Through the Red Gate (MF)

Honor Creek Farm 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,771
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, with F/F, HEA]
Equine vet and jumping judge Georgie Faris has buried the grief of her husband’s death in her work with world-class equine athletes and a short affair with Olympic Rider Teegan Molineaux. When her life seems the most confusing, gorgeous Vicente Asturias gallops into her world, bringing with him intensity, sensitivity, fabulous sex, and 2000 tulips – just what Georgie needs to become whole again.
What begins as the story of Georgie’s rebirth as a contented, happy woman evolves into a mystery involving international horse thievery, finding love when you least expect it, and recognizing that walking boldly through the red gate really does result in becoming a different person.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Through the Red Gate (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Through the Red Gate (MF)

Honor Creek Farm 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,771
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Georgie put her hand out to shake his. Vicente took Georgie’s hand in both of his, raised it to his lips, and gently planted a kiss above her knuckles. “Valdo has told me much about you. You are as beautiful as he said, and I am delighted to meet the woman he admires so much. Your operation here is quite impressive.”

His voice was like a large cat purring, with a Spanish accent. Georgie felt herself blush like a fifteen-year-old on a first date. She recognized a feeling she had not felt in a long time—immediate sexual attraction—and felt herself start to grow moist between her quivering legs. Even his scent—spicy and leathery with clove—was captivating, intoxicating.

She took a deep breath to still her pulse. Feigning an easy grace she did not feel, Georgie smiled, looking directly into his eyes. “It’s a pleasure, Vicente. Welcome to Honor Creek Farm. As a friend of Osvaldo, you are most welcome here. You certainly picked a good night. We are having a party to celebrate the jumping trials today.”

They locked eyes. “Ah, yes. I am sorry I missed the riding today. I would have loved to see it. But the party looks wonderful.” He gestured toward the tent. “I know that you have many guests, so we will let you return to them. May I come and visit with you a bit more tomorrow? I would love to hear about your farm and all of your work, especially your opinions on safety, turf, and racing.”

Georgie stiffened, expecting more of the same criticism she had gotten from other horse people, especially in the racing industry.

“Ah, do not be surprised. You have something of a reputation for strong opinions on that. I must say that you and I agree. But you must return to your guests and Osvaldo and I need to catch up. I hope to see you tomorrow.” He bowed slightly, his eyes glued to hers, locked in, like a laser verifying its target.

She breathed out in relief. “Please go enjoy the party. The bar is open, there is food on the buffet, and dancing has started. I will see you tomorrow, definitely.” She put hand out again to shake his, and he again kissed hers. Georgie felt her knees ripple. Get a grip, Georgiana.

“See you later, Miss Georgie. Thanks for inviting me and the guys to the party.”

As Osvaldo and Vicente walked toward the tent Georgie could not help herself. She turned around and looked directly at Vicente’s ass. I need to see if the back is as good as the front. It is. Oh my God. I think I’m in lust.

The rest of the night went as expected. The winners of the divisions were thrilled with their silver platters and the junior riders were ecstatic to be hanging out with the senior riders, pros, and, of course, an Olympian. Georgie watched for Teegan, who, signed autographs for the kids and mingled a bit. Despite her win, Teegan looked subdued and tired. Georgie thought about how she felt about Teegan, allowing herself to really focus on it for a minute.

As she was lost in thought, one of the guests came up to congratulate her. She turned to say thanks and caught Vicente’s profile across the room. In that instant, he turned his head and locked eyes with hers. Georgie gazed back recognizing something primal and deep in the conversation their eyes were having. She felt intent, desire, and need. Osvaldo moved to introduce someone to Vicente and the lock was broken. Whoa. Something is happening here. How can that be? We just met an hour ago. Oh my.

The DJ announced that it was time for the last dance of the evening. Freddie and Georgie were standing together saying good night to family and friends when Vicente strode in their direction.

“It is the last dance and we have not yet danced together. Please, Miss Georgiana, would you do the honor of dancing with me?”

