Warrior's Draw (MM)

Warriors of Aristaeus 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 68,688
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Fantasy, MM, HEA]

The burden of being the tool of a god can be heavy especially when you have to save the world.

However, as the seduction demons close in on his city with their decay demons in tow, Dallan has no choice but to fight. He charges ahead knowing he’ll have Jox and Gretel at his back. Then, an attack leaves Gretel and Jox incapacitated along with Dallan’s oldest friend putting Dallan three powers down.

Hansel would die for Dallan, but he feels like he’s fighting blind and without his sister’s power to back Dallan up Hansel is forced to step up and carry the weight. However, Hansel knows he’s no match for the crafty incubi who want to rule their city.

In a race against time, Dallan struggles to find a cure to bring his team back to full strength and when he does it's hell to pay for the enemy.

Warrior's Draw (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Warrior's Draw (MM)

Warriors of Aristaeus 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 68,688
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Aristotle had agreed to train him to work for his investigative agency since Dory didn’t have an actual job. On top of that, Dory didn’t really want to work for Dallan Zenon, the wizard Dory had come to this city to work with.

He hadn’t come because he thought Dallan was a fantastic mage that he wanted to learn from. He’d come because his grandmother had sent him here to help save the world.

So far, he hadn’t done anything of the kind. He’d just been here in case they needed an extra pair of hands. Now, Dory wanted to get his hands dirty by helping to find the incubus running around the city.

“You don’t summon demons,” Aristotle growled. “You hunt them down and kill them.”

“We can’t find him, and he’s already killed two people so far. Suppose he isn’t leashed like Dallan thinks he is? Suppose he’s just been hiding out?”

Aristotle pushed out a rough sigh. “We’re not summoning a demon.”

“All we need is the right herb combination to draw him out,” Dory told him. “We just create the right conditions to get him to come to us.”

“What the fuck is wrong with your hearing?” Aristotle demanded. “I’m not summoning a demon. We’ve had enough trouble in the last few months, and we know for sure this city isn’t free of the fuckers. No.”

“I was talking to Dallan, and he said the herb I need can be found here, but I’d have to look for the plant. It’s rare. Only blooms a few times a year, but I might find some in a hot house or someone’s garden. Otherwise, we’ll have to go to Realm One for it.”

Aristotle slapped the seat next to him, and Dory jumped. “What part of no is so hard to understand? The way I’m saying it or the language I’m saying it in?”

“Don’t be a jerk,” Dory growled. “We need to draw that incubus out. What if he is working with other demons? If we can get him out in the open, we might be able to find them.”

Aristotle started the car. “It’s too risky, Dory, especially the part where we’d have to track down a plant that might be in the demon world.”

“Jox could probably get us there,” Dory said. speaking of the only demon he knew.

Well, he was unless he counted Jox’s lover Gretel. She was technically human, but the woman had the black heart of a demon.

“I don’t think so,” he said. “We’re not putting our lives in the hands of a demon.”

“Dallan trusts him so—” Dory slammed forward, and his hand shot out to brace on the dash at the quick stop.

“Shit,” Aristotle growled, and horns blared as he changed lanes quickly. “Damn it. Block that.”

Dory was already holding his hand out the window as a round object came flying at the windshield from the truck in front of them. He directed it to the ground with no time to do more. Even as he did that, Aristotle was jerking the wheel left.

“What is going on?”

“I think the man our client’s wife is cheating with is the incubus,” he said. “He’s getting away.”

“You have to stop him. If we lose him, we’ll have to do that spell to draw him back out,” Dory exclaimed.

 Something hit the side of the car, and they spun around to face oncoming traffic. Dory’s eyes widened as a car came racing at them.

“Oh, fuck,” he whispered and closed his eyes. A moment later they were back in time five minutes, and Aristotle was refusing to do the spell.

Dory exhaled shakily, thankful for his ability to manipulate time. “We have to get out,” he said. “The guy’s coming out, and it’s the incubus.”

“What?” Aristotle demanded. “How do you know?”

“I know,” he said, climbing out and rushing across the street. “We have to do something to keep him from getting away.”

“Dory—” Aristotle grabbed his arm as they reached the opposite side of the street.

The door of the house they’d been watching opened, and an attractive man came striding out. The faint hint of iron reached Dory’s nostrils.

At the same moment, the incubus went still on the porch as he spotted them. His eyes went from blue to black, and he snarled before running off the porch.

“Witches,” the incubus growled and threw out a hand, sending a dark wave at them that knocked them off their feet.

Dory peeled himself off the ground a second after Aristotle, who went charging for the incubus.

“Aristotle, no,” Dory called. The demon’s eyes were bottomless black, and for a moment, he was milky white with ice-blue hair. “No!”

He wasn’t just any incubus. He was a thorn demon. A demon who could addict his victims with a slow-moving poison that eventually killed. His kiss was the nectar of a flower, a flower found only in the demon realm as far as Dory knew.

The demon backhanded Aristotle, and Dory created a veil to prevent humans from witnessing the exchange.

“You can’t handle me, witch,” the incubus bellowed. “You’re just a child next to me, and a weak one.”

Aristotle leveled a spell at him, which the demon blocked easily, sending it in Dory’s direction.

Dory blocked it, but the strength of it knocked him on his ass, while the demon grabbed Aristotle and bit him. Aristotle let out a scream that had Dory on his feet. The demon dug his claws into Aristotle’s stomach even as he gave Dory a diabolical grin.

