enough, his cock hardened.

Victor pulled out, not even worrying about the bedding at this point, and dropped to his knees on the floor between Simon’s thighs.

“Hands behind your head.”

Simon complied.

Victor took Simon’s cock in his hand and licked from head to root. “The next night, I’m going to scrub the bathroom.” He engulfed Simon’s cock and went down on him.


Okay, this wasn’t the silliest thing he’d ever done as a Dom, but Victor would be lying if he said it wasn’t turning him on, too, or turning his Dom crank.

It absolutely was.

Simon was firmly under his control at that moment without even realizing it. Trusting him, responding to him.

And if it took cleaning to melt his guy’s gooey center, by god, he’d fucking clean the motherfucking hell out of that townhouse.


* * * *


If Simon really wanted to catalog all of his real-life hot, non-vanilla sexual experiences, he knew he could write some world-class filthy stuff.

Nothing compared to this man’s mouth, especially after having effortlessly unlocked every damn door inside his soul and swinging them wide open.

Victor’s gaze never left Simon’s face as he slowly worked his mouth and tongue up and down Simon’s shaft, playing with his balls with his other hand.

Then one, and a second finger slid into his freshly fucked ass, found his gland, and pressed.

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