The Lusty, Texas Collection, Volume 4 (MFMM)

The Lusty, Texas Collection

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 162,401
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Cowboy Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Contemporary, Light Consensual BDSM, Spanking, MFMM/MFM, HEA]

Love Under Three Titans

Richard, Trevor, and Kevin Benedict thought they weren’t meant for marriage until Margaret Morrison arrived in Lusty.

It doesn’t take the triplets long to understand that Maggie herself had given up on some things in life, too—like having a family of her own or a happy-ever-after. So they tease her and tempt her, promising her that since they’re all unattached adults, they can enjoy each other, and indulge in some "fun and games."

Maggie agrees to fun and games, certain once they discover she’s no good at sex they’ll leave. Instead she catches fire in their arms, and as lust turns to love she wonders if she can get the men to accept a different game plan.

And then a specter from the Benedicts’ recent past arrives on the scene. Intent on revenge, their enemy is determined to destroy whatever—or whoever—the triplets hold dear.

Can the Benedict men keep Maggie safe, or will their enemy destroy their happy-ever-after?

Love Under Two Doctors

Jillian Gillespie adopted a no-more-men policy after her divorce. Yet there’s something about Drs. Robert and David Jessop that short-circuits her best intentions.

Robert and David recognize their soul mate in Jillian, a natural-born sub. They only have to convince her she is a sub and theirs.

Robert assures himself that he has his control issues under control. Mentoring with Jordan Fitzpatrick, owner of the private BDSM club Reckless Abandon, helped him find his balance. Besides, the real problem was back at that inner-city emergency room, where chaos too often reigned—not here in Lusty, Texas.

A woman who doesn’t believe in forever, and two Doms in need of inner peace. Will love be the answer?

Morgan Ashbury/Cara Covington is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Lusty, Texas Collection, Volume 4 (MFMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Lusty, Texas Collection, Volume 4 (MFMM)

The Lusty, Texas Collection

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 162,401
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Love Under Three Titans


Maggie Morrison struggled to catch her breath. Her heart raced, her palms sweat, and it felt as if something she’d eaten had decided to roll around in her stomach.

What the hell is going on here?

“Are you all right, Miss Maggie?”

Richard Benedict’s question snapped her back to the present. There he stood, just inches away from her, still holding onto the hand she’d offered him in greeting. The lights above them seemed to shimmer in his blond hair, and his blue eyes reflected concern, and something that might have been mirth. She clearly had his complete focus. A slight smile kissed his lips. She couldn’t help but stare at those lips and wonder what they might feel like against her own. That almost-grin transformed him, made him look younger, somehow, and more attractive. Maggie told herself to banish the thought, but it wouldn’t go away.

At Richard’s left and right shoulders, his brothers Trevor and Kevin, respectively, stood quietly, their gazes locked on her.

Neither man gave anything away in their expressions. Trevor, the darkest of the three with brown hair and chocolate eyes, tilted his head to the right just slightly. She had the sense he was “tuning in” to her. Kevin, blond like Richard, had eyes of the most startling aqua. Something about him told her that he thoroughly loved life. The impact of being the center of attention for all three of them together was potent.

Maggie turned her gaze back to Richard. Her own smile began to bloom then and there, without even consulting her brain. “Yes. Thank you. I’m fine.” She tugged her hand, meaning to end this handshake that seemed to have such a strange effect on her. Richard didn’t seem inclined to let go. “May I have my hand back, please?”

“If you insist.” Richard let go and slipped both his hands into the front pockets of his smartly tailored pants. “I know you’d rather stand with Ginny and the rest of the Kendalls during the ceremony, but as this is a Kendall family Commitment Ceremony, most of them will be at the front, surrounding the celebrants.”

Maggie looked to the front of the community center, and sure enough, the Kendalls, en masse, had gathered, awaiting the guests of honor.

“It occurred to us that, as this is your first time attending one of our celebrations, you might like to have someone act as your guide, as it were. Kevin, Trevor, and I would be happy to serve you in that capacity and answer any and all questions you might have.”