Then, he retracted them and tossed Aristotle aside as if he were a leaf.

“Bring it on, witch,” he said, his stare mocking as he started for Dory.




Dallan shook his head. “I knew once I’d lived past a hundred, the chances of finding a guy my own age were slim. Besides, I was looking for someone in particular.”

“Like Gretel was looking for Jox,” Hansel murmured. “Did you ever think you’d never find me?”

“I had given up, but I was hoping there was a slim chance we’d meet again,” Dallan answered. “I’m not getting into their relationship business though, so don’t ask me to talk to him.”

“I won’t,” Hansel replied as he ran his hand up Dallan’s bare thigh. “The only relationship I want to discuss is ours.”

“What’s on your mind?” Dallan asked in a low tone throbbing with heat, but his gaze was one of caution.

They were still trying to put themselves back together after a break-up, but Hansel had learned from the mistake and wanted only to move forward building something stronger and deeper.

Hansel got to his feet and made his way over to the bed. He turned to look at Dallan, who pushed him back onto the bed. He bounced, and Dallan pushed off his boxers. Then, he used his knee to nudge Hansel’s legs apart before bending and bracing himself on his hands on either side of Hansel.

Next, he leaned down and captured Hansel’s mouth, the kiss soft but quickly turning hot and demanding. Dallan broke the kiss, and Hansel groaned.

“Honey,” he whispered.

Dallan pressed Hansel’s hands to the mattress, and energy curled around his wrists, anchoring him in place. Hansel tried to move, but his hands were immobile, and Dallan moved over him, placing one knee on either side of Hansel’s head.

Hansel’s breathing was harsh as he stared up at the thick length dangling in his face. He licked his lips, and a slow smile spread over Dallan’s face.

“Suck it,” Dallan ordered and pressed the head to Hansel’s lips.

Hansel opened for him, taking the tip inside. He sucked lightly then ran his tongue around the mushroom head before sucking it deeper into his mouth.

Dallan groaned roughly and thrust into Hansel’s mouth, sending his cock almost to the back of Hansel’s throat. Then, he drew back and fucked his mouth with even, shallow strokes, pausing only long enough to give Hansel time to flicker his tongue around the head and over the slit.

Dallan withdrew from his mouth, only to move down Hansel’s body. He kissed him a long slow kiss that curled Hansel’s toes.

“Baby,” Hansel murmured.

Dallan broke the kiss, his lips moving to Hansel’s jaw. He nipped his earlobe sharply, drawing a laugh from Hansel.

“Set me free so I can touch you,” he ordered. He couldn’t break Dallan’s magic no matter how hard he tried.

“Wait,” Dallan told him as he bit his shoulder before kissing the sting.

Then, he went onto his knees and pinched Hansel’s nipples, drawing a hiss from him as a bite of pain coursed through him. Dallan lowered his head and licked one dusky peak before tracing his tongue around the areola.

He scraped the flesh with his teeth, and Hansel groaned, his arousal increasing by degrees as he caught fire.

Dallan caught the nipple between his teeth and bit down. The erotic pang was a pleasure that shot straight to Hansel’s dick.

“Fuck, Dall,” he moaned.

Dallan licked the peak and sucked it hard as his hand traveled down into Hansel’s pants. Dallan fisted his cock as he sucked and laved at the tender pebble.

Hansel whimpered, his thoughts becoming the sum total of the rapture being visited on him.

Then, Dallan turned his attention to the other nipple and drew his tongue around it before scraping it with his teeth. This time Hansel was ready for the bite, but the pain still went to his cock, making it spurt precum.

 Dallan pulled Hansel’s cock as he sucked at the tiny little bud and ran his tongue around it.

“I love loving you,” Dallan told him as he withdrew his hand from Hansel’s pants.

Then, he kissed a path down Hansel’s stomach where he nipped the firm muscle of his flat stomach before continuing down.

Dallan feathered kisses over Hansel’s lower belly before he pulled Hansel’s briefs down and tossed them aside. Hansel’s thighs fell open a little wider. His cock jutted up, hard and leaking, and Hansel panted as Dallan stared down at him, his eyes dark with hunger that made Hansel hotter.

“Lube,” Dallan murmured, and a tube appeared in his hand. Dallan dropped it onto the bed before lowering his head to swipe his tongue down Hansel’s shaft and back up to play over the crown. He blew over the head before licking the slit. Next, Dallan took the head into his hot mouth.

“Fuck! Yes.” Hansel fisted his hands in the sheet, wishing he could pull Dallan’s hair and drag him into the descending haze of lust closing around him.

Dallan slapped the head of Hansel’s cock, and Hansel groaned, the pleasure going straight to his balls.

“Dall,” he cried. “Please, suck my dick, now.”

Dallan licked his way down Hansel’s balls, sucking each in turn, and Hansel let out a low cry, his body thrumming with desire that spun out of control.

Dallan pumped his prick as he held Hansel’s gaze. Hansel groaned, nearly drowning in the liquid pools of brown that sucked him in.

“Can you feel how much I love you?” Dallan asked.

“Yes,” he got out in a whisper.

Dallan continued to hold his gaze as he closed his lips around Hansel’s cock, and Hansel watched as his dick moved in and out of Dallan’s mouth, his lips a firm suction around the girth. Precum leaked from him, as he got even more aroused from the scene before him.

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