Freddie had a sudden intake of breath and looked as if she had been hit with a cream pie. A goofy smile spread across her face. Georgie extended her hand. “Of course, Vicente. I would be most delighted.” Her brain was firing at a mile a second, trying to keep her nerves from taking over and her knees from folding. Get a grip, George. Who says that? You sound like a Victorian novel.




He reached down and removed her boots and socks, tenderly kissing the instep of each foot. He moved back up, took the hem of her sweater in his hands, and slowly pulled it up while Georgie lifted her arms. They kissed again as he stroked her bare back, her sides and her stomach. He took each breast in his large hands and held them, rubbing the brown nipples through the lace.

“These are such beautiful breasts. I could not take my eyes off your hard nipples yesterday, through your sweater. You were teasing me, weren’t you?”

He slammed his mouth onto hers and then rained fiery kisses on her face. He bit her lips and ran his hot tongue around and around her mouth. He skillfully undid the bra, freeing her breasts. He went immediately to her nipples—back and forth—frantically sucking and teasing the rock-hard points. He was moaning and breathing hard. His hands held her hips while he sucked and licked at her ample breasts. Georgie’s head was thrown back against the couch, and she could feel more wetness developing in her already-drenched pussy. Her hips started to move involuntarily, and she began grinding her crotch against his leg.

He shifted back, still holding her hips. “Slide forward, mi amore.” Georgie slid forward on the edge of the couch. He kissed her again and then slowly moved his way down her body, kissing and licking until he reached her jeans. He carefully unsnapped and slid the zipper down, while gazing intently into her eyes.

“Lift up your hips.”

She lifted and he removed her jeans quickly, throwing them behind the couch. She was clad only in the shiny panties, and her hands flew to cover her slightly bulging stomach. He took her hands, kissing the palms of each one as he pushed them away.

“No, mi amore. This is you. Never hide from me. Never. I crave every inch of you. You are beautiful.”

Oh my. I’m gonna cry. I just know it. Swallow Georgie. Choke back the lump that is stuck in your throat.

Georgie reached for him and kissed him, taking his mouth and thrusting her tongue in and out, nipping at his lips while she unbuttoned his shirt. She helped him remove it and, for the first time, saw his bare chest. He had broad, muscled shoulders and his chest was lightly sprinkled with dark hair. A thin line of fine hair trailed from his stomach down into his groin. She longed to finally see all of him.

“Stand up.”

He stood, and she rubbed her face on his crotch, blowing air from her mouth directly on to his still-clothed cock. Georgie undid his pants and slid them down. He was commando and his cock sprung out, right at the level of her face, as she had hoped it would. He kicked his pants off and Georgie took his hard cock in her hands. “You have a beautiful cock, so thick and long. I have fantasized about this, Vicente.”

She took his cock in her mouth, pushing as far as she could down her throat. Slowly she pulled back up, sucking the entire length. He moaned as she licked the head, tasting the pre-cum that had formed. She grabbed the base and slid him back into her throat, sucking as she moved her mouth back up to the head.

“Stop, Georgiana. You are making me want to come, and I want to come deep inside you first.” She looked up at him and nodded.

He knelt and gently pushed her back into the couch. He lifted her hip with one hand and dragged the panties down with the other. “Spread your legs wide for me, Georgiana. I want to look at your wet pussy. Ah, you have shaved I see. I love how I can see your lips, the rose bud of your clit.”

He had one hand on her thigh, and with his other hand, he dipped his forefinger deep into her pussy, brought it out, and put it in his mouth. “Your pussy is so sweet, Georgiana, as I knew it would be.”

He dipped in once more and kissed her, pushing his finger between their lips so they could both taste her juices. She felt yet more wetness coursing through her loins.

He grabbed her hips in both of his big hands and slid her to the edge of the couch. He moved a fat pillow behind her head. “I want to see your face when I make you come, mi amore.”

Georgie could barely breathe. She was already so close to her orgasm.

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