Maggie did have questions, dozens of them. She’d missed the ceremony last week for Penelope Primrose with Josh and Alex Benedict. She’d hoped to have been in Lusty by then, but there’d been a last-minute snag in closing the deal on the sale of her property in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey. She’d only just managed to finally arrive in town this very morning.

Today’s ceremony celebrated the union of Tamara Jones with Morgan and Henry Kendall. The grooms—was that even the right term?—were the brothers of the men Maggie’s own niece Ginny would very soon be marrying.

A part of her felt as if she’d stepped through some fantasy-land looking glass into a world she didn’t recognize.

Maggie looked from the assembled Kendalls at the front of the hall back to the brothers Benedict. She found the entire concept of one woman marrying two men confusing as hell, and she didn’t know how long she could hold off before she started badgering Ginny with questions.

Now that she thought about it, it would be better to ask these three men all those pesky questions, rather than her niece and her niece’s future in-laws.

Some of what she wanted to ask might offend them, and Maggie didn’t want to make things difficult for Ginny, not even one little bit. Not now, when the young woman was finally happy and about to begin living her very own dream come true.

Truth was, she didn’t care if the brothers Benedict were offended by her questions, or not.

“All right. Thank you. As it happens, I do have more than a question or two.”

Richard raised his right eyebrow. “How could you not have questions and be confused, under the circumstances?” He held out his hand to her. “I’ll get us as close as I can, so you can see and hear everything as it happens. We’ll have to weave through the crowd, so take my hand. I don’t want to lose you.”

Maggie didn’t know if she wanted to experience all those strange sensations again. Then she realized that whatever had happened to her just moments before when she and Richard had shaken hands probably had nothing at all to do with him. Likely, she’d simply worn herself out rushing around like crazy the last couple of days. She hadn’t gotten much sleep or even really taken any downtime at all to unwind.

In short, she was completely frazzled, running on empty, and her state of exhaustion was obviously playing hell with her imagination.

Maggie had never fully appreciated how much work could be involved in a long-distance move. Not until she’d decided to relocate from Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, to Lusty, Texas.

“Miss Maggie?”

Richard’s voice dipped low, assuming an intimate tone that rippled her flesh and fluttered her belly.

She met his gaze, and when he looked down at his still-proffered hand, she also looked down and realized he was waiting for her to take it. Well, of course he was. Hell, I zoned out again. That could not be good. Note to self, get to bed and go to sleep as soon as possible.

“Oh, sorry. Of course.”

She put her hand in his and nearly wasn’t able to control the shiver that slid through her with the touch of his flesh pressed so closely to hers.

“You don’t have to apologize for anything.” Richard flicked a glance over her shoulder, and she knew he was looking at his brothers for a moment. Then he met her gaze again. “You need to take better care of yourself. You’ve pushed yourself too hard, moving home.”

She decided to ignore his first point and focused instead on his second one. “You mean moving from home.”

“No. Lusty’s your home now, isn’t it?”

She didn’t know if she’d ever seen such a serious expression on a man’s face before. It almost seemed to her as if the point he’d just made was of great importance to him.

In the face of such sobriety, she felt a little flustered. “I… Yes. I guess it is.” She sensed a power in his stare and wondered why it was so hard for her to look away from him.




“Come here, baby. Come lie with us.” Kevin lifted her as if she weighed nothing at all and laid her on the bed. He sprawled beside her on her left, turned her head, and kissed her.

Hotter, wetter, this kiss mimicked the carnal act of mating Maggie craved, and she took and gave in equal, greedy measure.

Trevor snuggled in on her right, and she broke her kiss with Kevin and turned her head, seeking his lips and his taste.

Hands petted her breasts and stroked down her stomach as she traded kisses with Trevor and Kevin. Maggie felt wild and wanton and more than a little naughty. Yet another sensation burst over her, one that eclipsed all the others.

