One More Night

Threesomes 1

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 18,800
0 Ratings (0.0)

Three in never a crowd in this sensational collection of menage stories.

One More Night by Sommer Marsden

Three close friends remember a night long ago where they went further than just friendship. Is it possible for them to recapture that encounter - to experience just one more night of pleasure?

Between Two Lovers by Thomas S Roche

Avery's finding this new polyamory thing challenging - mostly becauseshe can't stop thinking about getting her two boyfriends Luke and Jacob into bed at the same time. The big problem? The two aren't all that comfortable with each other, for obvious reasons. When Avery's shameless proposition for a three-way makes both guys revert to caveman status, it which puts Avery off the idea entirely - until the two men decide Avery's sex appeal is one thing the two of them can agree on - in embarrassingly explicit, deliciously titillating terms...

The Untouchable Tabby by Lana Fox

Back when Val was a student, she had a huge crush on her teacher, Tabby, and now they're meeting up again, Val hopes to seduce her. Tabby seems more than willing at first, but eventually proves so untouchable that Val almost gives up. Thank God for her bondage-buddy, Ray, who believes a night of passion is just what Tabby needs...

Proxy by Malin James

A man, for whom sex is a defining characteristic, finds himself in the disconcerting position of losing his sex drive after an accident lays him up. Desperate to see if it's gone for good, he calls his extremely attractive best friends. With their help, and that of his adorable, live-in nurse, he finds that not only is a full recovery possible, it's also an opportunity to try a few things that even he hasn't done before!

Saturday Night Takeaway by Josephine Myles

Beth is a generous woman, and when her boyfriend reveals his bi-curiosity she's more than happy to share him with another man for the night, provided she gets a share of the fun. Phil seems like the perfect candidate: sexy, charismatic and most definitely interested in Rob. The only trouble is, Beth just doesn't understand what he's trying to tell her and when he finally spells it out, things get very awkward. Fortunately, Rob has an idea that will make everyone happy...

These strories hae also been published in Threesomes ISBN 9781907016554

One More Night
0 Ratings (0.0)

One More Night

Threesomes 1

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 18,800
0 Ratings (0.0)
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And a cock that could work miracles. Soft lips that know how to kiss. Really know how to kiss – and eat pussy. He rocked you to more than one orgasm while Hubie was …

But she let that memory drift away on a curl of wood smoke. She couldn’t go there. It had been one night a long, long time ago. Her 20th birthday. It had happened – just happened – after her drunken salute to herself and their youth. Her long monologue about their love for each other and how it would still fade, because nothing lasted for ever. It would fade and so would their youth. They were only going to be young once, only going to love each other this fiercely once. And how special were they that they had found each other. Three kindred spirits, friends, almost family but something more. She had let all the muzzy-headed words tumble out and then she had toasted herself and then them.

And then the boys had taken her. No one discussed it. It had just happened. A mix and turn and shift of three bodies. A mélange of forms and naked parts and soft words and cries. Orgasms and skin on skin and laughter and, at the end, a satiated peace and sleep.

The morning brought reality and no one had ever mentioned it again.

‘... selling to?’ Hubie said.

Ryder shook her head and tried to draw back the words that had come before the end of his sentence. She couldn’t. ‘I’m sorry. I spaced out on that. What?’

Hubie grinned, and cocked his head as if he had been tiptoeing through her mind. Reliving that night so long ago with her. ‘I said, Ryder the daydreamer, your jewellery, who are you selling it to?’

‘Oh! Tourists and some local new channels have been purchasing. Which is great, because then it ends up on TV and in the credits. And some local boutiques.’

‘What were you thinking?’ Joe said softly, grinning, poking the embers with a stick as he tapped his toe in the sand around the fire pit. His big foot was sheathed in his normal boat shoes, his khaki shorts knee length, his button-down shirt rolled and pushed to his elbows. Normal Joe – preppy chic.

‘I was thinking about the jewellery show I’m doing tomorrow. How I should head off to my cabin and go to bed. I was thinking that this beer sucks ass,’ she lied, taking the final swig.

‘You were thinking about us,’ Joe said, calling her bluff.

‘Never,’ she said, trying to tease with her tone.

‘True story,’ Hubie grunted, agreeing with Joe.

Ryder steadfastly refused to cave. It was that one time – a lifetime ago. No reason to even think about it.

At one point they were in you at the same time. You never thought that sweet full pressure could make you come, but it did. You straddled Hubie and drove yourself down on him over and over; he held your hands to his chest so you could feel his heart. All the while Joe rocked into your bottom, slipping into you on a cool river of lube. Working your ass, brushing your g-spot from a totally new angle. His hands on your hips, holding you so you didn’t float away, or so it felt. Both of them. Holding you. You’ve never felt so safe.

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