Maggie felt free. She felt free to give and take and enjoy. She felt free to love and laugh and live. Oh, God, how could she never have realized how entrapped she’d become? She’d never been free to truly make her own choices, to live her own life instead of the one set out for her by her mother.

She’d never been free until now.

Maggie moaned, closing her eyes to better focus on the pleasure as hands stroked breasts and plucked nipples, as fingers touched and teased her slit, as they brushed back and forth through her short curls, enticing her clit to quiver and tingle and reach up and out for the caress of a lover, any lover.

Two strong male hands caressed the inside of her thighs and then spread her legs. Maggie opened her eyes when the bed dipped by her feet and a stream of warm breath caressed her wet and waiting feminine folds. She looked down and once more encountered Richard’s fierce gaze. Naked, his magnificent cock sheathed in a condom, he seemed poised to pounce, the ultimate hunter about to devour his prey.

“I’ve known every time you’ve been aroused, love. I could smell it on you, this wonderful fragrance that is just Maggie. It feels like I have been craving the taste of your juices forever. Now I’m going to feast on you.”

Richard set his mouth on her, lips open and wet and sliding as his tongue stroked and delved and drank. Maggie cried out, the pleasure so sharp, so intense, she didn’t know what to do with it. The sensation felt better than in her wildest imaginings, and Maggie could do nothing but push up, pressing her pussy closer to Richard’s mouth.

Trevor and Kevin played with her nipples, pulling, pinching, and then, oh God, sucking them, first one, then the other into their hot, wet mouths.

Lips and tongues sipped and lapped, fingers and hands cupped and caressed, as Maggie became the center of the most erotic of storms. She whimpered, helpless to even speak a single word as each new touch assailed her. Interspersed with the tactile treats, deep, sexy male rumbles—sounds of encouragement and approval and delight—wrapped her in a cocoon of caring, dipped her in a cauldron of carnality until her thinking woman hushed and her feral woman emerged, fierce, strong, and demanding.

She shoved her cunt even closer to Richard’s wonderfully talented tongue as arousal soared and her climax teased, just out of reach. The snap and sizzle of unbridled horniness vibrated through her entire body, and she wanted, needed, to come.

“Mm.” Richard’s utterance electrified tantalized the already saturated flesh of her pussy, amplifying the sensation like an electric shock. Maggie cried out, a needy, begging kind of sound.

“Oh, baby, look how beautiful you are. Come for us, Maggie. Give us your rapture.”

Richard moved without taking his mouth from her cunt, and then he slid his fingers inside her pussy, moving them in and out at a fast and furious pace.

“Yes!” Maggie arched off the bed as her climax exploded, as wave after wave of sheer rapturous pleasure drenched her over and over again. Nothing existed except for this bliss, and Maggie surrendered to it completely, unable to do anything but let it consume her.

Just as the thrill began to ebb, Trevor and Kevin moved away from her. Richard moved, too. He crawled up her body and plunged his cock into her in one strong, steady thrust.


Love Under Two Doctors


Decision made, Robert turned off the car. They got out of the Jeep and headed inside. The door was locked, something Robert would have thought strange before his stint in the large urban metropolis he’d spent the last few years in.

He used his key to open the door. “Hello? Ms. Gillespie? It’s Robert and David Jessop.” The last thing he wanted to do was panic the poor dear.

Movement by the front desk drew his attention. He saw sneakered feet sticking out and figured the woman must be on her knees, likely looking through the bottom file drawer of the cabinet.

“Oh, hello! I hope you don’t mind that I’m here. Mr. Kendall said it would be all right if I came in and got a head start on things.”

The female voice put Robert in mind of warm honey, an odd reaction, he thought. And then the feet disappeared. The woman stood and turned around, an uncertain smile on her face as she stepped out, away from the chest-high reception desk and into the open. “Oh. You’re not the gentlemen I met a couple of weeks ago. I think they’re a bit older.”

We thought you were, too. Robert heard his brother suck in a breath but didn’t have to ask why. With her long blonde hair caught up in a ponytail, wide green eyes set in an elfin face, and a figure that was lushly female, Ms. Jillian Gillespie looked like every red-blooded American male’s wet dream come to life.

“Our fathers are doctors here, too,” David said. “It was them you met.”

Jillian’s eyes widened. “There are four Drs. Jessop?” And then, as if she realized the tone she used, she gasped and her gaze flicked down to her feet for just a moment. When she looked up again, she’d schooled her features. “I’m so sorry. That was incredibly rude of me.”

“Not at all. I’m sure having a small clinic with four doctors all bearing the same last name is unusual, to say the least.” David flicked a look at Robert, but if his brother wondered why he remained silent, he didn’t ask.

“If you gentlemen need to work, I can leave. I don’t mind.”

Crap. Robert continued to study the woman’s body language, but really didn’t know whether he should cheer or curse.

“No,” he said, putting just a bit of an edge in his tone. “We only stopped by to welcome you to the town—and the clinic. We’re headed out for the evening.” He softened his tone. “It was wise of you to lock yourself in.” He caught the pleasure that crossed her face and knew he was sunk. “Don’t stay too late, Jillian.”

“I won’t. It was nice to meet you both.” Her smile looked shy, but made her eyes sparkle.

“The restaurant in town here is pretty good. Our cousin runs it, and I know they’ll go out of their way there to make you feel welcome.” David flirted with her, but Robert wasn’t surprised when her reaction to that was to take a small step backward and look toward him.

“Forgive me if I’m being forward, but isn’t practically everyone in town your cousin?” Jillian looked between them.

Robert caught the uncertainty, and the way her body language kept giving her away. He’d bet the farm—if he had one—that she wasn’t even aware of the signals she sent them. So he gave her as nonthreatening a smile as he could muster. “Practically, yes. You weren’t being forward. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to us, Jillian.”

“I hope so.” She nodded. “I plan to be here for a long time.”

The woman was a beguiling combination of challenge and bravado with a huge dollop of trepidation thrown in for good measure. God help me, I wasn’t ready for this.

“I have no doubt that you’ll do just fine.” Robert turned to his brother. “We should be going.” To Jillian he said, “I’ll lock up behind us. The restaurant begins serving dinner at four thirty. We’ll see you on Monday.”

“All right, thank you.”

He didn’t say anything until they were in the car and heading out of town. David, too, remained silent. For the first time Robert realized how, over the last couple of years, his twin had deferred to him at crucial moments. Robert sighed out loud and shook his head.

“Holy hell, Robbie,” David said. And then, “Are we still headed to the club?”

He heard the doubt in his brother’s voice and understood it completely. “We are. But our agenda for the evening has changed somewhat.”

“She’s gorgeous,” David said. “She can’t be much older than we are. Even if she does have a son old enough to be in the Marines, she’s not that much older.”

“No, she’s likely not more than a handful of years older, if that. Damn it.”

David laughed. “That’s karma for you, brother. Just this afternoon you were thinking we were years away from finding her.” Then he sobered. “I picked up on some of the vibes. She’s a sub, isn’t she?”

Robert clenched his jaw and wondered about karma himself. Then he nodded, and flicked a glance at his brother.

“Yeah, she’s a sub, all right, down to the bone, and I’ll bet you she doesn’t even know it. And I’ll tell you what else she is.” He brought the car to a stop, right signal on, in preparation for heading toward the interstate. He turned and met his brother’s gaze.

“She’s ours,” David said.

Robert nodded. That was one thing he could count on with his twin brother. He and David were usually on the same page.




Jillian batted at the whatever-it-was tickling her nose. She thought about opening her eyes, but in the end decided it would be too much work. Besides, she knew she was in bed, and understood she was just waking up. She wondered what day it was. Could it be Monday, already? Surely not. Not so soon. The light on the other side of her eyelids rested softly upon her, like the shimmer of an indoor lamp. It didn’t stab at her the way the sun did, harshly and without mercy.

The bed felt different this morning. Oh yeah, I’m in Lusty, not El Paso. New apartment, new bed, new life.

Jillian wrinkled her nose. Her brain wasn’t usually quite so muzzy and disoriented first thing in the morning. Maybe I should just say to hell with it, open my eyes, get up, and make some coffee. Just as she began to stretch, the fly or whatever it was bothered her again. This time it fluttered against her right nipple.

Jillian used her left hand and tried to swat it away. A deep male chuckle reverberated inside her, arousing her and tickling her female bits. Her memory exploded into full, Technicolor instant replay. Jillian’s eyes shot wide open, startling her brain into complete consciousness, and she gave a gasp from within.

Oh my God! Images from just hours before flooded her mind. She tried to stem the swift rising tide of arousal sweeping through her, but failed.

Naked, sandwiched between two men who were also naked, she understood that stemming arousal simply wasn’t an option for her right now.

A masculine finger stroked her chin, and then lifted. She raised her head and encountered Robert Jessop’s hot stare. He edged subtly closer to her, and she felt all of him pressed tight to all of her. When he reached down between them and slipped a hand between her legs and began to rub back and forth over her slit, she groaned. Just that simply, she wanted more and needed to come. It felt as if her body intended to make up for all the orgasms she had missed out on for all of her years to date. Her pussy became damp, and her hormones began to celebrate the reign of Eros. Her body hungered, demanding more bliss the way someone with a sweet tooth might demand more chocolate.

“You’re hot and wet, and God, I can smell your arousal. Are you ready for me, my little sub? Are you ready to take my cock deep inside your hot, wet pussy?”

Yes! Truthfully, there was nothing Jillian wanted more than to feel Robert’s cock fill her pussy—unless it was to feel David’s cock there. What she’d seen in the shower earlier—what she felt pressed against her right now, front and back—was a whole lot more man than she’d ever experienced in her life to date.

Honestly, she hadn’t known penises could be that big in real life.

And yet the reality of this moment, of feeling Robert’s cock so very close to her cunt suddenly called to her saner angels. She felt his heat and his rigidness. She also felt the latex he must have put on before waking her up, which pretty much spoke to his intentions.

Her body wanted to fuck, and her mind wanted her to pull back and be logical. Just because she’d given these two well-hung, Lusty heartthrobs liberties earlier didn’t mean she had to give them more now. Just because she probably was a sub and Robert most definitely was a Dom didn’t mean she had to submit to him right now.

She still had the power to say no. The problem would be actually getting that word out, actually deciding she wanted to say no and then doing it. Obviously, her body wasn’t going to help her out any time soon. It was all up to her brain.

Looking for some form of logic to use as a tool, she thought back to earlier in the shower, and to the fervent words said by both men—words they’d each spoken like a vow. Both Drs. Jessop were men of their word—this she knew instinctively. If they gave her a promise, they would keep it.

“You said you weren’t going to fuck me tonight.”

“No, sweetie. I said I wasn’t going to fuck you last night.”

Jillian blinked even as David, nestled up tight against her back, reached forward and lifted her left leg and moved it back and up to rest over his hips. His action effectively spread her legs, leaving her pussy open, and ready for his brother’s cock. He kissed the curve of her neck, and then inhaled deeply. Oh, God, he’s breathing me in.

That was all it took for her mind to become as one with her body. Yes, these men would keep their word, but they would always find a way to do that and get what they wanted at the same time. Why did she find that so damn sexy?

“That’s kind of sneaky, don’t you—”

Robert interrupted her by taking his hand from her cunt, grasping his cock, and nudging her pussy with it. He rubbed his latex-covered erection along her slit, dipping into her opening slightly. Then he spread her own juices on her pussy lips, sending shafts of silky, glistening arousal straight to her core. She shivered when that heated, latex-covered knob brushed over her clit. That tiny nub, suddenly awakened, quivered with excitement, sending her arousal soaring.

Robert flexed his hips and with one thrust, buried his cock deep inside her. He said, “Good morning, Jillian.”

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